Ron Weasley wasn't an intimidating man.

In fact, he was sort of the clown of the family (After Uncle George, of course) and was known to crack jokes at the most inappropriate times (like the time he said he'd disown Rose if she wasn't sorted into Gryffindor. Oh Merlin; the hours she wasted sweating over that one.) Also, he never, ever, got mad at Rose. After all, she was his little girl, his first-born child, the apple of his eye.

So it came as no surprise to Rose when she saw her father trying to mask the perplexed expression on his face with a smile, as she yanked herself from Scorpius' arms so fast as if under a Revulsion Jinx, and made her way towards him. However, while Rose was fairly sure she was in the clear, she couldn't say the same for Scorpius. Merlin knows what Ron would do to him for laying hands on his precious daughter.

"Uncle Ron!" yelled Albus, clearly unaware of the awkward situation (he really was oblivious), and ran up to his godfather, "What are you doing here?" he asked as Ron smiled and greeted him with a pat on the back.

Before Ron could answer, Rose threw her arms around him and hugged him hard, "Dad! What a surprise!" she said, giving him her sweetest and most adoring smile. She reckoned that she might as well butter him up as much as she could, so the chances of him strangling Scorpius were less likely.

Rose pulled away from Ron, wary of how her over-protective father would react to Scorpius. She shot a glance at the boy in question, and was surprised to see Scorpius looking uncharacteristically flustered as he approached Rose's dad. Of course, anyone who didn't know him personally would be nervous; he was Ronald Weasley, the legendary wizard who fought in the Second Wizarding War and helped defeat Voldemort.

First, Rose motioned to Joanne and Katie, who said their hellos to Ron, already fairly familiar with him from their visits to Rose's place. Finally, she gestured to Scorpius, who extended his hand to Ron, and said "Dad, this is Scorpius-"

"-Malfoy" Ron interrupted, his dislike for the name evident in his tone as he shook Scorpius' hand.

Rose suppressed an eye-roll.

Of course, this is what bothered her father the most.

Although their parents had sorted out their differences after the War, and the Malfoys had long since redeemed themselves to the Wizarding World, Ron still seemed to hold a grudge against them. What a surprise.

"Pleased to meet you sir," said Scorpius, "Actually, uh, we've met before; over the summer. I was staying with the Potters," he continued nervously.
Uncle Harry was clearly more gracious than her father; Rose doubted he would have let Scorpius set foot in their house.

"That's right. Your parents went on vacation and left you at the Potters'." said Ron, who, knowing him, probably intended to subtly imply that Draco and Astoria Malfoy were terrible parents.

"Actually-" started Scorpius indignantly, only to be interrupted by Rose.

"All right! Now that we've got the introductions out of the way, what brings you to Hogsmeade, Dad?" she asked, in the hopes of avoiding a full-blown argument between the two.

It worked.

"Er- well, I had to check on the new stock at the shop…" replied Ron slowly,

"…and I thought I'd drop in on you kids, since I knew you were having your Hogsmeade visit today" he finished.


There it was, the real reason he was here.
It was not uncommon for any of the Weasleys or Potters to find an excuse to just "stop by" the castle during the year and check on them. Just in the past two years that Rose had been at Hogwarts, nearly every member of her enormous family had dropped in at least once.
She sighed. Just because no one said anything to them didn't mean they could take advantage of their status as one of the most prominent families in the Wizarding World to come and go as they pleased.

"Come on, dad! We've been away for barely a week!" groaned Rose exasperatedly.

Ron smiled and ruffled Rose's hair "Well, you can't blame me for missing my own children, can you?" he said.

Rose rolled her eyes at her father and turned to see James and Fred approaching, grinning and shouting hellos to Ron.

"So, who won the snowball fight?" asked Scorpius as they drew near, although from the looks on their faces, Rose was pretty sure she already knew the answer.

"Come on Malfoy, do you really even have to ask?" said Fred.

"We hexed those wankers into next week" clarified James smugly.

"My, your modesty knows no bounds" replied Rose dryly, and turned back to her father, "You were saying something about new stock? What for?" she asked.

Ron gestured to the right, and there, in all its glory, was Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, the famous joke shop run by Uncle George and Rose's dad. Rose was surprised she hadn't noticed it before, what with all the bizarre noises coming from the various items inside, and the clamour of the students as they marvelled at everything.

"Holy Hippogriff!" exclaimed Albus as he stared inside the store through the huge display windows, "This is even bigger than the one at Diagon Alley!" he gawked.

"Yeah, and business is fantastic here too," said Ron proudly as he led them inside.

Rose was aware of the many eyes following them as they walked inside; after all, it wasn't every day that you saw Ronald Weasley strolling around Hogsmeade.
As Ron showed them around the shop, a group of Ravenclaws, a few of whom Rose recognised from her year, approached Ron and asked for his autograph.
Ron chuckled and then proceeded to sign the pictures and posters they handed him, all the while talking to them amicably, as they gazed at him in awe.
Rose had to keep herself from laughing.
She'd always found it so absurd that her goofball of a father had his very own fan club; even after thirteen years, she was still getting used to it.

While Ron was busy chatting to his admirers, Rose looked around the shop, surveying items. She was in the process of examining an odd metal contraption that squirted bubbles into her face every time she tried look inside it when Scorpius sidled up to her, and looked down at her with those blue eyes that were the cause of so much trouble in her life.
"So, Rosie," he began, leaning towards her "I've got something to tell you," he continued in a lowered voice.
"Erm, okay?" replied Rose a little breathlessly as her surroundings faded away and her heart did somersaults in her chest as he leaned even closer, so his face was inches from hers. Finally, he whispered,

"It was Al's idea."

And before Rose's brain could even register her confusion, there was an ear-splitting 'BANG!' followed by a puff of purple smoke that enveloped her. A few seconds later, Rose emerged from the cloud of smoke and managed to splutter a loud "MALFOY!" before breaking into a coughing fit.

When she finally collected herself and straightened up, it was to find Scorpius and Al rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. "What the bloody hell was that?" fumed Rose as she stood over the laughing pair of gits with her hands on her hips. They paused for a moment to look up at her, and then promptly burst into another round of laughter. Rose was very close to sending a rather inventive set of hexes their way when she saw Joanne and Katie dissolve into giggles as well. "Really? You lot too? Just what is so hilarious?" asked a very annoyed Rose as she turned on them. Katie recovered long enough to speak through her giggles "It- It's y- your hair" she managed to say.

Her hair?
Confused, Rose lifted a lock of her hair in front of her face and was startled to discover that it's fiery red colour had been replaced by a rather shocking shade of blue.
Rose gasped; while she may not have had the flaming hair colour, Rose still had her flaming temper. She whipped out her wand and turned her murderous gaze on the two responsible culprits. By then, Scorpius and Al had picked themselves up off the floor and Scorpius, clearly the more sensible one of the duo, had stepped back and put Al in front of him, in the hopes of shielding himself from Rose's wrath, which the two of them were very familiar with.

"What in Merlin's name have you done to my hair?!"

Rose nearly shrieked as she stepped menacingly towards them. Al raised his hands in a placating gesture, "Calm down, cousin. It was just for a laugh," he said with a grin. This of course only served to make Rose all the more irate, but before she could unleash her fury on them, she felt a hand on her shoulder and her father's voice say "Sorry darling, but this is sort of my fault."

Rose turned to see her father trying not to laugh. "Dad!" exclaimed Rose "My blooming hair is BLUE! This isn't funny!

"I'm sorry Rosie, but it kind of is," he grinned.

Ignoring his jibe, Rose registered his actual words "Wait, how could this possibly be your fault? It was obviously the doing of those world class prats over there," she said, motioning to the two perpetrators in question with narrowed eyes.

Ron smiled sheepishly and held up a small round object that seemed to be constantly changing its colour. "Well, I gave them one of these," he said, "and, er- asked them to try it out on someone- not specifically on you," he added quickly when he saw the look on Rose's face.

Before she could respond, James and Fred made their way towards them, each carrying a large box. "Nice hair, Rose," quipped James with a grin as they set the boxes down.
"Yeah, it really suits you," agreed Fred as he pretended to look thoughtfully at her hair. Choosing to ignore her cousins, Rose refrained from cursing them to oblivion (See? She did have some amount of self-restraint!), and instead reached out and grabbed the colour changing ball from her father.

"What is this, exactly?" she asked, turning it over in her palm to examine it. "Oh, right," said Ron, bending over to open up one of the boxes that Fred and James had brought over. He grabbed a handful of the same multi-coloured balls and handed it out to the rest of the group. "This is one of our new products, developed by your Uncle George with a little help from Teddy," he said holding up a ball, "It's called an InstaMorph Bomb. When you smash one of these at a person's feet, it explodes and changes the appearance of that person- don't worry Rose, the effects only last for a few hours." he said with a wink.
"A few HOURS?" gasped Rose "Dad! I can't possibly walk around Hogsmeade looking like this!"

Ron chuckled, "No worries, I was just pulling your leg," he said, "Your good old dad knows how to reverse the spell," and with a flick of his wand Rose's hair returned to its usual red hue. After shaking her hair in front of her face to make sure all was well, an idea came to Rose. She flashed a wicked grin at her father and, with a gleam in her eye, said "Thanks, Dad," after which she promptly threw her InstaMorph Bomb at his feet.

The loud bang and cloud of blue smoke that followed resulted in Ron emerging from it with a long beak instead of a mouth, which set Rose off into spasms of laughter. "You were right Dad, it is funny" she said through her laughs, "I see it now."
Ron opened his beak to find that he could speak normally, "Y'know what? I reckon I deserve a hug from my darling daughter; after all, I did fix your hair," he said in a sly voice as he walked towards Rose with outstretched arms. Quickly realizing what her father was up to, Rose yelped and backed away from him, running past her laughing mates with Ron following her and snapping his beak, saying "What's wrong Rose? Scared of a little peck?"
Before she knew it, Rose was being lifted off her feet by her father who quickly waved his wand to vanish his beak and dropped a kiss onto Rose's head before setting her down.

Now that the spectacle was over, James took the opportunity to test his own bomb out, and who was a better candidate to experiment on than his little brother?
The resulting explosion and yell from Albus was a cue to the rest of the group to start an InstaMorph Bomb war. As everyone aimed and fired their bombs at their various targets, Ron pulled Rose aside saying, "C'mon, let me show you something."

He summoned the other unopened box over to where they sheltered themselves from the explosions and shrieks that ensued, and reached into the box to pull out another smaller bright orange box about the size of his head, with the sparkling Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes logo printed on the it. He handed it to Rose, who lifted the lid and glanced curiously inside, wondering what new invention her dad and Uncle George had come up with.

A few seconds later, Rose threw a confused glance at her father, and said, "But…it's empty!" She tipped the box over and began to look for secret compartments inside. Finally she gave up, "Am I missing something, or is this just a fancy box?" she asked, looking expectantly at Ron.

He shrugged and said "Well to you, yeah it is just a fancy box. That's the beauty of it."
At Rose's dubious expression, Ron continued, "We made this just for you lot; it's called the Weasley Joke Box. So basically to any Weasley- or Potter- it's just a box you can put stuff in, but if anyone who's not a Weasley or Potter tries to open it, Wham! They get punched in the face with a boxing glove." he explained with a proud grin. Rose almost laughed; only her father would find such joy at the prospect of punching other people. Sometimes he was just as much of a child as Rose. Speaking of childish behaviour...Rose glanced inside the box once more, "So," she said slowly "I can put anything inside, but only the family can see what it is?" she asked, as an idea began to form in her head.

"Yep, that's pretty much it. I think it's brilliant. And I reckon Uncle George is going to owl everyone one of these next week," said Ron as he straightened up and surveyed the results of the Morph Bomb War.

Albus now had horns protruding out of his head, Katie's ears had turned green, Joanne had grown fangs, and James had talons instead of fingers, with which he gleefully clawed at Fred, who now had his bright red hair reaching down to his ankles. Rose spotted a laughing Scorpius trying to grab hold of Albus's horns while Al continually dodged him, swinging his head maniacally around. "Careful Al, you're gonna take someone's eye out," warned Ron with a chuckle.

Still holding the Joke Box, Rose beckoned to Scorpius, "Hey Scorp! Have a look at this," she said, gesturing to the box in her hands. Obviously curious, Scorpius gave up on his quest to grab Al's horns and made his way over to Rose, with a questioning smile on his face.

At first glance, it didn't look like he was suffering from the after-effects of an InstaMorph Bomb, but then Rose realized with a jolt that his eyes were now bright purple, instead of the clear blue that she was used to. "What's up, Weasley?" he asked as he approached. It took a few seconds for Rose to process what Scorpius was saying, as she was busy staring at his eyes, trying to decide which eye colour she preferred.

"Blue," she blurted without thinking.
"Come again?" asked Scorpius, as his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.
Bloody hell.
Realizing what she'd just said, Rose felt her cheeks colour as she fumbled for an answer. She was fairly certain her face resembled a Quaffle by the time she mustered up the courage to say, "Erm- your eyes. They look better when they're blue," she managed with a weak smile.

For a moment, the oddest expression came over Scorpius' face, a mixture of shyness and something unidentifiable flickered in his eyes, but Rose couldn't be too sure because then he blinked and his expression cleared. He grinned, "Oh that. Yeah, I reckon the ladies like it that way," he said with a wink. Rose rolled her eyes. Did she ever mention that Scorpius could also sometimes be a self-centered prat? Which reminded her...

"Right. Here, open this," said Rose, handing the orange box over to him. "What's this? A new Weasley product?" asked Scorpius as he stared at the Joke Box.
Rose grinned wickedly at him and said, "Well, let's just say this is my way of forgiving you for turning my hair blue."

Scorpius paused and shot a suspicious glance at Rose, before shrugging and lifting the lid of the box.

Would you look at that, Ron was right. There was a blur of red, and with a muffled thud, a boxing glove collided with Scorpius' nose.

A surprised yell followed, shortly accompanied by a stream of curses from Scorpius, who dropped the box to massage his nose, "Bloody hell, Weasley!" he cried. Rose burst into a fit of laughter at Scorpius' expression of pain and annoyance.
Albus, having witnessed the entire scene, had already joined in the mockery by the time he reached Rose's side, while Scorpius muttered something along the lines of "forgiving, my arse."

Still chuckling, Rose bent over to pick up the Joke Box, opening and closing it just to make sure it still worked. Seeing this, Scorpius exclaimed, "Hey! How did you open that without getting a blow to the face?" he asked indignantly, eyeing the box suspiciously. Rose considered keeping the Weasley Joke Box a secret for a little while longer, but knowing Scorpius, he wouldn't let up until she told him.

"...yeah, so basically only Weasleys and Potters can open it without risking bodily harm," she finished explaining, with an apologetic grin at Scorpius.

"Wicked," said Albus, "I'll take that," he grinned as he swiped the box from Rose's grasp. Rose didn't' protest; it had already served its purpose for her.

An exclamation followed by a slew of rather imaginative curses drew their attention as Fred tripped over his floor-length hair for the fifth or sixth time. He looked around helplessly, "Hey Uncle Ron, can I get a little help here please?" he implored.
Ron, who was once again being hounded by adoring fans, extricated himself and made his way over after lots of apologies, waves and smiles. While he set to work reversing the effects of the InstaMorph Bombs, he chatted away to everyone. "Oh by the way, Fred, your dad sends his congratulations on the success of your and James' little prank earlier this week." Ron grinned and continued, "Charming all the suits of armour on the first floor to throw dung bombs at anyone who tried to pass by. Very clever, boys; Uncle George is proud."

Fred grinned back, "Well, he should be; he's the one who taught us the spell."

"Yeah and it got us out of History of Magic for the entire day," gloated James, "Though I doubt dear old Professor Binns even noticed."

"So I take it that was your annual start-of-school-year prank?" asked Ron, still smiling.

"Nah. We need something way more spectacular for that," replied Fred, his hair now back to its usual length.

"Yeah, this was just a little warm up. We're still working on the grand prank," confirmed James as he watched his talons disappear with disappointment.

Suddenly remembering, Rose called out, "Hey dad! Did you hear about Teddy and Victoire? They're engaged!" she said, as Ron vanished Joanne's fangs and set to work on Albus' horns. Ron smiled, "Yeah, we did. Nana Molly had the lot of us over to the Burrow for dinner last night, since this is the first year that all of her grandchildren are away at Hogwarts or working, so Ted and Vic stopped by then to tell us the good news."

James and Fred returned to the group after they were done buying all the stock for their prank stash that would last them till the next Hogsmeade trip, and began discussing the Chudley Cannons' latest Quidditch match with Ron.

After he was done fixing up everybody, Ron straightened up, "Right. I'm afraid I'll have to get going now, I promised Nev- I mean, Professor Longbottom I'd join him for a drink, and then I'll have to pop in to the castle to check on Hugo, Lily and the other Weasley first-years."

"Yeah, we've got to go too; you've taken up enough of our Hogsmeade time anyway," replied Rose with a grin. Ron smiled and squeezed Rose tightly, waved goodbye to everyone and made to leave, saying," Cheers, everyone at home sends their love."

Halfway to the exit, Ron stopped and turned to them,

"James! Fred! I have an idea for your grand prank:


Your Uncles Fred and George used them in our fifth year, and it was brilliant," he said with grin. Before turning away he added, "Oh, and if your Aunt Hermione asks about this, I said nothing," he warned. And then, with a final wave, Ron Weasley exited his joke shop.

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