Author's Note

I've been getting several emails asking me to update along with reviews. **sighs** I would love to update any fics I have posted but . . . I lost most of my work. I had to reboot my computer. I barely lost a story from that but the disk I placed my fics in won't let me get into my files. There's something wrong with the disk. I'm so mad at it! Hopefully, I find some of my fics on other disks. **laughs** If I can find them. My lil bro likes to throw stuff around. He hates when I place things on the computer desk. **mumbles** Stupid, little brothers!

I'm not going to place on of the blame on my stupid, old computer and little brothers. I've also been busy with school and keeping my grades high. Next year I'm going to going to college while still in my senior year so I'll need good grades to do that. Plus moving and job hunting as taken away my time to write. Hopefully I'll be able to write and update one of my fics soon. Thanks for reading and waiting for me to finish writing them.