Guardian Apprentices

By: Lovely girl 10

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This is what I think the sequel to the movie could be about.

Chapter 1- The Guardian Bond

No sooner than when they left the town of Burgess, Jack Frost and Bunnymund were a little bit troubled when they left their favorite kids behind.

For Bunnymund, he tried his best to not bond with the little girl named Sophie Bennett who he calls his 'little ankle-biter'. When he first saw her in his Warren, he thought that she would ruin his chances of bringing hope to the children on Easter. But when Jack Frost tossed his snowflake on the Easter Bunny, E. Aster Bunnymund then felt the joy and fun that he had misplaced a long time ago. Now when he sees two year old Sophie having fun, giggling at the pretty things that caught her attention, Bunnymund considered her to be his favorite.

Jack Frost already had chosen his favorite kid since the moment the child first believed in him. After all of those times to catch Jamie's attention by making him believe in the Winter Spirit, he finally succeeded when he gave Jamie a sign that he was listening to his plea when he looked like he was about to give up on his belief. Jack wanted to be sure to spend most of his moments with Jamie until it was time for the boy to fend for himself.

But now, as they stood before the Guardian of Wonder; North, they were in trouble for something that the guardians had tried to ignore.

The Easter Bunny and the Frost Spirit had bonded with their favorites.

Now it was rare that a everyday or a one time holiday guardian actually bonds with the child of their choosing. In order for some of the guardians to avoid such a fate, they had to keep their attention on making the children happy with what they have created.

They did this so that they didn't need the responsibility to take care of the new addition to their family. Plus, they highly doubted that the kids would have any fun of doing some of the jobs that the guardians were set on since the day they were reborn into a new life.

"Jack, Bunny, I am afraid to say this but…" North hesitated by fiddling with his hands before he cheered on top of his lungs by snapping his fingers. "Congratulations! You two have gotten yourselves apprentices!" He cheered with excitement, leaving the other guardians frozen in their spots, confused by what he meant.

Jack and Bunnymund jumped in surprise and shock when North congratulated them, both of them had a different look of confusion when they stared at the big guy. "But North," Bunnymund protested quickly. "You said so yerself that we shouldn't have time to bond with the children. What is goin' on with you, mate?" Jack sighed in relief, he figured there was another reason North called them to a meeting as soon as they were done battling with Pitch.

North explained as he walked around his desk, his arms crossed. "Yeah, I did say that we didn't have time to bond with the children. But, from what I recently read in one of my books, it says that when a guardian bonds with the child of their choosing, the child then begins to exhibit the same powers of the guardian that they are bonded to, but when you found the perfect child who is destined for greatness by Man in Moon's choosing, that child will become an official apprentice to the one guardian that they will spend the rest of their life with."

Tooth floated right by the Guardian of Wonder, her curious nature getting the better of her. "So you are saying that when Jack first bonded with Jamie, the child will begin to have the same powers that Jack possesses?"

North nodded. "It will also be the same for Sophie when she bonded with Bunny. She will feel the need to go outside more, than being cooped up inside the house. She will be much quicker than the other kids her age. She will be protective of nature. Same thing with Jamie, he will not feel the coldness of winter, even if he is all bundled up in his coat, he will embrace the coldness as Jack does. He will even sense the change of weather."

Jack and Bunnymund seemed intrigued about the information, sighing in relief to know that they didn't need to separate from their favorite kids. However, they noticed a few things that North, Tooth, and Sandy had missed.

Jack was the first to ask as he looked back and forth from North, to Tooth, to Sandy, and back again. "Should Bunny and I congratulate you guys as well? For getting apprentices, I mean."

The other guardian's gazes froze when Jack asked his question. All of them had shocked expressions written on their faces. Although, Bunnymund understood what the Winter Spirit was asking, he decided to wait and see how long it would take for North, Tooth and Sandy to figure it out.

"Jack, we didn't spend time with the other kids that helped us out into defeating Pitch." Tooth explained. "We had to split our attention from one kid to the next."

Sandy looked around before he presented a sand-like picture that told Jack that he caught him. North noticed this, and asked. "Sandy, you have chosen a favorite child?" Sandy nodded and a little bit embarrassed as he made a little sand figure that looked like the girl that rode on one of his sand unicorns.

"I'm guessin' that Sandy has chosen Cupcake as his apprentice, mate." Bunnymund guessed slowly as he understood the situation Sandy had with the kid. Even before the battle with Pitch happened, Sandy was spoiling the girl with his dreams. Some of them were so amazing and new that no kid would ever dream of. Literally!

Jack added, looking over his shoulder to North. "And there are not only one, but two apprentices for the famous Santa Claus." He was obviously saying that North had bonded with the twins; Claude and Caleb.

"C'mon now," North pretended to be offended as he raised his hands up into the air. "They were the ones who started to get me to bond with them!" And that fact was true, since the twins had thrown a snowball on his head to get him to play with them. Not only that, but long before the battle, he had given them extra presents each time on Christmas Eve.

"Tooth," Bunnymund turned to her. "You had bonded with Pippa." He could see that the Tooth Fairy shrugged in embarrassment, as did the little fairies when their secret was discovered.

"Okay," Tooth admitted. "You got me, Bunny. I somehow have been holding a liking to the young girl. She just takes care of her teeth so well…" She wrapped her right arm around her other arm as if she had an itch.

Jack smiled. "Congratulations guys." He watched as the guardians of dreams, wonder, and memories, shift in a nervous gesture, never suspecting that they could get apprentices as well. "How long does it take for the transformations to take hold on the children?"

Bunnymund smiled. "The magic of the transformations take hold when the kids notice the signs. When the kids notice the signs, it means that they will begin to use the same abilities we have. All we have to do is wait."

Tooth added. "When their lights glow in our colors," She gestured to the huge globe that showed all the different lights that shows the child's belief. "We will know and bring them over to the workshop."

Jack could not contain his own excitement upon realizing that Jamie will be able to work with him in his guardian duties. He almost wanted to fly around the area and scream on top of his lungs, but relinquished the thought since that he decided to behave properly in the meeting he was in. However, something caught his attention as his gaze turned away from the guardians.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jack thought he saw one of Pitch's shadow creatures. And before he blinked, he felt something taking over him, and the guardians. He turned around to see that the same shadows from Pitch were trying to possess them, each guardian struggled as they tried to fight back before their energy was sucked right out of them.

"Pitch!" Jack hissed in a cold tone. "What do you want from us this time?" He clutched his chest, feeling the darkness closing in on him. "You already lost the battle, Pitch!"

He heard a dark chuckle echoing throughout the workshop. "I may have lost the battle, Jack. But, my war is far from finished." A shadow of Pitch could be seen on the wall as he floated around the guardians like how a predator stalks the prey. "If I can't cause darkness and fear, you all will have to do the job for me."

"We will never do your work, Pitch!" North shouted as he laid down on the floor, feeling his energy being sucked out of him. Bunnymund, Tooth, and Sandy followed afterwards as they clutched their chests from the unbearable pain that was seeping into them bit by bit.

The shadow of Pitch moved his gaze to the Guardian of Wonder's direction and laughed darkly. "That was what I figured, North. You may not work for me willing, but I can make you do it even if it is by force."

"Don't you realize that if you get rid of the wonder, hope, dreams, memories, and fun, you would plunge the world into chaos, even if you wanted to spread fear into the lives of the children and adults alike, you would still lose because fear can't exist without the dreams and wonder that we bring." Tooth stated, breathing heavily.

"I won't be bringing the fear, Tooth Fairy, you and your friends will do the job for me. That way, the children will be afraid of you. And besides, I can't spread fear without a body, since my shadows destroyed my original body, I will have to take yours." Pitch says as he allows his essence to take over the guardians fully as they fell into the darkness.

Unbeknownst to the Boogeyman, however, as he watched the guardians fall into the darkness, the huge globe showed a little flicker of gold, blue, green, red and purple.

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