Alfred groaned as he ran after his brother, but he was lying when he told Ivan he healed quickly. that was true a couple hundred years ago, but now with his economy dropping he healed slowly, and painfully. Ivan caught up to him and put his arm around Alfred's shoulder, "don't worry. what is the worst he can do? little matvy is so innocent and shy I would be surprised if he didn't faint while watching us" this made Alfred glare at the other, "dude, he is so not that way. I know him, France raised him. if anything he had a ball watching us." he explained. Ivan tilted his head, "why would he have a ball? was he playing catch? I thought he only played hockey" Alfred just laughed, "its a term dude, it means he was having fun" Ivan's face became red, "with my sister?" he growled. Alfred jumped, "no no no not fun like that!" he quickly tried to calm him down.

it was the meeting before family night, where Alfred, Mathew, Francis, and Arthur got together and watched movies. Mathew walked up to France during lunch break, "papa, I have a good video for us to watch tonight" he stated innocently. France just looked at him happily, "ah, good. I was fearing whatever Alfred picked out. he has a thing for ghost movies and we have to hear him scream through the whole thing" he sighed. Mathew grinned, "oh hell be screaming." he assured, getting a suspicious look from the older man.

the rest of the meeting went fine, Alfred was going on about robots and invisibility cloaks, now used to Ivan staring at him. France started to notice and pointed it out to England. when it was the brits turn to speak he stood up and in a very loud voice, "none of us are becoming one! don't even think about touching America!" he yelled at Ivan, making Alfred blush deeply. Ivan just laughed, "don't worry, me and amerika have already discussed that" England sat down, still glaring at the man. Germany yelled and calmed them all down until, "ve~ why is Russia looking at America like you do me Germany?" he asked innocently. Germany blushed deeply and sat down while everyone looked at him suspiciously. Italy was close enough to see the blush and put his hand to Germanys forehead, "you are warm, are you getting sick? should I make pasta? I'm going to make pasta!" he yelled and ran out of the meeting. Germany sighed, "well, it is that time anyways. lets call this meeting to an end." he got up and went after Italy.

everyone shuffled out of the room and Francis put his arm around England, "ready for family night Angleterre?"England blushed ad pushed him off, "get off you bloody git! yes I'm ready as long as you keep your filthy hands to yourself!" he warned but knew the other wouldn't. "but I thought you loved when I-" America slapped him on the back of the head, "we do not need to know what you guys do in private!" France just chuckled as England blushed, "we do not do anything in private!" he defended. Mathew stayed quiet and smirked the whole time. they all took England's car, and after a couple near heart attacks when he started driving on the wrong side of the road, they got to Americas home. Mathew was first to jump out of the car, "I call dibs on first movie!" he yelled and ran in the house.

everyone followed and sat on the couch. once Mathew put the tape in and sat down, he turned the volume up all the way. Alfred's face paled as he heard his moans erupt from the speakers. England's face turned beet red and France started laughing, "Alfred, is that Russia?" he asked, pointing to the screen. Alfred was turning red as he glared at his brother who looked at him innocently. "what?" he asked with a mouthful of maple popcorn. "I'M GOING TO KILL THAT BLOODY RUSSIAN!" England yelled as France tried to calm him down. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" America yelled as he chased Mathew through the house. both Mathew and France couldn't stop laughing.

Alfred stopped dead in his tracks when he heard another one of his moans, followed by Ivan's. he blushed even deeper, "ohonhon little America you finish fast~" France laughed as Alfred hid his face in his hands, "it was my first time ok?!" he tried to defend himself. "oh there is nothing wrong with that, I just didn't know you were such a cute and willing bottom" he laughed again. "you must get it from Angleterre" this made England blush and start hitting him, "I could top you! if you'd let me! I was once a great kingdom! the best of the pirates! you shouldn't treat me like you do!" he ranted. France was about to retort when he noticed on the screen Ivan's large size. "my, you took all of that? very good for your first, non?" Alfred groaned and slid his back on the wall. tonight was going to be a very long night.

another short chapter but I hope the fact that it came quickly makes up for that fact. im doing this while waiting for class to start so forgive my rushed writing. hope you all like it ^^