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After gathering my things and spraying a potion on Smugleaf's wounds, I head out to Route 19 to really start my adventure. Venturing into the tall grass, my Snivy bravely going ahead of me, we're ready for anything.

It doesn't take much wandering around before we come across a Purrloin, daintily cleaning its paw with its rough pink tongue. It take notice of us and makes sure to finish its grooming before padding over. What a lady.

"Smugleaf! Use Scratch!"

The battle doesn't take too long, given that the Purrloin is at a slightly lower level, though it does take a few pokeballs before the damn thing cooperates. I pick up the ball, nestled in the tall grass, and put it on my belt. I can just heal it later – Floccesy Town is surprisingly close by.

After pocketing an extra potion I found lying around in the grass, a voice from the cliff above me makes me jump. "You there, trainer!"

I look up, seeing the outline of a trainer silhouetted by the rising sun. My hand comes up to shield my eyes, but it doesn't do much good.

"My name is Alder!" he continues, shouting to introduce himself from so high up. "I have a keen interest in Pokemon, and it is my goal to teach people about the beauty of walking toward the future with them!" I don't know that I asked him about any of this, but he seems like the type who doesn't care too deeply about your interest as long as he can share...whatever it is that he's going on about.

He hops down from the steep cliff side and lands with a thud on his sandal-clad feet, letting his knees absorb the shock. Okay, now he's got my attention. He wears some sort of white cloak, and his hair is as bright and fiery as mine – though his looks more like it's literally on fire. "And you are?" he asks.

I try not to let my awe show in my expression. "Gem, from Aspertia. Actually if you're from anywhere around here, I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of me." I don't mean to sound narcissistic, but it does kind of sound that way. Honestly though, my name is somewhat infamous on this stretch of land, and not necessarily in an admirable way. I know that rumors about me spread like wildfire all the way to Virbank City, some true, some not. Maybe I would put some of them to rest on my journey – I may be slutty, but I've never ventured out naked onto the routes for any Pokemon in heat as some believed, for heaven's sake – but honestly, I don't really care anymore.

Come to think of it, this guy looks pretty familiar too, I think as he takes a step closer. He looks up and down my body, taking in every inch of me, before circling around me for a better look. Oh, I know! He was the Pokemon League Champion a couple years ago! I remember wanting so badly to suck him off back then. It's not even that I find him all that attractive, but how cool would it be to hook up with the fucking Champion?

He slaps my ass, making me turn around to face him. "Perhaps I have heard a thing or two," he teases.

"You're the champion, right? Like, the champion of Unova?" I forget all my musings about my reputation. I have more more important business at hand right now.

He shakes his head. "I was, until two years ago. It's such an honor to meet a fan, though!"

No kidding, this guy is one of the reasons I set out on my journey in the first place. "You're like my inspiration! At least let me do a little something for you," I suggest, my old fantasies swarming through my head.

His eyes narrow. "What did you have in mind?"

Just like that, I'm on my knees in front of him. I undo his cloak, revealing the toned abs underneath. The button of his pants is my next victim, and I reach inside, taking out my half-hardened prize. It only takes a few strokes of my hand to get it rock-hard, just the way I like it. After giving the tip a little kiss, I take as much as I can of him into my mouth.

"Ah, Gem!" Judging by the way he buries his fingers in my hair, he doesn't seem at all opposed.

I bob my head up and down on his dick, stroking the underside with my tongue on the way up. I grab him at the base, jacking off what my mouth can't take as I suck on him. If there's anything I love more that the taste of pussy, it's having a nice big cock in my mouth. And Alder's dick certainly lived up to his champion title. I take my mouth off, giving him a fast, wet handjob as I look up at him. "I've been wanting to do this for so long! You have no idea." My mouth returns to where it belongs, and I hungrily take all that I can.

His grip on my head intensifies. "Gem, sweetie, if you keep going like that..."

My enthusiasm only increases as he grabs me. I take the head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as I pump him with my hand. I let the bead of precum coming out hit my tongue and savor the taste before bobbing up and down on him again. I give him all that I've got – I want him cumming hard.

"Gem, I'm gonna cum! Fuck!"

He doesn't even finish his sentence before shooting off his first rope of cum into my mouth. I eagerly swallow down as much as I can as he floods my mouth, but some of it spills out and dribbles down my chin. I never let up my pace, sucking on him hard to get out every last drop. When I'm satisfied he has nothing left to give me, I gently stroke him with one hand as I use the other to transfer the bit on my chin into my mouth. He tastes even more delicious than I imagined.

He loosens his grip on me, caressing my face as I touch him. "You're a fine young lady, Gem," he remarks as I blush, "but I wouldn't exactly call you a seasoned 'trainer' yet."

Damn, he's just found my weak point; my competitive side is starting to come out. "You're calling me 'unseasoned'? I'll have you know that I lost my virginity when I was just-"

Turning around, he cuts me off, taking himself out of my grip and zipping up his pants. "Indeed! I'll train you a little! Now follow me," he commands, not letting me finish.

Oh, it is on.

After healing up my Pokemon, I head over to Alder's house. The house itself is nothing special, but what catches me off guard is the huge dirt arena in the front yard with a bench on either side of it. Alder stands outside, his flaming hair blowing in the wind. I approach him, more than ready for a little one-on-one "training".

"Hey Alder! Ready to show me what you know?" I ask with a wink.

He seems to be a little preoccupied though. "Okay, but...why are you holding two town maps?"

This catches me completely off guard. "Eh?" He's not wrong; Hugh's mother gave me one to take to him.

His face lights up in realization. "Oh ho, it's your friend's map, isn't it?"

"Well, yeah, but-"

"I saw him training over on Route 20. You should probably deliver that to him first."

Is he serious? I've been waiting so long for this, and he wants me to go find Hugh first? Whatever. I suppose I can wait a little while, and it's probably important that Hugh doesn't get himself lost. "Fine. But I am going to rock your world when I get back. Don't go anywhere."

Reluctantly, I head on over the the path. When I get there, the scenery isn't actually all that bad; lush evergreen trees stand tall, shading patches of brightly-colored flowers, and the dirt path turns into a bridge over a crystal-clear blue stream up ahead of me. A few other trainers explore the area, including a boy who looks around my age standing next to the bridge. He wears an orange baseball cap turned backwards on his head and a matching jersey, with black shorts that look comfy and easy to wear.

Still frustrated from being denied Alder's cock, I approach him, swaying my hips as I do. I'm just about to open my mouth to introduce myself, but he beats me to it.

"O-Oh my god! Y-Y-You're...you're Gem!" he stammers out, his eyes wide as saucers. It's sort of cute how starstruck he looks. I kind of hope this isn't how I looked in front of Alder.

"The one and only. Listen kid, I'm all wet and ready to go, so if you just want to-"

He takes my hands in his, his eyes positively sparkling with excitement. "Yes! Anything for you! I've been dreaming about this moment my whole life!" Okay, maybe I did look this stupid. At least Alder invited me back.

Together, we find a small clearing right next to the river. Anyone who wanted to explore the area a little more would definitely find us, but at this point I'm so horny that I don't even care. Not that I would, anyway. A lot of my best encounters have come from being walked in on in the act. I get on my hands and knees and reach behind me, flipping my skirt up and pushing my panties to the side to expose my bald, wet pussy lips. He kneels in between my spread legs, taking his cock out of his zipper and stroking himself to the sight. "Wow, Gem. It's everything I ever imagined..." He rubs the head up and down my slit, getting the tip wet and creamy.

My legs get a bit shaky. Am I seriously close already? "Hey, could you hurry up? I really just need a dick right now." I can feel my hips starting to gyrate a bit on their own, grinding against the head of his dick. My favorite part.

He's continuing to take his time, though. "It's so perfect. The puffy lips, they way they keep getting pinker and wetter as I rub them..." He reaches down and spreads the outer lips with his thumbs for a better look, making me yelp loudly. "You're an innie, too! I always knew you would be. God, it's beautiful," he says, thrusting against it a bit. I can barely feel the drop of precum he's rubbing all over my entrance through my juices, but it's there.

I move my hips a bit, getting even more impatient. To both of our surprise, he slips inside me, making us both cry out. I frantically buck my hips in response, getting as much of him as I can as he desperately grabs my ass. He slams against me again and again, and though he's not as big as I would like, I know at this point it's not going to take much to push me over the edge.

My hand sneaks its way between my legs to rub my favorite spot. I'm moaning as he drills into me, my hand urgently rubbing my soaked clit. "Oh god, harder! Do me harder!" I yell out, my fingers flying. He complies as well as he can, though it seems like he's trying to hold back to stop himself from cumming.

Without warning, my world suddenly explodes. My pussy grabs him like a vice as he humps the life out of it, squeezing out a bit of precum. I stroke my clit vigorously, intensifying my orgasm as I scream in pleasure. I feel him pull out of me, then the sudden hot, wet rush of cum squirting onto my ass.

Of course it had to be on my ass, I think, amused. It's the top choice of virgins who don't have the balls to ask if they can come in it.

I clean myself up and leave him lying in the grass, exhausted. Thinking I should leave him a little souvenir, I slide my soaked black thong down my legs and toss it to him. "For you. Frame them or something." Honestly, they just got in the way anyway. I'm much better off without them.

Following the river, I watch Smugleaf and my new Purrloin mow down the wild pokemon that jump out at us in the grass. Eventually we come to the wooden gateway of a ranch. Well, I didn't see Hugh anywhere else. Might as well head in. When I do, the beauty surprises me – a huge field of long, purple flowers sways in the breeze in front of the garage and silo, and a rickety-looking wooden fence encloses an open area of grass. Looking withing the confines of the fence, I see my dark-haired friend standing in the wind.

"Hey, Hugh!" I call out, running in.

He takes notice of me and turns, his face lighting up as he does so. "Oh, hey! What's up?"

I reach him, just a bit out of breath from running around. "Nothing much. I do have a little something for you," I say flirtatiously.

"Really now?" I can see a very familiar look in his eyes.

"Oh, not that, you idiot. Although..." I grab him though his pants. He's already hard, his dick a visible ridge against the front. I stroke him over the fabric, stimulating him and teasing him gently.

Looking up at him, I notice that his smirk matches mine. "Just like eighth grade, right?"

"Shut up, it's not like I was all that experienced then! Besides," I continue, reaching into my bag with my other hand as I continue rubbing him, "this isn't all I have for you." I hand him the extra map, which he accepts and tucks into his own bag.

"Tch...she didn't have to do that," he says complacently. "Well, thanks to you too. We just left, and you're already..." He looks down between us, my hand still stroking my favorite part of him. The tiniest wet spot starts to form on his already dark pants. "...helping me out."

Almost as if on cue, a cute young couple, both pokemon breeders by the looks of it, approach us with a Herdier following close behind. The woman giggles, her voice high-pitched but pleasant with a southern twang. "My, isn't it lively around here?"

Hugh gives her a dirty look, glaring at her for interrupting us. "Who are you?"

I give him a sharp elbow to the ribs. It's not like we're on public property right now; obviously they have some connection to the place.

The man next to her seems unfazed. "Who am I? I'm the owner of this ranch, and this is my wife!" He glances around a bit, searching for something. "By the way, you wouldn't happen to have seen a Herdier around here, would you?"

"You mean the one standing right there?"

The Herdier wags its little tail and barks as Hugh gets another blow to the ribs.

The owner takes Hugh's sarcastic remark cooly. "No, we have another one. Our two Herdier are always together, and this is the first time one has wandered off, so I'm getting a little worried."

Hugh's expression changes. "A little worried? Are you kidding me? Your pokemon might be lost forever!" Honestly, what a drama queen. "Whatever! I'll go look! Gem, help me out!" He runs off deeper into the fenced area until he's out of sight.

A perplexed look crosses over the owner's face. "Why did he get so mad? It's probably just playing off somewhere in the ranch."

I don't fucking know. He gets like this every once in a while. If I had to guess, I'd bet it was something like PMS.

His wife looks over at me, a suggestive look in her eye. "By the way, if you or your pokemon get hurt, I'll help you feel all better." A sweet offer, but with Hugh in this sort of a mood, I'll have to pass it up for now.

"That's alright, I'll be back soon!" With that I take off, following my fuck-buddy deeper into the rabbit hole.

After heading north for quite some time, I start to get frustrated. "Hugh?" I call out. Perhaps I've lost him somewhere in the tall grass. Listening hard, I faintly hear his voice.

"I'm over here!" He's just barely audible.

Looking around, all I can see is more grass and more trees. "Over where? Hugh!" In response, I hear a high-pitched, persistent whining. Herdier? I take off towards it, zipping around a maze of trees. Around a corner, I see a strangely dressed man grabbing it by the scruff of its neck. I can feel my eyes widen in shock and disgust as I drop my bag. "Herdier!"

"Oh good, you found it! What a relief, I'm going to go find the owner!" I hear Hugh's enthusiastic voice from somewhere among the trees.

"Seriously, where the fuck are you?!" I shout at him in frustration. The sound of his footsteps grows faint, so I turn my attention back to the weirdo standing in front of me. "You better let that Herdier go right now!"

He looks indignant, even under the gray mask that covers his face up to his nose. "Tch...you little pest. I'm a member of a group that strikes fear into the hearts of those who stand before it: Team Plasma!"

Team Plasma? I know that name sounds familiar. Isn't that the terrorist group that tried to separate people from their pokemon two years ago? I wouldn't be surprised if this douchebag was associated with them. But I swear they were disbanded back when some trainer broke them up.

"Whatever," he continues, probably sensing my disbelief, "First I get lost chasing Herdier, and now some nosy teenager - off on some mission to lose her virginity, by the looks of your outfit - catches me. This is all your fault, kid."

"Virgin? I'll have you know that my skills are famous around here! You've never been ridden before if it hasn't been by me!"

His eyes narrow at me, and I can see his challenging smirk growing underneath his mask. He releases his grip on Herdier, who runs over to me, whimpering. "Prove it."

Maybe it's the fact that I've never refused a challenge – whether it was doing chores the fastest or double-dog dares on the playground – or maybe it's the fact that all the sex I've had where at least one person was wearing a stupid costume has been fantastic. Either way, I confidently stride over to him and unbutton his pants before pushing him to the ground with one hand. Straddling him, I lift my blue tank top over my breasts before leaning down and whispering into his ear.

"Challenge accepted."

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