The first thing that came to mind in Caroline's head as she started to wake up was 'Oh my god, I slept with Elijah, and Klaus is fine with it.'

The second thought? What was over her eyes and why were her arms and legs unable to move?

She felt lips covering one of her nipples, and then the other one was covered as well. She let out a moan and tried to struggle against the silk on her wrists and ankles, but it was impossible. Lips on one side left her breast and kissed her instead, and she felt fingers pinching tightly. Her slit started getting attention too, as if she wasn't already soaking wet for them.

"Morning," she moaned out as a kiss trailed down her shoulder, and she struggled to move against the bindings. She felt a rough chuckle against her breast and recognized the scruff as Klaus. A long tongue was now returned to her other breast, lapping at the pointed tip, and she knew that one was Elijah.

"What do you think, brother? Should we give her pleasure, or take our own?"

Caroline didn't know which idea turned her on more. She would love for them to give her all their attention, but when Klaus used her as a fuck toy, it was some of the dirtiest sex they ever had. She could only imagine Elijah using her like that as well. Both of them at once?

"I think we should tease her first. Why don't you show me some of the tricks to torturing Caroline first?"

Klaus let out a husky chuckle and pulled away from her, and Elijah did the same. She whimpered out, "No, come back."

"Don't make me gag you, Caroline," she heard Klaus say, and she could have sworn she grew wetter just from those words. That was nothing compared to what he next said, though. "I hope you are hungry, brother. She tastes divine when spread out like this, as I am sure you can remember from last night..."

"Please," she begged out, knowing what Klaus was thinking of. There was a rough slap against her center and she hissed out in pain and pleasure.

"Do not speak again, Caroline, until I give you permission to."

She bit her lip and laid there, wanting Elijah to take over. Klaus was so rough with her, but Elijah wouldn't deny her, would he? He would give her the pleasure she was achingly wet for.

"The artery, right here..." she felt Klaus trail along the inside of her leg, where she loved his bite most, "is rather convenient. I recommend you try that spot"

She felt kisses on the inside of her thighs and knew immediately it was Elijah. She could no longer hear Klaus but all thoughts of him disappeared as her current torturer took a long lick up her slit. She let out a moan and her head fell back, unable to do any other real movements. He took another long lick, and then she felt his bite on the inside of her leg. She let out a sound that was much like a purr.

Elijah drank from her while a hand spread her lips open to him. He pulled away from her leg and she felt him licking up the last of her blood, and then his tongue was flicking over her hole. He was avoiding her clit, it seemed, and she knew that when he finally got to it, she was going to be bursting.

He pulled away from her suddenly, then slid one long finger inside of her. She was tight and hot around him, and her lower body clenched up involuntarily. His bite mark on the inside of her opposite thigh came as a surprise and she hissed out. He kept removing his teeth and lapping at the blood, then biting again, continually opening up the two spots. It was torturous pleasure, as every time he bit, his finger curled slightly.

She felt one of the restraints being untied, on an ankle, and a few seconds later the other one was undone as well. She could only assume it was Klaus, as Elijah still had a finger deep inside of her and the other hand cupping her ass. Elijah pulled his finger out and he grabbed her behind the knees, pulling her legs over his shoulders. His hands then gripped her ass and he began flicking his tongue over her clit.

Her nipples, which were still hard from their earlier sucking, were now rock solid and aching for touch. She felt Klaus beside her tied hands and once they were released, she was being pushed upward. Klaus was sitting up behind her and holding a heavy breast in each hand. Her arms wrapped behind her head around his neck so that her breasts were jutting out, and Klaus began to massage them, tugging on each nipple.

It was heaven, having all of her most sensitive points being teased. Elijah was starting to suck on her clit now, not rough, but leisurely enjoying himself, as though tasting her was all he wanted to do that day. He kept taking long strokes of her throbbing core then returning to her clit. He never stayed long, just enough to tease her.

A sharp fang grazed over her sensitive bud and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out. Elijah was now biting into her inner thigh while stroking two fingers inside of her, and Klaus pinched onto her nipples as he bit into her shoulder. She moaned out, so close to an orgasm, if only Elijah would curl his fingers slightly or touch her clit. She was shaking with need, and then she made her mistake. "Elijah, please."

And then she was falling back flat onto the bed, Elijah and Klaus having stop touching her. She reached her hands up to her mask and took it off to see Elijah shaking his head at her and Klaus nowhere in sight. "You just had to talk, didn't you Caroline? You just had to disobey. You have been a bad girl. And do you know what happens to bad girls?"

"They get punished?" she whispered out, and Elijah nodded.

"Yes, they do."

Klaus came into the room, carrying a skinny but sturdy table. She knew it was sturdy from how many times Klaus had taken her on it. And now, Elijah and Klaus were both going to have her on it. She slipped a finger between her thighs to touch herself, but Elijah was faster and flashed onto the bed to pull her arms behind her back. She struggled against him and he kissed the soft part of her neck, then shushed her. "Oh no, beautiful Caroline. I would have gladly spend the day giving you endless amounts of pleasure, but you disobeyed. Just because I am here, nothing changes. You still must do as you are told."

She nodded her head and looked at Klaus, who was studying her. She pouted out her bottom lip and Klaus shook his head no. She pouted out her lip further and Klaus shook his head again. "You heard him, sweetheart. You did disobey me, and now you must be punished."

She nodded her head and got up off the bed and walked to the table. Klaus picked her up delicately and laid her down on it so she was facing the ceiling. The night before, she had felt as though they both belonged to her, but now it was time for her to belong to them. Last night had been about love. Today was about possession. And her entire body was shaking with anticipation.

Klaus moved her so her head was hanging off the edge of the table and her wrists were tied to the legs of the table. His cock was in front of her mouth and she wanted to suck on it, but it was just out of reach. She felt Elijah come between her legs, with her ass just bare on the edge of the skinny table, and then her legs were back over his shoulders. She felt him rubbing the head of his length against her slit, and then Klaus was running the head of his own cock against her lips. She opened her mouth, and they both plunged into her.

Klaus was rough, fucking her mouth, and she sucked as hard as she could, trying to take him as deep as she could. It was pointless, really. Klaus had all the control, and then she felt him slap one of her breasts. She moaned at the sharp sting, then felt him massage it. He repeated the move on the other one.

Elijah was taking long deep strokes. He didn't touch her clit, instead leaving his hands gripping her hips. His entire body was moving, thrusting deep into her, and at one particular thrust she screamed around Klaus' dick. He was starting to work up his speed on her, and then she felt his hand move to just above her pubic bone. He was so close to her clit, and yet he wouldn't touch.

Caroline's hands gripped onto the legs of the table as they both kept working at her. They were suddenly going at the same pace, with Klaus having slowed down, and Elijah having sped up. One second she would be empty, and the next she was filled. She couldn't help but think about Klaus fucking her ass again, and pocketed that request for later use.

Elijah flicked her tight bud with his finger, just once, and she moaned around Klaus' dick. She could feel him starting to pulse in her mouth, getting closer, and she bit down with her human teeth. Klaus' hands grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed, making her bite down again on him. His speed was starting to increase and she hummed around his dick, making him stop in his motions of fucking her face. It was like he was torturing himself, and she took advantage of the moment to lick her tongue around the head, then hum again.

Klaus lost control then, fucking her mouth harder, and she kept her jaw relaxed, letting him take control. Contrary to popular belief, Klaus was always in some sort of control, so when he had no more concern for anything but pounding himself into her, she felt herself grow even wetter around Elijah. And that was when Elijah started rubbing her clit.

She screamed out, so close to falling over the edge, and then she was falling with Klaus as he released into her throat. She sucked it all down, and he pulled out of her. She licked the tip of his cock, and swallowed the rest of his cream down. Elijah pulled her closer to him so her head was up on the table now and her ass hanging off. Her wrists slid up the table legs a little, and she opened her eyes to see Klaus looking down at her. He bent forward and kissed her forehead, then left the room.

And now it was just her and Elijah. Klaus had been marking her as his for years, but she and Elijah had years to make up. She loved her Hybrid so much more for leaving them to continue, knowing that sharing her had to be killing him. They were going to have a long talk later, but for now, she was enjoying feeling Elijah's muscles flex against her legs as he continued his steady strokes.

His hands left her hips and he bent her more as he leaned forward to massage her breasts. She wanted her arms released so she could touch him, run her fingers through his hair, and grasp his shoulders. Next time. Next time she would keep her finger in his hair as he made love to her. She was lying to herself if she called sex with him anything else. Even at his roughest, he was showing her that he loved her.

A few days before, she wasn't even certain that Elijah saw her as a woman, and now he was marking her as his own. He was sharing her with his best friend, his brother. She wiggled her hips a little at the thought and Elijah groaned, releasing her breasts from his hands to grip her hips again. "I'm supposed to be the one teasing you here, Caroline."

She stopped wiggling her hips then and smiled up at him. He released one of his hands and reached forward again to caress her cheek and she closed her eyes, rubbing her face against his hand. They continued like this for a moment, and then his hand began to trail down her body. He flicked his fingers over her nipples, stroked the skin of her belly, and dipped a finger into her belly button. Finally, his hand was stroking up over one of her legs, and his other hand repeated the movement on the other side.

She felt herself starting to grow tighter around him again, and she couldn't help but moan. This seemed to fuel Elijah on, as his thrusts grew faster. He moved one of his hands down to her stomach, just above where he was thrusting, and she wanted to beg him to move his palm lower. He had only touched that little bundle of nerves a few times now, and each time she had been thrown over the edge.

Elijah then turned his head and bit her lower leg with his human teeth. His hand slid down at the same time and the roughness of his hand against her clit was too much. She screamed out, finding release once again over his dick, but he didn't stop. She sobbed out a no, a please, a stop, and yet he kept on rubbing her. She was so sensitive and the pressure was insane, and then suddenly she was begging him not to stop. He kept going, and she was forced to take another orgasm.

This time, he came with her, and fell forward on top of her as he took his last few thrusts. His hands reached down to undo her wrists and once they were, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Elijah held on tight to her, kissing her hair, and whispering that he loved her. She had known it, before, that he loved her. That was the only way he would have been willing to share her, but now to hear him say it...

She nodded her head at his words and clung to him. They laid there, holding each other, and then he slowly pulled away. He picked her up into his arms, bridal style, and carried her out of the bedroom. She realized then that she heard the shower in her bathroom running, and Elijah took her in and set her down on her feet in the bathroom. "Take a shower, my love, and then we'll talk."

She nodded and Elijah gave her a kiss on the forehead, then left the bathroom. She looked at the shut door for a moment, wondering if that would be the last time she would ever see him. She could just imagine Klaus forcing his brother out after sharing her, his possessive nature coming out. She couldn't leave Nik, but she had loved Elijah for so long and now she finally had him. What would happen when she came out of the shower? Elijah had said he loved her. He wouldn't just leave her.

The shower was nice and hot, letting her aching muscles finally relaxed. She hated that neither of them had joined her in the shower, longing to have her hair washed for her, but she knew if they were in there with her, her body would break. There was only so much hot, dirty sex a girl could take in one sitting, even a vampire. Next shower, though... She could just imagine Klaus taking her from behind and her legs wrapped around Elijah as they both fucked her.

She could really get used to having two beautiful, strong, powerful men in her life.

She finished getting washed up and wrapped herself up in a towel, then grabbed another for her hair. She stepped out of the bathroom and saw that neither man was in her room. She started to creep through the house and made her back to the room that still smelled of sex. A sofa had been dragged in front of the fireplace and a fire was just starting to catch.

Elijah was standing up, wearing only his normal suit pants, pouring himself and Klaus a drink. Klaus was sitting on one side of the couch wearing sweatpants. They both turned to look at her as she walked in, and Klaus offered his hand to her.

She walked towards them and took Klaus' hand. He pulled her to sit on his lap and she did so, still wrapped up in two towels. He undid the towel in her hair and began rubbing the strands between the towel, helping to get some of the wetness out. She loved when he spoiled like this, but she was too tense, looking at Elijah as he sat down on the other side of the sofa. Why wasn't he reaching towards her? Why was he so far away?

"Do I get to keep you both? Or was this only a one time thing..." She blurted out the first part, but by the end her voice was falling. She looked down at her lap sadly, not knowing what she would do if she couldn't be with them. "I know you have been through this before, with, with Tatia, and I hate her for it, but I can't lose either of you."

Elijah reached towards her and scooted closer to Klaus, and she got off of his lap to sit in the space between them. She had her back to the fire and her face towards the back of the couch, and they both looked at her as she seemed to be compiling words.

"I love you, Caroline. And I think you love me too?"

She looked at Elijah and nodded, unable to speak the words, but then looked at Klaus. He sometimes had a hard time with words, but after a moment he finally spoke.

"I have loved you since the first moment I saw you, and we have been together for fifty years. I know that you love me too. What I felt for Tatia is nothing compared to this."

She nodded, then felt Elijah's hand caressing her cheek. "I am ashamed that I didn't recognize the Light in you when I first saw you. You are incomparable to any woman I have ever met. And I love you. I love you with a love I have never felt before."

She smiled at Elijah, who always had a way with words. She knew then it was her turn to speak. "I love you both. I cannot help it. And I could have ignored it because of my loyalty to you, Nik, but now that I have had a glimpse of the life I could have with you both, I don't want to give it up."

Klaus turned to Elijah, smiling, and Elijah grinned at him. "Then would you take both of us, Caroline? Consider yourself ours, forever?"

She looked at Elijah as he spoke, the excitement lighting up her eyes, and she looked at Klaus to see if this was really happening. "I already have this room set up as a place for us all to share, sweetheart. You can choose another room for you and Elijah to share, just as you and I already have our room, and if you like, you can move your things into a room all your own. Whatever you want, Caroline. I just want you to be happy-"

Caroline leaned forward and kissed Klaus on the lips, then turned to Elijah and kissed him as well. The smile on her face with the fire burning behind her golden strands was an image burned in both their memories. She was happy, and they had made her that way. "Yes!"

For centuries to come, she would always consider that first night as the start of the rest of her life. The start of them. She even teased them quite often by calling them Klarolijah, as if they were something from one of her TV shows. It didn't matter though. They loved her. And she loved them both, together and separately. When Elijah took her to China to see a historical dig, she missed Klaus terribly, but she loved being alone with Elijah. And when Klaus whisked her off to Chile to climb the Andes mountains, she missed Elijah, but it was wonderful to be with Klaus again.

At first, no one in the supernatural world understood. How could two men, two powerful men, love the same woman and share her? But the questions quickly disappeared as they came to balls together. She would dance with Elijah while Klaus asserted his dominance over everyone else, and then dance with Klaus while Elijah smoothed out the edges. Her life was perfect. She was the Baby Vampire with a Mikaelson on each arm.

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