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My mother was sick. She was barely moving. She almost looked like she was dead.

Mother and I used to eat sweets together all the time, but now that she was sick, we couldn't sit and eat sweets anymore.

I used to tell her what I did at school and what happened while I was gone. I don't go to school anymore.

I stay at the hospital watching Mother.

I want to eat sweets with her.

I wish I could eat a cheesecake with her for the last time.

"I can make that wish come true." A voice said.

A cat-like creature jumped onto the window sill.

Even though its mouth did not move, I could hear its voice in my head.

"What?" I spoke.

"I can grant any wish of yours. Anything you want."

Anything? I wanted to eat sweets with my mother.

"I wish to sit and eat a cheesecake with my mother for the last time."

A sharp pain passed through my body.

Then, a dark pink object landed in my hand.

My mother stirred.


She was moving! And.. There were two plates of cheesecake on the table!


"Yes mother?" I squeaked.

"Would you like to have some cake with me?"

I nodded.

This was impossible!

Mother and I ate, just like old times.

But.. When mother finished her last bite..

Her fork dropped on the ground.

"Mother?" "Mother!" "Mother!"

She stopped breathing.


What.. What happened? Why isn't mother breathing?!

"What did.. What did you do!?" I screamed.

The cat creature said,

"All good things come to an end sometime."

Did this mean that my mother was gone?

Suddenly, I felt the object vibrate.

I looked at it.

It was no longer pink. It was black.

"Why is it black?" I wondered aloud.

"Because you are being consumed by grief."

I could've cured my mother from her sickness.

But I wasted it on cheesecake!

Stupid! I'm so stupid!

I hate this world.

A teardrop landed on the object in my hand.

The world faded.

Charlotte became a witch.

She longed to taste the last cheesecake she had with her mother.

Of course, she was killed by a magical girl.

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