AN: Thank you all for the reviews I wont be having a love triangle in this book, as once I am past like chapter ten it will focus on Bella destroying the Volturi also a bit more of her past will be revealed in later chapters like when she fought in the Romanian covens war with the Volturi, she will be a powerful vampire but most of her abilities haven't been seen yet, if your wondering how old she is she is about 1000 years old but I haven't worked that part out yet.

Going to the la push beach had been Mike's idea I wasn't really up for it considering all it did was rain but I joined them, I hadn't seen Bella since the night she took me out for a date and that was a few days ago but it had been sunny and her parents take them all out of school to go camping.

It was grey and murky like usual so we sat round a fire which Mike and Ben had done with some of the kids from La Push, they were telling us stories of their tribe and the one they were currently talking about caught my attention.

"The Cullens aren't allowed to come here" I think his name is Jacob told us he was the more relaxed out of the three guys who had joined us they seemed tense when the Cullens were mentioned.

"Their sister is well hot" Mike went on this seemed to gain their attention.

"What sister?" Jacob asked him curiously.

"Bella" I replied for him Jacob looked at me with a toothy grin I grimaced the guy was a couple of years younger than me it wouldn't be right.

"Does she have mahogany hair?" The guy to Jacob's right asked I nodded the two of them went rigid Jacob didn't seem bothered.

"According to our fathers she is the most volatile of them all" the same guy told us I noticed Lauren was very interested I rolled my eyes always the gossip.

"Apparently out of all the cold ones she is the most ruthless she fought in some war when she was first made and that's were her temper comes from" Jacob snorted when he finished.

"Its just some old tales Quill they aren't true" All but me laughed cold ones?

"What are cold ones?" I asked.

"Blood drinkers" Soon everyone laughed but I couldn't join in everything ran through my head, she told me she was dangerous, she never orders or eats food, her family and she go 'camping' when its sunny and last but not least she was ice cold even in a warm car.

Was Bella Cullen a vampire?

That one line stayed in my head until Monday when we were back in school I wanted to confront Bella with this information but I didn't know how to, though I didn't have to worry she wasn't in, the rest of her family were but she wasn't I know I should be scared that she could potentially be a vampire but I missed seeing her god like face, I noticed Edward and Rosalie glare at me from their table whilst Alice would smile in a friendly way.

I was glad when my mum sent me the shops after school, usually I would be annoyed but it gave me time to think, I just wished the shop she wanted wasn't in a dark Ally, I still remembered the night that thing tried to attack me.

As I parked my car I could see Bella leaning against the wall thinking she looked like a statue I was surprised passers by didn't notice, I was determined to confront her so I made my way over.

"I need to talk to you" I told her straight, she pulled out of her thoughts and looked at me like she knew I would be here.

"I know" she whispered, "but you need to stay away from me now, my family don't like the fact I bring to much attention to myself, I am sorry for confusing you" with that she turned to walk down the ally, I followed I was not about to be blown off and that excuse was pathetic because I had a feeling Alice didn't mind me.

"I know that's a load of bull!" I shouted Bella stopped but didn't turn "I know you're a vampire" I whispered so no one would hear suddenly Bella went stiff and a sort of growl erupted from her chest, I frowned but soon realised what was going on when a cloaked man walked towards us from the other end of the ally he was well groomed with the same red eyes that other man had, I saw Bella stood directly in front of me as if she was protecting me.

"Nice to see you back to your old ways Isabella" he smirked I felt Bella Stiffen more so than she was "you mind if we share?" He bared his teeth before he could take a step towards me Bella had him against the wall she snarled and bared her teeth at him, she looked like a monster now.

"How the hell do you know my name?" She asked harshly the man just simply pushed her away it seemed only light but Bella went flying into the wall opposite she stood quickly and in a flash was in front of me again.

"I see you don't remember much from your bloodshed days" he chuckled he looked at me then back at Bella "you will in time" he said before he simply walked away.

Bella was still tense after he left, she turned slowly to look at me "I try not to be a monster" She whispered "but your right I am a vampire"

I was shocked I hoped my theory was wrong but it wasn't "was he a vampire too?" I asked Bella frowned she seemed surprised by my question but she soon nodded.

"Yes he was" she told me I nodded.

"So that night I ran away from you and Edward I ran into a vampire?" I don't know why I asked this because she wasn't there, but I was shocked when she nodded "Was it you who saved me that night?" Bella again nodded "Why?"

"You were different, I thought about leaving you there to face him, it would be so much easier for me but I couldn't not when I knew I could do something to protect you" we began walking to my car "I have spent many centuries trying to be better than this monster and I thought I had it under control but you came alone" she sighed as she opened the passenger door for me, I didn't think as I got in, in a flash she was in the car next to me starting it up.

"What did I do?" I asked her.

"You tempted me, you don't realise how appealing your blood is to me, it would be easier for both of us if I stayed away but I felt so protective over you it scares me" she replied.

I gulped before I asked my next question "do you drink human blood?"

"Finally a sensible question" she chuckled "no, my family and I are different we want to be better than the monsters we are so we drink animal blood, that's why our eyes are golden"

I let a breath go she wasn't going to kill me, we parked up in front of my house we both sat in silence Bella was watching me I could see her out of the corner of my eye she seemed nervous though she tried to hide it.

"I was afraid you would kill me" I laughed, when I looked over at her she seemed to be angry.

"I couldn't hurt you" she whispered though I barely heard it she cleared her throat "There are things that I need to tell you but now isn't the time or place" I bit my lip in thought then I got an idea.

"Will you be able to sneak into my room tonight?" I asked Bella nodded slowly "well come by later tonight and tell me the things you need to tell me" Bella got out the car at a normal pace and opened my door she held out her hand which I took, I didn't mind the coolness of her hand it was a kind of comfort.

"Keep your window open" she told me I nodded she kissed me gently on the cheek and soon ran off.


I ran as fast as I could it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was glad Jessica found out otherwise I would have avoided telling for what I was but what was worrying me was the fact that a vampire I had never met knew my name, yes I remember some of what my life before the Cullens was like but when I was first changed was a blank, those first years as a vampire are hazy I don't know how I got through the war I suppose it was because I ran on instinct rather than thought, I reached my house quickly and walked inside my family were already waiting for me Alice must have told them.

"Do you know who he is?" Carlisle asked as soon as I walked in, I saw that my family including Edwards girlfriend were watching me.

"No I had never seen him before in my life" I replied "Jessica also knows what we are, but I will talk to her properly tonight" Edward stood sharply and snarled.

"How could you tell that pathetic human our secret, you should have asked us first its not just yourself in danger here" Rosalie snorted.

"That didn't stop you telling Mia" she responded Mia was sat looking at me.

"Was she alright with it?" She asked softly, it was the first time I had ever heard her voice it stared something inside me, it wasn't love not like the love I felt for Jessica but it was a bond.

"She knew before I told her, I didn't break the law those scum of a Volturi coven put in place" They knew better than to correct me, my opinion of them hadn't changed in almost 1500 years and it wasn't about to change now.

"I will keep an eye on the Volturi don't worry but you need to explain the mating to Jessica she wont understand the pull she has towards you" Alice said softly I nod I look back at Mia who was staring at me before I turned away and left the house to talk to Jessica.


I waited anxiously for an hour before a light tap on my window startled me, Bella was stood on the branch of a tree waiting patiently, I opened the window and Bella climbed through with ease.

"How are you?" She asked I motioned to the bed so she could sit which she did, she kept a safe distance between us I wasn't sure if that was for her benefit or mine.

"I guess it's a lot to take in" I replied shrugging she had a understanding look on her face as she nodded.

"I understand that, first there are things I must tell you, my feelings and how yours will soon change" she began I nodded for her to continue. "Vampires mate for life, we cant just fall out of love quickly and move on, our memories aren't like yours" she smirked I gulped she looked so sexy when she smirked "most of my family are mated and I always wondered if I ever would"

"What do you mean mated?" I asked Bella sat thinking probably on how she would explain it she bit her lip, it was the first time I had seen her do that.

"The best way to describe it is a vampire's version of a marriage just without the divorce" Bella described "for me the effects will be stronger, I will feel protective of you I will do anything to keep you from harm" it seemed like something you don't go into lightly.

"What will I feel?" I whispered Bella looked at me.

"You will feel the need to be close to me, you will probably get jealous of anyone who comes near me my family included, if you were a vampire you would feel protective and your sex drive will be wild" she smirked I blushed.

"What about your sex drive?" I asked Bella looked around my room then back at me her eyes darkened slightly.

"I will manage mine" she replied she then stood up and dashed to my window "your mother is coming to see you" she whispered before she jumped out my window as my mum walked in.

I gulped when I saw the look on her face this wasn't good "your father is drunk" she whispered I knew my night wouldn't end without some form of pain.