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Chapter 3 A New Quest

His mind was still foggy, and his body ached. He felt like shit, but forced himself up, almost zombie like, going over to the cub and kit, picking them up, before shushing them back to sleep. Around that point, he realized that 1) he was still alive, 2) he was back with the two pups, and 3) he had been being watched. Nothing annoyed, or embarrassed him more than being watched. It made him feel like a freak of nature, something that had to be studied to be understood. That being said, it was understandable that when he turned to the grey wolves that had been watching him, he snapped. They looked disgusted, and like they would enjoy nothing more than to take him out while he was weak. Since he was still alive, he figured that they had been ordered to watch, but nothing more.

Well, he thought stretching his sore and tired muscles, it was time to go. He headed towards the door, subtly slipping one of his hands to his sword.

"You aren't allowed to leave yet, half breed." One of the three guards told him, looking half sick at the thought of having to talk to him.

InuYasha rolled his eyes, but turned towards the guards. "Do ya idiots really think ya can keep me here if I don't wanna be?" He asked, before turning his back to them, knowing that they wouldn't dare touch him, if only because he was a hanyou.

Walking down the stairs, he silently prayed that no one would try to stop him. Almost as if just to spite him, the guards shouted something, and not only did it wake up the pups, but no less than twenty people suddenly appeared in the hallway. He mentally groaned; he didn't have time for this! Damn idiots.

He tried to more irritated, but when Kouga came over and slung an arm around his shoulders, speaking cheerfully, yet annoyed to the hanyou, InuYasha knew what to do.

"Kouga, if you don't let me go in five seconds, I swear I will cut off your damn arm." Both of them knew it wasn't a threat, it was a promise. InuYasha ached, and felt like shit. He wasn't it the mood to play around, and it was close to sunset. There was no way that he would allow himself to be killed by a bunch of human-hating, pig-fucking, idiotic, full demon assholes. Or at least, not when he could live to fight another day.

Kouga, as expected, jumped away from him.

One of the full demons, a white wolf, snorted. "Scared of a half demon? The brown wolves really have gotten more pathetic."

Kouga looked like he wanted to say something, but he was a guard, and as much as he wanted to defend his friend, in doing so would cause people to think that he was more loyal to the dogs than the wolves or peace. InuYasha however, had nothing holding him back.

"Hell ya he is. He knows damn well I don't bluff. And from one bastard to another, I seriously would think about insulting me twice. Once is expected, twice means your dead. And unlike the rest of you geezers, I have no ties, and no problems taking bastards down a couple of pegs."

Kouga, Ginta, and Hakkaku all groaned to themselves, Kouga even smacked himself in the forehead. Sesshomaru smirked and lifted an eyebrow in the direction of the oldest people in the room in, what InuYasha called an I-told-you-so motion.

One of the Foxes lifted his hand, in a settle down motion, before speaking. "Hanyou, you are brash, uneducated, quick-tempered, ill-mannered, and act like a wild animal. However, as part of the council, I will admit that it is partly our faults, as well as your brother's. We are willing to take you back as a Royal White, as a reward for rescuing a prince and princess. Because of your beta blood, we will even allow you to be a breeding bitch." The one who spoke was an elder, which was obvious due to his grey-blue eyes that showed both disgust and wisdom.

InuYasha looked at the man with an odd expression on his face, before his eyes flashed a deadly crimson. He gripped his sword tightly, and bit down roughly on his tongue. Kouga took a step closer to his friend, but froze when that deadly expression turned on him. Or at least it was.

The words echoed in his head, and even without his demon or human halves, they pissed him off. Or at least they did, until he realized what was going on. They were trying to get him back, not because he was a warrior, or because he was well known for his skills. No, they wanted him because he was a stain, something to be hidden away, instead of out in the world gaining recognition. Then, he started laughing, much like Kouga had done just a few short hours ago. He couldn't help it. People came to him for help all the time, even if they hated him for his blood, no one could say he wasn't strong. He could cut down full demons, even without his sword. Now, this guy was saying he would lock InuYasha away, hidden from the world, and saying it was a favor.

It took him more than a few moments to get himself back under control, but when he did his eyes were filled with deadly amusement. He flicked the old guy off, and headed towards the door. These idiots had taken more than their fair share of his time. One of the guards lunged towards him, and InuYasha dodged with ease that most people didn't get to see. Kouga ran over to him, putting a calming hand on his shoulder, and the red receded slightly.

"InuYasha, please…"

InuYasha shrugged the hand off.

"There's no fucking way I'm staying. I don't wanna hurt you, but I'm getting out of this place, with or without your blood on my hands." He warned the other. Kouga looked pained, but gave a signal. InuYasha bowed his head slightly, acknowledging his friends choice, and flexed his claws. He was gonna get out of here, or at the least die trying.

"It's not that bad, InuYasha. Really. They're offering a way to rest, a way to be known for more that your blood." Ginta tried to persuade. Kouga shook his head.

"There's no way to rationalize with him right now." Hakkaku told him, but when InuYasha turned to him, he apologized to his best friend, but he just wasn't able to hurt someone that he had bandaged, someone who he had witnessed at his weakest. He backed away from the fight, catching a glimpse of gratefulness in the almost mad hanyou.

The three wolves froze, however, when InuYasha fell to his knees gripping his head, letting out a blood curling scream. Kouga rushed to his friend, but was blocked by a barrier from the sword.

In his head, his demon side roared in pain, hatred, and self-loathing. His human side was curled up in pain. No moonless night had ever felt like this. His hanyou side was being attacked by his demon part.

We are useless! Not worthy! Must die! So much shame…

InuYasha blocked as well as he could, taking damage on both his mind, and his body.

They don't matter! InuYasha tried to shout back, we've never cared before!

Pack doesn't care anymore! They know how ugly we are. Must die.

InuYasha cursed himself. His demon side was in a rage, and his human side was useless. What do you mean the pack doesn't care?

Old woman dead. Wolf betray. Monk and slayer wish us dead. Reincarnation doesn't care. Kit is ashamed. We are useless.


He knew now why he was in so much pain, a pack member died, and there was nothing he could do about it. Kikyo would kill him. He swore that he would always protect her little sister. Granted, at the time, Kaede was only seven, and he was on a tree for fifty years of her life, but Kaede always had a connection to him. She was the only one he trusted to help him. Kouga used to be on that list, but when he tried to fight the half demon, InuYasha's demon started to distance him. A single tear escaped his eyes. But, now that his human side was calmer, and his demon side went from rage to fuming, he could get himself under control.

What he didn't know, however, was that while he was fighting in his mind, his body was changing. The sun had set.

His amethyst eyes opened and his head pounded. Damn. His demon had done more damage than he thought apparently. At least two of his ribs were broken, and more were at least bruised. His arm was popped out of socket, and he knew he would have to put it back. His body was more battered than it was when he woke up. Why wasn't he healing?

His eyes sought out Kouga, who, even if he was pissed with him, was still part of his pack.

"Kaede's dead." He told the wolves. None of them moved, and Kouga's blue eyes were frozen. It took a few moments, before he started stuttering. He seemed stuck on something, and whatever it was had kept him from absorbing the news.

Now, for the fun part. He put one of his hands on his bad shoulder, and popped it back into place, encoring the sharp pain that quickly became a dull throbbing.

"But-but the new-new moon…what?"

InuYasha's eyes widened slightly. One hand slipped into his view and he cursed. Human. Surrounded by full demons. Full demons who hated him. Well shit. To his surprise, his demon and human sides were in agreement. Death was coming. And worse: they were alright with it. He tried to come up with some reason to keep himself alive, some reason to fight, but he couldn't come up with a single thing.

"Well shit." He muttered to himself, before letting out a soft sigh, which was probably a lot louder to the demons around him. Well, at least he didn't have to fight anymore. His body slumped against the sword, his eyes fluttered as he tried to at least stay awake. Would it hurt? He glanced at Kouga who nodded to him. He nodded back. This wasn't how he had expected to die, but then again, people say that your death is like your life. So he was dying like he had been born. Alone, friendless, and ready to take on a new world. Maybe he would see his mother again.

A voice interrupted his mental musing. One that he hated more than anything when he was a kid and one that now he really didn't give a damn about. His brother.

"Giving in, Hanyou?" he asked, loathing was clear in his. To his clear surprise, InuYasha nodded.

"I'm not that stupid. I know when I'm beat." He said with a shrug.

That was until a mother wolf and fox came into the room, carrying the little prince and princess. Ayumu was sobbing her heart out, and Atsushi wasn't far behind. He wanted to calm them, go to them, but he was a human, and unlike on a normal human night, he was pretty much defenseless.


Once again, his thoughts were interrupted when the wolf almost forced the boy in his arms. Atsushi stopped crying, cuddling into the warmth as InuYasha shifted slightly to make the boy more comfortable. One of his now clawless hands ran over the little boys' hair, calming both of them. Ayumu was still reaching for him, but unless the kit was given to him, he wouldn't touch her.

"She likes stories, and humming." He informed the fox who looked like she was about to burst into tears.

"I've done this before, you filthy half-breed!" She shouted, her white hair was rising slightly. InuYasha just shrugged.

"Ame, just give Sakura to the half breed." said another fox who was clearly her mate.

InuYasha on the other hand sorted through his mind, trying to think of an appropriate story to calm the little girl. However, while it was amusing to him, most would find it insulting, but if it made her shut up, he could deal with the consequences. His eyes were focused on icy blue ones, and he started his story, and one of his most amusing memories, when he met Kagome.

Of course, he started with talking about Kikyo and her wish to make him fully human, though he expressed his annoyance with the thought, and as soon as he had taken the jewel, with his heart hurting like hell, Kikyo stuck him to that damn tree. When Kagome appeared in front of his face, with the same scent, and the same warmed eyes, he admittedly freaked out. After all, what was the point of pinning him to a tree then letting him go? In the span of three seconds, his whole life had changed. Hell, he knew that for demons fifty years passed really quickly, but three seconds was just crazy.

Granted, he was pissed when he saw Kagome, and hell yeah he wanted to destroy a couple buildings, maybe slaughter a few irritating humans. But when Kaede put that damn necklace on him, his rage doubled. Then, he was literally forced to cool off. At the time, it had just put him in a more calculative mindset, but now, it was pretty funny. By the time he finished his story, Atsushi had been giggling, and Ayumu had calmed down, fighting sleep. He passed the cub to his mother, and tried to keep his mind off of his pain.

At the surprised looks he received, he just shrugged his good shoulder, "You didn't think I could tell a story?"

"You can talk about Kagome?" Ginta asked his eyes wide.

He blinked once. Obviously, either he was missing something, or the rest of them were. Oh.

"She was never a potential mate. I figured I would end up a beta when she put the collar on." It wasn't that big of a deal to him, although to his utter horror, he was enjoying the conversation with the wolves.


InuYasha snorted. "Kagome is a manipulative, sadistic, psychotic woman. There was no way I would mate that."

Which was true. Even if he had become an alpha, he would have rather stayed alone for eternity than mate her.

"Then who would you mate?" One of the wolves asked slyly.

His expression changed slightly. "Never thought about it, really. It's a moot point now." A warning went off in his brain. He was getting too comfortable around those he considered pack. His eyes hardened slightly as his demon and human sides were both screaming at him to get the hell out of there. Not even an hour ago, they had been ready to die, but now, he had an idea, something to combine his warriors mind and royal's blood.

That said, he turned for the one more towards the door.

The mother of the fox kit was sneering at him yet again, and he was getting pissed at her better-than-thou attitude.

The guards once again tried to block his way, and he looked exasperatedly over his shoulder.

"Are we really doing this again?" InuYasha asked.

"You're not allowed to leave." The elder spoke up from the corner of the room, crossing his arms in what InuYasha thought was a stupid way. He considered mimicking the elders' posture and expression, but that was a little childish, even for him.

InuYasha took a calming breath, and forced himself to stay still. His demon side wanted to taste the old man's blood, feel his flesh ripping through his claws. His human side wanted to punch the bastard in the face, but seeing as his body was that of a human, he couldn't do much more than sit here and look pretty.

"Dude, your nothing more than skin and bones," Kouga told him, "you've gotta start taking better care of yourself."

InuYasha paused for a moment, unsure if he should say what he wanted to say, simply because it could easily be used as blackmail. After a mental 'what the hell', he decided to just go with it. It wasn't that big of a deal to him. "I'm always gonna be light." He told him with a shrug of his good shoulder, before finally exiting the manor. His breathing became easier as soon as he took that first step.

Now though, he had no idea where the hell he was going. The village that his pack lived in was now out, thanks to the fact that the one person who actually cared for him was dead. He really didn't want to roam the country again. He wanted a home. Some place that he would be safe. When he heard a small cry of a child, he figured that it was as good of a place to start as any. He roamed the village for a few moments, before following his ears. Even if he was human right now, his senses were still better than that of a normal human.

A little boy who couldn't be older than five was crying over the body of the tiger demon that had been guarding the village. He had dark hair, like InuYasha currently did, and bright green eyes that were filled with tears. The thing that really caught his attention, however, was the tiger ears on his head. A half-tiger demon. His heart broke and he walked slowly to the cub.

"Hi there." InuYasha said, keeping his voice both calm and quiet so he didn't scare that poor little one. "Was that your dad?"

The little one seemed terrified, and InuYasha knew why. Humans were not really a threat to a grown half demon, but as children, they were easy targets.

"I'm a half-demon too." He told the boy, "My name's InuYasha."

The boy just looked at him. His body pulsed once. Twice. Three times. He inhaled deeply through his nose, scenting the world around him. His ears twitched, catching every noise, before discarding it as not important. He blinked and the transformation was complete, his dark hair became white and his eyes turned golden.

"Ryou." The boy told him. InuYasha smiled slightly, feeling his fangs against his lips. He may have been scary to a human child, but this was a hanyou. InuYasha held out his hand, and Ryou took it without a thought. Now, though, InuYasha knew where he was going. He needed to find an old friend. But first, he picked up the boy, and with only a glance towards the manor, he ran towards his haven, letting a few drops of his blood fall to activate the wards around the lake. The child had fallen asleep, so InuYasha laid him on the soft grass, falling asleep himself moments later to the gentle lullaby of the soft early autumn breeze.