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H.N. Elly / Kristen

"I can grant you any wish you want." The cat-like creature said.

He promised any wish. Any wish at all.

I could get money! Become rich!

It was hard to trust someone, er, something that just suddenly popped up and offered you a wish.

I felt like I could trust this... this thing.

I really wanted to be an idol.

Singing, dancing. Everyone would come see me!

"Kyubey... I know what to wish for!" I exclaimed.

"What is it? Tell me and let your wish shine!" Kyubey said.

I'm probably dreaming right now.

"I wish to become an idol!"

Suddenly a sharp pain passed through me.

A glowing orange light blinded me.

Then, a weirdly shaped object landed in my hand.

"That is your soul gem. Your job now is to defeat witches and get grief seeds to purify your soul gem."

"Grief seeds..?"

Kyubey disappeared.


Stupid cat thing.

It was weird that a limo came to pick me up.

The chauffeur knew where I was and knew who I was.

It was so weird.

The next thing he said was weird too!

"You'd better hurry, Miss. Kristen. Your concert starts soon."

"Concert..?" I muttered.

Am I dreaming? It feels to real to be a dream.

But.. I will do my best whether this is a dream or not.

(Several Years Later)


"Why is no one here to see me?"

What happened? I did my job, defeating witches.

I don't deserve this!

No one came to my concert..

I cried.

How could Kyubey do this to me?!

I did my job!

"I'm afraid this is the last time you will see me." Kyubey said.

"What?" "Fix this now!" I demanded.

"Take a look at your soul gem."

I looked at it.

The bright orange soul gem was now almost pitch black.

"W-w-what?" "K-k-k-kyubey..?"

"Do you know what happens when it turns pitch black?"

"No! Stop! Stop!"

I was being consumed by grief...

"I can fix this! Let me... Let me fix this!"

What will happen now? Will I die?

I knew what was coming for me.

I had discovered this long ago.

I was going to become a witch.


I screamed.

I looked down and suddenly..

I wasn't hold a soul gem anymore.

No more bright orange.

I was holding a grief seed.

I had killed magical girls that turned into witches.

Now someone will come kill me.

I blacked out and never woke again.

What happened to Kristen was unknown.

Kristen had turned into a witch named, H.N. Elly.

She looked like a T.V. with wings and inside was a portrait of the long forgotten idol.

Maybe Kristen was defeated. Maybe she still roams through her realm.

I know that was a horrible ending.. Sorry.

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Anyway.. Next chapter will probably be Charlotte.

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