A/N: This epilogue will contain some recipes from the story and some extras that I think you'll enjoy (these recipes are coming from my personal cookbook to you—so I know that they are awesome). There is also a juicy lemon included, because this story isn't called 'sugar' and 'spice' for nothing XD!

Sugar and Spice – Epilogue

Recipe for a Lemon

After the hustle and bustle of New Years with the family, and the customary prayers at the local temple the next day, Ichigo and Byakuya finally had some time to themselves.

Shit like that wears a person out.

As much as Byakuya or Ichigo enjoyed their family... after two days, it was exhausting. And it didn't help that Sōjun and Isshin kept insisting that it was only proper that they allow them to orchestrate a wedding for them.

Ichigo wouldn't have any of that and Byakuya wasn't that keen on the idea either.

Neither wanted a grand display of their commitment, they were happy with the one they made to each other. And that's all there was to it.

Of course, word of their involvement reached the culinary world and the fans of Café on Sixth. Their debut on Japan's Hidden Treasures reached the far corners of the city. And then some! There was sure to be some interesting commentary written up in the next foodie magazine and surely, the customers would visit the café out of curiosity.

"I was thinking I would start a food blog for Café on Sixth," Ichigo announced as they sat at the dinner table, lounging around in pyjamas. Ichigo wore grey sweats and a white t-shirt with the word 'Punk' written across the chest. Byakuya had on his black pyjama pants and a light blue t-shirt that he liked to wear to bed—or more like what he liked to wear in the mornings on his day off, since Ichigo disrobed him of the pyjamas almost every night.

They hadn't even combed their bed-tousled hair yet.

Byakuya glanced up over the newspaper he was reading, while sipping on a cup of hot green tea. "I already have a website dedicated to Café on Sixth," he mentioned. "But if you want to, by all means."

Ichigo had his laptop open in front of him. He was currently re-working the way Café on Sixth handled its bookkeeping. Truthfully, he was better at the accounting side of things and suggested he handle the administrative duties—giving Rukia one less job to take care of since she handled enough.

Byakuya was more than happy to give the duties to Ichigo, along with a slight pay raise.

The orange-haired apprentice also had his recipe book opened and was writing down all recipes he thought sounded interesting from Byakuya's well-worn book from the café. "I think it would be a great way to connect with the customers, they could leave comments or ask questions. It is also free advertising."

"Indeed," Byakuya said, sounding pleased with the idea. "It will also allow you in-depth study of the recipes you create and the ingredients you use. It will help you learn and explore."

"That's what I was thinking," Ichigo agreed.

Byakuya resumed reading his newspaper with a satisfied ruffle.

"First, I need to finish copying down these recipes, though." Ichigo pushed the laptop out of the way so he could finish writing in his notebook. He wondered. "Did you like the new recipe book I got you for Christmas?"

Byakuya smiled softly and replied. "Yes, it is very lovely—a perfect gift. I required a new book to write down my recipes in since my old one, as you very well see, is fairly worn out."

The new notebook was a leather bound book with rich blank paper inside, waiting for Byakuya's delicious new recipes to come.

"Ha, that's just the thing. It's so hard to keep these notebooks clean when you're dropping butter on them or whatever. Some of my pages have chocolate smudges and the cocoa powder ends up everywhere." Ichigo voiced knowingly.

"Yes... but it is inevitable."

Ichigo was scribbling down his favourite recipe.

Café on Sixth's Chocolate Mousse

600 grams Semi-sweet Chocolate (White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate)

4 cups 35% whipping cream

15 sheets of gelatine (equals about 4 Tablespoons of packet/powdered gelatine - which can be sprinkled over the 1 cup of 35% cream to soften/bloom BEFORE heating it)

15 yolks


- Bloom gelatine sheets in COLD water (get it nice and soft and only use the gelatine NOT the water. If you use the powdered gelatine, ignore this step and follow the above instruction.)

- Set aside 1 cup of 35% and warm till hot (not boiling!)

- Whisk in bloomed gelatine to the hot cream until it is entirely dissolved and let it cool.

- Melt chocolate – set aside.

- In a mixer or by hand, whip yolks on high until pale yellow. Could take 5 mins.

- Add melted chocolate to the yolks, whipping it in. Set aside.

- Whip the rest of the 35% cream by itself until it is fluffy but do NOT over whip.

- Add the cooled cream/gelatine mix into the yolks/chocolate mix. Always stirring or mixing.

- Finally, fold the whipped cream into the cream/gelatine/yolk/chocolate mix. Pour into whatever bowl or cups you want to serve it from. Chill to set it.

"Would you like some more tea?" Byakuya questioned as he got up to retrieve another cup for himself.

Ichigo murmured while writing down another recipe. "Sure, but can you make me one with caffeine in it? Black tea or something—thanks, handsome."

With a sniff, Byakuya wandered off to the kitchen for a refill. "I will never quite understand the addiction to caffeine, but you're welcome."

Ichigo's Approved Chocolate Torte

500 grams semi-sweet chocolate (dark chocolate)

375 grams Butter

330 grams Sugar

7 whole eggs

7 yolks


- Melt chocolate and butter on a baine marie. (A metal bowl set a top a pot of boiling water)

- When butter and chocolate are melted, whip sugar and eggs until frothy or until pale yellow (2 mins) This can be done by a mixer or by a whisk.

- Add chocolate/butter mix to egg until combined.

- Bake in a ramekin or small mold at 320F for about 10 to 15 mins. Shorter time if you want Lava-type cakes, which keeps the center gooey.

Tip! Batter is best used once it has cooled down in the fridge for a few hours. This is also a gluten-free recipe :)

Byakuya returned with two cups and set one down on a coaster for Ichigo and himself. He peeked at the recipe Ichigo had just finished writing down in his notebook.

"I see that you are copying only the chocolate recipes," he mentioned.

"Because those are my fav ones," Ichigo replied. "So they have to be added first."

"I see," Byakuya said evenly.

"Next up is your famous chocolate cake recipe!"

Byakuya sighed as he picked up his paper and flipped the page. "Your obsession with chocolate is a little alarming..."

"What...?" Ichigo chuckled. "I want to make this section of my recipe book all about chocolate. I'll add the other things later."

Byakuya's Awesome Chocolate Cake

1 cup Cocoa Powder

3 cups sugar

2 ½ cups All Purpose Flour

½ tablespoon baking powder

½ tablespoon baking soda

½ tablespoon salt

¾ cup vegetable oil

1 ½ cups coffee (instant or brewed)

1 ½ cups milk

3 eggs

1 tablespoon of vanilla


- Mix dry ingredients

- Mix wet ingredients

- Combine both well with a whisk and pour into a cake pan or into muffin pan and bake 320F until the center, when poked with a knife or toothpick, comes out clean. No goo. About 25 – 30 mins.

Tip! If you can find a really good quality cocoa powder this will taste even better! However, the simple stuff will work, too.

Ichigo stole a sip of his black tea. "I never knew ganache was so easy to make. It's like a secret chocolate sauce or a fudge that can be used for the insides of a truffles and can glaze a cake or a mousse. And all it is, is chocolate and cream," Ichigo shared with awe.

Byakuya nodded. "Certainly, it is not as trying and fancy as it seems." He leaned forward a little and disclosed whimsically, "A trade secret."

Ichigo laughed.

Simply Ganache

250 grams semi-sweet chocolate (a little more chocolate if you want truffle fillings)

250 grams of heavy whipping cream (35% cream)


- Heat cream and pour over chocolate chips and stir till combined


- Heat cream and chocolate together on a baine marie (double broiler). This is the proper chef way ;)

Tip! Add a little corn syrup or butter to get that shinier look. Let ganache chill and it becomes thick like fudge. It can be rolled into balls and coated with melted chocolate to make a truffle. Try adding flavours to the ganache like raspberry or with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Byakuya would be pleased.

"I can't help but notice you are writing down another chocolate recipe. I do hope you are going to add something different next?" Byakuya chuckled and peered over at Ichigo. He let his eyes wander over the redhead with warm appreciation. Ichigo was looking so cute this morning with his messy hair and serious look on his face. Indeed, he was a fine apprentice, eagerly learning and asking questions. Byakuya was more than happy to oblige.

"Alright, alright," Ichigo answered, "How about the choux paste? Technically, this is my recipe since I altered it by adding two less eggs than yours remember. "

Byakuya nodded. "That is true—technically it is your recipe, although a blind error. However, I do like how much more dry the insides get—much easier to fill. The dough is crispier and has a better shelf life."

"Cool," Ichigo said happy that he was able to claim the discovery of a new recipe. He felt Byakuya's toe wriggled up his pant leg and barked out in protest. "Hey, stop that!"

"Stop what?"

"I'm trying to write here," Ichigo complained half-heartedly. "I'm going to mess it all up."

Byakuya shrugged nonchalantly. "A fine mess that would be..."

Ichigo caught the naughty quip and stuck his tongue out at Byakuya.

Choux Paste for Éclairs or Profiteroles (aka Cream Puffs)

*This recipe requires a piping(pastry) bag and a plain tip.

75 grams All Purpose Flour

½ teaspoon sugar

125 ml water

50 grams butter

½ teaspoon salt

2 eggs


- Bring water, butter, salt and sugar to a boil.

- Tip in all the flour and stir constantly till it forms a ball – low heat. 5 mins

- In a mixer or by hand, mix the paste for a few minutes to cool it down. Then mix in eggs, one at a time, until soft and evenly combined.

- Line a tray with parchment and pipe 4-inch lines for éclairs. Make them as big or as small as you like. Small is more French style. Or pipe small 2-inch blobs on parchment for profiteroles. Bake at 350F until golden brown and the center is fairly dry.

When Ichigo finished writing down his recipe, Byakuya scoffed loudly.

"What is it?" Ichigo wondered.

Casually Byakuya leaned over and held open the page of the newspaper he was reading for Ichigo to see. Ichigo gazed at the picture, his mouth dropped open. "Hey isn't that what's-his-face, the Glasses Creeper?" He studied the picture and the headline: Pervert Caught Red Handed!

"HA! He got caught breaking into someone's house trying to steal underwear!"

"Sadly, it seems so," Byakuya replied.

In the top right hand corner of the newspaper, there was a small photo of Aizen scandalously holding a pair of cute male underwear, a defeated look on his face, while handcuffs adorned his wrists.

The whole thing was just too funny. Ichigo laughed so hard he felt stitches pinching his sides.

"I feel oddly violated after reading this," Byakuya muttered. He had to wonder if Aizen had attempted to break into his place and deprive him of any of his undergarments. He sniffed.

"His creepin' days are over, man. Don't worry looks like he's going to be taking a break in jail for a while." Ichigo had a hard time trying not to snicker as he gulped down the last of his cold tea. He returned to his task.

And Byakuya returned to his own special task, guiding his foot up along Ichigo's leg and over the man's crotch gently, underneath the table. The chef calmly flipped the page of newspaper, not wanting to see Aizen's depressing mug any longer. Peeking over the paper, Byakuya was saddened that he got no reaction to his foot petting. Ichigo barely flinched.

Stubborn, Byakuya thought. He's going to make me beg for the nookie.

Byakuya was feeling very devilish. Nothing pleased him more than getting Ichigo all worked up. Teasing him until, in some way or another, Ichigo reacted in some ridiculously dramatic fashion. Perhaps it was childish, but it was oh-so very worth it. As he pressed his foot gently against Ichigo's pajama pants, Byakuya's smirk grew twice its size.

And so did Ichigo's cock.

Ichigo paused with his writing and simply stared over at Byakuya, who was pretending to read his newspaper, his foot still massaging him in the naughtiest way. Ichigo's look was cool and calculating. Byakuya was waiting for his response, for him to say or do something... but he wasn't going to let him have it. Not so soon at least. Byakuya would have to work for it.

Byakuya did work at it. Ichigo was definitely turned on, his long length hard beneath his toes. The redhead tried to hide it, but he was breathing a little faster, his cheeks were pink. He was not able to conceal it fully. The thought of what he was doing to Ichigo was making Byakuya hot, his own body becoming sexually aroused.

Ichigo's peripheral vision caught Byakuya's left hand going under the table. Was Byakuya going to touch himself? He swallowed thickly and returned his eyes to the recipe book but his mind was suddenly blank—he couldn't focus a single synapse of thought into working now.

Mmm, that foot, those toes. Ichigo stifled a groan of gratification. Byakuya was being evil... so very evil and naughty...

His eyes were aimed at the newspaper in front of him but Byakuya wasn't reading a word. With his face evenly set, he wet his lips softly with his tongue and palmed over his own arousal over the fine material of his black pyjama pants. He let out a deep sigh quietly, just enough for Ichigo to hear...

Ichigo's ears pricked. His cock gave a determined twitch in immediate response to Byakuya's lustful sigh. He is touching himself! Ichigo purposely swatted his pen off the edge of the table. It clattered to the white tiles. "Oh darn, I dropped my pen," he claimed and leaned down to pick it up. While he was down there he caught sight of Byakuya touching himself, clearly noting the strain pressing against his pants, fingers nearly curled around the material.

Ichigo darted back up to a sitting position and bit his lip.

"Ahh... fuck it," Ichigo swore a moment later. He got up and rushed to the bedroom. He returned in record time while Byakuya looked on surprised.

"Ichigo, what are you—"

Before Byakuya could finish his sentence, Ichigo hauled him up off his seat and kicked the chair aside with his foot. The chair slide away and teetered before it fell back with a crash. With the newspaper still clutched in one hand, Byakuya got pushed down over the table urgently, pale cheek pressed against the table, his arm bumping against his teacup, which jostled and spilled some amber liquid onto the white tablecloth. A bamboo place mat careened off the table along with a peppershaker that rattled across the floor. Ichigo yanked down those black pyjama pants, and then there was a moment of stillness before Byakuya was filled with hot cock.

The raven-haired pâtissier let out a gasp. Yet, he was smiling victoriously. Byakuya got what he wanted.

"You're being so forceful, Ichigo." He grunted.

Ichigo held onto slender hips and watched his length thrusting in and out of his lover. He wasn't being gentle, slamming skin against skin, driving his cock with long, hard strokes. "And you're driving me crazy, Byakuya—being a tease. I know you want it."

"Hmm..." Byakuya sounded euphorically as he lay there over the table getting his ass fucked.

Ichigo groaned and grunt with each thrust, pounding into Byakuya's sweet ass. Oh yes, Byakuya had beckoned and he was answering his call with speed dial.

Byakuya moaned softly, relishing in the feel of Ichigo's hard flesh strumming against his body, bringing sweet tears of blissful ache to his eyes. He was so turned on by this that it didn't matter that he was the one being taken. Byakuya wasn't about to rush it even though he could feel the finger trails of heat coursing through his body. However, he held back his climax.

Ichigo took his time before his orgasm. He screwed Byakuya silly, watched him with his grey eyes squeezed shut, lips parted, hands spread over the tablecloth, his body rocking over the table with each hard plunge. He gave it to Byakuya good before he came. And when he came, he came inside of him, sweat rolling down his temple, grunts of pleasure escaping his lips.

Slowly, Ichigo returned to his senses and slipped out. He watched, because this was one of the best parts, his fluid leaking out of his lover. In a moment of afterglow, Ichigo pulled up his grey sweat pants and leaned over, kissing Byakuya's cute rear.

"I love this sexy ass," he told Byakuya. "Mmm! You felt so good."

Byakuya pushed himself up off the table, pushing his hair out of his face, his forehead moist from exertion. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes still devilish and clever.

"That was most welcome," Byakuya nearly purred. "However, I have still not achieved orgasm."

Blinking, Ichigo realized it too. He looked guilty at Byakuya's evident erection. "Oh, I'm sorry. I—I guess I got carried away." He looked away bashfully and murmured. "It was your fault—doing all those sexy things and getting me going."

Byakuya didn't answer whether or not it was his fault, because he knew the illicit truth. "Well, then I will just have to take my turn," he suggested. He held out his hand.

Ichigo knowingly placed the lubrication into his lover's hand with a wry grin. "You didn't come on purpose," he accused.

"So what if I didn't?" Byakuya countered. "I'm not in the mood for cuddling."

"You just want to fuck me, I get it." Ichigo taunted. "You just can't get enough of this Ichigo Kurosaki...err, I mean Kuchiki," he teased, enjoying how the corner of Byakuya's mouth twitched with amusement every time he said that. "Well, I'm ready whenever you are." Ichigo stood there waiting and catching his breath. "How do you want to do this? Want me over the table as well?"

Byakuya contemplated how best it would be to take his sweet apprentice.

"Wait, hold that thought." Ichigo suddenly urged. "I have an idea." He darted off to the kitchen, yanked a container of cooled chocolate ganache out of the fridge and tore off the lid. "I've always wanted to try this," he said as he tossed the container into the microwave.

With raised eyebrows, Byakuya watched. "You don't mean to use that on me, do you?"

Ichigo removed the heated chocolate sauce out of the microwave and looked over at him craftily. "Hell yes, I do. Come on, let me try it."

Byakuya gave no reply as Ichigo poured a mouthful of the chocolate sauce into his mouth. His cock, on the other hand, gave a firm throb of anticipation. I am a wretched soul, Byakuya thought with an incredulous chortle.

Ichigo came back over and got to his knees, his warm brown eyes glittering with mischief. With a mouthful of warm chocolate, he took Byakuya's semi-hard cock into his mouth.

Immediately, Byakuya sighed at the warmth that enveloped his cock. "How does that taste?" He was as curious as he was amazed by how great it felt. Nevertheless, the chef in him had to know.

Ichigo's eyes only rolled in bliss as a response. "Mmmm!" was all he could say. His mouth was too busy pleasuring his lover's neglected length. He treated himself to the most delicious cock he'd ever put into his mouth. And he sucked on it for as long as he could before he had to swallow the gob of chocolate.

Byakuya moaned softly, sternly watching his partner's lips moving over his length, the tip of Ichigo's tongue teasing the underside of his penis. When Ichigo's mouth was free of chocolate, he thoroughly cleaned any trace of it off Byakuya. Carefully he licked as if he were licking the side of a long lollipop.

When Ichigo got back up, Byakuya gave him the one-arched-brow kind of looks. "That... that was unexpectedly erotic," he said. "Now let me have you."

Ichigo chuckled softly at Byakuya's demand. "Sure, but let me clean you off properly first." He wandered back to the kitchen, wet a hand towel with warm water and came back. Gently, he wrapped Byakuya's cock in the towel and cleaned him.

"Ohh... you are killing me, Ichigo," Byakuya insisted impatiently, the sensation of the towel just as wickedly torturous as Ichigo's mouth filled with warm chocolate was.

Ichigo could only laugh. "Hey, that's my line," he claimed and threw the towel into the sink from where he stood. He didn't wait for Byakuya's instruction and presented himself over the back of the couch, pulling his pants down, ass in the air. "Hurry up, handsome."

Byakuya took his cue and lubricated his length, smiling softy as his orange-haired cutie gave himself up for his divine pleasure. "Ichigo..." This man took all the words out of his mouth. His body hummed with want to feel himself buried into his lover's hot, tight ass. And he trembled from head to toe as he slipped himself in. With one quick push, he sunk his cock all the way inside.

Ichigo was at Byakuya's mercy as he took his turn fucking him silly. How beautiful it was, too. Each thrust had him whimpering with sweet ecstasy and delight. Byakuya knew just how to move his hips, how to stroke him with his cock, how to drive his love straight into his aching heart.

"Play with me," Ichigo begged. "I think I can get off again."

It amazed Byakuya that Ichigo had this skill. He was more than happy to get him off once more given the opportunity. Byakuya reached around and fondled Ichigo's hardening cock. There was no shame or bashfulness about their lovemaking anymore. They shared openly what they wanted and how they wanted it. Byakuya jerked him off as he drove himself over the edge between the cheeks of Ichigo's luscious backside.

Byakuya could think of nothing else he'd rather do with his time off.

Number one: Make love to Ichigo.

Number two: Fuck Ichigo again.

Number three: Well, you get the idea...

The mewls of satisfaction coming from Ichigo's mouth and the sheer tight heat wrapped around Byakuya's cock simply drove him to climax. Byakuya came so hard his mouth parted and he grunted loudly, his body stiffened as he came inside his lover.

Ichigo voiced disjointedly, "Byakuya, I—I..."

Byakuya was ready and moved out of the way so that Ichigo could cup a hand over himself. Ichigo stood up and stroked his own cock, catching the second mess in his hand. He sighed deeply with his eyes closed and Byakuya watched the spectacle rapturously.

When both of them returned to planet earth, Ichigo chuckled lightly. "I didn't want to mess up the couch or the floor. I know you hate that."

Byakuya nodded and said breathlessly. "That's very thoughtful of you."

Ichigo shrugged casually, "Hey, no problem. Could you help me out though?"

They both chuckled as Byakuya fixed Ichigo's pants.

"Now you have my thanks," Ichigo said gratefully as he wandered off to the bathroom to wash his hands.

As Byakuya watched him go, he was suddenly struck by déjà vu. He had Ichigo all to himself and the day was only beginning. Perhaps now would be a good time for a bath, with extra bubbles and a handsome red-haired man to accompany him and scrub his back, then he would scrub Ichigo's. Oh yes...

With a smug expression, Byakuya followed Ichigo to the bathroom. He knew at this point, he was never going to get off this rollercoaster. And that was perfectly fine by him.

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