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Genre: Supernatural, Family, Action, Drama, Humor, & Romance (maybe)


-Chapter 1: Kyra-

All my life I've been running away or fighting demons. Demons. That's the only word that is best enough to describe those horrific creatures I see all the time. Ever since I could remember, I've always seen these creatures. No one really even notices them, not even my adopted father, Keith, could see them too.

Only I can.

I've told people about them, tried to warn them, but they just ignore me. Saying I'm crazy. There was a time the police tried to take me away from Keith, and put me in treatment. You know for me being supposedly 'crazy'. Keith wouldn't let them, he told them I was just a child, and I'm probably just imagining them.

If only that was true.

Keith would get after me everytime I talk about the demons. He wanted me to stop with this nonsense, or otherwise I would be taken away from him. That is one of the things I don't want to ever happen. One day I just stop talking about them, but my seeing of demons increase.

No one was there to help me. To support me through all this. Not even my friends, but how could they? How could they help me if they can't see them? That's when I realize only one who can help me is myself, because I am the only person to see these things.

Well the only one I know of so far.

As a child it was hard for me. It was very frightening and tough, but I manage it somehow. The years went by I no longer was afraid of them. In fact I hunt them now, but only in secret. Since I don't want all the demons know I'm killing their kind.

When I was 11 years old that is when I realize I really was different from everyone else.

It happen in early September, I remember it was a Friday, and I was just getting out of school. I was somehow pulled into Limbo, a dimension that exists parallel to the human world, controlled by demons. I was soon surrounded by some demons known as Rages. Scared and confused I didn't know what to do, other than to run for my life.

So I ran, and ran away from the demons. Soon I was corner by those freaks. Nowhere else to run, I was about to accept my fate, but something deep inside told me to not give up. To keep fighting. Brave but yet stupid, I stood up against the demons. Before one of the creatures could latch its sharp canine teeth into my flesh, a violet light shot out of my hands at the creature. Causing it to explode into tiny pieces.

Not only my hand was glowing, the purple amulet around my neck was as well. The crazy thing is I killed each and every one of those creatures shooting that strange light out of my hands. It's weird, all I got to do is imagine all my energy gathering up in the palms of my hands and releasing it all at once. It was cool but very tiring.

Once all the demons were killed, something else happen. A bow appeared in my hands. It was a recurve bow, silver with demonic designs, but in the middle was a violet gem. I notice on my back there was a quiver and inside is violent glowing arrows. Shine so bright, even I can't stand to look at them. I could also make the bow and arrows disappear, and appear in my hands.

After I killed the demons, it took me a while to find my way back to the real world. Once I came back, I found out whatever happens in Limbo happen in real world. For instance when I accidentally broke down a door in Limbo, it happen in the real world. This makes sense about strange phenomena things that happen.

I did not tell Keith about what happen. I actually didn't tell anyone. Who would believe me anyways. I would just be a crazy girls in their eyes, but it don't matter to me. At least now I have a reason to see the demons. A purpose to kick their asses.

This strange power I possess. It is not normal nor human. Which I know for a fact I am not human, but I don't know what I am. No human can see demons. Or have the abilities to summon some demonic bow or summon spells like a sorceress.

Could I be demon?

No, I don't think so. I could be, since I'm 16 years old with a unique, long, bright color, natural, orange hair and gray-blue eyes that can see far from a distant. I can jump building to building without any hesitation and I could see far away like hawk.

Also the fact I am adopted and I had no memories of myself since the prior age of 4. No one knew my parents, hell I was found in the middle of the road and apparently had amnesia. No one knew who I was so they put me in an orphanage where I was adopted by Keith soon after.

Keith's not an abusive parent, but he is strict though. Even though he may seem cold at times, but he cares very deeply about me. Always calling on me, making sure I'm okay. He's like dad to me, but I won't call him that. It feels weird to call him that. Even though it was easier when I was younger.

Keith lost his wife and son in a fire accident two years before he met me. I guess you can say he adopt me, because he was lonely. That's what I think. I know he loved them very much. He even talks about them from time to time.

"Yo Kyra, are you listening to this crap?" said my friend, Neah, pulling me right out of my thoughts. Her light brown eyes turn back to look at the T.V in the living room in her house.

Setting the book I was reading moments ago down on my lap, and turn to look at the T.V. I move to side so Neah's short raven hair of her big head wasn't in the way of my view. On the T.V. is showed the Raptor News Network, that weird god believer Bob Barbas guy was on showing a clip of that 'terrorist' group.

On the screen showed a man wearing a dark coat with a long tail on the right side, and a collar with a larger left side. There is a blue band on the left bicep of his coat. I can't see his face since he is wearing a very disturbing clown mask. On the bottom of the screen it says Terrorist Wanted.

I leaned forward on the couch as I listen to what he was saying. "The demon's have been increasing their power for millennia. They are on the verge of controlling mankind." The man put his hands together as the camera zoom in closer at his face. "Citizens, we have been kept sleeping in a manufactured illusion for too long. We must wake up!"

The clip is cut off and now it's back to Bob Barbas. "The mask lunatic you see there claims to represent an organization called The Order." Bob Barbas said as he rolled his eyes. "Now this group has claimed responsibility for several serious attacks in recent weeks. He is undoubtedly a traitor and a terrorist."

Neah nodded, agreeing with the fat guy while I simply rolled my eyes at what he said.

"And I for one am not for the death penalty, so... there's only one way to do it: illegally shoot the son of a bitch." Bob smile as the news was about to end. "This is Bob Barbas, just doin' God's work."

I scoff, yeah God's work alright. "I don't see how is death the point to solve everything." I said as I walk into Neah's kitchen to get something to drink.

Neah followed me shortly after. She leaned against the counter in her kitchen. "So you think that lunatic don't deserve death?" I nodded. "Kyra, his group killed five people last week with a bomb. Those were members of the Silver Sacks Towers."

'They're probably demons as well.'

"Alright he's crazy." I said as I take a drink of the virility drink I open up.

These past years I've found out I wasn't the only one who can see the demons. Ever since this guy and his so-called group,The Order, showed up, they've been trying to warn people about the demons. Which is good, because everyone needs to wake the hell up. They need to realize demons are real and they're taking control of us.

Just like The Order, I hunt the demons down, but from afar like they do. Well sometimes I attack them in secret, but most of the time up close range. Each day, I go out and kill some of them. I can't kill all of them since it'll be a pain in the ass and very tiring for me. I'm just trying to protect as much people as I can, especially the people I care about.

I make sure the demons stay away from Keith and my friends. Lately the demons been getting rile up. More are showing up. It's getting pretty tiring, but it's my job to kill these assholes. To make sure no one will lose someone dear to them.

"Hold on, don't tell me you're just like Jason. You think demons are real too!" Neah said. "You two are bunch of dorks, they're not real.

Yeah my other friend, Jason, he believes they're real. However he also believe vampires and werewolves are real. I don't think those two are real. Never came across them.

I simply frown at her. "You're assuming things Neah. I don't believe in demons, or any of that fairy nonsense." Lies of course, but it'll get her to shut up though.

"Well if only Jason was like that. I'm seriously getting tired of his supernatural crap." She said. "He's only going to get bullied more if he keeps this up."

"Yea no kidding."

"If I was getting bullied I would have told my mom, but Jason wanted to act the tough guy refuses to tell his parents. Would you tell Keith if you're getting bullied well to the point where you can't take it anymore?" She said.

I gave a small shrug. "I dunno, probably ignore like I always do." I said as I touch the violet amulet around my neck, that is in front of my chest. Rubbing it's smooth, small texture. Neah's eyes lower at this.

"... Wasn't that from your... real parents?"

I shook my head. "Maybe... I'm going to go use the bathroom." I said as I walk out of her kitchen down the hallways.

We're the only two in her house. Her parents are at work while Keith is out bowling with his pals. I didn't want to stay home so I went to Neah's house since she's the only friend available. Don't get me wrong. I love Neah, but she sometimes gets annoying. Even though she's a year older than me, but she acts like a child at times.

Walking into the bathroom, closing the door behind me, I stood in front of the mirror. Looking at my appearance. My orange hair grew the last time I check. It's stops right about above my hip, but I have it in a ponytail since I hate letting it out. Where it'll get tangled and is a pain in the neck to get rid of the knots. What can I say, I have pretty sensitive head.

My purple sweater and black shirt are worn out and dirty. I need to get a new clothes soon. The blue jeans I'm wearing aren't so bad, neither is my white tennis shoes. My clothes match my amulet though. Actually purple has always been my favorite color. At first it was blue then red and now purple. Combination of my other two favorite colors.

I touch my violet amulet and turn it over where I can see my name, Kyra, is engraved on the back.

My parents...

I don't remember that much about my childhood before. All I could remember is seeing a woman with beautiful red wavy hair and a man with silver hair in elegant style. I think those two were my parents. Who's to say.

However, those two aren't the only people I could remember. I remember seeing two boys. About the same age, same faces, I think they're identical twins. One has black hair while other one had silver hair. They're both have the same amulet like mine but different colors: blue and red.

Both of them smiling at me, for some reason when I think about it. They've seem really important to me.

That's all I could remember. I could barely remember hearing their voices or anything else. No matter how hard I tried to remember, it's just a fog. A mist covering my memories. I wish I could remember.

Really I do.

I let my amulet go and start rinsing my hands. I better go back out there or she'll think I ditch her again. Got to enjoy the peace I can. After all I've got to out hunting again soon.

Suddenly the light in the bathroom start flickering. The hell? I walk out of the bathroom to find Neah's house completely quiet. No sound coming from her T.V. or her annoying voice. Nothing.

"Neah?" I called out her name as I walk into her living room to find it empty. Where could she have gone?

The lights in her house start flickering then some of the wall pieces came out and float in the air. Even some parts of the ground came up and floated as well. The room darken with an ominous aura. The light turning into a red color.

I frowned. "Oh you gotta be freakin kidding me." I said as I waved my hands around and summon my bow in my hands. "Looks like we're going hunting early Sariel."

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