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Levy was walking towards the library that morning, trying to figure out what was up with her best friend. Both Lucy and Natsu had been acting kinda strange since they got back to school. She wondered if something happened during the holidays – maybe Lucy was pregnant!

Levy stopped in her tracks, letting out a small gasp before quickly shaking her head and continuing. She couldn't be pregnant; she wouldn't keep that to herself. At least, Levy didn't think so.

Also, that wouldn't explain why they were wearing weird clothes. Unless they got jobs as street performers to help pay for the baby? Lucy's dad wouldn't be thrilled about it, but surely Natsu's parents would support them.

Maybe they were going to some kind of convention, and they were in cosplay? It must have been something really embarrassing, otherwise they would have invited the whole group; we love cosplay! Well, most of us do.

Levy sighed as her thoughts once again drifted to Gajeel. No matter what she was thinking about, her thoughts always led her back to him. She didn't know what was going on inside that boy's head. She thought that he liked her – he did kiss her after all – but he hadn't done anything like that since. Maybe he regretted it? Maybe he felt pressured from everyone's teasing and just thought he felt the same way, but then realised that he didn't.

Levy felt a lump in her throat, and her heart felt heavy at that thought. Why did she have to like Gajeel of all people?

She sighed again as she pushed open the door, determined to stop thinking about him for at least an hour while she did some studying before school started. She sat down at her usual table and got out her Chemistry book. They had a test that afternoon and she wasn't quite sure about the entropy stuff.

"Hey, Levy,"

The bluenette looked up to see a boy with brown hair and blue eyes. She thought she recognised him, but she couldn't figure out who he was.

"Um, hi," she replied timidly. She was still racking her memory, trying to figure out how he knew her. She probably had a class with him – he seemed about her age.

"So, I've been wanting to ask you this for a long time now…"

His voice drifted off as Levy studied his features. It was really bugging her that she couldn't figure this out. Her face was scrunched in concentration as he spoke. That's when she noticed the faint bruise around his eye that had almost healed. I wonder how he got that, she thought, before it all clicked.

"Of course!" she cried happily. She heard a loud thud somewhere nearby, but didn't take any notice.

"Really?" he replied, surprised and excited.

"Huh?" she looked at him properly. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"I just asked you out," he sweat dropped.

"Oh!" she cried, covering her mouth. "I'm so sorry! But I can't," she said quickly. "I was just excited because I finally figured out where I knew you from. I didn't recognise you at first without all the bruises and stuff – you're that guy that Gajeel's always fighting,"

He hung his head, mumbling something to himself.

"I'm sorry you get hurt by him, but you should really stop challenging him," Levy said sternly. "He's stubborn and doesn't like to lose, so you should probably stay away from him," she advised.

"Yeah," he mumbled. "Well, I better go, bye!" he added quickly, waving as he turned and walked out of the library.

It wasn't until he was gone that she realised what had happened. He had asked her out. This guys that she'd never even spoken to before – heck, she didn't even know his name! And he had asked her out! What in the world was going on?

She shook her head, realising that it was time to go to breakfast with everyone. Sighing, she packed up her stuff, trying to get the encounter out of her head.

"What's wrong, Levy-chan?"

The bluenette looked up to see her blonde best friend looking at her with concern. They were in the dining hall with everyone – except Gajeel – having breakfast.

"Nothing, really," Levy answered. "Something weird happened this morning, that's all," she shrugged.

"What happened?" Mira asked from across the table. Gajeel had just arrived and sat at the other end of the table, not even acknowledging anyone.

"Well, this guy came up to me in the library this morning and asked me out," Levy admitted, hearing the gasps from all the girls at the table. "But I don't even know him! So I don't understand why he did – I've never spoken to him and I don't even know his name,"

"Well, you're a beautiful and smart girl, Levy-chan," Lucy told her.

"There are tons of guys that want to ask you out, you know," Mira added loudly.

Levy couldn't stop her eyes from flicking towards Gajeel. He was sitting very still, but wasn't looking her way at all. She sighed.

"I doubt that," she said quietly.

"Just you wait and see," Lucy said mischievously.

Levy was about to reply, but stopped when she saw the dining hall doors open. Standing – barely – there was the guy from that morning, but he was beat up pretty badly. He was limping, and his face was all swollen and bleeding.

"That's him!" Levy cried, eyes wide. "But he wasn't that beat up before…" she added quietly.

She didn't notice that Lucy and Mira glanced at each other, smirking knowingly.

It was third period and Levy had English. She was sitting in the back, next to Gajeel, as usual. And he wasn't paying any attention to her, as usual. Although, he always seemed to be in his own world in English, so he wasn't paying attention to anything. But still.

They had some free time to work on their stories, and everyone else was talking. Levy was getting close to the climax of her story and was having a lot of fun writing it, until an arm slung across her shoulders. She looked up, surprised, to see Loke standing there, smirking.

"Hey there, Levy-chama," he said smoothly.

"Levy…chama?" she repeated, confused.

"I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with the girls this morning," he continued, ignoring her, "about how that guy asked you out? Well, it got me really jealous, and I decided that I wouldn't wait any longer," he pulled his arm off her, backing off the kneel beside her desk, taking her hand in his.

"Loke, what are you doing?" she demanded.

"Levy McGarden!" he declared, ignoring her again. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, and I want you to be mine! Please say you will and make me the happiest man on the planet!" he said dramatically, getting the whole class' attention. Levy sweat dropped.

"Uh, Loke, that's really sweet and all," she began timidly.

She didn't get to finish her sentence, however, because Loke was suddenly flown across the other side of the room, where he crashed into the wall. Levy turned to see Gajeel standing there, a look of pure hatred as he glared at the flirt.

"You stupid playboy," he growled. "As if she would be interested in you,"

"Gajeel…" Levy whispered.

At the sound of her voice, he froze, realising what he had done.

"I – I just know that you're t-too nice to say no," he stammered, turning his back to her.

Levy smiled, but didn't get the chance to say anything, because Gajeel was sent to the principal's office.

At lunch, Levy couldn't help but blush when she saw Loke's bruised face. Everyone at school had already heard what had happened, and Lucy, Mira, Cana and Erza were all smirking at the bluenette when she came and sat between them.

"Hey guys," she greeted timidly, still blushing.

"Hey, Levy-chan," Lucy replied, still smirking.

"Where's your knight in shining armour?" Mira asked.

"M-my what?"

"You know exactly what we're talking about, so don't play dumb!" Cana cried, pointing a finger at her.

"Guys!" Levy whined.

"So, did he ask you out straight away, or wait a little while?" Lucy pressed.

"He didn't," Levy insisted.

"WHAT?!" the girls cried in unison.

"Where is he?" Erza demanded, her face turning serious.

"I don't know, I haven't since him since English," Levy admitted. "But please don't do anything, Erza!"

Erza turned to look at her small friend. Her glare eventually faded, and she nodded reluctantly. "Okay," she agreed.

"Thanks," Levy smiled.

"But seriously," Cana said suddenly. "He's gotta ask you out soon," she stated, the other girls nodding in agreement.

"I – I don't know…" Levy blushed, looking down.

"Okay, seriously!" Levy cried after school. The group was hanging out in the common room. "I've had five more guys come and ask me out since lunch! And they've all been beaten to a pulp! What is going on?!"

"Well, obviously all the guys that secretly have a crush on you are seeing all the competition, so they're trying to win your heart!" Mira replied dramatically. "And then Gajeel is beating them up," she added innocently.

"Wh-what?" Levy stammered. "Why would he do that?"

"Because he likes you," Lucy said nonchalantly, "duh,"

"N-no way!"

"Whether you believe it or not, it's true," Cana added.

"It makes sense, Levy," Natsu suddenly put in, shocking everyone. "If all these guys were coming up and confessing their love to Lucy – before we got together, and now – then I would beat the crap out of them," he shrugged.

"That's sweet and all, Natsu, but you know I don't like you fighting," Lucy pouted cutely at her boyfriend.

"I know," he grinned. "So it's lucky everyone knows you're mine," he said, kissing her on the cheek as she blushed.

"Look! There's another one!" Levy cried, pointing. "He asked me out on my way here, and he didn't have a scratch on him – now look at him!"

The group followed her gaze to see a guy whose face was unrecognisable. He was limping heavily, holding his stomach as he headed for the fridge. They watched as he got several ice packs out and placed them on his head, wrist, ankle and arm.

"Wow, he really went overboard," Lisanna said.

"So he must really like you," Cana said suggestively, winking at Levy.

"No!" Levy cried, throwing her hands in the air. Seeing she wasn't going to win, she turned and stormed out of the room. I'll go study in the library, she thought as she left her friends behind her.

"I can't believe you're plan hasn't worked yet," Natsu said when she was gone. "It would've worked for me by now – metal face is an idiot,"

"You told Natsu?!" Mira and Erza screamed at Lucy.

"S-sorry," she chuckled nervously. "He was with me when we were organising it,"

"Was that before or after you guys were having 'fun' in bed?" Cana asked suggestively.

"C-Cana!" Lucy's face was glowing, and so was Natsu's.

"I was just tickling her!" Natsu insisted, punching Gray, who was holding his stomach, laughing. The two immediately got into a fight, but Lucy and Erza were both too preoccupied to stop them.

"Y-you do t-that here?" Erza stammered, face also red.

"NO!" Lucy cried.

Nobody was listening to her. They kept on teasing her and laughing at her embarrassment.


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