"The Ballad of a Geek"

Rated T

Disclaimer: I sure as hell do not own Total Drama. No way, no how. I remember doing my poetry tribute to Owen called "The Portrait of a Fatman" and I got to realizing, why not do some kind of poetry tribute of Cody. I thought to myself, "Awesome idea!" So here it is! Enjoy!

Short, skinny and bucktoothed with a huge heart of pure geekiness

With a reputation to gain respect and an amount of cool endlessness

His dream girl is Gwen and his stalking fangirl is crazy Sierra

Seeing the sight of her purple hair and sick smile is like a hellish quinceanera

He cant defuse ticking timebombs the size of Owen's fat mother

Even if she's fatter than a monster truck or a burger from Fuddrucker

He can run and hide, but Sierra will find him twenty four seven

When she's around him, he's in a third world hell other than heaven

He hides stuff in his pants, chilling them until a warm front of May

When Noah kissed him on Total Drama Island, it made him a little less gay

That embarrassing memory wouldn't seem to let go, even if he were to hate

You couldn't tell one bit when Marvin was gay or George was straight

But Bud Bundy and Sheldon Cooper don't have nothing on this geeky homie

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, give it up for the King of the Cool Geeks himself, Cody!

So what did everyone think? Were you impressed? I hope you were! Until then, read and review! BAZINGA!