"Mommy!" Lily yelled, flying up the stairs. Adam was pulled from the depths of sleep suddenly when the weight of his 6 year old landed on his stomach.

"Lily you were told not to wake Mom up," Hayley grumbled, following her younger sister into the room. Adam smiled at his 15 year old, pulling Lily to the side and accepting the breakfast tray Hayley carried.

"It's ok darling, she's just young," Adam said, patting the bed next to him. "I seem to remember you doing the same thing when you were her age." Hayley grumbled and sat next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. Adam laughed and picked up the horribly pink card from the tray, opening and reading it silently.

"Thank you darling," he said, Lily excitedly pointing out the pony she'd drawn.

"Here mom, this ones from me," Hayley said, handing over the black card with red block letters on the front. Adam smiled as he ran his fingers lightly over the glittery star on the front, opening it up and reading it.

"Eat your mother's day breakfast Mommy!" Lily insisted impatiently, Adam looking at her calmly.

"I read your card, now you have to wait for me to read Hayley's too," he scolded, Lily huffing. Adam laughed himself as he read the postscript on Hayley's card.

"Seriously mom, beware," Hayley warned, Adam laughing and kissing his daughters cheek.

"Thank you for the advice," he said simply, picking up a piece of the black toast regardless and taking a bite. Even if his daughter had burnt the toast, at least he was happy on Mother's Day.