Okay, I know that Harry's full name isn't Hadrian, but I don't like just plain Harry. So Hadrian it is!

They were young, about six and seven. The younger one, however, looked like he was only four. The oldest one could pass off as eight. They were swinging on the swings, giggling as the eldest's mother watched from the kitchen with a smile.

The smaller boy had raven colored hair, pale skin, and deep emerald eyes unlike any other color of eyes out there but hid behind thick framed glasses. He wore clothes that were six sizes too big, and a belt made of rope held up his pants. His shoes were falling apart, and it was soon to be school time. His name was Hadrian Potter. The bigger boy had dark chocolate colored hair, blue-green eyes, and tanned skin. He wore a blue polo shirt, jean shorts, and blue trainers. He towered over his friend. His name was Harvard Shiloh.

They were the best of friends, and nothing could take them apart. Not Vernon or Dudley, not the bullies, nothing.

"Harvey, I don't want you to move." Harry sobbed. They were eight and nine, and the younger boy wouldn't let go of his friend. Harvey would be leaving in one and a half days to live with his dad while his mom went to a doctor. "Why can't he move here?"

"Harry, I have a younger sister and brother he has to think about. I'll be back before you know it."

"But why?"

"Mum is really sick, Harry. You know that. There's a doctor in the states that can help her, but she didn't want me to be forced to move across seas. Just let her get better and I'll be back."

"But how can we stay in contact?"

"The house is ours. We'll send letters from it, okay?" He pulled Harry closer, "you better tell me if that man hurts you!"

"Alright...I'll miss you." Sniffed the small boy.

Harry glared at Severus Snape as he came out of the memory. The man blinked in surprise at seeing something from Harry's far past. He'd only wanted to see the last time Harry had saw Granger and Weasley.

"Was that necessary?"

"Who was that boy, Potter?"

"No one. He hasn't written back in three years, so it doesn't matter." Harry leaned against the desk behind him.

"If the dark-"

"He's a muggle, who moved to the states with his mum after she got better. I haven't heard from him since." Harry said bitterly. The man did a double take.

"Mr. Potter what did he mean-"

"By demanding I tell him if someone hurt me? Why do you care? None of the others do. Dumbledore just sends me back."

"You mean your relatives hurt you?"

"Why do you care?" Harry was backing towards the door, eyes defensive.

"Because the Dark Lord has ways to find him. All he has to do is see those two memories, put together that you care for this boy, and find him. Use that as the initiative that you need to fight me out."

"Maybe if you actually told me how I'm supposed to 'Clear my Mind' it would help! I can push you out as soon as I feel you, but not everyone enters like that, do they?" Harry growled. "I can't just go ask for the book in the library! It's in the restricted section!"

"I hadn't thought of that." Harry glared at the man.

"I'm leaving. If I stay, I'm going to do something to get myself thrown out."

A month later, Harry was making progress, but then he snapped, his only memories he managed to prevent Voldemort from seeing were seen. He ran to his mentor with tears. Within minutes, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, and Alistair 'Mad-eye' Moody were port-keying across the North Atlantic.

Harry sat up with Severus in the hospital wing. His body shaking as he awaited Harvey and the Dursleys. The man offered silent companionship as they sat. He would be helping Madam Pomfrey with the group that was brought in. They had no idea if they would get there before Voldemort, but they would try. Harry was deathly silent as he waited, his eyes vacant. A small spark appeared when a pop was heard. Then chaos.

The Dursleys appeared to be just shaken. They were force fed a calming, and a sleeping, drought. Harvey, however, needed both of the Healers attention. His mother sat, wide eyed on the bed next to him, opposite of Harry, who was also watching. The second she saw him, however, she was over, and holding him.

"Harry, Harry, Harry." She whispered, preening his hair between her fingers. "He'll be okay. Shh. It's okay. I'm here."

"I'm sorry, Aunt Claire! I'm so sorry!" Sniffled the fifteen year old.

"This isn't your fault." Harry let out a choked sob.

"But it is! If he wasn't my friend, this wouldn't happen! I'm so sorry!"

"None of that." She snapped soothingly. "I don't blame you, and nor does Harvard. It was Voldemort's fault." Harry stiffened. "Yes, we aren't muggle. It is why my husband left me when I was still pregnant. Why Harvard was forced into coming to the states with me. It wasn't your fault."

"Well, if it isn't Claire Shiloh." Severus smirked.


"You know Professor Snape?"

"I was in his class, Ravenclaw. Speaking of which, what is with the red and gold? You are not a Gryffin!" Harry flinched, looking away. "You developed a new mask, then."

"I'm sorry."

"No, I am. I should have fought them. I shouldn't have left you to those people. Oh, Harry, there are so many regrets that I have for just leaving-"

"But you didn't just leave. You were sick, Aunt Claire. You needed help!"

"Oh Harry...you are such a kindhearted little boy. The world doesn't deserve you." She murmured as her son stirred. the two moved back to her bed. "Harvard, love, wake up." Blue-green eyes opened, and then he gasped.

"Harry!" Harry jumped onto the teen's bed with a hug and sob. "Oh Harry, I'm sorry!"

"Why? Why did you stop writing? I was so scared that you didn't care anymore!"

"Never." The sixteen year old exclaimed, eyes wide with hurt. "I could never not care for you! You are my best friend, Hadrian James Potter!"

"How was I supposed to believe that when you don't write for three years, Harvey? I thought you hated me. That I had said something and lost you."

"Three years?" Repeated his slumped friend, eyes narrowing. "I stopped writing after you! I sent three letter over two and a half years ago demanding you write back. You never did."

"But..." Harry thought back to Dobby, "stupid house elf!"

"What does-"

"When I was about to enter my second year, a house elf tried to stop me from coming back for my own safety." Eventually his last four years at Hogwarts came spilling out. "So this was all a big misunderstanding between us?"


"Boys, get some sleep." Claire sighed, standing along with Severus. "Escort me to the headmaster, Snape."

"Yes, Shiloh."