Chapter 5 Until Death Says Goodbye

Two months later, everyone had an assigned job, as well as hours to rest. Yukia worked with his garden, slowly getting crops and other medicines. The oldest of the half demons, a woman that they called Mayu, set about teaching the children, all fifteen, excluding the babe who stayed with InuYasha, how to read, write, and the basics of survival. InuYasha and the men took turns hunting and building homes. So far they had twenty-seven homes built, as well as a building to teach, and a large building where InuYasha lived. No one called him InuYasha anymore, even though he decided to keep his name, unlike most of the other adults. They alternated between Alpha and my lord.

Now, he was sitting in his office, staring out at the village that was thriving under his control. A knock on his door made him glance up. No one entered his personal rooms without his permission, not even those he considered his closest friends or his pups. He called for them to enter, gracefully moving to his desk. Kouga, Ginta, Hakkaku, and the other guards came in. They were the only ones who called him by his real name, even if it was said with disgust and deeply hidden awe in the case of the full demons he didn't know. Kouga, Ginta, and Hakkaku all changed to InuYasha-sama. At first, it was just to tease the obviously annoyed half demon, now it was out of respect.

Now, they entered the office of the Alpha of the Fuben Na Hanyou, or the Inconvenient Hanyou, as it had been dubbed by the people. InuYasha didn't have any better ideas, so he just left it.

Kouga bowed, followed by the others.

"Permission to speak?"

InuYasha gave a small sigh, but nodded anyway.

"You have a guest that we believe may be a danger to not only you, but the village of Fuben Na Hanyou. They are waiting outside of the forest." Tsune, one of the fox demons sent to guard him, said with a serious expression.

"They asked for me?"

The others hesitated.

"They asked for the leader of the village. They said something about an arrow." Renji told him.

"Ya, and she looks like Kagome, but she obviously isn't. Her scent is different." Hakkaku finished.

Kikyo… He shook his head roughly, before bolting out of the room and towards the forest where he sensed an old, familiar aurora. He froze in front of her, and she did the same. Their eyes locked, and neither was able to move for a few minutes. By that time, his guards had hidden themselves in the denseness of the forest, keeping their charge in view. InuYasha took a hesitant step forward, before stopping. Kikyo must have seen some sort of signal because she ran to him and threw herself into his embrace. He wrapped his arms around the beautiful young priestess, holding her close, and buried his head in her soft neck. She stroked his soft white hair and hummed softly when she felt his tears upon her skin.

They held each other for a few minutes, before InuYasha started whispering apologies. She shushed him, and backed up a step. He tried to say something, but she held one delicate finger to his lips.

"It wasn't your fault." She told him, her voice was both gentle and stern. InuYasha gave her a small smile. She held his human heart, as he held hers. "Death is a natural part of life, InuYasha."

"Except for yours." He couldn't help but mutter. She gave him a small smile.

"Indeed. I found someone who is able to let my sprit die without harming my body. A way to return to the ashes and the afterlife. I am going to take it." His eyes widened, before he pulled her body to his tightly. She couldn't leave him again. Not yet.

Kikyo let out a small laugh and reached up to pet behind his ears. She was one of the only people he didn't mind touching his ears.

"I had been waiting for Kaede to pass and for you to find some place that you belong. Now, my imoto is waiting for me, and my love has a new chance at life." She told him, before pulling him into a kiss, letting him take comfort in her once more. She pulled away after a minute or so and gave him a smile that made him melt, before reaching behind her neck, untying something. She carefully lifted it from its place over her heart.

It was a necklace, a simple black cord with a stone of amber at the bottom. He had given it to her for her sixteenth birthday almost fifty six years ago. During her life, she had never taken it off, and even after her first death, Kaede had hidden it away, unable to allow her sisters favorite possession to be burned, even if it was beside her.

She took one of his hands and gently laid the item in his palm, before giving him one last kiss. This one was filled with the love that they should have never felt, sadness, and an acceptance from the half demon. One of his hands wrapped around her waist, and the other, after depositing the necklace in his pocket, held her face gently as their tongues moved together in one final dance. Her arms locked around the back of his neck, holding him close, before she stroked his hair one final time and pulled away.

Kikyo gave him one last smile, before walking away.

"I love you Kikyo. I won't ever forget you." He told her as she walked away, unable to stop her from leaving, no matter the pain he felt from allowing her to leave.

"You always will own my heart, InuYasha, but I gave yours back. You will fall in love again." She told him without looking back, as tears were running down her face, "I will wait for you, my love."

And with that, she disappeared into the dense forest; her scent disappeared with her, so that he couldn't track her, even if he wanted to. His hand went to his pocket and pulled out the necklace once again. He inhaled her scent deeply once more, before locking away the feelings of pain and heading back to his office once more.

Meanwhile, the guards were frozen in shock. As a beta male, he should have been unable to feel emotion of any depth for a female, but from what they had just seen, he had defied all logic and fallen deeply in love with the young priestess. Yes, now both of them knew that they could not be together, but that didn't stop them from wishing.

Kouga felt horrible for his one-time rival. It was so cruel. His true love had died, and then been resurrected, forever young, like himself, then InuYasha had transformed into a beta, and had been unable to be with the woman he loved. Now, she was leaving him again, this time with the promise of waiting for him in the afterlife. Frankly, he was surprised that the other male hadn't stuck the Tetsuaiga through his chest in that very moment. Kouga probably would have. But the young hanyou had decided to live, to try and save as many lives as he could.

"Someone should go check on InuYasha-sama." Ginta suggested quietly. Apparently, the other wolf was worried about the same thing he was. Hakkaku shook his head.

"I can't even imagine what he's going through right now, but InuYasha-sama needs to be alone. Would you want anyone around after something like that? I know I wouldn't."

"Your right, but it's just cruel that she told him like that." Ginta muttered. Renji and Mari nodded while the fox worriers just exchanged looks.

"It's just so weird that he's a beta. He doesn't act like one at all." Tsune added.

Kouga, Ginta, and Hakkaku all snickered.

"He would have killed you for thinking he was a beta a year ago. Like, ripped out your heart and pissed on it while you suffocated to death."

Tsune got a small smirk on his face. "You think he's protesting too much?"

Renji let out a loud sigh and looked at the place where InuYasha and the maiden priestess had been standing a few minutes before. "Should someone tell the lords and ladies?" He asked quietly. That sobered the others up. So far, the hanyou had done nothing worth telling the lords and ladies, or at least romantically, but now…

"Well shit." Kouga muttered. This did count as something they wanted to know, didn't it? None of them wanted to be the ones to betray the hanyou's trust over something so serious. Kouga let out a small sigh. "Mari, Renji, you too better get running if you want to make it back by the time the newest additions get here."

Tsune sent two of his own foxes to the lords of the South.

That being done, Kouga tracked the hanyou to a hot spring hidden deep in the forest. The hanyou had one arm thrown over his eyes and his face was twisted in anguish. The wolf sighed. He hated seeing the usually strong hanyou like this. When he started muttering the words Kikyo, I'm sorry, and don't leave me Kouga realized he was asleep. He glanced at Ginta and Hakkaku, both of whom looked horrified. InuYasha may have been their friend, but he wasn't one to show weakness, especially not being seen with tears running down his face, even in sleep.

Kouga, Ginta, and Hakkaku all looked at each other. None of them wanted to be the one to go and speak to the half demon. Finally though, Hakkaku muttered "cowards" under his breath, and went over to his friend, giving the other two wolves a look that basically said "scram".

Hakkaku slowly walked over to his friend, making as much noise as he could so that the hanyou would hear him. InuYasha jumped at the noise, and hurried to wash his face before the other came into view. By the time Hakkaku reached the hot springs, InuYasha was leaning against the warm stones. He needed to relax anyways. When he saw the look on his friends face, he dropped his masks and threw his arm over his face, feeling color rise in his cheeks. It honestly wasn't fair that he hardly ever got a moment of alone time any more.


InuYasha cut him off with a look. His golden eyes were hard and more than a little pissed. Hakkaku nodded, respecting his friends' wishes. That didn't, however, stop the questions in his eyes.

The hanyou let out a sigh and turned away once more. Hakkaku was about to say something, anything, when InuYasha's quiet voice cut into his thoughts.

"No, I'm not okay, and I probably won't be for a while. But, I will be. This is just another shitty thing that the universe is throwing my way. Stupid fuckers. If you're worried about me killing myself, I will beat the shit out of you, and the rest of you fucking idiots."

Hakkaku snorted, and he could feel the others laughing from a distance.

"You know you're not supposed to be able to fall in love with a female, right?"

InuYasha let out a bark of laughter. "Since when have I ever listened to the rules?"

Hakkaku smiled, and InuYasha hid one himself.

They sat in silence for a few more minutes, before InuYasha let out another small sigh, getting out of the water. Droplets clung to his skin, and Hakkaku couldn't help but stare at the beauty that the hanyou possessed. Before he knew what he was doing, Hakkaku was getting closer and closer to his prey. InuYasha turned around at the last moment, and growled low in his throat. Hakkaku's demon didn't like that, and his eyes flashed red.

Kouga and Ginta were about to intervene, when they felt something powerful washing over them. Both of their eyes widened and they couldn't look away. InuYasha had allowed his youkai to pulse around him, letting the other demons feel the power he had so easily hidden from them. Both fox and wolf were frozen. They knew he was strong, but they certainly hadn't expected the power that may surpass even his brother.

"Its time you realized," InuYasha said quietly, his voice was soaked with power, "that all those play fights over the years were simply that." Hakkaku didn't seem to hear him, and it look less than a minute for InuYasha to take down his opponent. Neither was hurt, though not due to Hakkaku who seemed out for blood. InuYasha had both of the wolf demons hands behind his back, making him stand at an uncomfortable angle in order to keep his arms from breaking. With his other hand, InuYasha had his claws digging into the others neck, not quite enough to draw blood, but enough to hurt badly. Hakkaku whimpered, and tried to nuzzle the neck of the stronger demon. InuYasha allowed the other to lick his chin, but that was all before his eyes changed back to their normal brown.

A deep blush covered the tan wolf, and InuYasha laughed quietly.

"You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've had to do that in the past month alone." He chuckled softly, pulling on his clothes. The sound of a powerful roar in the distance made him freeze. He closed his eyes for a second, before changing his expression to that of a leader, instead of the powerful warrior that he normally was.

He didn't say a word, but the guards followed him without question. He walked over to the village, letting out a small smile when Ryou and Shiori ran up to him. He picked up both children and walked over to the caravan where his brother and a few other demons were waiting.

"Twenty seven more, little brother."

InuYasha nodded, and snapped his fingers. Moments later, most of the demons were helping the newest members out of the caravan and into the caves. Shiori jumped down, and followed them to the caves, which were basically her territory, as she was the only nocturnal hanyou here. Ryou squirmed in his arms, and InuYasha slowly lowered the boy to the ground. Maya came over, holding baby Takaru in her arms, He waved her over, whispering something in her ear, before she departed.

"You seem to be doing well." Sesshomaru told him. InuYasha nodded. He was doing pretty well so far. One of the demons cleared their throat, and Sesshomaru couldn't fully suppress his annoyance.

InuYasha for his part was barely paying his brother any attention. Yukia was coming his way with a basket full of herbs.

"Alpha." Yukia greeted quietly. InuYasha gave the other a small smile.

"Any of them in really bad shape?" He asked his friend.

Yukia nibbled on his lower lip, before nodding. His blue hair was thrown up in a hasty pony tail today, and he smelled of blood.

"Four of them are close to death, seven have what could be deadly injuries, and all of them are extremely malnourished." InuYasha gave a small sigh, before nodding. Yukia gave him a small bow, before hurrying over to where the injured are.

"Who was he?" One of the wolves asked with a sneer.

"One of my betas." InuYasha said with a shrug. Yukia and Tachi, a hawk hanyou, were his two betas. They were both powerful, but while Yukia preferred to figure things out without violence, Tachi was the one who had no problems fighting, Where Yukia was calm, but friendly, Tachi was mistrustful, with an extreme temper. Both of them would die for any of the people here, and he trusted both with his life.

The wolf just glared at the retreating figure of his friend. The guards just watched from the shadows, not willing to harm anyone if they didn't have to.

"Little brother, I would like to introduce you to Sadaharu, the second son of the wolf lord, and Kisuke the fourth son of the lady of the south."

InuYasha nodded politely to the others.

Suddenly, one of the hanyou's ran over to their leader.

"My lord, one of the newest arrivals is in labor, Yukia-sama needs your help!"

"Where's Maya and Tachi?" He asked.

"Maya-san is with Sakuno, she went into labor too. Tachi-sama is out with the hunters, gathering food for the new arrivals."

"Go get Asagi and tell her to meet me by Yukia." He ordered, before turning to the guards in the shadows. "Kouga, got get some warm water, Ginta, go with Hakkaku and get some cloths and maybe a couple of furs. Tsune, Horio, you two go get some of the baby things that we gathered for Sakuno. Kaichiro, you're with me. Move it!" the wolves and foxes were out of sight before he could finish his sentence. "You'll have to forgive me, but I have something to do. Excuse us. It was nice to meet you both."

That done, InuYasha ran over to the village square, encoring the fact that the demons had followed him. If they wanted to see a half demoness give birth, then that was their problem. Yukia had already moved the soon to be mother to his hut, and he followed shortly after. He could have followed the scent of blood, or even the sharp screams, but he already knew the way. He was only partially surprised when he saw Asagi already sitting by the woman's head, petting her hair and offering words of encouragement. Asagi looked up when he came in and shook her head. The babe may survive, but the mother was already injured.

He went over to the small table and picked up a few of the herbs there, mashing them under a heavy stone and adding a little bit of water to make a paste. The child was almost out by the time that InuYasha completed his task. He carefully scooped some of the goo in his hands and gently rubbed it on her extended belly. To his utter shock, her felt at least two more pups in her body. His eyes widened slightly, but he continued to rub her stomach, soothing both her and her chicks. She was an eagle hanyou if his nose was right. Unlike their animal counterparts, almost all demons and hanyous gave birth to live children, not eggs. The first child was born just as the wolf demons rushed into the room. InuYasha took the child and handed her to Asagi, gently reminding her to keep an eye on the little girls head.

InuYasha kept up his motions for a few more seconds, before Yukia went to examine the child, leaving InuYasha to help the other hanyou. She was in labor for hours, and four more chicks later, after making sure that her chicks would be alright, and getting a promise from InuYasha to treat them like his own, the mother died. InuYasha was the one who covered her body, and he was the one who carried her to the place he had decided long ago was going to be the burial ground. He picked up the chicks, which were sleeping in a basket, before heading back to his home.

Ryou ran over to him, and with a little bit of convincing, left to spend the night with Maya. Shiori would be in her caves tonight, he knew, and the other children would most likely stay with Yukia.

InuYasha was exhausted; way too much had happened in one single day. His eyes burned when he thought about Kikyou, so he did his best not to, even if he was well aware that she would most likely haunt him in his dreams. Tomorrow, he would deal with his brother and the strangers. Tomorrow, he would deal with the grief of loosing a member of his pack, and celebrate the new members. Tomorrow, he would deal with his upcoming mate-ship. Tomorrow, he would name the newest members and keep his promise to the young hanyou woman. Yes, he would get everything done that he needed to, but for tonight, be would rest.

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