This should probably have been billed as a crossover fic. The idea of immortality tugs at my imagination. There are so many versions of it in fiction today…from enduring youth to wizened agelessness and every shade in between. If your only experience with elves has been Tolkien's take another look…Chris Johnson & Vaughn Heppner might change your take on them a little!

And a warning: there are references to characters and circumstances in my Logan-centric fic: RENEWALS, but you should be able to spot them. The added knowledge is there if you've read them first, if not it won't stop the progress of this story. Enjoy!

- - - … - - - …

"Logan!" Victor called, jogging toward the other man.

He flinched when Logan took a defensive stand.

"I mean no harm, brother," he began, shuffling his feet in the gravel of the parking lot. He looked down, chagrinned.

Logan stepped to him, the sting of the silver claws extending singing in the air.

"Tell me why I shouldn't cut off your head? Carve out your heart?"

"A woman waits for me. She is in the beginnings of labor, so she tells me. She's certain. I need to get back to her."

Logan laughed, taking his stance for attack. "A woman? Because you spared me when I had found mine? Do you think that because I've been in love that I'll forgive you and just let you walk out of here? Forgetting past sins and letting you raise your by-blows to be murdering cowards like yourself? What the hell were you thinking getting a woman pregnant? Have you distanced yourself that much from reality? We are freaks, Victor. Doomed not to die."

"She is an immortal as well," Victor told him softly. "A good one. Kind and understanding, but strong. I think you could become fond of her. I'd like my children to know their uncle. It's important."

"You robbed me of the chance to have a normal family."

Victor shook his head. "I saved your life."

"You tried to take it! You stole what made me whole!"

"You walked out on me! You turned from what we'd promised-after all those years you turned from what made us different and made us the same and you left me by myself!"

"We are not the same. There is something in you that is not in me."

"I could have killed you. After you'd jumped. When you ran with the woman, when you hid out while she healed you. I could have killed both of you any time."

"Am I to thank you now? The woman I loved is dead because of a plot in which you were central. Can you deny that?"

Victor shook his head.

"But you want to let bygones be bygones now?"

"My son is going to be born tonight. The next generation of our family. I'd like you to be there."

Victor was sincere. Quiet and serious. He didn't beg-he didn't beg. And the humility in his tone allowed his brother the grace to grant his request.

Victor's tires screamed as he rushed back to the house where he'd left Mychal. His heart pounded as he ran through the door. All the lights were on. Dogs barked in kennels. Birds circled agitatedly in the air.

"Mychal!" he bellowed.

"She is not here," a quiet voice told him. A cold, blonde man-his equal in height but slender and reed-like-spoke in a distant tone.

"Where is she?" Victor threatened, his claws coming out.

"Speak more gently, human. Your mate is safe. The babe's time is now and her people came for her. Now, behave yourself or I won't show you the way."

"Oh, you'll show me-"

"Victor!" Logan called.

The elf arched a brow and let out a mocking laugh. "I promised Mychal that I'd see her pet safely down to the lower levels. I didn't realize he'd need a keeper."

Victor wanted to reach out and crush the elf's windpipe.

"I am his brother."

"Very well." The man slid from his seat on the counter and stepped toward the back of the house. "The night gets on. Can you run?"

Victor looked at Logan. Both men nodded, their gazes locked.