Jessica Harris sat with a smile looking at the pictures. She loves stories from her Grandpa Al because they're all real. She looks down and sees a picture of Mommy with another blond she doesn't know. That's not Aunt Buffy. "Grandpa Al, who's that with Mommy?"

Al smiled looking at the picture. "That's my daughter, Kelly?"

"How come I don't know her isn't she on that show on Channel 10?" Jessie asked.

Al shrugged and thought this through best he could. "Well, Kelly always has problems remembering things like addresses, phone numbers, that a wedding ring means the man is married. Also she's ashamed of me and Grandma Peg as she should be."

"Do you miss her?" Jessie asked.

Al nodded. "Not as much as I used to. I ended up getting surprised by having another daughter much later in life. And I know Kelly is successful. Also I know her husband will take care of her."

Jessie looked up at him curious. "How?"

"Because mommies and daddies always look out for each other… And he still has post traumatic stress disorder from when I met him at the movies."

Jessie looked over to the closet and she knows what he keeps hidden there. "Grandpa Al, can we read from my favorite story?"

Al looked at her. Faith is going to kill him but he can't say no that face. "Yeah, OK go to where I hide it from your mom."

Jessie hopped off and ran for her father's bureau and rummages through a pink Hawaiian shirt until she pulls out a manila folder and runs back hopping on Al's lap.

Al grunted but smiled as he took the folder and opened it up and started. "OK, the criminal record of Faith go… forget yourself Lehane."

"Is that really mommy's middle name?" Jessie asked she has to learn how to read but she is starting letters.

Al smiled starting to read it. "You're going to have to ask her, on that one."

Faith came walking up the door with Xander covered in demonic goo. "You know before the demons showed up it was a nice little surprise Xan..."

Xander was shaking it off his arms he got covered a lot more then she did. "Yeah, well jokes on me for a surprise romantic picnic. How come we can't attract ants like normal people I ask you?"

Faith smiled. "Well considering we brought swords and axes I'd say we were asking for it. It was the course for us. Didn't appreciate how it ended though."

Xander looked at himself and his charming girlfriend/housemate/mother of his child/fellow living in sinner. "Yeah but Faith you had a couple drops, while I look like I just came from a nickelodeon show thanks to you decapitating that slime demon right on top of me."

Faith shrugged and looked at him she was straddling him; no one does that but her. "Xan it's not my fault all female demons think you're a sexy bitch. That ship sailed long before you even met me."

Faith opened the door and they knew enough to know that when Al was reading to Jessie he didn't pay much attention to them.

"Grandpa, isn't guilty the bad one?"

"Yes, pumpkin"

Faith walked into the room and saw the manila folder from hell.

Jessie looked at the picture and was confused. "Then why is mommy raising her arms like she won?"

Al smiled. "That's because Mommy got lucky and was charged as a minor for that thanks to contaminated evidence and only had to pick up trash for a few weekends."

Faith came in with a smile. "Hey, Jess I think it's past your bed time."

Jessie frowned she never gets to stay up late. "But I want to hear the end of the story."

"Next time babe, OK." Faith scooped Jessie up in one arm and her file in the other giving them both to Xander. "Put her down to sleep, take a shower, and get rid of that. I ever find out the slayer that's doing it I'm going to knock her teeth out."

Xander smiled and started walking with Jessie. "Absolutely, I mean it's your life, the girls shouldn't keep doing that." He gets to the closet and sees Faith is talking to Al and quietly puts the folder back in his pink shirt as Jessie smiled. "I find out who's doing it I'm going to kick her butt." Xander carries Jessie off it's a very censored version of Faith's records and her actual middle name will be added next week since Jess is learning the letter F now. It lets Jessie feel like she's researching and teaches her to listen to her parents.

Faith looked at Al. "So you want a beer? Xan is the marathon shower man."

Al nodded knowing they hide them here because the one time they didn't they all disappeared while he watched Jessie.

Faith came in with two bottles. "So, please tell me you weren't telling her about the bus vamps."

"Of course not."

"What about the other thing?" Faith asked with a bit of sadness.

Al shakes his head no gravely. Damn watcher's council damn soft spot on Wesley's that never healed from the aftermath. "That's for you to tell her when she's older."

Faith nodded and was thinking it through. "What the heck did you tell her?"

"The movie theater rumble in Chicago." Al replied.

Faith thought on that for a moment. "Was that the time you beat up K's hubby?"

Al smiled thinking back on easier times. "No. You know that wasn't the first time I beat him up in a movie theater either. You hear from them ever?"

"No, but the guy is a stuntman on Bones. More then enough to keep a roof over her head even without Kelly's show." Faith replied.

Al looked at her. "You ever watch their shows?"

Faith shakes her head. "No just a couple episodes of Bones, the guy has too much of a freaky resemblance to Angel. Also I think I saw Bob Rooney on there once too. So you told her about the grease monkeys."

Al nodded as they each drank and thought of earlier times.

10 Years Ago

Faith waited in line for the theater with Al. She's actually enjoying a movie with an older guy that actually doesn't want a thing from her. She sees a man in a leather jacket walk up to her and she just puts her hand up to stop him. "Not interested Fonzie keep walking."

Al looked at her as the guy glared but started to leave seeing Al's face. "Nothing personal but I've seen you go off with far uglier."

Faith shrugged. "And tonight I want to spend time with my sugar daddy what's the problem?"

Al shrugged actually glad Faith is raising her standards after some of the guys she brought home. "Nothing, just making sure you're feeling alright."

Faith felt a hand in an unwanted location as she quickly pulled it off her ass and wrenched it behind his back revealing another grease monkey. "Piss off" She shoves him into the wall knocking him down.

Faith turned back to Al. "I just want to watch a movie with my watcher, plenty of time in the night to find a stud if I wanted to."

Al quietly walked into the theater with her.

Faith smiled walking out of theater's back door and stretches her arms. "You don't think there are actually demons like those things do you, because I'm not slaying them."

Al shakes his head no. "Those bugs are fake, but that was a beautiful movie. A co ed shower scene for both of us, thousands of people died horrible bloody deaths, no sense of story what so ever."

Faith smiled but quickly rolled her eyes. "Al, on your six"

Al turned around and saw the same group from earlier. "You know I'm trying to enjoy a family moment with my daughter what the hell do you want?"

Faith smiled inwardly but it could just be an excuse for an older guy seeing a movie with a sixteen year old.

Faith watches the biker from earlier poker her in the shoulder. "Your girl embarrassed me in front of my posse."

Faith rolled her eyes in disgust. "A, get new clothes we're not in the sixties. B, no one says posse. C, I didn't as much as flirt with you so get out of my face before something bad happens to you."

The guy had enough and pinned her to the wall causing Al to simply smile. "Oh please the way you dress, you're pretty much asking for it from anyone who winks an eyebrow at you. Let me guess Mommy was a stripper and you wanted her attention."

Al rolled his eyes the look of hurt on Faith's face and before the kid could even react Al slugged him in the face as Faith took on the cavalry. Al grabbed the dazed kid and repeatedly smashed his head against a door while Faith settled for kicking and punching them in the face as the police pulled up to them one of the leather gang got thrown through their front window by Faith.

Faith sheepishly put her hands up. Ever since big bird she's been having problems controlling her strength.

Faith leaned back against her cell never in a better mood for someone who just got arrested. She smiled looking at Al and wondered if they locked them up together for the good of everyone else. "Thanks for punching that guy in the face. But you know I would have done it."

Al nodded with a smile. "Yeah, but Faith you have a temper problem and knowing our luck the punk kid would have found something to sue for. Me… I don't have a future or anything to sue for. So what's really your middle name I know it's not go fuck yourself."

Faith's face distorted. "It never leaves the cell."

"Fine" Al replied.

Faith looked away fine. "It's Elanor."

Al looked away smirking. "Elanor"

"Shut up! It's what happens when you give birth then likely fail a breathalyzer test. I'm just thankful it wasn't Bloody Mary" Faith quipped as Al patted her on the shoulder and kindly informed her.

"it's nice, and Bud's middle name is Franklin." Faith couldn't help but just laugh right there with Al.

Faith smiled seeing that Al was actually just trying to protect her and cheer her up. She also saw a trio of cops enter one of whom was Marcy's husband wheeling what looked to be a birthday cake with a 100 in the middle. Along with a brownie with a number one candle like you'd get for a birthday cake for the baby's first birthday.

"Happy one hundred to you! Happy one hundred to you! Happy one hundred Dear Al! Happy one hundred to you!"

Al smiled and blew out the candles.

Faith turned to a chunky fat cop who said. "So Al, what you wish for?"

"A hundred more to get away form the wife." Al replied as all four men laughed. "So where are Ike and Griff? I can't believe they'd miss this."

"Contaminating evidence" The cop in the middle answered.

Faith looked around to her utter confusion. "OK what is going on here?"

Al smiled as he made the introductions. "Faith these are all good friends of mine. You already know the one on the left is Jefferson Darcy, the one in the middle is Officer Dan, the only here that's an actual cop, and the one on the right is Bob Rooney. Guys this is Faith Lehane."

Faith smiled and shook the hands of all three from her cell finishing with Office Dan. "So what was this about?"

Jefferson smiled. "Oh, tonight was a big night for Al."

Officer Dan nodded in agreement. "It was his official one hundredth time he was arrested." He put down the cake and grabbed the brownie. "Speaking of which Jefferson told us about you and if you're hanging out with him, we're probably going to be seeing a lot of each other."

Faith smiled just because of the way he said it. It wasn't strict you're a failure and we'll be seeing a lot more of you hard ass way she's used to hearing it. It seemed like a playful rib at Al more then anything.

Officer Dan continued. "And any friend of Al's is a friend of ours." He lights the candle. "Al, fellas."

"Happy first arrest to you! Happy first arrest to you! Happy first arrest Dear Faith! Happy first arrest to you!"

"And many more." Al quipped with a smile and gently touched her on the shoulder. "Come on Faith make a wish."

Faith smiled thinking of a wish never having anything like this, someone always looking out for her. She wants Al to be her watcher always. Faith blows out the candle to the applause of the guys.

The Present

Faith smiled thinking back to that day instead of aggravated assault thanks to what ended up being a spoiled rich kid. Al and his friends made sure all they had to do was pick up trash for three weekends since they never started the fight.

Al looked at her. "What's on your mind?"

"Your hundredth arrest." Faith replied.

"You know I'm up to 142." Al added.

Faith smiled with a bottle in hand and playfully toasted. "To two hundred"

"To two hundred" Al replied clinking Faith's bottle with his own.