(Star Trek belongs to other creative people etc. You know the drill. This is unpaid fan fiction) It is rated K+ which contains some material not suitable for younger children. (Mostly because-) It is a general story.

Summary; being a simple country doctor was something that Leonard McCoy had dreamed about as a small boy. Only he didn't know he would be practicing medicine in deep space. Nor did he know that he'd be raising a rebellious daughter in deep space.

AUTHOR'S NOTE; I have taken creative license and fiddled with the Star Trek universe. What if Jocelyn decided after he becomes a hero that they should have joint/full custody? And I've decided that Joanna should be thirteen because around twelve to thirteen that's when your sweet little child becomes a hormonal stranger.


For want of a nail a shoe was lost. For want of a shoe a horse was lost. For want of a horse a knight was lost. For want of a knight a battle was lost.


Chapter One

"Damned irritating woman," Dr. Leonard McCoy snarled. He paced the well worn marble floor of the centuries old court house. His voice echoed through the large space. Tall archways gave the appearance that the building had been built for a race of giants.

At forty a muscular dark hair dark eyed handsome man, Leonard dressed in his blue Star Fleet medical uniform cut as the ladies would say a dashing figure. The eyes of several women waiting in the open area followed him with interest.

"Sit, Bones," Captain James Kirk a handsome blue eyed blond haired younger man had noticed the women watching his friend with almost a predatory interest gleaming in their eyes. Having had several relationships, well kind of relationships, ended badly he knew it wouldn't do for Bones' ex-wife to discover Bones still attracted the attention of the ladies. Some of them were babes. He let out a soft sigh. Any other time he wouldn't have minded 'healing' a babe. Nero had changed a lot of things in his life.

"Sit down, Bones," he repeated. "You are wearing a hole in the floor," he joked.

Taking a breath Leonard flopped onto the century old dark mahogany wooden bench. He ran a hand through his thick dark sweat damped hair. "She probably wants more money now that I've been paraded around like a hero." His Southern accent had thickened. "She's bound and determined that she's going to take everything and every credit from me." He turned to face Jim. "Damned it, Jim, she won't rest until I'm destitute. I'm a bag of bones as it is."

"Bones, Bones, don't be such a drama queen," Jim gave him a mock serious look. "You are a Star Fleet Officer. The courts can't garnish your wages." He'd come as a character reference for his best friend. "Living on the Enterprise you'll have a nice warm cabin to call your home and we won't run out of food. Me casa tu casa as they say in California."

"A tin can in space is my home." Leonard frowned with a grumble. "Freeze dried and replicated foods aren't the real thing." He sighed again heavily. Worriedly he looked towards the closed heavy dark oak door that led to the family courts.

"We have a galley." Jim pointed out. He shifted on the uncomfortable wooden bench. It reminded him of the uncomfortable chair just outside the principal's office back in Riverside. Over head old fashion fans lazily stirred the muggy Atlanta air. He felt sweat trickle through his light hair. He patted Leonard's knee. "I managed to snag a real chef and several good cooking staff."

"Why," Leonard gave Jim an incredulous look. "We don't have real food."

"Bones, the Enterprise has a very large walk in freezer. As we speak she is being loaded up with food. Our chef helped design the new galley."

"Not for the whole five year journey." Leonard grumbled unaware that he'd been distracted from his worry of facing his ex-wife in court. "You planning on putting a farm somewhere on the Enterprise?"

Jim grinned. "Well, there'll be a hydroponics garden. Sulu practically wet his pants when he found out."

The heavy wooden door opened. A diminutive blond haired woman in a tight fitting black skirt and tailored white blouse looked around and settled her green eyes on Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk. "Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, the judge is ready for you now."

Leonard came to his feet tugging at his uniform. The last time he'd followed a bailiff through court doors he's lost everything except his medical license. He sucked in lung full of the muggy air almost tasting the oppressing humidity.

Jim followed a cocky grin on his youthful sweaty face. Leonard had gotten Jim on the Enterprise. If Jim hadn't gotten on the Enterprise it would have been destroyed with the rest of the fleet. If the Enterprise had been destroyed Earth would have been destroyed like Vulcan had. Nero would have had free access to destroy every Federation planet.

Squaring his shoulders Jim prepared to do battle. Earth owed Dr. Leonard McCoy big time.


Joanna's once chestnut hair had been buzz cut. Only a pink dyed sheet of bangs hung over forehead. A tiny silver skull decorated her left nostril. Overhead lighting gleamed off of the six silver earrings decorating her right ear. A sullen look owned her pretty face.

Leonard sucked in a deep breath. His shocked eyes went to a weary looking Jocelyn. Even at six months pregnant Jocelyn still radiated delicate beauty. The former Miss Earth beauty contestant winner and wealthy socialite she looked like she'd finally met her match.

His mouth ready to twitch into a smile Leonard's eyes were met with a dark cold look that said, I hate you, it's your fault and you are so going to pay. Any joy at Jocelyn's misery was instantly wiped from his mind and mouth. His mouth went to a hard line.

Jim on the other hand took one look from the ex-Mrs. McCoy to rebel daughter and grinned. He took in the handsome attentive but frustrated looking new husband at Jocelyn's side. "They can't handle her," he whispered as he and Leonard followed the bailiff. Leonard's Star Fleet appointed lawyer waited at a table. "You should take her, Bones."

"You want me to take her?" Leonard demanded his voice rising.

"Stepping up to take your responsibility," a seasoned judge Diana Anderson looked up at the sound of Leonard's voice. She nodded with approval. "I should see that more divorced fathers are sent to Star Fleet." She looked over to Jocelyn and Clay. Relief appeared on both their faces.

"Yes, your honor," Jocelyn nodded. In the cool delicate manner of a properly raised Southern lady she nodded towards her stunned looking daughter. "The child needs the firm guidance of her father."

"You're not shipping me off to boarding school or space," Joanna shouted.

"I uh," he would have explained that he was just answering Jim. Automatically his voice shifted to a sharp parental tone. "Joanna," Leonard snapped. "Sit down and behave."

The judge banged her gavel.

Joanna glared but dropped into her seat.

The judge looked impressed. "If all are in agreement then let's not waste any more time or credits." She banged her gravel. Dr. Leonard McCoy was granted full custody of his daughter.

Jim slapped Leonard on the back. "I knew you had it in you, Bones."

Leonard glared at Jim.

"I'm not leaving without Mosley or Bailey." Joanna grumbled.