Chapter one

AN: None of this belongs to me it belongs to the Author of twilight

Bella POV

I saw the tree's as they passed me quickly, I loved running it gave me a freedom that nothing else could I could clear my mind quickly and be able to forget whatever problems I had.

My name is Bella Cullen and I am not your average seventeen year old, in fact I'm not even seventeen years old not really, I might have been once but that was a very long time ago.

You see me and my family are very different to other people in fact we aren't even normal, before you run away screaming let me tell you what I mean and how we are different from others.

Well we are all vampires… I see you didn't run well that was a mistake, we are still dangerous but we differ from others of our kind, we don't drink human blood but animal blood instead, none of us want to be monsters.

Back to my story however, I was running to see my family again, I had been away for a while I needed to be alone there is only so long you can be in a house full of mated vampires, when Carlisle created Edward my brother he hoped we would get together but it wasn't to be before I left we were the only un mated pair, Edward however had his music and according to Rosalie he had an obsession with some human in Forks not that I was surprised he had an obsessive nature though Carlisle didn't see it.

I had almost reached my parents house, I could sense them I smiled at the thought of seeing my sisters again, I wasn't like them shopping wise I hated it, it bored me and most of time was spent telling those humans who tried to hit on Rosalie and Alice that they weren't interested, they felt bad for me because they never tried it on with me but I didn't care I put up a façade of danger to keep them away.

I stopped once I reached the edge of the forest I saw my family were already stood waiting, I walked towards them Alice was the first to run over, she jumped into my arms, I had to laugh she hadn't changed much in the time I had been gone which I was glad about Rosalie followed not as quick as Alice but still with a smile on her face, once I got closer I could smell the humans blood, I felt my throat burn a bit and gulped to keep it at bay.

Jasper must have felt my discomfort because he glared at Edward, I spent over a thousand years feeding on humans it was only when I first met Carlisle that I began drinking animal blood like him it was still hard for me even after over a hundred years.

Alice let me go and gave me a serious look "you will be fine Bella" she whispered, it amazing how much confidence she had in me. Rosalie hugged me next I let my eyes scan over the new member of my family, she was my height I could tell by the way she stood that she was in Edwards control she hid behind him.

"I see Edward has a new toy" I whisper to Rosalie who chuckles, I smirk as Edward growled it was too low for his pet to hear but I could.

"From what I have heard around school she was very outgoing now look at her" Rosalie replied.

"Does she know what we are?" I asked as I made my way over to the rest of the family, Jasper was first to me, we were very similar we both fought in wars we were thrust into without a thought we both had scars mine were more emotional than physical like his.

"Yes Edward told her against Carlisle's wishes" Rosalie said sternly throwing a glare towards Edward who had a glare of his own for her, the girl looked between all of us but stayed very close to Edward.

Once I reached the rest of the family I gave them each a hug except Edward and the girl, as if he thought I would hug her he hissed and pulled her back roughly I smirked and walked right past him into the house I wouldn't be able to take a breath not that I needed it.

As soon as we entered the house Jasper turned to Edward "Don't you think Mia had better leave?" Jasper asked Edward snorted.

"Why should she Mia is my mate she has more right than her, she wasn't even turned by Carlisle" he replied There were three sets of growls, mine, Jaspers and Rosalie's.

I was first to get there I grabbed him round the throat and slammed him into the wall which cracked with the force he struggled to get out of my grasp I only smirked "your not as strong as me Edward" I whispered she could hear the other members of her family arguing about whether to stop her or not, then I froze I felt Edward tense up as well, I was hit with the smell of blood I felt a pair of arms around my waist to stop me from attacking I let Edward go he straightened up and walked towards Mia who had been the one to cut herself probably to protect Edward it would be something I would have done if I was her to protect the person I love.

"Get her out of here Edward" Carlisle demanded "that was a stupid thing of you to do" he told her Jasper let me go when he felt I had settled down the girl Mia looked close to tears but turned and walked out Edward glared at him.

"How dare you!" He shouted before storming out after her Carlisle turned to me with a look of sorry on his face.

"It doesn't matter I am fine I get why she did it" I told him so he wouldn't feel guilty.

Esme moved towards me and gave me a hug, I smiled and embraced her "so what have you been doing with yourself?" Emmett asked grinning I moved away from Esme and turned to him.

"Nothing I spent most of the time wondering, I stayed in a city for a couple of years made a bit of money then left I went to visit Stefan too" Bella replied I saw my family went a bit stiff at the mention of my creator.

"How is he?" Carlisle asked I shrugged the same as always he hadn't really changed much since the war.

"But I want to settle down again and I wanted to be with you guys" I then went on to explain, I felt stupid saying it considering how I acted before I left. I hated being tied down I spent most of my vampire life alone and wondering especially after the war and now I was here with my tail between my legs.

"It is fine Bella we love having you back" Carlisle said smiling.

"Well not all of us" Rosalie whispered smirking, I had to laugh as our parents sent her a disapproving look.

"I will take a walk around town see if it has changed much" I mumbled her parents nodded as she looked at Rosalie "can I borrow your car?" I asked.

"If there is even the slightest scratch on her you're a dead vampire" Rosalie warned, I smirked as I took the keys from her hands and ran to her red convertible.

The drive to the centre of Forks was so familiar; even though I loved running it felt nice to be behind the wheel of a car I weaved through the cars with ease, sometimes being a vampire had its perks even if my creation was through hate.

I eased into a parking space and got out the car, the place hadn't changed much, the only new thing added was a hiking shop owned by some family called the Newton's it wasn't a name I recognised I made my way to the curb when I caught the most amazing scent I took a deep breath and looked around it was coming from a group of teens sitting on a bench laughing I looked at each in turn then my eyes fell on the girl who had her back to me she was smaller than me but her hair made up for the height, it was wild like a lions mane I couldn't see her face so I didn't know what she looked like.

I moved to the shadows so I could watch a bit longer, the girl was athletic and she had the loudest laugh of all the group it was then I realised what this girl was, she was my mate and I didn't even know what she looked like.


Monday mornings were boring, it's the same thing day after day, I get up get showered, eat my breakfast then I brush my teeth and off to school, the whole thing is just robotic but today felt different it felt like something was going to change, whether it would change for me or not was a different matter but something was going to.

I parked my car outside the main building like I usually did every day. My friends were waiting for me, I apparently was the most popular one out of them I didn't see it much but I didn't argue it took too much of my energy.

Lauren was the first to greet me, she liked to think she was some queen bee but in reality she was a bit on the stubby side. I hugged her quickly exchanging a couple of hello's to others I wasn't very friendly with and then the biggest gossip of us all walked over a big smile on his face like he had just won the lottery.

"There is a new Cullen coming to town" was the first thing Eric said, I rolled my eyes and hugged him quickly.

The Cullens were the mystery of Forks, they moved from Alaska a few years ago, their father is the doctor of our town and he and his wife adopted all the kids, there were two blonds, they were twins were the only two related to each other in total there five of them, all in couples, there's Emmett and Rosalie, Emmett was a burly type from what I've seen of him he seems kind and gentle but his girlfriend is a stone cold bitch she hates everyone, she seems high maintence too, she is blond and tall like a model, her brother is Jasper he is more standoffish than the others, always looks like he is in pain.

His girlfriend is Alice Cullen she is the smallest of the group and the more energetic by the looks of it, she has her moments were she will stare off into space which is kinda creepy but mostly she doesn't talk to anyone but her family. Last but not least is Edward, he was the only single guy in the family he had untidy bronze coloured hair he was tall and not as burly as his brothers, he thought he was better than everyone else and never dated that is until a new girl started by the name of Mia suddenly he was interested, he would sit with her and never leave her side, it was rather strange almost like he controlled her now she never sits with us anymore.

I wondered who this other Cullen could be; would they be more or less friendly than their siblings? Would the Cullen be a he or a she? Those questions were answered when a Volvo, and a red convertible parked up furthest away, The Volvo door opened first, Edward, Mia, Jasper and Alice stepped out looking perfect as usual, Edward but his possessive arm around Mia who seemed to cower which she usually didn't around him.

Emmett jumped out the red car, as Rosalie eased out, the back door opened and who I assumed was the newest Cullen got out, she was taller than me with long Mahogany coloured hair she was well built and wore jeans, converse and a black shirt which clung to her. As if she knew I was watching her she turned to look at me, she seemed to stiffen and frown as Alice broke our eyes contact by whispering something in her ear, the girl nodded and walked with Rosalie and Emmett who playfully punched her in the arm to which she glared at him.

I don't know what it is about her but she seems different to her siblings, there was something amazing about her.

The bell for our first lesson I rush after my friends who seemed to have left me whilst I was in a daze. I managed to get to my English lesson on time, but the seat which was usually empty was taken, I gulped when I saw who it was.

It was the girl who I saw just before, the newest Cullen she looked over at me and like before she stiffened her eyes were wide and fists clenched, she was like a statue made of marble it was intimidating but I pushed that aside I was known for being in peoples faces that wasn't about to change now.

I sat down throwing my bag under the table as I did so, the girl still hadn't moved I turned to face her "Hi I'm Jessica" I said brightly, I saw the girl flicker her eyes on me, like the rest of the family they were a golden colour but hers were a bit darker.

"Hello" was all she said, she didn't give me her name and with that the conversation was over she turned to face the board and wait for the lesson to start her stiff posture never wavering I too turned to the board and tried not to stare at her.

One word, it was hell, most of the English lesson I spent trying not to stare at the new girl the rest of the lessons I spent trying to not to daydream about her I wanted to know her story not for gossip just for the fact she was so mysterious.

Lunch came around and as soon as I reached the table with my food I heard Mike talking about her.

"The girl is so hot, what's her name?" He asked staring over at the Cullens table I swore I could see drool in the corner of his mouth, Eric sat up straighter which meant he knew her name and was proud.

"Her name is Bella Cullen she is Alice's sister they were adopted separately" He replied. So that's her name Bella, I think that means beautiful in Italian.

"I don't care about her family I just wanna bang her!" Mike grinned as he high fived Tyler I glare at the pair but say nothing I sneakily look over at the Cullen table and was shocked to see Bella was look right at me, at first her gaze was furious as if she heard what Mike said but her sister leant over and whispered in her ear, when she looked at me properly she seemed more relaxed then stiff again as she saw I was looking back at her.

What was it about this girl that had me so intrigued?