AN: I wanted to thank everyone for reading this. It was mu first adventure into Teen Wolf fanfiction, and my fist completed fanfiction, not including oneshots. So sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank you.

She still thought about the day that brought them to one another, and the months that lead to them finally being together. It was amazing how many details Lydia could remember from that time, even eight years later. How if she closed her eyes long enough she swore she could still feel the exact way Stiles' arms wrapped around her, leaning her back on his faded comforter. It was one of the happiest days of her life. And even with everything she went through that year and the few that followed, she wouldn't have given up that time, not if it meant losing Stiles.

"You look beautiful," Allison gushed wrapping her in fierce hug from behind, as tears ran down her face. "I'm so happy for you."

"Okay pregnancy hormones should stay away from the dress," Erica joked as she handed Allison a tissue. "You wouldn't want stain it would you?"

"Oh god, you're right," Allison moved back shaking off her tears. "And it's not pregnancy hormones, I'm just happy my best friend's getting married."

"Which is why you cried at the floral arrangements?" Erica questioned.

"And the appetizers?" Lydia added.

"Point taken," Allison interjected cutting them off before they could get further.

"Hormonal or not she's right, you look gorgeous," Erica commented with a smirk.

"Thanks you guys," Lydia smiled grabbing one of each of their hands. Years ago she'd never expected Erica could ever be one of her best friends. But here she was along with Allison, ready to stand up and watch Lydia marry Stiles.

It hadn't been hard when they figured out who would play what role in their wedding. Stiles wanted Scott as his best man, which was perfect because Lydia couldn't fathom a world without Allison right next to here on this day, considering she'd been there for her and Scott when they married six years ago. Then came Isaac and Erica who had respectively grown close as their other set of best friends and then Stiles' dad on his side, and Scott's mom on hers. She knew her own mom was a little upset by her final choice but to Lydia, Melissa had been there for her in ways her parents couldn't. There was no way they could be, without risking their lives too. Though in a complete double standard Stiles had told his dad shortly before the middle of senior year, after a particularly nasty pixie attack left half the town in a drug induced trip for nearly two weeks.

But it was better this way, Lydia thought with a wistful smile. She didn't have to worry about them constantly, or get Derek to add protection detail to them. The door opened in a rush as Melissa and Ms. Martin came in.

"Sweetie, are you just about ready?" her mom asked with a small smile. "Your father says everyone is ready for you and we wouldn't want to delay your big day."

Lydia stood with a nod, but stopped as she took inventory. "No, no. no."

"Lydia what's wrong?" Allison asked coming to her side. "Is it cold feet?"

"No, I'm very ready for this thank you very much," she replied giving Allison a small glare. "I just don't have the last thing."

"What last thing?" Melissa asked from her other side, because all the women descended on her like wolves, and the analogy would have made her laugh if hadn't been freaking out.

"Something old, new, borrowed and blue. I have the new in my bracelet, Allison let me use the clip for the veil, and Erica had the great idea of doing the bottoms of my shoes blue, but I don't have anything old. Nothing, I can't walk out there like this, it's a bad sign."

"Sweetie," her mother soothed pushing some hair behind her ear. "It'll be fine. Here take this." She pulled a long chain from around her neck, and placed it on Lydia. "It was your great grandmothers. If that's not old enough I don't know what is."

She remembered it, remembered her mother hanging it up every night as she peeked in from the hall. And just that thought made her smile again. "Okay freak out averted. Let's get moving people. Oh and Allison I love you, but you better tell Mini McCall there to stay put for the day. I will give that kid the world but not my wedding day."

Allison poked her in the ribs as they all pulled in for one more hug.

As Stiles stood in front of his friends and family he'd never felt surer of anything. Scott gave him a smile from his place next to him, and Isaac and John were muttering about it taking long enough. He had to agree. The second he'd kissed Lydia in his bedroom all those years ago he knew they would make it here. But neither wanted to rush it, not like Scott and Allison who got married right after graduation, much to Chris' chagrin, but even he had to admit his daughter was happier with Scott by her side. But waiting worked out better, they got to go after their dreams, he wasn't sure if he'd be the leading private investigator of the area or if Lydia would be only weeks away from her Fields metal if they had married as young as their friends. But he was ready now, more than ready.

He listened as the music began. Watching Derek's three year old daughter Emery and Scott and Allison's four year old son Toby walked down the aisle as flower girl and ring bearer. Then came Allison, who had to usher the kids the rest of the way into the waiting embrace of Derek and his wife Cameron.

With one last warning look at Toby, Allison came to stand on the bridal side. She and Scott shared a ridiculous smile, but Stiles turned his attention back to the aisle. Erica had just made it next to Allison, and Melissa was finishing up, as she sent a flirty wink towards John.

Then the music changed, and everyone stood, turning themselves towards the double doors at the back of the church. Lydia stood between her mother and her father with a classic smile on her face, giving him a knowing look. They had decided a while back that the traditional wedding march was too outdated for them, but Lydia refused to walk down the aisle to anything with lyrics so that's when they found the instrumental track of 100 years my Five for Fighting and knew it was perfect.

He watched every movement she made making her way up to him, promising to hold it all in his heart forever. Once she reached him her parents took either hand kissing it gently as they placed them in Stiles'. The smiled at each other, and he had to keep himself together. There was something about Lydia Martin that made him usually lose it.

"So Stiles and I decided not to long after he finally asked me, that traditional vows, though lovely weren't for us."

"We wanted to really show each other what the other meant to us," Stiles continued with a smile. "So we settled on our own written vows."

He watched as Allison tried to hand Lydia a small piece of paper, but she just shook her head turning back to Stiles.

"Anyone who knew me about ten years ago would tell you I was not a great person. I was selfish, stuck up, and very single minded. Very few saw something else. Actually I think only one person saw something else. Saw the me I kept underneath. The one who longed to be known for her smarts, but was too afraid to let go of the popularity. You were the one who got it, who saw what was behind all the walls I put up. And it took me far too long to see you back. But I don't regret it because you came exactly when I needed you. And I promise that for as long as I'm here I'll be next to you."

Stiles lifted his hand brushing her tears away. "I don't know how I got this lucky. Sometimes I close my eyes and I'm back at the beginning of junior year, and it freaks me out because I can't imagine my life without you there. I used to say that I've loved you since the third grade," he took her other hand in his. "But the truth is the moment I really fell in love with you was the first time you took my hand in yours. Because that's when I knew I'd move heaven and earth and anything else that ever kept me from taking your hand in mine again. You're my one, my only, forever. I'm never going to not be with you."

Out of the corner of his eye he could see all their friends and family trying to hold back tears, except Derek, who just rolled his eyes. But he didn't care the only thing that matter was him and Lydia starting their life together.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," the preacher said with a smile. "You may kiss your bride."

Lydia wrapped her arms around his neck as he pressed closer for a gentle kiss, but she pulled back slightly.

"That was cute," she growled in his ear. "Now kiss me like you mean it."

Which was all the convincing he needed to pull her in for a deep passionate kiss. He didn't care that his dad was watching, or Lydia's parents, or the pack. Hell he didn't even care that his great Aunt Elba was too. All that mattered was that Lydia Martin was now his wife, and he would do anything, and everything to keep her safe.