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Jason had never felt so relieved in his life before. The relief that flooded through him when he heard Percy's voice for the first time since he fell into tartarus had him shaking.

Percy was talking, he could speak to him; the thought kept circling his brain.

Without a warning, he hugged his Sea Prince. He needed the physical reminder that Percy was actually there.

"You know Jay, just because I can speak doesn't mean I'm physically complete."

Percy's muffled voice was fined with amusement and Jason let him go immediately

Nervously, he scratched his head.

"Sorry about that Perce."

Hesitating, he wasn't used to showing his feelings to others. It wasn't Roman, but one look into those sea green eyes and he didn't care. Taking a deep breath, he made his decision.

"I just..I was worried about you."

He muttered, looking directly into those broken eyes.

It was because he was looking directly at Percy that he saw the conflict in the other boys eyes. In an attempt to ease Percy's mind so that he wouldn't stress himself to much, Jason did the first thing that came to his mind.

"Are you hungry? Because I'm pretty sure that there is an awesome Roman feast going on below us and you know you can't miss a Roman feast."

It wasn't the best or the smartest distraction, but it got the job done.

Percy's eyes lit up with excitement, it wasn't the excitement Percy used to have but Jason accepted it.

He knew that it would take time for the other boy to heal and he would be there every step of the way. Silently, he promised himself that he would see the Sea Prince whole again.

"I am pretty hungry, and I'm sure the others will be happy to hear me speaking again."

Making sure that Percy saw him rolling his eyes, he started walking towards the feast.

"When aren't you hungry Perce?"

He asked the other boy, who was at the moment taking to the horses.

"I'm a growing boy, I need food."

Percy responded, sticking his tongue out at Jason a shadow of amusement in his eyes.

As they approached the others, instead of laughter and enjoyment, that could hear an argument.

With a glance, Percy's wheelchair started going faster and Jason sped up.