Hey everyone~ Thought I'd try something new, and was inspired by the magnificent writer Nidoran Duran! I really hope you like this. Please enjoy! :)

Are you a boy or a girl?

This is the question that starts a Pokemon journey. Some people have a strong preference towards one over the other. Some don't really care either way. I, on the other hand, can't get enough of either one.

My name is Gem, and I am most decidedly female. I am sixteen years old and have sapphire eyes and bright orange hair that comes down nearly to my C-cup breasts, and a body one can only achieve with a good diet and a lot of physical activity. While exercise isn't my favorite, especially when I'm trapped in a gym, running on a treadmill like a freaking hamster, I do have alternate methods of exercise that leave both me and my workout buddies quite satisfied with the results.

Right now, I'm thankful for all of the cardio I've been doing as I dash around my room, frantically dressing myself in a white miniskirt and a blue tank top that matches my eyes. I throw on some cute white sandals and toss my fiery hair up into a messy ponytail before grabbing my backpack.

Shit, why didn't I bother packing last night? Thinking back, I remember straddling my dark-haired neighbor under the covers, bouncing up and down on him in the dark. The way he rubbed my clit, making me cum all over him as I struggled to keep my moans of pleasure to a minimum to avoid waking his little sister in the next room over. The way he filled me with shot after shot of hot cum as I gyrated on his twitching cock. The new found wetness in my panties reminds me exactly why I'm unprepared this morning.

I race around the room, searching for my necessities. I throw in a change of clothes or two, some extra panties, a couple month's worth of birth control pills, and a handful of pokeballs and potions I'd picked up earlier. At least I have some amount of foresight, right?

I pull open one of my dresser drawers and push aside the clothes that are covering up what I'm really after. A beautiful collection of sex toys stares back at me. I have to say, I'm really proud of my stash. While I may never be able to "catch 'em all," it's a sizable mix, and there's quite a variety. However, for an occasion like this, I have to choose between my babies. I lovingly run my fingers over them; my double-ended dildo, my anal beads, my silver vibrating bullet, the vibrator that broke my hymen a few years ago, my anal plug, dildos of various shapes and sizes...

Deciding that I only have room for a few, I toss in the double-ended dildo and my favorite vibrator, one with a piece that extended to buzz against my clit. They'll have to do for now. I zip up my bag and head out the door into the fresh air.

Outside, I meet last night's conquest my neighbor, childhood friend, and fuck buddy Hugh. His dark hair is an absolute mess that I wish I could take credit for, but in reality it's always like that. His little sister accompanies him, looking up at us since we both tower over her. I used to blush whenever I met my hookups the next day, what with Aspertia City not exactly being a huge town, but I've been with Hugh so many times that it's hard to get embarrassed anymore.

He greets me with a knowing smile that I'm more than familiar with. "Hey Gem," he says cheerily, "you get a Pokemon yet? There's no other trainers around here, and I've been kind of bored since last night. He winks at me, that tease.

I shake my head. "Not yet! I'm just heading out to find Bianca right now, actually."

Bianca is Professor Juniper's lab assistant. We've never met before, but I've heard some really good things about her.

Hugh's smile brightens. "Same here! Let's go find her together, then." He turns to his little sister, kneeling down to give her a big hug. "You head on home, okay? Gem and I have some grown-up things to do. I'll be back to visit really soon, I promise."

She happily returns the embrace and gives him a peck on the cheek before scampering off to her house. Her brother turns back to me. "Shall we?"

I nod, and we head off together. We do a very good job of keeping our relationship strictly friends-with-benefits. We don't hold hands or make out or any of that gooey stuff inside or outside the bedroom. Plus, I really like hanging out with him, just as friends. He's a cool guy, if not a bit overbearing and lost in his own world sometimes. "Where do you think she would be?" I ask, thinking aloud.

"If I had to guess, I'd say on the outlook. It is kind of our landmark, after all," he observes.

We head up the stone stairs and see a young blonde girl about our age leaning against the rail. The wind blows through her hair and makes her clothes flutter as she gazes out, taking in the beautiful view. As she hears us coming, she turns around, making an adorable surprised sound. "Ah! Hi there. My name is Bianca." A pair of pink glasses sit low on her face, contrasting with her green hat the same way my deep blue eyes contrast my flaming orange hair. It's hard not to notice her enormous breasts, even though they're modestly covered with a black tank top. I can't decide if I'm more jealous or turned on. "And you must be Gem, right?"

I can't help but smile as I nod affirmatively. She's so cute! I'd never seen anyone fit the definition of moe so perfectly before. "Yep, that's me."

Her gaze slides up and down my body, and suddenly I'm happy I wore my shortest skirt today. "Wooow! You look ex-ac-tly like what I heard!" Sounds like she likes what she sees.

Hugh comes up behind me, eager to join in. She smiles at him, probably assuming that he's the other trainer she's been told about.

She fixes her hat before continuing. "So, I have a favor to ask of the two of you."

Feeling a bit bold, I decide to try my luck. "Actually Bianca, I have a little something to ask of you, too." I take a step closer, closing some of the distance between us. "You see, it's been a little while since I've been with a girl. Almost three days, actually." I remember my brunette fuck-buddy who lives nearby. She said we could have one last fling before I left on my journey, but she'd just started her period. Bummer.

An evident blush starts to spread across her face. "Is that so? What are you asking?"

I can't help but smirk a little. She's too cute. "Not too much. Just a little hookup to hold me over, I suppose. And maybe this guy could join in too, if you want." I point my thumb behind me at Hugh. This wouldn't be my first three-way, but it might just be his.

Her blush intensifies, but she seems intrigued. "Okay. But only if you both agree to help complete the Pokedex," she proposes.


With that, I close the rest of the distance between us and gently touch my hand to her cheek. My lips touch hers, and it quickly becomes apparent that she's even more eager than I am as she slides her tongue into my mouth. As we kiss, my hands come to her shoulders, helping her shrug off her jacket as she starts groping my chest. Our tongues intertwine as she reaches into my shirt, toying with my hardened nipples as I work at removing her black tank top. We separate for only a moment as I lift it over her head and toss it to the side. I reach around and unhook her bra, freeing her enormous breasts as I remove it.

Damn. These are easily the biggest I've ever seen, and they somehow fit her somewhat shy and clumsy demeanor. I can't help myself, and I bend over to suck on them. I trace small circles around one nipple as I grab as much as I can in each hand. I moan in surprise as I feel Hugh behind me, pulling down my exposed wet panties. He kneels behind me and grabs my plump ass, burying his face in my dripping pussy. His skilled tongue goes to work, and I can't help but moan in appreciation as I suck on Bianca's gorgeous titties.

My hands temporarily leave her breasts to work on the button of her pants. I undo it and reach in, only to find that her shaved cunt is blazing hot and already slippery with juices. I tease her clit a little before sliding in my finger, curling it to touch her g-spot. She mewls with pleasure in the cutest way as I stroke it, encouraging me to go even faster. My finger easily glides in and out of her slit, and she's only getting wetter as I touch her harder, faster, my mouth returning to her boobs, sucking on them hard. My pussy is leaking hard too as Hugh tongues my clit, lapping up my juices as they spill out.

Taking my hand out, I examine my finger, glistening with Bianca's juices. I put it in my mouth, licking it clean. She tastes sweet and a bit tangy, and I'm immediately hungry for more. Kissing her tummy and trailing down, I hook my fingers on the sides of her pants and pull them down, taking her panties with me. Taking the hint, she sits down on the ground. I push Hugh away and get down on all fours, supporting myself on my elbows as I bury my face in her sweet-scented pussy.

He quickly gets behind me again, grabbing my ass and tracing the outline of my slit. You'd think he's hadn't eaten in days, the way he was after it. I moan in response with Bianca's clit in my mouth, eliciting a surprised yelp from the adorable blonde. Hugh dips his tongue into me, and I mirror his actions on her soft pink pussy. I can feel her juices spilling onto the tip of my tongue, and I can't get enough. I absolutely love the taste of pussy, and it feels like forever since I've had the privilege of licking one out.

Hugh rapidly flicks my clit with his tongue, and it's all I can do not to cum on the spot. I do the same to Bianca, and given her squeals of delight, I think she can say the same. "G-Gem! I-I need...ah!" She buries her hand in my hair, holding me against her opening as she grinds it against me, my tongue doing its best to keep up. "I-I need something inside me! Please!"

All of a sudden, I feel Hugh pulling me back. I mewl in protest as I'm pulled away from Bianca's delicious pussy. Hugh lies on his back and lets me straddle his face as he undoes his pants, freeing his big dick. It stands proudly at attention, but I'm too dazed with pleasure from his tongue to do anything about it. Thankfully, Bianca is on it literally. She kicks off her pants and scrambles over on her hands and knees, completely naked now save for her signature glasses and hat. She straddles him, grabbing him at the base. With one swift motion, she buries him inside her and moans with pleasure and relief. She starts riding him like a champ, bouncing up and down on his huge cock, leaving him glistening wet with her juices.

With this view, I have no chance of holding back. I can feel my pussy tighten as Hugh flicks my clit with his tongue, warning me of what's about to happen. I quickly pull Bianca into a deep kiss, reaching one hand over to rub her clit. With that, I explode, my pussy squeezing rapidly as intense pleasure washes over me. My legs shake hard as I cum all over Hugh's mouth, who never lets up the constant pressure on my clit. My juices pour into his mouth, and he eagerly laps them all up.

Judging by the way she's roughly slamming herself against Hugh's pole, Bianca isn't too far behind me. She pulls away just enough to pant out, "Ah, Gem, I'm- ah! I'm about to- I-I'm gonna cum!" With that, she pulls herself off of his dick, and I feel a sudden rush of fluid hit my hand as I vigorously rub her clit. She cries out in pleasure as she squirts everywhere, the motion of my hand allowing it to spray all over Hugh. "Ah, Gem! Don't stop! A-Ah!" Shot after shot of hot, clear juice squirts out of her cumming pussy, and I feel myself approaching the edge again as I play with her contracting opening. I feel Hugh's finger slide into me as he strokes my clit with his tongue, and for what I know won't even be close to the last time that day, I'm crying out again in orgasmic bliss.

In my cloudy-headed state, I feel like I'm in a dream as Hugh pushes me off his face. A dream that would surely leave my sheets a little wet, that is. His voice is urgent and commanding as he reaches down and grabs his dick. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum! Gem, swallow it!"

Not one to disobey, I push Bianca aside, who quickly joins me in kneeling over the swollen head of his cock. I take it from him and get it in my mouth just in time for it to start blasting me with sticky cum. Surprised, I pull back, jacking him off and letting rope after rope hit my face and Bianca's. Even when it stops shooting us with its hot, delicious jizz, I never let up the pace. I stroke him as I pull Bianca into a deep kiss, sharing it with her. She seems surprised but gladly returns the kiss, swallowing what I let her have. I selfishly keep the rest to myself and swallow it down, loving the way it slides down my throat. We both look up at him, and it must be quite a sight. Our two teenaged faces, both covered in cum and hungry for more.

Bianca is the first to speak. "Hugh, I'm so sorry about your clothes! I-I should have told you that sometimes I squirt, and I don't usually, but you were just-"

"Are you kidding? You have to teach me!" I exclaim, observing the mess. Hugh's pants and the front of jacket are soaked, and there's a small puddle and either side of him where her juices sprayed. I've only ever seen girls squirting in porn, and the thought of someone teaching me how is enough to get me all riled up again.

He smiles, exhausted. "It's fine, don't apologize! Besides, you were amazing."

She nods at him, relieved.

"Besides,he continues, "didn't you have something to show us?"

Her expression lights up in the most adorable way. "Oh yeah! Your end of the deal. I almost forgot!" She tries to stand up, but tumbles down on her shaky legs. "Um, Gem, would you...?"

I reach over to her bag, which is leaning against the railing, and give it to her. She reaches in and takes out a square case. Turning to us on her knees, she opens it up, revealing three pokeballs. "Ta-da!" she exclaims. It's almost comical how her childish expression is covered with sticky cum. "These are the Pokemon you can choose from to take on your journey!"

Looking over them, I pluck the one in the middle out from its foam bed. "Snivy, huh?" From what I've read, it's a decent enough Pokemon not to mention the cutest of the bunch by far. "I think I'll take him."

"Oh wow! You and Snivy are a perfect match," Bianca exclaims. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I'll take it. She fixes her hat again before reaching into her bag and pulling out two small red electronic devices. "Take these, too. They automatically record information about the Pokemon you encounter. Try to fill it up, okay?"

I take them and pass one to Hugh. I open it up and look through it, seeing Snivy's information has been completely filled out. "Let's see...height, weight, area, cry...mating behavior?" I wonder briefly what use a non-breeder would have for that. I wouldn't really do that...would I?

"Hey, Gem!" I hear from beside me. Hugh is reaching for the pokeball on his belt, still pretty soaked from Bianca. "Let's see how good of a trainer you are!"

Hugh knows exactly how to bring out my competitive side. "Alright! Go, Smugleaf!" I stand up and toss the pokeball on the ground. In a flash of pink light, Snivy emerges, already eager to battle.

"Smugleaf? Whatever, go Tepig!" He presses the button and releases a lively, fiery pig.

The battle is over before I know it both only know very basic attacks, after all and in the end, Smugleaf is still standing.

"Yes! I win!" I exclaim, kneeling down to give it a hug. He nuzzles my face with his as Hugh retrieves Tepig with his pokeball.

"Damn, it really is different that battling wild Pokemon." He stands up, zipping his damp pants back up. "But I'm going to go on ahead. I'll catch you later!" With that, he runs off, eager to start his adventure.

My gaze meets Bianca's, who smiles and hands me a tissue. "For your face," she explains, wiping hers off. I graciously accept it and do the same. "So, do you think you know your way around pretty well? The Pokemon Centers and shopkeepers and catching Pokemon and all that?"

I nod. If nothing else, I'm usually pretty good at preparing myself for anything. "Yep! I think I'm set to go."

She gets up and tosses me my panties as she redresses herself. "Great! It sounds like you're all set!" She shrugs on her jacket and starts down the stairs, but stops and turns around in realization. "Oh, and Gem?" Her green eyes shine mischievously with excitement. "Whenever you want me to teach you how to squirt...I'll be waiting, okay?" Satisfied that she's gotten the last word, she heads down the stairs, leaving me behind in a puddle of our bodily fluids.

Yep. I think that I'm definitely ready for a journey like this.

Alright! Thanks again to Nidoran Duran for the inspiration and encouragement. Go check out his stories if you haven't yet! He has sooo many, and there's sure to be something for everyone.

So let me know what you thought of it! Have an idea of what should happen? Any wishes for the plot you want fulfilled? Should I even continue it? Lemme know!

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