Well. Here's the result of another one of my "brilliant" ideas. Enjoy!

One This is Just Freakin' Perfect

The Spider Riders and Grasshop sat at the dinner table, happily munching on the delicious works of the kitchen. Everyone was concentrated on their own little conversation with two or three other people. The usual topics were brought up; The war with the Invectids, how "Uncle Hop" saved all their spider-riding butts, the nice girl Lumen met yesterday…

Then suddenly Corona and Aqune covered their ears.

"What's wrong?" Sparkle asked.

"It's- it's the Oracle," Aqune said, as she heard the Oracle's cries of pain.

"Something's very wrong," Corona said. "She's never been in such a state before."

The handmaidens soon recovered from the unnerving sound of the Oracle's hurt shouts.

"Are you two okay now?" Igneous asked. The sisters nodded.

"Uh… guys?" Magma said. "I think there's something wrong with Hunter…"

Said rider was on the floor, in fetal position.


No reply.

Magma, who was sitting closest to Hunter noticed a gash on his back. As soon as he pointed it out, Corona freaked.

"Where'd that come from?!" she demanded.There were some panicked shrugs. The nurse was immediately alerted.

None of them noticed the spy bug hovering at the window.


"Master… the bug has brought some interesting footage back today," Bugese said to Mantid.

"Oh? Let me see."

The clip was shown.

"Hm… this seemed to have happened right when we destroyed it,"

"You think these events where connected?" Bugese asked.

"I think," the evil master said, "that we have found another of Hunter Steele's weaknesses."

His smile was ice cold.


"Prince Lumen?" Igneous said as he walked in.

"Yes, Igneous?"

"The men have come back with no results. They've reported there was nothing suspicious in the food. There were no hidden weapons. Nothing. It seems like Hunter's little episode just… happened."

Lumen nodded.

Back in Hunter's room, said boy had just woken up.

"Shadow?" he groaned.

"Hunter? Thank goodness you're awake. How are you feeling?" the spider said from his manacle.

"Meh. I've been better. Oh jeez, my back hurts. What happened?"

"I don't know… Do you remember anything?" Hunter's eight-legged friend asked. Then the rider's eyes widened.

"The Oracle. Is she okay?"

"Well," Shadow started, "Aqune and Corona said that she was hurt… how did you know about that?"

"I-" a knock on the door interrupted Hunter's explanation.

"Come in," he called warily.

Corona stepped in, followed by Aqune. Hunter sat up as they came in, wincing bit.

"Hunter, are you okay?"

"Yeah. Listen. Is the Oracle alright? Has she sent you guys a message or something?"

"Actually," Aqune said, "we think she's hurt. How did you know?"

"I was just saying that," Shadow budded in.

"Well…" Hunter began, kinda awkwardly, "I honestly don't know. It's like-"

A sharp pain in his back forced him to lie back down.

"Hunter, we still don't know how your back got cut-" A gasp from the boy stopped Corona from continuing.

Hunter was pulled into darkness… someone whispered in his ear;

"Hunter Steele… I got you now…"

Ha. Cliffie.