High School of Love

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Chapter 2: The Revenge

"So...you've finally come crawling to me for help." Hotaru turned around slowly in her chair holding a stuffed animal cat in her lap.

"Yes God Sister. I've come for revenge against my ex girlfriend." Dan bowed to his sister.

"You've come to the right person then! I'll make sure you get your sweet revenge against that home wrecking bitch." Hotaru smirked.

"What the fuck are you two doing?" Drago walked in the room and turned on the lights.

"Gyah! Aw come on Drago! I was trying to make a dramatic appearance..." Hotaru pouted and threw her stuffed animal on the bed.

"Well aside from that. Can you help me or not Hotaru?" Dan blinked blankly and looked at her.

"Sighs... Alright I'll help ya." She smiled.

"Well you two need to come downstairs for breakfast then you can talk about your so called evil revenge scheme." Drago shook his head and walked out.

"I have the most weirdest cousins ever."

"But you love us!" Hotaru smiled brightly and followed Dan downstairs. After breakfast the two of them sat in Dan's room thinking off plans of how to get revenge on Rune.

"So how will we do this? I was thinking wolves attacking her when she least excepts it." Hotaru smiled.

"Um no cause for one I'm not going to jail for your crazy ass ideas and two I only want revenge not to kill her." Dan looked at her.

"Fine...do it the easy way why don't you." She pouted.

"Well how bout we show her what she missed out on." She looked at him.

"What? What do you mean by that?" He looked at her in confusion.

"I'm saying that we hire a girl to pretend to be your girlfriend so she sees what she missed out on then when she tries to win back your affection you tell her 'Bitch please.' then walk away like you own her ass." Hotaru smiled big at him.

"Well I don't know about that last part but yeah that could work! But where would we find a girl hot enough and cute enough to agree to do this?" Dan rubbed the back of his messy hair. A big grin made its way onto Hotaru's face.

"I know just the girl for this job."



"Come on Shun! We need you to do this for us!" Hotaru pleaded.

"What? You want Shun to do it? I'm not gay woman!" Dan narrowed his eyes at her.

"Look you two, This is not real its only pretend. Now Dan you need a cute girl to do this for you. And Shun we will give you anything you want if you agree to do this for us." Hotaru looked at Shun.

"Don't want anything because I won't do it." Shun crossed his arms and turned his head away from the two.

"Sighs... She's right Shun can you please help me out. This will be the only thing I ask of you to do for me. Please as your friend." Dan looked at Shun with sad eyes.

"Oh please. No I won't" Shun looked at him then got up from the table.

"You drove me to this Shun. If you don't do this then I'll have to show everyone this embarrassing picture of you at the Christmas party." Dan held up the photo of Shun, causing him to stop in his track and widen his eyes.

"You swore you would never." He glared back at him. Dan smirked.

"Wanna bet I won't show them?" Shun growled and tried to snatch the photo out of his hand only to have Dan move his hand away from him.

"You son of a bitch!" Shun yelled at him.

"Come on now Shun! I've got a ton of beautiful clothes you can look for and I get to play with your hair!" Hotaru squealed out and grabbed his arm.

"Oh yeah Dan call Marucho and ask him for help! If we're gonna convince people Shun's a girl then he has to sound like one too!" She smiled and dragged Shun away towards her bedroom.


A few hours later and Hotaru was done with her make over of Shun.

"Now introducing...Dan's new girlfriend Samui!" Hotaru announced. Dan rolled his eyes then he widened them in shock and surprise. Shun slowly walked down the stairs wearing a dark blue silk shirt with black ruffled lace around it, black shorts that hug his small figure and waist, thigh high socks, his hair was down with a ponytail to the side. Dan couldn't help but stare at the raven haired boy. He looked like a real girl.

"What? Why do you keep staring? Its creeping me out." Shun looked at him.

"H-Huh? Oh nothing its just that outfit really suits you is all." Dan smiled at him causing him to blush.

"Shut up!" Shun glared and hit him on top of his head. Dan grunted.

"Young love. Ok Marucho what have you got that will make Shun sound like a girl?" Hotaru looked down at the pint sized boy.

"Well here!" He smiled and held up a black choker necklace with a dark pink ruby in the center.

"It's beautiful!" Hotaru smiled.

"But how's a necklace gonna help him sound like a woman?" Dan looked at it.

"Just put it around his neck." Marucho rolled his eyes. Dan grabbed the necklace from Marucho and handed it over to Shun. Shun looked it over before taking it and putting it around his neck.

"Ok now talk." Marucho smiled at him.

"Why?" Shun widened his eyes and covered his mouth. His voice had changed from its usual strong and serious voice to a calm, silky, and sweet tone.

"W-Was that my voice?" Shun looked at Marucho with a small blush on his face.

"Yeah! The particles in the necklace are connected to a tiny microphone inside the ruby where it uses the vibrations of your vocal cords to channel in a girl's voice for you!" Marucho smiled brightly.

"This may actually work!" Dan smiled lightly and thought to himself.

"What the hell are you smiling about?! I'm only doing this until you get your stupid revenge on Rune so don't get fucking cocky Dan." Shun looked away from him and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Whatever you say Samui..." Dan smirked as he saw the raven's face turn bright red.

"I'm gonna strangle you!" Shun growled and chased after Dan. Dan laughed and ran to his room. Shun jumped on top of him and pinned him down.

"Ha! Bastard! I got you!" He smirked in triumph. Dan sighed.

"Alright...Alright you-" Dan paused to stare up at the raven. Dan couldn't help but stare at him. He looked gorgeous in that outfit, and his beautiful hair that hung beautifully down his shoulders and back.

"Wait...what am I thinking? I'm not gay! I like girls...i...i..."

"Hey! Idiot!" Dan was brought out of his thoughts by Shun's beautiful voice.

"Huh? Oh yeah sorry about that Shun." He smiled and sat up as the boy moved off of him.

"Yeah whatever. I'm gonna go change and go home. I don't want my grandfather to see me like this. And I have training." He said and grabbed his clothes from Dan's bed.


"Bye Shun!" Hotaru waved at Shun. Shun waved back and walked off towards his house that was deep in the woods.

"Tomorrow is gonna be a long day..." Shun sighed and rubbed his head.

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