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"Everything looks good, boys," Alec says, inspecting the progress we've made inside the barn.

Two dozen round tables have been moved into place, lining each wall of the barn in pairs and leaving a large walking space down the center. At the opposite end of the room, there's one long rectangular table and three smaller round tables. Renee, Momma, and Ms. Cope are fluttering around, placing floor-length white table cloths on each.

"Hey, Edward." Brady sticks his head in the north entrance. "There's a flower delivery van pullin' up. Where do you want me to tell him to park?"

Bella steps out into the aisle and walks toward him. "I'll take care of it." She looks over her shoulder at me and gives me a small, tired smile before she steps outside.

"Is she all right?" Alec asks when he joins me to help me move a speaker closer to the wall and out of the way.

I nod and lift. "Yes, sir. She's exhausted, but she's okay."

"Well, just think… After tomorrow, the two of you will get to spend seven days relaxin' on the beach." We set the speaker down and head back for the rest of the DJ's equipment that was dropped off this morning. "I do expect you to be a gentleman and let her rest durin' some of this honeymoon. It's your fault she's in this condition to begin with," he teases, slapping my back.

"Don't let anyone overhear you," I remind him. "It's important to Bella to keep this quiet until we get back."

Our Christmas trip to Gatlinburg yielded a surprise gift when Bella accidently left her birth control pills at home and didn't realize it until our second day there. My dad called in a backup prescription, but what's meant to be will be.

I never expected to become a father before I became a husband, but I'm thankful every day for my blessings, especially the unexpected ones.

A little girl. Hope Elizabeth. It was Bella's idea to name her after Granny.

We've only known that part for the last week or so. Bella's plan of a spring wedding ended up being another blessing in disguise. According to her, the only reason she's able to fit in her wedding dress is because of how sick she's been, although she hasn't complained once about her momma having to alter the top for her chest.

And just like that, my mind is on her body and how good it feels to finally be able to love her again. She gave me the evil eye any time I tried to touch her for seven solid weeks. Of course, she was throwing up all the time. Or sleeping.

Now that the nausea is gone, her sex drive is back and better than ever. She tracked me down and showed up on site twice last week. The boys on my crew have started high-fiving each other when they see her Jeep coming, because they know they're going to get an extra break. The second time, she took me home and made me wear the tool belt. Only the tool belt.

I felt like a tool.

Until she stripped naked and touched herself in front me with her legs spread and a smile on her face.

"I'm gonna go… check on the flowers. With Bella," I say.

"Uh huh," he laughs. "You go on, then."

Yeah, I'm still whipped, and everyone knows it.

I find her outside with Felix, telling him where to put the cases of mason jars he's unloading from his truck. "I got this, pop chock. Don't you worry," he says.

"Please don't break them," Bella says. "We're putting candles in them, and the guests get to take them home. I'm countin' on you."

He sees me coming and lowers the case he's holding to the ground. When I'm a few feet away, he leans over to hug her, giving me a grin over her shoulder. "I won't let you down."

"Enough," I tell him, knocking his arm off her back.

He throws his head back and laughs when I pull her into my arms. "Big, fat baby…" he mutters.

"I heard that. It's not too late to kick you out of the weddin' party."

"Actually, it is," Bella says, softly running her lips over my neck. "He's already picked up his tux, and it's too late to have someone else fitted. Be nice."

"He started it."

She laughs and rests her head against my chest, holding me tightly. "I love you."

"I love you, too. How long 'til we can cut out of here?" I let my hands slide down to give her a squeeze. "I'm ready to take you home."

"You're out of luck. We're stuck for a while."

Our mommas step out of the barn, shielding their eyes with their hands.

"The tables are ready, Bella," Renee says. "They can start bringin' in the flowers now."

Bella sighs in my arms. "Let's get this over with. If we're lucky, we'll have a few minutes before the rehearsal tonight."

"I don't care if we're late to our own damn rehearsal." I kiss her cheek, and my lips move to her ear. "We'll find the time."

Hours. It takes hours to get it all settled, but by the time we leave, the tables are ready and set. The hay bales have been arranged outside the barn for the actual ceremony, and plans are in place for the members of the youth group to come over to put the cloth covers on them tomorrow morning before the guests start to arrive.

Everything is in place.

Momma reminds everyone to be back here at five and promises a delicious rehearsal dinner back at my parents' house later in the evening. A year of planning is finally falling into place, and the smile on Bella's face is worth every night I've had to wait to make this final.

I want her to remember this day and tomorrow when we're old and gray, sitting in rockers on our porch. I want to see this smile every time she pulls out a photo album to look through the pictures and memories we're making. That would make me a happy man.

Bella's eyes water as she gives the room one last glance. "It's beautiful."

"Are you happy?"

"I am." Her arm tightens around my waist, and she rests her head on my shoulder. "Thank you for waitin'."

"Hey." I catch a couple of tears with my thumb. "No cryin' until tomorrow, pretty girl."

"I'll try," she says.

"Come on. We've got business to tend to." I lead her out of the barn and over to the four-wheeler.

She climbs on behind me despite Chief's dirty look.

"You be careful, Edward," he says with a nod.

"Sure thing, Chief." I've got precious cargo on this rig, and there's no way I'd risk muddin' right now.

Bella holds on tight, and behaves until we hit the service road beyond the tree line and disappear into the woods. Then her hands start to wander. They're under my shirt, teasing my ribs by the time our house comes into view.

I catch her hand when she goes for my jeans. "Not while I'm drivin'."

She pulls her hand away, and when I park a few feet away from the back porch, I realize she's working on the buttons of her shirt. "Is anyone comin' back here before the rehearsal?" she asks.

"Felix." I walk her backwards until she's wedged between me and a couple of extra bales of hay. "But he's got to take Brady home first."

The black bra she's wearing rubs against my chest, but I want to feel her, so I push the material down and brush my hands over her nipples in the process. A soft moan escapes her lips, and her eyes close. "I've been thinkin' about this all day." She reaches for the blanket on the porch swing and hands it to me to spread behind her over the straw.

"Out here?" I ask, lifting her onto the stack.

"Why not?"

She unzips her skirt so I can pull it and her panties away from her body. I consider taking off her boots first, but decide that the way they hug her calves is sexy and worth the struggle it takes to rid her of her clothes.

Impatient, she pulls my t-shirt over my head and tosses it on the ground a few feet away. Her lips brush against my chest, and when she goes for my zipper again, I don't stop her.

"You sure about this?" I'm asking even though I'm already shoving my pants down to my knees.

She pulls me closer with her knees. "You're wastin' valuable time."

I bring my hand up between her legs to make sure she's ready, and kiss her knee when she inhales and closes her eyes. When she starts to move against my fingers, I pull them away, use them to coat the tip, and then slowly ease inside.

"The next time we do this, you'll be mine," I tell her, moving slow and watching her face.

Her eyes open, and the sweetest smile graces her lips. "I'm already yours."

"You'll be my wife."

"Oh, I love the sound of that." Her tongue darts out to wet her bottom lip, and she leans back, catching her legs behind her knees, keeping them spread for me. I have to grip her waist to pull her closer to the edge and keep her from scooting away after each thrust. "Harder." Her eyes close again, and her head falls back when I pick up the pace.

"Fuck, you're flexible, girl."

"Harder." Her beautiful tits are on display, and the sounds she's making are almost too much.

I have to close my eyes to keep from coming on the spot. I want her to go first. It takes another minute or so, but she finally does, calling my name in the process. She's already coming down when I finally let go, and she kisses my face when I have to brace myself with my hands splayed on the blanket next to her.

She relaxes beneath me, legs hugging my hips. "Let's skip the rehearsal and do that again later."

"As much as I wish we could, we have to show up or Reverend McCarty won't perform the ceremony tomorrow." I shake my head weakly, still a little dizzy and out of breath. "I didn't suffer through all that pre-marital counseling to blow it by skippin' the dry run."

The sound of Felix's truck on the gravel out front has me scrambling for Bella's clothes. She works on buttoning her shirt while I get her skirt straightened out. Both of us manage to get it together enough to greet him in the kitchen, and the leftover pink on her cheeks is the only evidence that we've been up to no good.

"I've got to get ready, so I'm gonna just… get to it," Bella says.

She disappears down the hall to our room, and Felix laughs. "I'm glad I had to take Brady home."

"So am I."

"Bella's pére looked like he wanted to wring your neck when y'all took off."

"Chief always wants to wring my neck. You should've seen him when she told him about Hope."

"He's not excited about bein' a papere?"

"Of course he is. He worries, though… 'bout what people will say."

Truth is I worry, too. Bella's scared to tell Mamaw and dreading the rumor mill. It won't matter to some that I put that ring on her finger long before Hope existed. They'll still talk, and according to Bella, some will say that's the reason we're getting married.

Brady was one of the first people I swore to secrecy. I can only imagine the field day Amber will have with this. And Bella will take the brunt of it, even though I'm equally responsible. That's the only bad part of what should be an entirely joyous time in our life.

"You put that outta mind," Felix says. "People are fools."

"I'll have words with anyone who spites her, though."

"I expect you will."

Bella is already out of the shower and wearing a white sundress by the time I get away from Felix. "You need to take a shower," she says. "We really will be late if you don't get a move on."

Her hair is dried and curled by the time I'm ready to go. Felix gives us a lift, since he's my designated driver for whatever the boys have planned for tonight, and Bella will be leaving the rehearsal dinner with her parents to spend the night with them.

We're only five minutes late, and luckily Reverend McCarty and Rosalie are inside the barn with our parents admiring the fruits of our labor. Tanya and Jake show up ten minutes after we do, and Brady is last since he had to wait for his girl, Misty, to get off work.

Ms. Cope and Rosalie direct the rehearsal, telling us where to stand and figuring out how to line up the wedding party according to height. Felix stays at my side and Tanya at Bella's while we watch as Angie is paired with Eric, Alice with Brady, and Charlotte with Riley.

Jasper sits on the uncovered hay bales, watching the activity with Jake, Peter, and Ben. Renee's parents keep Cole entertained by letting him toss rocks at the side of the building.

We survive a few practice runs, and each time I see Chief walking Bella up the aisle toward me, I can't help but grin. She didn't want a lot of filler music, so according to the reverend, the ceremony itself will be quick. According to him, there are two things he doesn't beat around the bush with – marrying and burying folks.

He does make us run through the vows twice, but he doesn't actually pray until we're finally done and it's time to eat. My stomach grumbles right after the chorus of amens. He and Rosalie join us back at my parents' place for dinner on the lawn.

I hang on tight to Bella's hand under the table, knowing the time is coming soon for us to part for the night. A wave of unexpected nerves is making me anxious to just get tomorrow over with.

After dinner, she stalls as long as possible, but eventually, everyone is gone except the boys and her parents. "You behave tonight," she says.

"I will. We made it through the bachelor party just fine last weekend. Tonight the plan is to take the pontoon out, do a little fishin', and have a few beers. That's all." I take her face between my hands and kiss her forehead.

"It's just… hard."

"This is the last time you'll be spendin' the night there. From now on, you'll be with me – in our house." It's always been difficult to watch her leave and go to her parents', and knowing she's carrying my baby with her makes it even worse. It's hard to fall asleep at night, when the most important people in the world to me are out of sight and out of reach.

"Hmmm…" Her eyes close, and she smiles. "Our house."

"It is. Everything I have is yours, even without that piece of paper and this big to-do."

"Does that include the 4-wheeler?"

"The 4-wheeler and even my beloved truck. But just to be clear, that doesn't mean you can slap an Ole Miss sticker on it."

She laughs in my arms, relaxed again and happy. "I would never."

"I'll see you tomorrow, pretty girl."

I wait at the end of the driveway until her daddy's truck disappears from view, trying not to act like the big, fat baby Felix thinks I am. It's hard to be away from her.

A night out on the lake is a nice distraction. We catch a cooler full of fish and take it easy on the beer, since none of us want to battle hangovers in tuxedos tomorrow in the bright April sun. Bella sends a goodnight text around ten. Her momma has them booked at a spa in Meridian bright and early. Spending her morning relaxing and surrounded by her family and girlfriends is what she needs after a stressful day like today.

Men aren't nearly as complicated. All we have to do is roll out of bed, shower, and put on a tux. So we stay out on the water until well past midnight, and when we're loading up in our trucks back at Eric's, I remind them all to be at Alec's no later than two o'clock.

Back at home, I toss and turn, wishing Bella was awake so I could at least text or call her. It takes a while, but I finally asleep with my face buried in her pillow.

Felix talks me into Hardee's for breakfast, and we run a few last minute errands for Momma after she begs me to pick up an extra pair of pantyhose and some bobby pins at the Dollar General. We spend the rest of the morning at my parents' house watching TV while they get dressed and ready to go.

We all leave together, and we're the first ones to arrive at Alec's house. One by one, the bridesmaids and groomsmen trickle in, but Bella takes her sweet time.

Tanya sends a text when they're five minutes out, and I'm hurried to an upstairs bedroom to change into my tux and prepare for the main event. I can hear voices laughing and excited squeals from downstairs, but my supposed friends won't even let me near the window, since none of them want a lick of bad luck for us. I don't, either, but knowing Bella is down there somewhere sets my nerves on fire.

After a while, Tanya knocks on the door and asks if she can have a moment with me. There's a wrapped gift tucked in her arm and a huge smile on her face.

"How're you doin'?" she asks. "No cold feet, right?"

"No, I'm good and toasty. How's Bella?"

"She's fine… As happy as a lark." She laughs nervously and clears her throat. "In all seriousness, I just want you to know that I'm glad you're the one." She takes my hand in hers and gives it light squeeze. "She shines with you. I've never seen her so… at home with herself."

"I love her."

She releases my hand and places the wrapped gift in it. "I know. This is for you. From Bella."

"Thank you for tellin' me she was comin' to town… for bringin' her to County Line…"

She pretends to rub her fingernails against the pink gauzy material of her dress. "You're welcome."

As much as I don't want to, I send Felix with her to take Bella's gifts to her. I had to throw in an extra present, a dainty silver chain, since our mommas forbade her to wear my cross on that old, beat up cord on our wedding day. Bella's been fussing nonstop, upset since she hasn't taken it off since the day I gave it to her.

Now she won't have to.

I have to smile when I open the box. It seems like Bella felt two gifts were necessary, as well. The first is a Leatherman for my tackle box. It's a new model with all the bells and whistles. The second is a pocket knife engraved with the word Yes and today's date.

She said yes.

I still can't believe it some days. I'm the luckiest son of a bitch in the world.

When Felix comes back, he says the photographer is looking for us. The ladies have Bella secured in the master bedroom downstairs, and the fellas escort me outside and keep me from accidently wandering down the hall on purpose to find her.

"How was she?" I ask Felix as we make our way over to the barn.

"Calm." He slaps my shoulder. "Much calmer than you, couyon, and I've never seen a prettier bride. I have no idea why she's marrying you."

"Neither do I. That's why I'm nervous."

"Stop," he laughs. "She's not goin' anywhere."

It's all in fun, and the day continues that way with a playful photographer who gets the serious pictures out of the way first, calls for the bridesmaids, does the same with them, and then directs us into all sorts of crazy poses. The ladies take too much joy in the one of them "dragging" me to the altar.

Then I'm banished back to Alec's house so Bella can come out and take her pictures with them. They send Rosalie to keep me company, knowing damn well I wouldn't dare defy the minister's wife to get a sneak peek at my girl.

The guests start arriving shortly after the guys relieve Rosalie of her duty, and at a quarter to four, Ms. Cope knocks on the open door of the room. "It's time," she says.

We take our positions at the front of the audience with Reverend McCarty and watch as Jasper, Jake, and Peter handle the seating of the family.

The harpist starts the music, and the bridesmaids come around the corner of the barn with Angela in the lead, helping the flower girl and ring bearer along. The others follow, and Tanya finishes out the procession, winking at Jake when she passes him.

The song changes and the guests stand, blocking my view before I can get a glimpse of Bella, but there are several gasps followed by soft murmurs in the crowd. She knocks me on my ass every day without even trying, so I don't have to see her to know how beautiful she must look today.

When she finally comes into view, I stop breathing. It's hard to believe any of this is real and that this woman is willing to bind herself to me for the rest of our lives – and happily, judging by the smile on her face. She's beautiful.

Chief is guiding her with his arm through hers, whispering something that makes her smile and nod as they walk. Her eyes are on me, focused behind a thin, white veil.

He gives her away on behalf of himself and Renee, and places her hand in mine before he steps to the side to join Bella's momma and grandparents in the front row. I'm not supposed to say anything yet, but I can't help it.

"Hey, pretty girl."

Reverend McCarty gives me a stern look, but that doesn't keep Bella from answering.


He raises his brows to see if we're done, delivers the welcome, and leads everyone in prayer. Once the crowd is seated and the first song is out of the way, he gets down to business.

"I charge you both, as you stand in God's presence, to remember that love and loyalty alone will serve as the foundations of a happy and enduring home. If the solemn vows which you are about to make are kept permanently, and if you steadfastly seek to do the will of your Heavenly Father, your life will be full of peace and joy, and the home which you are establishing will abide through every change."

After that, he follows with the pledge we rehearsed. "Edward and Bella, you have made a serious and important decision in choosing to marry each other today. You are entering into a sacred covenant as life partners in God. The quality of your marriage will reflect what you put into nurturing this relationship. You have a chance to create a faithful, kind, and tender relationship. We bless you this day. It is up to you to keep the blessings flowing each and every day of your lives together. We wish for you the wisdom, compassion, and constancy to create a peaceful sanctuary in which you can both grow in love."

He turns to me first, giving me a reassuring nod and smile. "Edward, do you understand and accept this responsibility, and do you promise to do your very best each day to create a loving, healthy, and happy marriage?"

"Yes." I squeeze Bella's hand in mine. "I do."

He repeats the charge to her, and her hand squeezes back as she answers. "Yes, I do."

She does.

The only things left are the vows and the rings. Bella gives her bouquet to Tanya and then takes both my hands in hers.

"I love you, Bella, as I love no other. All that I am I share with you. I take you to be my wife through health and sickness, through plenty and want, through joy and sorrow, now and forever." I get choked on the last few words, because the tears have started trailing down her cheeks. I've never seen her look as happy or as beautiful as she does in this moment.

She repeats the words back to me, and the word forever has never sounded so good in all my life.

Tanya gives her my plain platinum band, and Felix slips Bella's ring off his pinkie and drops it in my hand.

My fingers are itching to push it over her knuckle, but I find the patience to wait until the Reverend gives me the green light.

"Bella, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness to you."

She waits for Reverend McCarty to give her permission and then, with shaking fingers and a few more happy tears, pushes the ring onto my finger. "Edward, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness to you."

Instead of waiting for him to pronounce us, she hugs me and laughs when my hands get tangled in her veil. During the chaos, amidst the laughter from the audience, we're introduced as Edward and Bella Cullen, and neither of us waits for him to give permission.

Once that blasted veil is out of the way, I kiss the daylights out of her, bending her backwards but holding on tight, because I'll never ever let her fall.

At Ms. Cope's direction, Bella takes her bouquet from Tanya, we pray one last time, and then Bella and I begin the procession away from the ceremony. As previously discussed, we go straight into Alec's house to avoid any of the guests as they're making their way into the barn for the reception. The photographer said it's the best way to stay on schedule.

The minute we're through the back door, Bella sets her flowers on the table and hugs me, laughing in my arms. "It was perfect, Edward. Just perfect."

"Was it what you dreamed of?"

"Even better. I didn't know… Couldn't even have imagined it was possible to feel the way I do today."

She's glowing. I know people say that all the time about pregnant women, but I'm not talking about her skin.

Tanya's right. She shines with me.

I back her into a corner of the room and kiss her sweetly, trying not to mess up her makeup or her hair. "You look beautiful, like an angel."

"You know better." Coy and sweet, her cheeks redden with her words.

"And I love you for it."

"I love you, too, husband."

The weight of that word and what it does to my chest has me closing my eyes and resting my forehead against hers. "I'll do my best to be a good one."

"I have faith that you will be."

Momma comes to fetch us when the coast is clear, and we make our way back over to the minister and the rest of the family. We pose with the others for dozens of shots, and then the photographer gives them the okay to have a seat while he gets pictures of me and Bella together; my hand holding hers with her ring on display, her in my arms with me carrying her away…

But my favorite is of the two of us sitting together on a hay bale in an otherwise empty section, away from the others and finally getting another moment to ourselves.

"How are you feeling?" I rest my hand on her thigh, and hers comes up to hold my arm.

"Happy, tired, excited, exhausted…" She leans against me and lays her head on my shoulder.

"This time tomorrow, we'll be relaxing on the sand."

"Or cuddled up under the sheets."

"I've been informed that I should behave like a gentleman on this honeymoon."

She raises her head to look me in the eye. "Like hell you will. I plan on gettin' down and dirty with you for the next several days."

"Well, I'd hate to start this marriage off by arguin' on our honeymoon, so I'll discard that advice and follow your lead."

"See? You're a smart man. You're going to be a fine husband."

We're called away from our moment of solitude by the photographer and Ms. Cope. It's time to join our guests and get this party started. They coordinate with the DJ, and he announces family first, then bridal party. Once they're all at the designated tables, the guests stand, and Bella and I walk into the barn as he introduces us as Edward and Bella Cullen.

I could get used to this.

Not the applause or the wolf whistles. The Bella Cullen part.

Felix waits until everyone is seated to stand and give his toast. He keeps it sweet and simple, and when he's done, he holds his longneck in the air for 30 seconds and then kills it.

Tanya stands and raises her glass of champagne high and turns to us. "Bella… Edward… I love the two of you so much; together and as individuals. I hope you have a lifetime of happiness with each other, and may all your ups and downs come only in the bedroom."

She smiles triumphantly when the guests laugh and toast, and if I'm not mistaken, she and Bella both glance at Chief's unhappy momma and then share a wink.

Dinner proceeds, and the catering staff bustles back and forth, keeping glasses full and removing plates and trash as people finish. Before the music and dancing start, we cut the cakes together and keep the mess on our faces down to a minimum.

After that, we're finally free to make our way outside to the makeshift dance floor several feet away from the barn. The sun set long ago, leaving the sky around us deep violet. Thankfully, late April is still too early for mosquitoes.

"This is the first song we ever slow danced to," Bella says when "Sober" pours from the speakers and I take her in my arms.

"I remember." This time is different, though. It's our first dance together as husband and wife, and everyone we care about in this world is standing around watching us.

"I wasn't sure you would, being a man and all."

"I remember everything when it comes to you, girl. The earrings look nice."

"Oh! Yes, I love them. Thank you." She hugs me tightly. "They match my engagement ring perfectly."

"I love my gifts, too. Thank you."

Too soon, our dance ends, and I have to turn her over to her daddy one last time. After tonight, she's mine.

Part of me wants to shout at the members of our community for keeping her on her feet and dancing, song after song, well into the evening. I keep mum, though, since they have no idea about her condition and she seems to be enjoying herself.

We find our way back to each other eventually, in time to be ushered back inside for the garter and bouquet tosses. Felix brings a chair to the front of the room for Bella to sit on. I squat down in front of her and raise her dress until her cowboy boots are showing.

Her legs are smooth, and I let my fingertips tickle her skin on the way up to her thigh where the garter is resting. She shifts in her seat and grips my shoulder when I lean over to kiss her knee before pulling the material over it.

"Devil," she whispers.

"Just you wait."

She stands and presses her body against my back, lifting her hands to cover my eyes while I slingshot it into the audience. Brady yells victoriously and holds it in the air for all to see.

Charlotte and Amber both get a hand on the bouquet after Bella throws it over her shoulder, but Charlotte comes out the winner, and Amber ends up flat on her ass and fuming. Her boyfriend helps her up from the floor, and the two of them leave without a goodbye.

Bella and I mingle for a while, and the members of the wedding party and their significant others disappear mysteriously a few at a time. The roar of my truck just outside the barn is a sign they're up to no good out there while we're saying our goodbyes inside.

When it's time to go, the photographer steps outside before we do to get the action shots of our departure. My truck is parked 20 feet away under the floodlight from the roof of the barn. The back window has the word Hitched etched in shaving cream, and the front window has two circles made from shaving cream with baby bottle nipples in the centers stuck to the windshield.

"Are those breasts on the windshield?" Bella's Gran asks from behind us.

I guide Bella through the crowd on either side of us. The small kids blow bubbles, and the adults toss birdseed at us as we pass. We're almost at the truck when Brady and Felix grab me. Both of them are tanks, and my efforts to fight back are fruitless.

Bella stands a few feet away laughing while the rest of my buddies dump handfuls of birdseed down my pants and into my boxers.

"Enjoy the honeymoon, sweet cheeks!" Brady laughs and runs away, dodging me and ducking off into the crowd before I can deck him.

Bella studies my truck for a moment and shakes her head. "I am going to kill him when we get back," she says.

"But then you'll have to give birth in prison, and we'll sound like some ol' country song."

"Would you miss me if I had to go to prison?" she asks.

"I'm not answerin' that question, Mrs. Cullen." I give her ass a squeeze before opening her door and helping her in. Once we've gotten her dress and bustle situated, I lean in and kiss her lips. "If you want to be handcuffed, I'll take care of that."

"Shackled for life, huh?" She smiles and rubs her thumb over my lips. "You're the most handsome ball and chain I've ever laid eyes on."

"I knew you only wanted me for my body."

"Yes, it's true." She nods and buckles her seatbelt. "So let's get goin'. There's a nice hotel bed waiting for us by the airport in Jackson, and we're going to have to make the car wash before we hit the road."

When I turn back to the crowd behind me, they cheer and clap. Bella's momma is crying. My momma is crying. Claire Swan is scowling. I pause to give her a smile. She's really going to love our little announcement when we get back. Our fathers and Alec are a few feet away, nursing longnecks and cigars. They nod when I give them a quick salute.

"Thanks for comin', y'all." Bella waves to everyone, and I make my way over to my side of the truck. "We'll see you in a week or so…"

I wait until we're alone to break the news to her. "We're gonna have to make a stop at our house. I can't ride two hours to Jackson with this stuff in my pants."

The sound of her laughter drowns out the engine when I gun it at the end of the drive. "Birdseed removal isn't exactly somethin' I expected on my list of wifely duties for tonight, but I reckon I could help you out with that…"

A/N – Hey, fandom. I heard there's been an angst wave lately, so I decided to give y'all some sugar. Hope you liked it. There will be one more futuretake/epi for these two, since so many of you asked nicely to see some green-eyed babies. After Rest My Soul completes, I'll work on that for you.

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