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Buffy: Post Killed by Death very AU

X-Men evolution somewhere in season 2

Buffy lay down in bed considering her life. It used to be so easy. She was a child of a broken home and it was her job to fight the forces of evil as she was the one and only slayer. A year in Sunnydale later and remember that sacred calling well ha ha Buffy you're not the slayer apparently you're a mutant and some girl named Kendra is the slayer. Oh and that broken home you were the one that broke it. Ends up a DNA test reveals that she's neither the daughter of Joyce Summers or Hank Summers Hank always knew apparently and dealt with it for Joyce but it came a surprise to her mother when she found out she couldn't give Buffy blood. Add to that Angel the one person who didn't freak when they found out she wasn't the slayer is currently a psycho and she can safely say her life sucks beyond the telling of it.

Buffy hears the phone ring and picked it up. "Hello"

"Hey Buffy"

Buffy picked up the phone and rested against the corner. "Hey cuz assuming I can still call you that."

"What's that supposed to mean?" The voice on the other end asked.

"I got real sick last week I with a fever I even ended up in the hospital. They drew blood and apparently Joyce and Hank Summers aren't my real parents." Buffy listened to the silence on the other end. "Yeah shocker huh."

"A little bit but Buffy you're talking to someone who knows better then anyone that family is a lot more then blood."

Buffy stretched out her arms. "Try telling that to Joyce she looks like she's trying to figure out a way to throw me out without the danger of me hurting her. You think the last seventeen years would mean something."

"Even if she's not your mother she knows you'd never hurt her. Why would she throw you out?"

Buffy smiled wryly on the other end of the phone wondering how he'll react to this. "Think back to your time at the orphanage."

"I'd rather not. Wait you mean to tell me that my little cousin is actually."

"I'm not your little cousin I'm 2 months older then you." Buffy countered.

"Yeah but I've been taller since I was ten." The voice replied excited. "So what can you do?"

Buffy ran through it. "Enhanced speed and strength, regenerative abilities, and my sense of smell has gone through the roof. No chocolate is safe from me."

"Ah man you're an estrogen powered mini Logan I'm going to have nightmares for weeks."

Buffy's face formed a glare on the other end. "I am nothing like Logan and you're going to pay for that next time I get my hands on you."

The voice on the other end laughed. "Yeah I'm quaking in my boots."

Buffy couldn't help but form a smile of her own. "Keep it up slim and someone I know of is going to find out about a certain person's undying love for her."

"Truce" The voice offered.

Buffy laid back and looked at Mr. Gordo. "Truce"

"You know if you and Joyce are having a hard time there's always room for you at the Xavier institute."

Buffy chuckled innocently. "That was subtle. You should meet my friend Cordelia. I'll think about it but right now I have at least three loose ends to clear up before I even think of leaving Sunnydale." She calls them Angel, Spike and Drusilla.

"I'll talk to the Professor I'm sure there will be a room for you if you want it... and Buffy… it doesn't matter what a piece of paper says. You'll always be a Summers to me."

Buffy smiled at least someone in her family cares about her. "Thanks Scott"

Two SHIELD agents saluted an elderly man with white hair and an eye patch as he walked by.

Nick Fury walked into the lab he was called into. He sees the scientist hard at work with a drip installed into each arm. If you met the other guy you wouldn't question why Fury has the scientist constantly high on doxymol. Scary thing is even high as a kite Bruce Banner is still one of the greatest minds out there.

"Tell me some good news doctor." Fury ordered.

Bruce Banner looked at him. "Well I can tell you good bad and confusing. What do you want Sergeant Fury?"

"Start with the good make it the highlight of my day." Fury ordered

Bruce looked at the screen and brought up a DNA print. "I found the cure for Captain America."

Fury looked at him in still trying to pull it together they've been at this for fifty years. "And where did you find this little blueprint after years of research."

"I didn't" Banner answered honestly if he could make a DNA sample like this the Hulk would be taken care of a long time ago. "Agent Coulsen found this tiny sample of blood that's the bad news. I destroyed the only sample analyzing it."

Fury held his head so close but so far. "One good eye pays off. So what's the confusing news?"

Banner looked at the screen and pulled up two strands from the DNA sample. "You see these; the one on the left is the DNA of an X-gene mutant."

"And the right?" Fury asked.

"Super Soldier enhanced DNA it's also a genetic match for Captain America."

Fury looked at the monitor. "Rogers never had a kid."

"Even if he did this DNA sample would be too young to be his." Banner replied.

Fury looked at Banner. "You can't tell age from blood."

Bruce smirked. "SHIELD technology is a bit more advanced then a local police department sir. Whoever this is it's only a kid 14-20."

Fury looked at him. "So what can you tell me about patient zero?"

"Female age 14-20. Likely lives in Sunnydale California. A blood transfusion from her should be able to heal Captain America completely. They're both A negative like father like daughter so I'm guessing she was an experiment to get the perfect super soldier serum given her age."

"Is there any more of the blood?" Fury asked.

Banner shakes his head no. "According to this all of the blood was stolen by a gang on PCP according to witnesses. So unless you have one hell of a blood hound up your sleeve I think you should look for another way."

Fury thought about it if it was anyone else they'd be screwed right now but since its Cap they might just have one hell of a bloodhound.

Scott walked out of his room he feels sorry Buffy but a part of him is happy that she might be coming to the institute. He was sad that Alex shot them down but Buffy might be on her way here. Scott stopped seeing a familiar redhead in a pink shirt and khaki pants that he loves. "Jean"

Jean looked at Scott and saw genuine happiness in his eyes. "Whoa, did you hit the lottery."

"No it's good news for me but bad news for someone else." Scott answered.

Jean looked at him. "Well what are you so happy about?"

"Buffy might be on her way here. Ends up she's a mutant." Scott answered.

Jean smiled she liked Buffy the couple times they met of course they were young. "Did her skin turn blue?"

Scott realized Jean is asking what has her so upset and his mood instantly changed. "Well as it ends up Joyce and Hank aren't her biological parents and it has her really upset."

Jean looked at Scott. "I didn't know Buffy was adopted."

"She wasn't." Scott answered. "But for whatever reason her DNA didn't come from Joyce or Hank and Joyce is too freaked out to be around her since her powers manifested from the sounds of it."

Jean frowned she'd hate to have that happen and was thankful for parents who were just happy that their baby was awake when she woke up from her coma. "Well maybe things will get better for her when she's here."

"If she comes here." Scott replied. "She said she still has business to take care of at home."

Buffy collected her things for school from her locker and saw Willow walking up to her. Well one happy face is better then none she and Xander mellowed after a week when they found out Buffy wasn't the slayer. "Hey Will did you get into trouble with the frog thing?"

"Nah I'm a rebel." Willow replied. "So how are you today?"

"Do you have to ask? My whole life was defined by my slayerism now I don't know who I am. I'm not even Joyce's daughter."

"You're still Buffy to me." Willow replied.

The two girls walked to the library and are taken back by the sight of Giles wallowing while packing his things. Buffy stops and frowns she should have seen this coming. God knows how long he fought it. "So I guess the watchers aren't that concerned about leaving the mouth of hell unprotected."

Willow looked at the two. "What's going on?"

"The council fired Giles." Buffy replied like it should have been obvious.

Giles frowned. "Not fired just transferred. I tried to stay but the council threatened to deport me if I wasn't out of Sunnydale by sunset. Bunch of Pilocks."

"How can they move you?" Willow asked.

Buffy punched the book cage so hard that she dented it. "Because Giles is a watcher and I'm not a slayer."

"In everything but slayerness you stopped two apocalypses. You killed the Master while the actual slayer died against a no named vamp in Alabama calling Kendra. You fought harder and longer then either of those two." Willow argued.

Buffy shrugged part of her is happy for Giles to see him forced off the hellmouth after what happened to Jenny. "So where are you going?"

"A watcher in Boston is having trouble reeling in her potential slayer she asked me for some assistance." Giles his past he thinks he could be useful with his past.

"So what's her name?" Buffy asked wondering who's going to be lucky enough to have Giles as her real watcher.

"Faith Lehane" Giles answered.

Buffy didn't say a word and hugged her watcher. Willow frowned realizing this will likely be the last time she sees the Englishman as well as she joined in.

Xander came in and saw the group hug. "Oh god we're going to die aren't we?"

A feral black haired man was riding through the forest on his motorcycle. Logan stopped at the top of the hill to collect himself. He's proud of his work as one of the X-Men but there are too many teenagers in the house now it does a number on his senses. He looks up and sees a SHIELD helicopter and groans in frustration seeing Fury come out of it.

"What are you doing here Patch? I stopped working with you years ago."

Fury came out and looked at him. "Your country needs your help."

"I'm Canadian." Logan replied at least as far as he remembers.

"Even if it meant saving Steve Rogers." Fury asked as Logan turned around.

Logan growled as three metallic claws came out of each hand. "You might want to speak or I'll go after your good eye and I don't mean Coulsen."

Fury looked at him in a neutral face. "We're not playing any tricks Logan we figured out the cure to Captain America but we need your help to find it. We could always go to Creed but we'd prefer it if it was you making the call."

Logan looked at him. Fury doesn't expect him to actually bite on that line does he? "So tell me about the cure."

"The source of the cure is a mutant." Fury answered. "Likely a teenage girl in Sunnydale, California."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Teenage girl in California now if that don't scream needle in a haystack."

Fury walked back to the helicopter. "I'm sure you have a way to narrow it down."

Logan does just have Charles use Cerebro but he's not handing a little girl over to SHIELD. "If I do this I'm working alone."

Fury looked at him. "You know I can't let you do that."

"I'm not asking nicely because I know what you'll do once you have her." Logan answered all of Fury's secrets are why he quit SHIELD in the first place. "It's me or the super soldier serum falls into the hands of Magneto."

Fury looked at him and knew he wasn't this one and honestly he doesn't want to. "Fine we'll drop you off wherever you want." Fury waves his hand and a squad of agents carry Logan's bike on board.

Logan walks in with Fury. "By the way what's with the toothpick?"

"Cigar smoke makes Banner angry." Fury replied.

Buffy, Willow, and Xander were each walking through the halls of Sunnydale high this seemed like much happier times not that long ago. Buffy felt a hand grab her ass and she almost growled as she grabbed the arm and slammed the swim team member's head into the locker.

"I think you owe me an apology." Buffy quipped feeling like she could snap his arm at any given point.

Willow's eyes lit up as she saw Snyder staring. "Buffy… Buffy."

Xander saw it and grabbed Buffy's arm. "Buff let go."

Buffy released it and sent the jock flying and rolls her eyes seeing Snyder.

The bold troll just had an irritating smirk to him. "This is a glorious day I caught you Summers hook line, and sinker I smell an expulsion coming."

Buffy looked at him. "Women's self defense isn't an excuse for an expulsion." Buffy developed a twisted face not really caring anymore. "This is."

Before Snyder could respond Buffy had her hand back and swung connecting with Snyder right across the jaw knocking him to the floor out cold.

Willow looked in shock. "Buffy!"

"Man Buff we all dreamed of it but so few has had the guts to actually do it." Xander quipped.

Buffy doesn't say a word and just walks right past the two and straight out of school she's not even Buffy Summers or the slayer she doesn't belong here.

Willow walked into her computer science class practically drained now having to teach of all things. Buffy is expelled despite her Xander and Jonathon's complaints that Snyder just fell down some stairs. Add to that the people whispering freak's friend isn't exactly helping. Willow held her head and tried to focus. "Please be quiet so we can start."

Willow tired to tune it out but the class didn't do a thing for her. "I said… SHUT UP!" To Willow's surprise a decent portion of the class started to float. Students were hoisted up in metal chairs as monitors and keyboards came crashing down from the metallic desks. Her wooden teachers desk sat alone as paperclips and staples started floating. So it's not everything its just metal.

Willow collects herself as everything comes crashing down and the students flee. Willow keeps nothing floating but a yellow floppy disk as she rips apart the metal seal without even touching it destroying the disk with Angel's restoration spell on it. "That was nifty."

Buffy came home and saw her mother quiet. "Hey"

"Hey" Joyce replied not sure how to react around her.

"I uh got expelled. I punched Snyder in the face."

Joyce nodded. "Oh, ok… Do you think they swapped you with another baby?"

Buffy swallows deep resistant to show how much that hurt. "We still bonded over the past seventeen years at least I'd like to think that counts for something."

"It's just how they could, or I not know that…"

Buffy cut her off having a sinking feeling where it was going. "Screw you Joyce I'm taking care of something tonight and then I'm moving to the Xavier institute with Scott."

Joyce chased after her but Buffy closed the door. "Buffy… Buffy" Joyce knocked on the door and when no one answered she broke it open and saw she went out the window.

Angelus, Spike and Drusilla were having a late afternoon snack in the form of a sixteen year old runaway unfortunate enough to come to the mansion. Dru was sinking into her neck getting every drop she could while Angelus got a wrist and Spike from his wheelchair got a thigh.

Angelus smirked nothing like a child to wash away the blood and smell of an abomination ends up soul boy as usual screwed it up Buffy wasn't even an actual slayer.

Drusilla's eyes lit up in fear as she whimpered and started throwing a tantrum. "No, no their sharp they cut through everything. No Daddy no angel beast no Spike just them please no."

Spike looked at her concerned. "Hey luv what's wrong?"

"A great darkness is coming."

At that the front door is kicked open revealing Buffy. "Well she's got that right."

Angelus smiles seeing Buffy she's already at the end of her line. "Why Ms. Summers who brought you to this doorstep."

"Willy." Buffy answered not showing her usual slayer tongue.

Angelus smiled looking at her. "So are you ready for this."

Buffy just nodded and delivers a blow to Angel's jaw. "I'm ready."

Logan was down in the blood lab sniffing the air around him thankfully SHIELD had this made a perpetual crime scene so nothing was cleaned or moved. Logan picked up the scent of the Super Soldier Serum in the girl's blood as he explored the hospital and came to a stop in what he's thinking is a currently vacant room and the kid inside drawing simply sneaked in. "What are you drawing kid?"

"I'm drawing a picture of my hero and my name is Ryan."

Logan looks at the picture ready to endure the cute diabetic... What the hell? Alright this is his kind of picture. He sees a crudely blond haired girl in a blue shirt and pants covered in blood standing over a blackish monster that's pretty much laid out in its own blood. "So does your hero have a name?"

"Buffy Summers"

Logan nodded that should be enough for Chuck to give him an exact location.

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Buffy's backstory will be revealed in the actual story if written.