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Amber Nights

InuYasha sighed for what felt like the thousandth time that morning, so typical, so… Ugh. Ever since Naraku had been killed when InuYasha, Sesshomaru, and Kouga attacked in a sneak attack, with the others as back up, nothing interesting had happened to him. Sure, that wasn't true for the others, Kagome started dating Hojo, a human from her era, Kouga was called by the Royal White Wolf Lord, Seiji, and Miroku married Sango. The only semi-exiting thing that happened to him was that he finally got the slave collar off of his neck in a strange encounter with Kikyo, in which she went to her old village, removed the beads, and scolded Kaede for using them on him. The memory still brought a smirk to his lips.

InuYasha lounged in a tree in his forest, close enough to easily hear if one of his pack called him, but far enough away to be alone for now. Lately, he had been feeling suffocated by his pack. More than once, his demon whispered that he should just leave, after all hanyou were supposed to be alone, forsaken by humans, and detested by demons.

Sometimes, the half-demon simply had to run. Away from Kagome and her shouting at everything he did, away from the teasing of Miroku, and the noise of his pack. Now that Sango and Miroku had married, they lived in the village, Sango was no longer interested in hunting demons, and Miroku refused to be without his lovely wife. Kagome now left for weeks at a time, and Shippo simply followed Kaede around, helping her with chores around the hut.

Whenever they were all together, InuYasha felt like he was suffocating, but now that his pack had moved on, maybe it was time he did too. He snorted at that. As if he could leave. His pack, no matter how distant they now were, was still his responsibility.

His ears twitched, and he stilled. A boar demon and what smelled like a fox kit and wolf cub, in his territory. Using his stealth, he stayed down wind of the demon, and heard the demoness talking to the children. Her voice was high and cruel. Both children were young, they couldn't be over two weeks old, and InuYasha heard her talking about how all she needed to do now was wait until the children were older, lost to their inner demons from not being able to transform into their humanoid selves, then set them on their parents, successfully whipping out the Royal White Wolves, and the Royal White Foxes.

He rolled his eyes, another takeover attempt.


Slowly, he walked out of his hiding place, changing his posture from the confident warrior that he was to a meek hanyou, before going over to the female. She was a blonde boar, the lowest of the low, demon ranking wise, and she would probably be an easy kill. Her body was beautifully curved, and her hair shone like the sun.

"Who are you?" He asked, keeping a slight tremble in his voice. She gave him a wicked smirk.

"I am Kouya." She told him.

He took a few steps closer, and inwardly rolled his eyes as she let him. He looked at the cub and kit in the cage at her side, both were white. So, this bitch had gotten a hold of the youngest prince of the Northern wolves, and the princess of the Southern foxes.

Kouya blinked as she was pushed to the ground, the cage caught in the not-so-meek boys' claws. In one swift move, her head was rolling on the ground, red eyes looking up at him in curiosity.

"For Kidnapping, Attempted Murder, and Plotted Takeover of the Northern and Southern Royal White Tribes, I, Lord InuYasha, Second Son of Inu no Taisho, and heir to the western lands, hereby take your life in form of beheading. May the gods grant you mercy, because those of us with royal white blood will not. Your body will be left for the crows." He told the now dead demoness, resting his now bloody claws on the hilt of his sword.

He scrunched up his nose, beheading always led to a spray of blood, and boar blood now ran down his clothes, arms, and, to his eternal annoyance, his hair. Now that that had been taken care of, he lifted the cage to eye level, and winced, both cub and kit looked almost starved to death. The cub had short, white fur covering his body, but it looked extremely dirty, and his little eyes, still a beautiful icy blue color, flashed with red, signaling that he needed to change soon, or else loose the humanity that he had.

The kit was white too, as every Royal White was, but her markings were clear, even amongst the blood and dirt that clumped together the fur, lavender stripes ran along her body, with almost amethyst colored eyes that flashed red far less often than the cub. She must have been younger than him.

A small sigh escaped him once again, as he walked to a nearby stream, the cool water would help the two pups feel better after a while, and he could get the blood out of his hair, a plus as far as he was concerned, quickly stripping, he washed, before going to the wooden cage that he had placed in the sun light. He dropped to the ground.

"Alright you two, I'm gonna get you out of there, then feed and clean you pups up, alright? So no biting."

After hearing a yip of consent, he opened the cage, and waited for the pups to come to him. After they sniffed his hand, the walked out and waited for him to pick them up. He started first with the feeding, seeing the ribs on the two hurt him more than anything else, and leaned against a tree, before puncturing the skin on both sides of his neck, just enough to get a bit of blood to swell to the surface.

Lifting them both to his neck, he carefully maneuvered their muzzles to the bleeding parts of his neck.

As demons, especially this young, they needed both blood and milk, but since he wasn't going to give them milk until he changed them, which he would do after he cleaned them up. They fed for a while, the little kit finished first, but both drank enough that he wasn't really worried about them starving any longer. Carefully, he walked to the stream, sitting next to the shallow, cool water, and cleaned off both of their furs, the poor things just curled into his side when he was working the grime of the others fur. Once the two were clean, he laid them beside his body, curling around them, and focusing his life energy and a bit of his youkai on the two.

Transforming infant youkai into their humanoid forms usually couldn't be done by anyone but the parents; however, he knew he had to at least try to help the two. As a beta himself, not that anyone else knew, his instincts were screaming at him to take care of the pups.

It wasn't an easy process. It hurt him, making him feel like his soul was splitting from the effort. But, the hanyou was nothing if not stubborn, and twenty-seven blood curling minutes later, a small baby boy with ice blue eyes and a tuft of white hair on his head and a little girl with now sparkling lilac eyes and thin, purplish-white soft hair on her head were looking up at him, watching as his body curled around theirs, protecting them subconsciously, with a deep growl rumbling over them.

None would dare come close to a pissed beta protecting cubs. Ever.

The kit yipped quietly, and the pup gave a small growl, both moved slightly and got more comfortable in the warm sun.