"Why are we here, again?"

Robin sat hunched on the kitchen counter. Batman had rushed them to Mount Justice an hour ago in the middle of patrol. The Dark Knight had disappeared, leaving the boy to wander aimlessly. Black Canary and Flash had joined the Boy Wonder, hoping to quell any questions.

"Batman was needed for some, uh, unexpected business." Flash said cautiously, giving a nervous laugh.

"What kind of business?" Robin squinted suspiciously.

"The important kind." Flash offered slowly.


Black Canary gave the red clad hero a look that only confirmed the boys thoughts.

"Oh, come on guys-"

"Let me see him, God dammit!"

The three made their way towards the shouting, finding the questioned martyr and the Man of Steel arguing in the conference room. Robin tried to make his way to his mentor's side, but Black Canary sudden hold on his arm pulled him back.

"Batman, we both know the two of you aren't on the best of terms."

"Who gives a damn!"

"Bruce," Superman leaned closer and whispered harshly. "We can't take the chance of you upsetting him while he's upset."

"And that's exactly why I need to be with him." Batman moved closer to the hero before him, making it uncomfortable for the other man. "He needs me."

Superman pleaded with Batman through tense glances, but looking over the dark man's shoulder to see Robin, Superman decided to drop the subject.

Robin lightly tugged his arm from Canary's grasp, coming to stand beside the older man.


Batman, seeming not to notice the boy, continued to glare at the other hero.

"You will let me see him."


"Don't!" Batman once again came face to face to Superman, jabbing a finger towards the man as a physical warning. "Don't you dare."

Waiting only a second longer, Batman made a quick exit for the hallway leading towards the med bay. Robin made a show of joining him, but over his shoulder Batman called "Stay here, Robin."

Robin froze in place. "What?"

Once the bat's footsteps faded, the boy turned towards the other heroes in shock.


"Robin," Superman gave him an apologetic glance. "It's best if you stay here."

Robin felt a new wave of bafflement wash over him. Excuse whoever these people thought they were, but he was the flipping Boy Wonder, partner to The Batman. He could do whatever he so well pleased. Giving the group a small huff of anger, he made a quick dash past them and towards the path the dark figure had already traveled. Getting a few paces down the hall, the child paused and waited for the retaliation. None came.

Robin caught his breath, confused, but made a silent journey towards the medical bay. Robin tried to remember Batman's lessons about blending in with the shadows, allowing them to coat you with silence. Coming across a small doorway of brightness, Robin knew he couldn't go any further. Bruce would catch him.

Coming to the edge of the doorway, Robin slowly peered into the room. A man was laying on his side facing the door across a small cot. He didn't have a shirt on, revealing a thick stitch running across the side of his abdomen, running across his right ribcage. Robin guessed he had a fever based off the rushed breathing pattern he could hear.

Feeling a surge of courage, Robin leaned farther in. Batman was sitting on the bed. And was he, is he stroking his hair? Robin watched the usually stoic man brush back dark hair with hands that seemed so gentle he wanted to look away. The younger man let out a sudden moan of pain.

Batman seemed to take that as his cue to lean in closer to the man and whisper something that made him quiet down immediately. Robin wasn't able to hear until his mentor began murmuring to the unconscious figure.

"Hush, Dickie. Please, it's okay. I'm here."

Bruce's words seemed to draw "Dickie" awake, because soon a pair of brilliant blues were peering up at the man above him.


This guy had to be doped up pretty hard, Jason realized, because the only person who could slightly get away with calling Batman by name outside the cave seemed to be Superman. But Batman didn't seem angry, more relieved then anything.

"Yeah, yeah I'm here chum." Bruce gave a small smile as his hands took a more massaging quality to them.


"I'm sorry," Bruce cut off. And suddenly, in a flash, he was Bruce. No longer was Batman sat above the man, it was a seemingly devastated billionaire in a costume. Robin always found it disheartening whenever Bruce didn't have the cowl on but stayed in costume.

"I'm so, so sorry, Dickie. For everything. I never should have let you left that night, especially not after taking Robin away from you. That was unfair and cruel. You needed someone to be there for you."

Robin soon realized he wasn't talking about the Robin that was him, but the one that held the bigger picture. The one that had been in the papers, the one that had been three times shorter then Two Face and taken him down almost single-handedly. The one that had been the first.

The man didn't say anything, and that seemed to unnerve Bruce. But soon an almost jovial voice coughed out, "Knowing how stubborn you are, it was only a matter of time before I ran for cover."

Bruce gave a soft laugh and returned his hands to their previous job. They looked at one another with such history it became difficult to watch, let alone listen to. Robin slowly peeled himself from the door. Who was he? How was he Robin? How...

Robin felt himself begin to drift back down the hallway, but not before hearing the last of the loving reunion.

"I'm really glad you're here, Bruce."

Robin could hear the smile in Bruce's voice. "Me too, baby."

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