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WARNINGS: Attempted rape (chapter eleven), rape (chapter thirteen), violence (chapter twelve, seventeen and eighteen), mentions of castration (chapter one), alcoholism (chapter... ten, I think...). That should be it.

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Zelda watched as Midna disappeared, the Twili's red eyes holding her gaze until they too were gone. 'Why would she do that?' The elf princess wondered. Looking at the shattered mirror again, Zelda felt a kind of emptiness spring up in her chest.

"Princess?" The taller elf turned to Link and smiled. "May I have my reward now?"

Zelda cocked her head, thinking quickly on what she could give him. "Come with me." She ordered, leading him toward the stables.

Looking closely at all the horses, she came to a dark brown mare with a blonde mane and tail.

Grinning, she stood next to the stall and handed the reins to Link. "She is now yours. Come for the rest."

Leading the hero into the palace, she opened a trophy case and gently lifted a treasured sword with an emerald embedded in the hilt. Presenting it to Link, she stated, "This is Lacney. It is the sword of my grandfather, the Great Zethas."

Once Link took the sword, Zelda clapped twice and a servant brought three pouches of gold, which were given to Link. "To help you on your journey."

"That's... it?" the shorter elf inquired.

Zelda cocked her head in confusion. "What else do you want?" she asked. Link's eyes raked her form hungrily and Zelda felt a blush rise to her cheeks.

"I can think of one thing." the elf male murmured huskily.

"I am not yet ready to marry." the elf princess said softly, taking a step back.

"Marry?" Link inquired.

"A princess cannot be bed until she is wed." Zelda quoted her father.

"Can't you just be the hero's brief conquest?"

Zelda's eyes narrowed. "I removed Zant's genitals when he tried to make me a conquest. I will do so to all who consider me a prize."

Link twitched an ear in fear and nodded. "Thank you for your generosity, Princess Zelda." He bowed and took his leave, winking at her from the door.

The weary princess glanced around at her empty entrance hall and decided to take a nap; she felt like she deserved it.


Midna sighed as the portal closed and Zelda's shocked, hurt blue eyes disappeared. "I'm sorry." She murmured, turning away from the wall to face her dark bedroom.

The purple walls, the red candles, the black bedspread, the blue carpet… she had missed her palace, her bedroom, her body. The Twili princess strode out to her balcony where the rest of the Twili people were waiting for her. When they saw her in her true form with her translucent blue skin, reddish orange hair and thin curvy frame, they let out a roaring cheer, shouting her name.

Midna gave a sharp-toothed smile and raised her hand to silence them; quiet fell immediately, the mass waiting in anticipation to hear their ruler speak. "Today is a time of celebration for us. Our tyrant of a leader has been defeated. Let us feast!"

Another cheer as servants brought out steaming vats of soup, loaded plates of meats and fruits and pans toppling with sweet desserts. Midna exited the castle and joined her people, dancing and speaking, watching the children play and listening to the grotesque stories of Zant's rule while she was away. Somehow she could not get into the full swing of the celebration; She was much too hurt inside to laugh freely with her people.

At last, claiming to be tired, she excused herself to her room and laid on her bed. Staring at the dark orange ceiling, the young princess wondered what was wrong with her. She was finally back where she belonged. So why did she feel so empty? Slowly sinking into slumber, Midna thought again of Zelda and just before she drifted off, she whispered, "I'm sorry."

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