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Genre: Supernatural, Family, Action, Drama, Humor, Tragedy, & Romance (maybe)


-Chapter 3: Familiar Face Of A Stranger-

Neah could not stop talking about yesterday's attack that was on the news or what happen in her house. That also reminds me, her parents were, well still are mad at her for wrecking their house last night. They didn't buy her story though so it's three months being grounded for her.

For the entire morning at school, Neah kept going on and on about how The Order are just crazy people and they need to be brought to justice.

It doesn't help that most of the students at this ignorant school agrees with her. They all believe Bob Barbas is telling the truth, and how execution is a good punishment for murderers such as The Order. I sear they're just as bad as that fat bastard.

If only they know demons are real, and The Order is really telling the truth.

"I'm telling you, I really think The Order is trying to kill everyone! Why else would that crazy clown guy attack the pier?" Said Neah, as everyone around her at her desk, agrees with her. Nodding their head and no doubt in their mind they believe, her story is true.

"I cannot believe that crazy man killed 10 people yesterday and 25 were sent to the hospital because of that incident."

"Talk about murder."

"The police need to find them soon and bring them to justice."

"I believe that Bob Barbas is right about them. They're nothing but murderers!"

I rolled my eyes as all the idiot at the table across from me start agreeing to what one of them what they just said. Great. Bob Barbas has not only got to my best friend but almost my entire class.

Neah should not have told them about yesterday. Now I know for sure they're going to talk to me next. I don't want to talk about any of this with them, especially with Melissa and her drama group.

I'm in my classroom at school since it is a Wednesday, but it's only a half-a day due to the incident what happen yesterday. Apparently few of the our teachers are some of the victims who were caught up in that. They weren't kill, thank god, but they were rush to the hospital due to serious injuries.

"Ain't she the popular one now." I turn to look at Jason who is sitting in his seat and looking right over at Neah and the drama seekers around her.

Small dark bags are shown behind his glasses underneath his dark green emerald eyes, he probably stayed up all night doing research on the Supernatural. I know he did since his black spiky hair is all messy, and he's wearing a TMNT shirt with a black sweater, black sweats, and sandals. Jason never wears sweats or sandals to school unless he's late. He always fix his hair unless he's really tired and cannot do it.

I shouldn't judge what he is wearing. My clothes ain't any better. Just a plain purple sleeve shirt with blue jeans and white/black converse. My hair is put up in the pony tail as always since I hate it when it's down. I might think about cutting it, but I know Keith decide against it, since he says he loves my long hair. That old fart has to live with it.

"Woah, aren't you tired. Stay up all night researching again? Or masturbating to some porn? Or maybe both?" I ask, half laughing, finishing up my assignment that our principal gave us since our teacher is one of the victims that went to the hospital. I hope Ms. Handrix is alright. She's a good teacher but bitchy at some times.

A deep blush appear on his face. He push up his glasses, he does that when he's embarrass. "For your information I was investigating, sicko." He said calmly.

"I was kidding, so why were you investigating? Don't tell me you think what happen yesterday is The Order's fault. I don't want another Bob Barbas."

"On the contrary, I was investigating not because of The Order, but for this." Jason pull out pictures and toss them on my desk. Looking at the pictures, it was the pier, well what's left of it anyways. Is that what he's investigating?

"... I don't see anything, but rubble." I said as Jason sigh.

"Look at them closely." Leaning closer to the picture, looking at every centimeter of the picture. Seconds later I finally spot what he's trying to show me.

It's a boy, who looks about couple years older than me, about 19 or 20 to say at least. I can't see his face entirely but he has black hair, with the sides of his head shaved, forming a mohawk out of the hair at the top of his head, tapering off into a point at the nape of his neck.

He's wearing a black, 3/4-length, hooded leather jacket with red interior linings and the British Union flag sewn on the left arm, a gray tank top, black fingerless gloves, black faded jeans, and black military boots.

The boy is jumping off from a building to the ground. The next pictures look like it was shot out of Jason's house, it showed that boy again but this time jumping from a building to the next one that was couple meters way where no human can jump that far.

The last picture showed the boy jumping off the building but this time it looks like he was running from something.

"I saw that guy leaving the pier after that incident happen. Then I seen him outside my house couple hours of ago jumping from building to building." Jason start explaining to me.

Now I understand.

I hand Jason back his pictures. "Let me guess, you think that guy is responsible for what's happening instead of The Order?"

Jason look over at Neah and back me. He leaned forward to whisper in a low voice so those radar ears over there won't hear us. "Yes, because that guy don't seem normal at all. He even has the look of bad written all over him. Besides no normal person can jump that far.

"You are right about that, but Jason, you can't judge a person by their looks." I said, because there demons among us that disguise themselves as humans. If only you know that.

"Okay fine, what if he isn't the person responsible for what's happening, but explain to me on how he can jump eight yards from a three-story building to the next one?"

I shrugged. "Well ummm... have you ever thought he was you know... a super hero? I don't know Jason."

Actually I might know, that boy could be a demon in disguise. It's a 50/50 chance though, because he could be just like me. Whatever kind of human, creature, I am.

Jason shook his head. "You're not understanding what I just said. I'm trying to say..." Jason look over at Neah and back at me. Making sure they're not listening, so the drama talk wouldn't be increased. "This guy is not human."


I sigh, "Jason... I need you to answer me honestly... Do you think demons... are real? If so, do you think they're trying to control us?" I ask him. Yeah call me moron for asking him, but I am curious to know if he really does believe they exist.

"Answer to your first question, yes I think demons are real. I know that we're not the only species in the entire universe." Jason said. Ain't that the truth. Here I thought we, or to say the humans are the only and dominant species on the planet. If only people knew.

"Well? What about the other question then?"

"... My answer to that question is no. I don't think demons are trying to control us. If they did, we would see them and known about them by now." Jason explain.

That's true, but demons are very smart bastards though. They have disguise themselves well among us. There even some that are famous celebrities, politicians, hell some could be presidents.

They have gain power and control of us for a while now. Who is to say we are not already being controlled by them now? I've think they're almost are, but I won't allow them to do that.

"True, anyways that's all I wanted to ask." I said, not wanting to talk about demons anymore. Tired of fighting them and hearing about them. If I had a wish, I would wish all the demons to be gone. The world would finally be at peace at last.

"Say Kyra... Are you really okay? Lately you've been getting distance with Neah and me. We hardly see you around and you seem a bit distance when we do see you. Is something going on?" Jason ask, his emerald eyes staring at me with concern.

There is something going on. Lately demons have been showing up more frequently than usual. Also yesterday a demon said I am the child of... Sparda... and Eva the whore. Who could possibility be my mother, because the demon knew the name of my bow. It said it belong to Eva.

Not only that, I just got a death threat from that same bastard, that I'll die along with a brother, I didn't know I have, or don't have, just like my mother.

It was also hard to sleep last night since I had this uneasy feeling something bad is going to happen. Even though I put a barrier around my apartment room, that uneasy feeling didn't leave. Back then it was hard using magic but after killing demons more and finding grimoires, I actually know a lot of spells. Some even to darker magic, which I'll never use since it require life force, aka a living creature.

Anyways even now, I still have that uneasy feeling. A knot in my gut, telling me a disaster is going to happen soon.

"I'm fine, I've just... been dealing with family issues..." I lied to him.

Well its partially true though in a way.

Giving him the best smile I could, I spoke. "Don't worry, I'm fine Jason."

"Okay, if you say so." Jason said, sounding bit nervous though, I can tell he didn't entirely buy it.

Look I want to tell him, really I do, but I just can't. I know I am a bad friend for not telling him or Neah, but I can't risk putting them in danger. I'm doing this to protect them. One day they will understand if they ever found out.

Besides they wouldn't believe me anyways unless I showed them. Well I know for a fact Jason will believe right away but Neah is stubborn. She's the type to see it to believe it. Just like that type when she didn't believe that I could drive a car till I showed her. Which I very much regret since she now force me to take her wherever she goes.

Through all this, I am just confused... about everything. Especially about yesterday.

Just who am I?

What am I?

I slowly brought my hand up to touch the purple amulet around my neck. This is all I have since I lost my memories. I can barely remember it, but... this is a gift from my mother. Since that incident with that demon yesterday, I am more curious on to find out who I am.

"Kyra, you're daydreaming again." Jason said, I felt him push my shoulders, but I didn't turn to look at him. Too focus on my thoughts right now.

"Don't bother Jason, she is always like that. It's like she is in her own little world."

"Pft! You're one to talk Neah. You just got done giving your speech to your little Nazi group over there."

"What's that suppose to mean huh Jason?"


"Oh no you're starting something, so just say it."

"Well I'm just ending it thank you very much." Jason said as he and Neah start arguing back and forth. It's normal, but if it goes on more than 5 minutes than it's very annoying for me.

Feeling my eyebrow starting to twitch in annoyance, they're petty little argument is making me lose my focus and giving me a massive headache.

Suddenly Neah jumps to hug me. Her short raven hair press up against my cheek, she's leaning on to me. "Kyra, Jason is being mean."

Jason frown. "I am not." He push his glasses up slightly. "I'm just stating the truth."

"How is calling me drama starter the truth?"

"Well you are duh."

"I am not! Shut up!"

I sigh, "Both of you two knock it off already." I said as I glare at both of them then turn my attention to Neah. She jump back a little from my death glare. "And you, quit saying shit, you're only going to get into trouble."

I push Neah off when the bell rang, gathering my things and ready to head home. "Gee Kyra, you're kind of scary when you're mad..." Neah said as she now hid behind Jason who sigh with annoyance. I swear she acts just like a child most of the time.

"Whatever, later." I said, leaving the classroom just like everybody else.

"Hey! Wait up Kyra." Neah said, her and Jason walking right behind me.

"What happen to 'you're scary' Neah?"

"Shut up!"

I sigh, sometimes I wonder why I am friends with these two. I love both of them to death, but they're so annoying at times.

Jason Wiles, we've been friends since two years ago when his parents just move here. He is my type of friend that I go to for advice or to sometimes get away from Neah.

Woah do not think I dislike Neah, well at times I admit, but she's actually my bestest friend in the whole world. She's like a little sister to me. Even though she piss me off 24/7, I still love her to death since we practically grew up together.

In fact it was Neah who I have met first. Believe it or not she was the first person to ever talk to me in school, the first person to help me get out of my shell. I was always bullied because the color of my hair. People called me Sunshine Freak or Carrot.

The demons didn't help either, I had no one besides Keith. I was alone with no friends. It was very lonely and scary believe me. For a child who can see demons, it's twice as much as that. That all soon change.

When this crazy yet annoying person came along.

I was 13 years old when I first met Neah Salven. Her family just moved to Limbo and since she was the new kid, everyone had their attention on her instead of me. Put it as fresh meat.

The first time I seen her, she had this biggest goofy grin I had ever seen before. To my surprise she was not shy. She was very outgoing. She pointed at herself in front of the class and told everyone her name is Neah Salven. My first impression of her was another bully since Neah start talking to some of the people who bullied me.

Even though I was stronger than everyone else, I'll never use my abilities on them. It didn't feel right. I felt as though I only need to use them on the monsters. The demons.

I've never talk to Neah when she first came to my class. We never spoke a word to each other until that day.

Some of the kids were picking on me, the usual. Taking my lunch and tossing it away. Of course I'll stand up to them but I was outmatch by them. I'll never fight them, because I was afraid I might seriously hurt them with my strong abilities.

Then out of the blue, Neah comes out and defends me. Telling them to knock it off and pick on someone their own sizes. Of course that cause Neah to get bullied as well, but she did not care. She's always been that type of person since I could remember.

They left, because it was suddenly boring now. Neah turn to ask me what's my name, and she wanted to hang out with me. At first I said no, because I didn't want to have a friend who I can endanger to the demons. But Neah is a very persistent person, she won't take no for an answer.

So she kept trying talk to me, day after day, after day. Soon it start going on for months and I was actually surprise she still kept going. Soon I got annoyed and just gave in. Allowed this annoying persistent girl to be my friend which I soon not regret.

Even though Neah was friends with everyone, she always prefers to hang out with me. No matter how mean I was to her at times, she never left my side, which I'm glad. Since I met her, I wasn't that lonely anymore. She help ease the loneliness.

"Kyra are you even listening?" I snap out of my thoughts and turn to look at Neah who is obviously mad that I was not paying attention what she was saying.

I just realize we're already outside and walking on the streets. Wow. Did not think I was that deep into thought.

"No." I simply said.

Neah sigh, "You and your damn daydreams. I was asking if you want to come with Jason and me to go to the Arcade shop."

"Hold on, I thought you were grounded?" I said,

A smile spread out across her face. "My parents don't know that we had a half a day today so-"

"She saying she's disobeying her parent's rules which is not new." Jason finish.

I rolled my eyes. "Figures, sure, I guess why the hell not. Only for couples hours okay, Keith wants to take me to go see his dad." I said. Lie of course. I'm going out demon hunting later.

"Yay! Now we can finally hang out together as one after so long." Neah said as she jumps with joy. Jason and I shook out her heads. It's hard to believe she's the older one out of all of us.

I couldn't help but smile, it feels good hanging out with them. I can finally be myself. I'm not Kyra the Demon Slayer, just Kyra. I don't have to worry about demons, or anything. Normal, just plain normal.

Sadly that smile disappear once that horrible uneasy feeling just came back to me which I didn't realize was gone until now. Except this time, it's stronger and... something doesn't feel right.

"Kyyyraaa." a deep errie voice said far behind Neah and Jason. I narrowed my eyes, concentrating and sensing it only a couple of miles away from me. It's moving in a very fast pace. Wait a minute-shit!

"Sorry guys, but I gotta go!" I said as I dash off from the streets towards the alleyway.

"Kyra! What the hell! Where are you going!"

I'm sorry Neah and Jason, but I have to go.

I watch some parts of the buildings come off and float. Everything changing and twisting into a dark way. Slowly descending from a peaceful surrounding into eerie one. Slowly getting pulled into Limbo.

Gathering up my energy, I summon Sariel as it appear on my back. "Sariel, hunting is early this time." I said as I was about to jump to top of the building but was stop by-a girl?

"Wait! Kyra don't go!" said as girl who is now standing in front of me. I can't see her clearly but she looks like she in her spirit form. I can make out what she looks like.

The girl look about a year older than me. She is a pale skinned female, with grey-blue eyes. She is wearing a lavender hoodie with an orange body, which is up and over head. I can see few strands of her brunette hair. She looks about an inch or so taller than me.

She has several long necklaces with silver pendants, and wearing very short shorts, along with knee-high boots. She has a stencils tube slung over her back, with spraypaint that hangs off her waist. She has a star-shaped which I recognize to be a mystic-designed tattoo on her forehead.

Judging by her appearance and that tattoo, she could be a medium, a witch. I've heard about them before.

"You're in danger now. You were careless, you left a trail and now the Hunter demon is onto you. " said the girl.

"What? Who are-"


We both turn to the side. "He's here, there isn't much time, you have to get away, before he captures you. Leave this to Dante and me. Go!" The girl said as she takes off running.

"Wait!" I tried to follow her, but she disappear. Where did she go?

Looking around my surrounding, I concentrated to find where she went. Soon I found her well technically sense her running away from here. However I could sense someone else by her too, except this presence isn't gentle as hers, but more rough and violent. It felt impatiently waiting to get its kill.

I jump from the ground onto the building in front of me. Before I could land on top of the building, a grappling claw comes out of nowhere and is launch towards me. With my inhuman speed, I dodge it just in time before it could capture me.

I turn my attention the creature who did that. The creature has excessively large primate with gangly proportions, dark gray skin, and black fur. A deep scar runs down the center of his face, and his nose is completely gone, with only a large, open nasal cavity remaining. He is wearing a metal harness over his torso, and has a strap on his right leg to hold his grappling gun.

Is this the Hunter demon that girl was talking about?

Aiming my bow at the creature, before I could release my arrow at it, bullets come out of nowhere and hit the side of its face. It didn't do any damage since the creature didn't even a scratch or flinch from it. An irritating expression is on the creature face which I'm guessing is not because of me.

"DDaaaaNNNttteee." It said in that horrible eerie voice.


"Hey you ugly sack of shit! Don't you fucking touch her with that filthy fucking claw of yours!"

I turn to the side, to my surprise I see that boy in Jason's pictures standing on top of a water tank. In his hands is that sword that was on his back. The boy didn't show no fear and it's obvious he dealt with demons before. Judging by his cocky grin on his face.

I won't deny it. Something about him seem... very familiar...

The creature-Hunter turn it's attention from me to that boy. Red eyes glaring intensely with extremely rage, I could sense the strong violent vibe coming off the demon. No doubt, it looks strong, much stronger than any demon I face.

I look over at the boy to see his grin widen more. Like he wanted this to happen. "Heh, what's wrong? Did I hurt your feelings shitface?" The boy ask in cocky voice.

The demon growls and shot its grappling hook at the boy who easily dodge it, but the demon reacted in time as it leapt towards him. Shooting my arrow just in time, I hit the side of his face, which cause the Demon to fly to the side onto the building. It didn't kill him nor do too much damage since I didn't pour that much energy into my arrow.

The boy whistles and look over at me. Putting the sword behind his head, while giving me an amused smirk. "Not bad Kyra, never thought you could use Sariel that well. You must have had practice."

How does this stranger know my name and my weapon's? What in the world is going on? Please don't tell me this boy is another demon.

I am seriously getting tired of demons now!

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