Guardian Apprentices

By: Lovely girl 10

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Since that Monty was stripped of his powers from giving it to the guardians, Jamie and the rest of the group decided to bring him and the guardians to the toy workshop. The twins took the damaged sleigh and rebuilt it until it was good as new, after that they got into the sleigh, while carrying North's body, and waited until Monty walked into the flying contraption.

Now that Monty was safely in the sleigh, the rest of the group followed swiftly behind while they were carrying their respective mentors. Cupcake knew that she could not carry Sandy while flying in the air, so she decided to go inside of the sleigh with Monty. Pippa looked like she was struggling to get a firm grip on the Tooth Fairy, but she later got it under control. Baby Tooth could be seen sitting on Pippa's shoulder, looking at her Mistress in a concerned glance.

Sophie, in her grown up form, used her inner strength to carry Bunnymund like he was just a sack of potatoes. She then tapped her foot and traveled up to the workshop by using the tunnel. And Jamie held onto Jack as he flew up toward the workshop, even though he was having a little bit of difficulty into controlling his flying ability, he didn't let that stop him as he carried his mentor to the workshop.

The guardians were all still asleep at this time.

Once they were inside of the workshop, Sophie and the girls set up beds for the guardians to sleep on while they were slumbering. It only took a couple of hours for the sun to rise in the horizon as the light shined inside of the room. The kids were all snuggled up right by the fireplace, fast asleep, where they can be on the lookout for the guardians that were right behind them.

Jack's hand twitched as the young Winter Spirit stirred from his slumber. He opened his eyes and noticed the kids in front of him. He stood up and studied them from afar, smiling softly to himself. The other guardian's begin to wake up one at a time as they studied their surroundings.

"What are we doing here?" North said in a tiresome voice. "Last time I remembered, Dark Jack froze us in our tracks and turned us back into our dark selves..." He trailed off when he saw Jack sitting right by them, they knew that he was back to his regular old self.

"Should we wake the children up?" Tooth asked in a whisper.

Sandy answered her question by using his sand to tell her that it was better for the children to rest as much as they can since they worked so hard into getting the guardians back. Tooth agreed softly. "Okay, Sandy. We will leave the children be for a little while longer."

The guardians then stood up from the beds and proceeded to tiptoe out of the room and began to get back to work on their guardian duties.

It was only until after Bunnymund finished the first half of his Easter egg ideas, North made a new Christmas list, Tooth kept a organized data about the new baby teeth that were coming, Sandy learned how to create new dreaming landscapes, Jack did his usual snow routine, they decided to check up on the children.

But upon noticing that Monty was missing his usual tattoo on his eye, North turned to the Man in Moon that was showing itself in the sky, "Manny, do you think that you can give Monty his powers back? I think the children would be happier to see him joining them on their adventures." The moon shined a little bit as North nodded his head. "I see. He gave us his powers in order to save us from Pitch's spell. And you say that he will regenerate his powers as soon as he wakes up? That is a good sign..."

Just as soon as he was finished talking with the moon, North turned his head to see that in a blink of an eye, the tattoo on Monty's eye came back. The young boy soon stirred from his slumber as he scratched his head. He then realized that he felt the tattoo on his right eye as he moved his hand up to check if it was still there.

"I thought that I gave up my power," Monty examined in confusion. "But I guess that Man in Moon gave me another chance." He looked over to see that the apprentices were still asleep. He crouched down to shake them on their shoulders. "Hey guys, wake up!"

The sleeping apprentices soon stirred from their slumber as they one by one open their eyes and stretched out their arms and yawned softly. Cupcake was the first one after Monty to wake up, followed by the twins, next Pippa, then Sophie and Jamie.

"I was in a middle of a good dream, Monty." Cupcake yawned as she blinked her eyes.

"We all were, Cupcake." Claude told as he scratched his head.

North smiled as he came over to his apprentices and patted them on their backs. "Did you all have a good nap? Don't worry, the other guardians are working their usual routine, then they will return to retrieve you."

Pippa asked, worried. "Is Jack back to normal?"

North answered. "If you count him being able to bug the Easter Bunny and managed to give the kids the fun that they deserved, then yes, he is back to normal." The apprentices then noticed that Monty had his power back as he demonstrated a good wave of his hand as he moved the huge book to get it to open up and go through twenty pages at a time. "And before you ask, children, yes, Man in Moon has given Monty his powers back."

"Alright!" Caleb yelled as he rushed over to see the magic that Monty was using. "I was worried that you weren't going to get your powers back, Monty." His brother came over and gave them both high fives as they laughed, enjoying the show that Monty was doing with his magic.

Tooth suddenly swooped into the workshop with some of her fairies in toe as she searched around the area in her usual calculating way to pay attention to the changes in the place. "North, I have come to retrieve Pippa for her first few days of work." She told in her sweet womanly voice. However, before North could respond, she already saw that Pippa was awake and rushed over to her.

Thankfully, Pippa overheard the conversation, so she answered to her mentor. "When you and the rest of the guardians were under Pitch's control, I already had gone through the basics into figuring out how many teeth are in some of the houses." Tooth seemed surprised when Pippa explained the whole situation.

Soon after Tooth appeared, Sandy floated inside as he silently went over to Cupcake, wondering if she was ready to go. Cupcake simply stretched her arms out before she floated above the ground, using her own magic that was given to her from her mentor. "I suppose you are ready to teach me a few different ways to create dreams?" She asked, curious.

Upon a nod from Sandy who was smiling in approval, they were about ready to go until North stopped them. "Hold on! Before you and Tooth go off with your apprentices, Sandy, can I ask them a question?" Receiving a nod from both guardians, North cleared his throat as he turned his attention to the apprentices. "How did you all get us back to our senses from Pitch's control? From what I remembered correctly, he was making sure that you all didn't get us back."

Monty then perked up, using his new-found knowledge as he explained slowly. "Didn't you know that when we gave our vows to protect the wonder, hopes, and dreams of the children, that our power increased? It was four times as powerful than the last time. Pitch didn't stand a chance as we purified your bodies again, making sure that he doesn't try to do that again."

Jamie interrupted. "That reminds me, do we have to worry about Pitch if he thinks about returning to bug us?"

Sophie shook her head, answering his question. "Aye am thinkin' that the Boogeyman will not be able to bother us for a long time, mate. We really put him in his place to well."

North nodded. "Okay, that is all what we needed to hear. I will tell Bunny and Jack of what you told me. Claude and Caleb, would you two mind in helping me figure out what gifts I should do for the children next Christmas?" He moved toward his office as the twins gathered around by the door, he turned his head to quickly tell Sophie and Jamie that Jack and Bunny will be getting them soon, so they could wait right by the window.

Tooth, Sandy, and their apprentices soon left the Bennett children alone as they headed back to their work stations, with the girls saying that they will visit them as soon as they could. Jamie, Sophie and Monty were the only ones in the room as they moved over to the window where they would wait for the Guardians of Hope and Fun.

Jamie had his blue hood on his head as he stared at the snow that was outside, Sophie was sitting in his lap counting how many snowflakes were flying from the sky, and Monty was still getting use to controlling his powers as they waited in silence.

Sophie suddenly broke the silence as she asked Monty a question. "What are you going to do, Monty? Are you planning on staying at the workshop?" She guessed.

Monty nodded. "I might consider staying here where I might be needed. Claude and Caleb will probably need more guidance from me, plus North is there to make sure that they behave while he and I teach them. Who knows, if Pitch ever causes trouble with us again, I will be here to translate what Man in Moon wants from us and our mentors. No more mysteries, no more 'not getting answers', things like that."

The remaining apprentices turned to see that a rabbit hole appeared on the ground as the Easter Bunny hopped out. "Did I keep ya mates waitin' too long?" He asked in a teasing manner. "Ready to come with me, ankle-biter?"

Sophie giggled in happiness as she worked her way out of Jamie's hold and ran right over to her favorite bunny. Bunnymund could see a stern look from the older sibling as he reassured the boy. "Don't worry, mate. Ya sister is safe with me. I will make sure that she behaves when I am around." He then notice Jamie's stern look transform to one with a smile. He understood that the bunny will take care of his sister.

Bunnymund tapped his foot as he gathered Sophie in his arms, and fell into the hole. Leaving behind a little gold flower as the boys watched. "I should probably check with North, in case he needs help from me to keep the twins under control." Monty mentioned as he got up from the edge of the window and walked over to the door where North and the twins disappeared to.

Now Jamie was the only one in the room as he looked back at the window, fiddling around with his magic creating a few ice pictures on the window. It was until he noticed that another ice picture came up beside his. Jamie knew that he couldn't create two ice pictures at the same time, neither make them move so that it looked like they were walking or flying together. So he turned around to see that Jack Frost was standing behind him, using his own magic to play with the boy.

Jack smiled. "Long time no see, kiddo." He was going to say something more, but it was cut short when Jamie ran over to him and embraced him. (AN: Like how he did at the end of the movie.) Jack seemed a little shocked at first, but then he relaxed and returned the hug. Until when he heard Jamie crying in his chest, Jack stopped and asked. "Why are you crying so much, Jamie?"

Jamie sobbed. "I just thought that I would not be able to see you again. I almost lost you to Pitch." He continued to cry his tears of happiness out as Jack began to soothe the child by carrying him like a baby and cradled him.

"It's alright now, Jamie. I'm here." He whispered softly to the boy. "I will always be here for you."

Jamie choked a bit. "Just promise me that you will never leave me like that ever again." He was just making sure that his favorite guardian wasn't lost to the madness of Pitch's lies ever again.

Jack playfully scoffed. "Pitch is not going to make me fall for that again." He then walked over to the window, while still holding Jamie in his arms, and laid down on the soft blue cushion as he comforted his apprentice who was happy to get his guardian back.

Tomorrow would be a new day for Jack to fully train his apprentice. But for tonight, he would stay with his Jamie until the boy was calm enough to get himself back together again. As the new snowfall decorated the window, Jack and Jamie soon dozed off into slumber.

The End

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