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Never Stay Over

Chapter One: Stopping Now at Capsule Corporation

Gohan's life was never going to be the same again. He agreed to spend the week at Capsule Corporation to save his classmates from Vegeta. Nobody deserves Vegeta's mad ranting or anything else the saiyan prince could dish out. He watched as the bus stopped in front of the large, yellow building of Capsule Corp. Why does he have this strange idea that this weekend everything would go wrong?

Erasa squealed as she watch a young girl bound out of the building. "I can't believe it! The Bulma Briefs invited us to spend the weekend over here!"

"Calm down, Erasa!" shouted the annoyed Videl Satan.

The blond English teacher, Ms. Beakmen, stood up. "Okay, class, remember the rules that were given to you at school. Ms. Briefs told us to leave the baggage in the other bus. She'll have someone come out and bring it up to the assign rooms." Ms. Beakmen led the way out of the bus. They waited in front of the round building where the brunette was waiting for them.

The brunette waved at the group cheerfully. "Hello, everyone. I'm Philomina Price. You can just call me Phil. My father is one of the scientist working on new inventions here at CC. Ms. Briefs will be here shortly. She's in a emergency meeting at this moment."

A loud explosion sounded on the left side of CC leaving a gaping whole in the side of the building. The students all cried out in fear as the ground rumbled and the building shook. All except Gohan who just lightly shook his head. Seconds later, a little lavender blur flew from where the explosion was heard. It headed straight towards Son Gohan and attached itself to his legs. "Save me," it yelled in a slightly terrified voice. Gohan glanced down at Trunks. As did his classmates.

"Brat!" an angry voice growled out. "I'm going to kill you! You broke the damn TV!"

Trunks lowered his ki as low as possible. Maybe he won't find me. Maybe Gohan could distract him. But Trunks knew nothing could stop Vegeta from his course. Not even a little of Gohan torturing.

The class backed away from the short, angry man, except Gohan and Trunks of course. Even little Phil backed away. Just because she practically lived at CC doesn't mean that that angry man didn't scare her. He scared everyone except the Briefs family and their closest friends.

Vegeta stopped in front of Gohan. "So you're here. Isn't it enough that you come over whenever you want uninvited but you have to come over with this bunch of humans?"

Gohan rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh, hi Vegeta."

Vegeta reached down and picked his son up back the front of his shirt. "You, brat, will be sorry you were ever born! Isn't it your nap time?"

Trunks tried to kick himself out of his father's grip. "No! I'm eight years old! I don't need to take a nap! I'm the Prince of Saiyans, I don't need a nap!"

Vegeta smirked. "Since you say you don't need a nap, then you should be training right now." He threw Trunks down several feet away. He started to walk back inside CC when a human girl spoke up.

"You can't go throwing little boys around. He might be really hurt." Videl walked to where Trunks was just getting up. Trunks, seeing this as his chance, held one of his arm and started to whimper as if he was in pain. "Just look at him, mister. You might have broken his arm! I'll teach you to pick on someone smaller than you, shortie."

Vegeta turned to still in disbelief at the girl. Gohan groan while Trunks just smirked as his newly discovered plan was playing out. Vegeta would be distracted with this little slip of a girl while he escaped. It was a pity this girl might get hurt but he was counting on Gohan saving her before his father could kill her.

"Mr. Vegeta!" shouted a red head in a business suit who was hurrying towards the group. In her hands, she held a clipboard. "Mr. Vegeta, you don't have time for a chitchat. Ms. Briefs told me you have a photo shoot in thirty minutes and you're not even ready yet."

Vegeta growled at the newcomer. "You infuriating red head woman, stop planning things for me! I told you before that I wouldn't do anything you have planned."

"Please, sir, Mr. Vegeta, I only do as I've been told. Your wife told me to schedule that in and that's what I did." Vegeta roared at her, ready to choke the life out of the woman.

"Vegeta! Don't you dare hurt her! It took me months to find a new secretary after the last three secretaries you almost killed. I'll not lose this one." Bulma calmly walked over to Vegeta and her secretary, Miss Henrietta Durrett. "Henrietta, are you okay? This brute didn't hurt you, did he?"

Henrietta shook her head. "No, ma'am. Mr. Vegeta hasn't touched me." She noticed Son Gohan standing in the sidelines. "Ah, Mr. Son, it's nice to see you again. No Goten? That's a shame. He's a cute little monster as is this little monster. Mr. Briefs, you are schedule to be in the green room with your grandparents to talk to a reporter in ten minutes."

"Rats! I was hoping you would forget about that." Then Trunks realized this wound be to his advantage. "Sorry, Dad, can't train. Reporters are waiting." Trunks took off to the green room located somewhere in one of the many hallways of CC.

Bulma ran a finger down Vegeta's chest. "You mister, better be ready for the photo shoot. And no blowing up anything either. If I hear a word that you threaten anybody, you will be sleeping on the couch for a week."

"Woman! I don't care. I'm not going to be sitting down to get my picture taken."

"Fine! Don't get your picture taken. But then you have to go with Trunks and have a little chat with that reporter."

"The reporter got to be better than that torture you have set up for me!"

Bulma smiled as if she had gotten her way but Vegeta knew she didn't. Bulma had wanted him to get his picture taken, didn't she? So why did he have a feeling that the devious red head and his wife had gotten exactly what they wanted?

After Vegeta left, Bulma turn to smile at her secretary. Miss Durrett grins back. "I told you that was the way to go. I've dealt with men like him before." She glanced back down at her clipboard. "Oh my! I'm sorry Ms. Briefs, but Maser Metal's vice president is schedule for a meeting with your father in half an hour and you know how forgetful he can be."

Bulma waved Miss Durrett away. "By all means then go. We need Maser Metal to sign that contract. Could you get Mr. Dodson to go to the meeting along with Mrs. Jameson?"

"Yes, ma'am." Henrietta quickly left after that.

Bulma turn to the class. "Hello everyone, I'm Bulma Briefs and this," she said gesturing behind her, "is Capsule Corporation. I would like to welcome you are here if Phil hasn't."

Phil blushed as she remembered that she hadn't welcomed the group yet. She was so stupid! She wanted to smack herself. Wasn't welcoming the guests the first thing they taught you when you're in the touring business? She's going to fail the test and then she would never have little annoying tourist walking behind her as she showed them around CC. Maybe she could go around and help one of her friends lead the tourist around. That way she couldn't possible forget anything else. "I'm sorry Ms. Briefs but I've gotta run. See you are later, people." Phil rushed into the building to find her friend.

"Now, although CC is a big place, I don't want anyone to get lost alone. It would be better that everyone travel in pairs or more. And since there is an even amount of students, there will be two people to each room. Please, no boy/girl arrangements. I don't want to get in trouble by your school and by your parents." Bulma reached into a pocket and took out her list of students. "Could you all pick your partners now so we can get your bags to your rooms as soon as possible?"

The students walked around trying to find a partner to room with. Erasa and Videl were together. Erasa wouldn't have it any other way and Videl really didn't care whom she was with. Sharpener took a look around and remarked that there was no one who he wanted to room with and decided Gohan couldn't be that bad of a roommate. So Gohan ended up with Sharpener as his partner. Gohan wished there was an odd number of students just so he could have his room at CC all by himself.

Bulma walked over to the group of four, her pen ready to write down who was with who. "Hi, Gohan. I didn't even realize you were here. I don't even bother to look at the list of students who comes and visit anymore. These must be your friends."

Gohan nodded. "This is Sharpener, Erasa, and Videl."

Bulma shook each of their hands. "Tell you what, Gohan. Since these are your friends, I'll let you have your family suite." She winked at him. "Just don't tell anyone that you have it." Bulma crossed out all four of the students' names before she walked away to talk to the other students.

"Gohan! You know Bulma Briefs and you didn't tell us," exploded Videl when Bulma was out of hearing range.

Gohan rubbed the back of his neck. "You didn't ask."

Erasa ran her eyes up and down Gohan's body. "So that's the reason why you didn't bother to dress up like everyone else."

"How do you know Bulma Briefs so well, nerd-boy?"

Gohan fidget under all three of their questioning stares. "It's a long story. Bulma and my dad knew each other when they were little kids. She's like a second mother, almost."

Videl narrowed her eyes on Son Gohan. Maybe this little sleep over at CC would bring out some of his secrets. And sharing the same rooms with Gohan, she could be that much closer to study him. Videl didn't pay that much attention to Bulma Briefs as she showed them around CC. She would be walking around with Gohan and Gohan should know where everything is. After the little tour was completed, Bulma led them to the hallway where the class would be using as their rooms. The staff had put numbers one each of the doors to help the students find their rooms. Before Bulma left them, she stress them on keeping in pairs and never ever walk the hallways by themselves, especially very late at night when all should be asleep. It sounded that the hallways of CC were haunted or something and evil things go bump in the middle of the night. Everyone staff member and his or her family knew never to roam CC at night. Even Trunks would rather stay in his room than to face the horrors of the hallways and he thrived on evil things. Because late at night a certain saiyan prince and his mate could be seen chasing each other around the hallways, and if the saiyan prince caught a whiff that someone was watching him they would be turn into a pile of ash for the cleaning robots to find. But of course the students didn't know this and Gohan hoped the class would remember to stay in their rooms at night.

"Why doesn't Ms. Briefs wants us to roam at night?" demanded Erasa. "I like to roam at night."

Gohan shuddered. "You don't want to find out," was his only replied.

"Okay," Erasa said happily. Of course she did want to find out why but that would have to wait under later. She latched herself on Gohan's arm. "Are you going to talk us to our rooms?" she asked.


Videl glanced around the living room. Something on the fireplace caught her eye. It was a picture of a younger Gohan with a man and a woman. Probably his parents. Next to this picture was another one with Gohan, as she knew him, and a little boy who had to be his brother. Both of them were staring at the camera and waving happily. Of course there was more happy pictures next to them, the whole mantle was filled with pictures. But one sad picture sat on end of the mantle. Videl picked it up. In it Gohan must have be twelve or so placing the picture taken somewhere near the awful Cell Games. Gohan was sitting with his knees pulled him with his arms wrapped around them as he looked into a river. It looked like someone just told Gohan that his best friend had just died.

Gohan came up behind Videl to see what she was looking at. He frowned. "I hate that picture. I don't know why Mom kept it."

Videl jumped. She hadn't heard Gohan. She turned to look at him. "Why were you so sad?"

A strange expression crossed briefly on Gohan's face but Videl wasn't a stranger to that expression. It was a sad but self-accused expression. "That was taken a month after my father died and my mom told me she was pregnant."

"I'm sorry. I didn't know your father was dead."

Gohan smiled and became his usual cheerful self. "Don't be. He died doing what he loved best. So do you guys…" Gohan paled as he heard Erasa squeal in fright. She backed away from the closet she was snooping around in.

"G-Gohan, did you know there is something alive in there?"

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