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"It's alright, you're safe."
The words didn't make sense to him, safe? How was he safe, how was anyone safe?
But he couldn't voice his doubts because exhaustion overtook his mind and the last thing he saw was the blue sky overhead, or were those eyes?
During the next few days it was like he was awake but not completely. He heard what was going on around him, but he couldn't move or will himself to wake up.
"Jason he'll be fine now come on you have to eat"
The voice was vaguely familiar but he couldn't quite place it.
"Piper he and Annabeth just went through hell, quite literally so excuse me for worrying about him."
Jason, his voice was comforting and he could feel his body relax at the sound of his voice.
"Well I don't see you this worried about Annabeth, is there something you need to tell me?"
He couldn't be sure but he thought he heard jealousy in Piper's voice, but why?
"Yes, there is, but not here."
He felt Jason and Piper leave but he still couldn't open his eyes. Even though his memories of what happened in tartarous flashed through his mind every time he managed to drift off to sleep, he couldn't wake.
The screams of pain from Annabeth were ingrained in his brain and he knew that a part of him had broken and that it would never be fixed.
He didn't know how much time passed before his body allowed him to open his eyes.
When he did though, his first sensation was being held in a warm embrace.
He was to weak to pull himself away so he did the next best thing.
He grunted, because words wouldn't come out yet.
The person holding him stiffened, before pulling away and staring into his eyes.
"Percy? Are you okay? Do you want me to get you something?"
Percy kept staring at Jason, his eyebrows scrunching in confusion.
"Sorry, but we've all been so worried, Annabeth woke up two days ago but wouldn't tell us what happened down there."
Percy kept staring, but showing any reaction to Jason's words.
"Are you okay?"
Percy could see the worry in Jason's sky blue eyes and it took him some effort but he nodded. He could feel Jason relax slightly.
"Well, I have some food here for you are you hungry?"
Again he nodded as he struggled to sit up. He could see Jason looking at him, a worried expression on his face.
"Here, I'll help you."
Jason held the soup bowl in one hand, the other putting the spoon to Percy's lips.
He swallowed the soup, which tasted like cardboard to him but it felt good going down his throat. He tried to smile at the blonde boy, who gave him a soft smile back.
"You'll get better Percy, I promise"
Jason's warm lips met his forehead and Percy smiled, he was broken but maybe Jason could do the impossible and fix him.

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