Elijah wasn't quite sure when it had begun. Perhaps it had started the very first time they had slow danced in front of the fire. She had been crying for a few hours after Klaus called to tell her he wouldn't be home for another week. Elijah had pulled her into his arms and caressed the blonde hair, then swayed her gently back and forth. She had quieted in his arms as he danced with her, twirling her away on occasion, but mostly just holding her against his chest.

No. It had been the first time she had been left alone with him. She had begged Niklaus to not leave her, but he had to go. He had to protect the kingdom, and she would be in danger if she went with him. Instead of being too sad, she had convinced Elijah to play a board game with her, and they had spent all day playing every game they had in the house.

No. It was the first time she was injured while with Klaus on a mission. It had taken three injuries for him to start leaving her at home, but that very first time when Klaus had called him, he had rushed to them both. Caroline's body was covered in dried blood and she was drinking from Klaus, but he could still see how pale her skin was. She wasn't crying at all. She just sucked it all in and accepted what had happened to her. She had been tortured, again.

No. He had fallen in love with her when he had first met her. Klaus' blonde, light filled angel. He had heard so many things about her and could dimly remember seeing her a few times with Elena, but seeing her wearing the beautiful red evening gown, she had been glowing. It was amazing to him that he had ever missed seeing her so many years before. She was a sight to behold, and her laughter had entranced him.

And now he was sitting downstairs in Klaus' London house, listening to her soft breathing upstairs. She and Klaus had been together for half a century now, and Elijah had loved her for almost all of it. He would come and spend a month with her once a year while Klaus went out to deal with any issues that came up. Otherwise, his brother had refused to leave her, but just ignoring the threats were impossible.

They had gotten into a routine. She would come down that first morning and they would catch up. She would ask where he had been, and what he had seen. She would tell him about what she had read or done in the past year. And then they would play board games. All of the other days of the month, they would explore whatever city she was living in at the time. Sometimes they would just shop. Other times they would go to the theatre. Today, he was taking her to the ballet.

He could hear her starting to move upstairs and he had to ignore the sound of her turning on the shower. She was upstairs, naked, with hot water running over her body. He wanted to run up there and watch her bathe. He wanted to hold her as she relaxed under the water. He wanted to push her up against the shower wall and make her scream his name.

His fantasy got away from him and he heard her coming downstairs. The front of his dress pants were tight and he rose from his seat to shift a little. She peaked around the corner to see him standing there with a book held in front of him, and she gave him a glorious smile.

"Good morning, Elijah."

"Good morning, Caroline."

They had long since moved past Miss Forbes and Mr Mikaelson. She had insisted on calling him that for as long as he refused to call her by her given name. It had taken a few years, but they had fallen into a much more relaxed status. Relaxed enough that she was now parading in a tiny set of cheerleader shorts and a tanktop. He couldn't help but let out a groan as she walked towards the kitchen.

"Did you say something?" she asked innocently, and Elijah shook his head.

"No. If you will excuse me." He left the room and went towards his room, aching to relieve the pressure that had built up in his pants.

Caroline tilted her head to the side as she watched Elijah disappear. Something was up with him, and it bothered her. He had looked so good in that suit and she worried for a moment that he had been able to tell how wet she was - and not her hair. She thought she had been good about hiding it, spraying herself with perfume, multiple showers a day, but it was impossible to hide how attractive she found him.

She loved Klaus more than anything in the world. He made her smile and feel important. He made her feel safe and secure. She was loved. He showed her a gentle side that she had only imagined. A gentle side that she needed at times. But she could tell how hard it was for him to keep from being rough. She loved him rough, but she needed soft too.

And then Elijah began appearing. She understood why Klaus had to leave her at home. She had to admit that being tortured was at the bottom of her to do list. She had tried staying home alone the first year, but Elijah had thankfully shown up and saved her from her loneliness. She didn't hate Klaus for leaving - if he didn't go, then they came, and she preferred her house to not be filled with dead bodies.

But after ten years of living with Elijah for a month a year, she realized how much she wanted him. He was so gentle with her as they went out. He engaged her, mentally. They appreciated music together. Not that Klaus didn't like music, but he was the kind of man that wanted to do. He wanted to act. Elijah liked to sit back and enjoy. He liked to discuss what was going on.

She loved him too. It had hit her rather hard when she realized how excited she was to see him. She had barely even missed Klaus the first week, and had then spent the next day laying in bed, hating herself. She had always hated Tatia for separating the brothers, and Elena for torturing the Salvatores, but now she was in the same situation. Well, sort of. Neither Klaus or Elijah had any idea how bad she wanted the Eldest Mikaelson brother.

Elijah had been gone for a while and she ran back up to her room. She was soaking for him again. She had tried to resist it during her shower, but that had clearly been a mistake. Now she had locked herself in her bathroom with a vibrator and her eyes clenched shut, thinking of Elijah.

He had finally finished relieving himself and came back out to find Caroline gone. He couldn't hear her at all and went upstairs, assuming she had gone to her room to change. He was about to knock on the bedroom door when he heard whimpering. He was ready to burst in, thinking that she was in danger or upset, but then he realized what those whimpers, accompanied by the buzzing, were. She was in there, getting off.

Elijah went back down to his room and locked himself inside. She was just upstairs, playing with herself, trying to find release, and he wanted to give it to her. He would lay her on the bed and bury himself between her legs, first his fingers, then his lips, and finally the hard cock he was stroking again. He could tell himself that he would give anything to taste her just once, but he knew it wouldn't be enough. He wanted her forever.

They both spent the rest of their day avoiding each other. He didn't know how to actually look at her without taking her in his arms and doing as he wanted. She didn't know how to look at him and not immediately become flustered. It was during one of her sneak trips downstairs that the front door burst open, and there was Klaus. He smiled immediately when he saw her and she ran to him, glad her body would get some real relief. Klaus seemed to know how ready she was for him and immediately ran them to the living room.

Neither of them could stand another moment apart and Klaus had her on her knees, her body bent over the top of the couch, her ass up for him. He had ripped off her clothes as soon as they reached the soft surface and he was rock solid for her. "Nik, please. I need you, please."

Klaus slammed into her and she screamed out. His hand instinctively grabbed onto her hair and pulled her head back as he began pounding into her. After a month of being apart, she was so ready for this. She wanted him rough. She wanted to feel well fucked afterwards, with her entire body a little sore. His free hand was between her legs and flicking her bud, making her squirm and scream out again. She was already falling over the edge, having been sensitive from playing with it all day.

Elijah heard the front door slam shut and walked calmly out to see what it was. He imagined, given the little squeal, that Niklaus had returned early. What he did not expect to see was Caroline bent over the edge of the couch with Klaus fucking her from behind. Her lips were parted and her eyes were closed while her breasts bounced from the thrusting behind her.

She looked divine, and Klaus was too busy looking down at her to notice him. Caroline's eyes opened and she screamed out again, once again from an orgasm. Klaus' fingers were torturing her more as he continued pounding into her, and his eyes looked up to see Elijah standing there, mouth wide open. Their eyes locked and Elijah turned and walked away, back to his room. The sight he had just seen would forever be burned in his mind.

Caroline had seen the look in Elijah's eyes. He had wanted her. And that thought coupled with Klaus' cock throbbing in her had sent her over the edge. The orgasm felt dirty, but she felt alive. She wanted Elijah even more now. She wanted him to watch her get fucked by his brother. She wanted to have him lay back while she sucked him off as Klaus made her moan. She wanted both of them, and she wanted them now.

Klaus had flipped them around quickly so he was sitting against the couch with her in his arms. She was wiggling her hips as he continued to fuck up into her while he kissed her neck. She was moaning now, hooking her fingers into his curled hair, but she couldn't help but imagine one hand filled with these curls while another was filled with slick brunette hair. She rocked her hips harder and Klaus gripped his fingers into her sides.

He knew what he had seen. Elijah had wanted Caroline. And Caroline had seen it. He didn't quite know how to react. He knew that Caroline still loved him, but something was going on between his brother and her. The jealousy flared through him but he had to ignore it. She had told him time and again that she loved him and she had never given him reason to not believe her, but he knew that his brother wanted his girl.

He smelled her hair and could find nothing of Elijah. Not a trace. She hadn't cheated on him. Her skin smelled completely of her, but he couldn't get out this feeling. She was still riding him and whimpering his name, and he carried her upstairs to continue fucking her properly on their bed. He wanted to lay claim and possession to her all night. She was his.

Elijah was gone when they went downstairs the next morning. Caroline hid the sadness behind a smile, but Klaus could recognize that the smile didn't reach her eyes. It was more than just lust. His beautiful Queen felt something for his brother, and he didn't know what to do. What he had felt for Tatia was nothing compared to this. He couldn't lose her, and he and his brother had never been so close before.

A week later, he mentioned that he had seen Elena and the Salvatores. Apparently, she was sleeping with them both now. A week ago, he had considered it pathetic, but now he wondered what it must be like. Both brothers got to keep the girl they loved. The brothers were still close. Now, the brothers got to please their girl in ways that no man alone could.

Stefan had confessed it all to him one night, that Elena was happiest with them both. That the good and the bad came together with the three of them, and it actually worked. Klaus had brushed it off, but was that what Elijah and Caroline wanted? Did they want to be together? Would Caroline let them share her?

"So what do you think, sweetheart?"

"About what, Nik?" she asked while warming up her cup of blood.

"About Elena sleeping with both of them. Do you find it weird? I know you always thought Stefan would be best with the doppelganger, but now they share her. What do you think?"

Caroline paused in her movements. What did she think? It sounded perfect. She could spend her days looking at art with Klaus and discussing politics with Elijah, and spend her nights being pleased and tortured by them both. The best of both worlds. She envied that Elena had found that, but Klaus would never share her. She couldn't dare ask. Besides, she was doubting now that Elijah even really wanted her.

"I think good for her. She has found happiness and a balance. It is a little different, but with her having both of them, she is free to be her entire self, instead of just half of herself. If it makes her happy, then I support it."

Caroline wouldn't meet his eye, and that told him all he needed to know. Well, not all he needed to know.

"I love you, Caroline," he whispered, and pulled her close to him. She gave him a full, heartwarming smile that seemed to spread over her entire body. She did love him. She just also felt something for Elijah. He could work with that.

"I love you too, Nik. I'm so glad you're home."

He kissed her on top of her forehead, then pulled out his phone. "Go get back in bed, sweetheart. I want to spend the day possessing you, but I need to make a phone call first."

Caroline giggled and ran upstairs, and he smiled after her. Once she was upstairs, he stepped outside of the house to make the call. Elijah answered on the first ring.

"What is it, Niklaus? Has something happened to Caroline?"

"No, brother. Everything is alright. I need to talk to you. How soon can you be here?"

"Is tomorrow too soon?"

"No. I shall see you tomorrow, Elijah."

When tomorrow did come, Klaus kept Caroline in bed a little late. He knew that Elijah would come looking for them, and he purposely turned his back to their bedroom door. Caroline was in his arms, straddling him, riding, and he could tell from her body alone the moment that Elijah had peeked in. Her body grew more tense and she was soaking around him. He pounded into her harder and felt her bury her face into his neck just as he sensed the door being shut. All he could hope was she would be ok with this. He would rather share her than lose her all together.

Caroline had passed out from their lovemaking and Klaus slipped downstairs to see Elijah sitting awkwardly in the living room. Klaus was wearing only a pair of sweatpants, his skin still slick from the past few hours.

"My apologies, brother, for interrupting your morning."

Klaus shook his head and looked up at Elijah slowly. His mask was gone as he spoke to his brother. "I know that you care for Caroline."

Elijah's body stilled as he looked back at his brother, then shook his head. "Nothing has ever happened, brother. She doesn't even know - how do you know?"

Klaus sat back and smirked. "It is rather obvious in the way you look at her. And I know you two have never crossed a line. But, I know that Caroline... cares for you as well. And I want to make a proposal to you."

Caroline awoke a few hours later to kisses on her shoulder. She opened her eyes to see Klaus waking her up. "Mmm, hello love."

"Good afternoon, sweetheart."

She felt him laying on top of her and kissing over her shoulder. She shivered and snuggled closer against him. "I have a surprise for you."

His words were like a whisper and she rolled over underneath him to wrap her arms around his neck. "And what is it?"

He kissed her on her lips and crawled off of her. "You need to get up and take a shower. We are going out tonight."

Caroline gave him a beautiful smile and said ok, and went to get herself ready. Klaus had already picked out the perfect dress for her - blue, to make her eyes shine, and white lace lingerie. She always did love it when she knew that he had chosen what was under her dress, and she would want to be dressed up for what was coming tonight.

He took her to one of the most expensive restaurants in London - and her favorite - and got them an entire room to themselves. She noticed almost immediately that the table was set for three, and then someone else stepped in. He was dressed up as nicely as they were and shook hands with his brother, then took Caroline's hand and kissed the top of it.


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