Okay, you know when you get the feeling something isn't right about your house? Well, since I moved into mine three years ago, I've been like terrified of going up the stairs at night without the light on. I found out today that there had been a murder in my house. The girl was decapitated. Her body found in my old room, where I slept in the off room, and her head in the ditch right next to our driveway. Our house has been blessed with Holy Water five or six times already, but I still got a creep-out feeling without knowing?

Harry giggled excitedly as Elias paid for their tickets. Sure, he had a bit of money on himself, but Elias had made him swear not to buy a lot. That he would pay. They were at a muggle amusement park in America. Nathan and Harvey had long since disappeared into the crowd.

"Where to first?" The veela asked, smiling.

"Can we go on a rollercoaster?" The man chuckled leading him to a corkscrew. A few roller coasters, bumper cars, and yo-yos. Since it was lunch time, they grabbed an elephant's ear to share, and poked their way through the games. They finally met up with the other two, Harvey holding a stuffed bear about half the size he was. Harry held a stuffed rabbit the same size. Both teens were hyper on sugar.

"Can you even understand what they are saying?" Elias whispered to his slightly older brother. He got a shake of the head in reply.

"I only caught our names, theirs, the words prank, and great." The men shared uneasy looks. "I really don't want to know."

"Eli, can we go-" And off they were. The night was finished out by a ride on the ferris wheel. Harry barely even grumbled with the trip through the floo. Dumbledore just shooed them to their rooms. Upon coming to the Ravenclaw Tower, both boys had the back of their hands kissed. "Thank you, Eli. I had a great time."

"Me too, Nate." The boys f\shared a look before kissing the men on their cheeks. "See you tomorrow."

The following weeks, came fast, yet slow too. Harry and Draco had a tentative friendship. Dolores was a bitch. Finally, the OWLS were right around the corner. Harry wouldn't stop freaking out, and Harvey was just as bad. The men were practically pulling their beautiful blond hair out.

"Sorry." Harry murmured as he finally curled up next to Elias. The veela let out a sigh.

"It's fine, I understand. I was almost the same way." Harry grinned, burrowing closer to the man. They were in the ROR, along with Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Draco, Luna, Harvey, and Nathan.

"So, after the owls, and this year, please tell me that we can leave and go somewhere fun!" He begged.

"I promise, that you will see more of the world this year. Where would you like to go?"

"I don't know...can you tell me about your family?" The man nodded.

"My family is big. My brother and I are of a set of nine. My mother from a family of ten, father a family of seven. They all have children now. My Grand-mère, who is my mother's mother, is a strict, but loving person who has two siblings of her own. Grand-père was an only child because his mother died when he was young. Grandmother is from the states, and She married into the Bishop family. They had my father, and took him to France to meet Grandfather's family. He was out one night, and met Mama.

"We all get along. More than a family probably should. We have a mix of veelas, elves, vampires, werewolves, and fae in our family. My line takes after Grand-mère's side with the veela. One cousin line is vampiric, another lupin, and so on."

"It sounds great...like how my family should have been. How it could have been if Voldemort..."

"They are your family now, too, Harry. Just as they are Harvey, Nate, and my own." Harry blushed, smiling softly. "You're beautiful." The blush deepened.

"You like seeing me blush, don't you?" Harry demanded, getting a laugh in return. Harry pouted as he poked the man in the side. Elias retaliated by tickling Harry, and soon had the teen sobbing with laughter. "Elias...can't...breath!" He gasped out. The blonde chuckled, carding a hand through his chosen mate's hair. Harry didn't hesitate to lean up and kiss the man. Their friends and family gagged in response.

"I did not need to see that!" Ron whined, turning to Hermione. "Burn my eyes out! Please!"

"Oh shut up Ron. It's hot." The other girls nodded in agreement. Harry flushed, hiding his head in his boyfriend's chest.

"I'm going to be permanently red!" He whined, getting cooed at.

The following week, the OWL and NEWT testing was tiring and long. It was during dinner, that Crookshanks entered the room, a rat in his mouth. Harry instantly knew what that rat was.

"WORMTAIL!" Apparently, so had Ron. Hermione stunned the squirming rat before she picked it up in disgust.

"Professors! We caught Wormtail." All the Order members understood instantly. Professor McGonagall cast the spell to change the man back to his human form. Screams followed, along with a thump from Umbridge. Dumbledore sent a Patronus to get the Aurors.

Hours later, Sirius was hugging his godson as a free man.

"They have to admit he's back, right? And I'm not going back to the Dursleys?" The man nodded, grinning. "Good."

Harry knew, though, that the next year would be even harder.