"Stop scowling."

"Shut up."

Batman knew this had been a bad idea. The only reason he had ever gone to parties that didn't require a picture or a check was because of Dick's insistence of the matter. He always enjoyed Batman parties more then Bruce Wayne parties.

But then, Dick had been the reason for this party as well.

"I know it's been a year, but don't you think-"

"Was mind reading ever included in your long list of included powers, Superman?" Silence. "I didn't think so."

Clark knew the subject had been touchy over the last year, but he had hoped it would be better with the reunion coming upon them.

"Well, you could have at least worn a costume."

"This is a costume." Batman stated flatly.

"Bruce, your uniform doesn't count."

"Of course it does. And don't use my name."

Clark rolled his eyes. Halloween had always been Bruce's least favorite holiday. The Young Justice team had decided to throw a party on the event of Wally's parents refusal to give him trick or treat candy.

There were vampires, a goddess, a mermaid, a man in the moon, a few animals here and there. Clark had come dressed as old McDonald. His straw hat caused the left side of his scalp to itch and his overalls were too small, but Ma had given him the costume for any last minute occasions a few years ago.

"Do you still sleep in his room?" Clark asked softly.

"I'm done speaking to you about this." Bruce growled before stalking toward the refreshments table.

He situated himself in a dark corner, observing everyone with bleak disdain. Why was he here? What did these people even mean to him? Over the last year he had lost contact with almost all the league other then the leading members and those signed on with the team.

And Dick. He'd lost contact with him as well.

Bruce quickly grasped his right wrist and squeezed as hard as he could. Alfred had told him countless times if he continued to do this he'd permanently ruin the joint, but he didn't care. He needed a distraction.

They were laughing, socializing with one another. It nearly repelled him. Why did he need these people? They were everything he wasn't.

The zeta signaled another arrival, and there it was. His reason.

His hair had gotten longer over the year, past his ears, though he had it combed back. The suit he wore was a deep indigo and the buttons of his shirt were half unbuttoned to expose a bright Superman shirt underneath. His blue eyes shined with joy behind the fake glasses.

Of course, he thought bitterly. He wanted that to be his costume for years, but I'd never let him.

Dick had grown taller, but only slightly. It was physically painful to see his boy change so much without him.

Did he smell the same? He had always used the shampoo at the manor. Did he buy a different product because he hated his memories there now?

Bruce had been sleeping in Dick's bed more often then not. The bed had began smelling more of him then the boy, but knowing that was where he had once laid every night gave him some comfort after the nightmares.

He knew he had started going out as Nightwing a few months ago. Did he have someone patching him up when he was hurt, or did he do it himself? Did he do it at all? His boy had always been stubborn when it came to his injuries.

He needed to know! But finally seeing him after months of isolation, he knew he would never ask. He hated himself for it, but his inner bitterness over their last encounter still clang to his soul.

Batman watched him laugh, smile with other people. He was a true sight to behold, his boy. Those blue eyes finally looked away from the faces and looked straight into the shadows. He knew where the caped crusader would be hiding.

Holding his gaze steady, Batman decided he needed out. It was almost ten; Scarecrow and maybe others would most likely be out soon and he hadn't made any rounds yet.

Yes, that was the reason.

He could almost feel the light hit the back of his cowl, pushing him further and further toward the epitome of light himself.

The steps felt heavy, dragging his feet down closer to the ground. This was difficult, he concluded. But why? Why was it so hard to walk past him? Leave him behind?

Dick had looked away, but now once again watched the man he held dear close in.

Say something, anything. Batman felt the need eat him from the inside, like his soul was just pushing against his skin for a simple touch. But he couldn't. Pulling himself back into the sting of pain and isolation was something he did not want to feel. He tells himself this, but he knows this is what he already feels everyday. Every moment without him.

There was a swift moment of near warmth as he passed him. Their shoulders nearly touching. And then it was over.

He was carried off by a swoop of light to a different place, as place where he wasn't. Standing there, Batman wished he had said something, a kind of message to him. But it was over, too late.

Batman slowly turned to the bright computer waiting for him. Another night held up looking at files, a reason to not go upstairs. Sitting down, Batman felt the demons begin to creep from the shadows. He'd let them come and haunt him forever, because in the end that was all he had left.

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