A/N: This is a kind of a song fic… or maybe not, it's just inspired by one. The song's name is Mitä kuuluu Marja-Leena and it's by a very cool Finnish band called Leevi and the Leavings. The song's in Finnish unfortunately, but there are probably English translations of the lyrics available in case you want to know what it's about.

Aomine still knows the number by heart. It never fails to astonish him that Kise hasn't changed his number after ten years, but it's not like he's complaining. Quite the opposite, actually, since it means he has means of getting in touch with the blonde.

Most of the time Aomine doesn't want to get in touch with Kise, though. It's not like he would have much to say. But there are still things he regrets never having told to the blonde during their Teikou days. He could've done it when they were in high school; even if they weren't in the same school, they still saw each other. But Aomine was a coward in high school.

Tonight, however, he has confidence. It's been a long time since he's last contacted Kise, but in the afternoon, he came across a picture of Kise, cut off from some magazine the blonde had been in during his modeling days. Staring at the picture, all memories and feelings came flooding back to Aomine and he needed a drink. Or two. Or maybe three would do the trick. A fourth or fifth couldn't hurt either…

And so by midnight he's totally wasted. His fingers are gliding over his phone, pressing buttons, dialing the idiot's number. It takes him about an hour and two and a half cans of beer to be able to press 'call'.

"…hello? Who is this?" Kise's voice is sleepy and a little annoyed.

Aomine feels an irrational wave of anger upon hearing the other man's words. Kise doesn't have his number in his phone, otherwise he'd know it's Aomine. Then he remembers he doesn't have Kise's number in his phone's memory either (he doesn't need it since he knows it by heart) and calms down a bit.

"It's Aomine."

"Ehh? Aominecchi? Why do you have my number?"

"You've had the same number since middle school, idiot. Anyways…" Aomine needs to have a little break to stop his words from getting slurred. "Hey, do you still like that stupid band? What was the name again? The one you always spoke of when we were in Teikou… remember?"

"…why are you asking me that, Aominecchi?"

"I still remember lots of things about you, Kise. The bands you like, your favourite foods, which books you love, all kinds of things."

"I still don't get why you had to call me in the middle of the night-"

"Oh, and I still remember every time you had a girlfriend." Aomine interrupts Kise with malice in his voice. His jealousy is irrational, he knows that even if he's drunk, but he can't help it. He always felt like dying when Kise had a girlfriend.

"…nee, are you drunk? You're slurring."

"Never mind that! You wanna know why I called you in the middle of the night, right? Well here's why: I just wanted to let you know that I loved you in middle school and in high school and every day after that! I mean - what I'm trying to say here is that I still love you!"

Silence. Aomine starts to panic.

"Kise, please, I love you so much… I wish we could see each other more often… I still love you. Just please, I'm not saying this just because I'm drunk. I really do love you."


Aomine stares at his wall with empty eyes as he listens to the dial tone.

When Aomine wakes up the next day, he feels like crap. Not only because he has what feels like the mother of all hangovers, but also because he still remembers the phone call with Kise.

Way more vividly than he would like to.

Especially clear is the memory of the dial tone beeping loud in his ear as he mutters incoherent love confessions to the dead line and sobs.

What a royal fuck up of a confession.

Aomine spends half of the day in the bathroom, first throwing up and then just sitting on the cold floor, trying to gather strength to start getting over his ten-year crush on Kise.

At around 5 pm Aomine's phone beeps. He gets up sluggishly and walks to the bedroom to retrieve his phone.

New message. Huh. No one ever sends him messages; if they want to get in touch, they call.

He opens the message with no real interest. When he reads it, however, his eyes go impossibly wide and his jaw falls down in surprise.

I was really surprised when Aominecchi called me last night, but I'm also really glad you did.

Back in Teikou, Momoicchi always hinted at you being not being interested in only girls, but I never believed her. During middle school, it didn't really matter to me.

When I first saw you after going to different high schools, though, I started thinking that it'd be nice if you did like guys, too… or at least me. But you never seemed interested so I let it drop as well. And I haven't even thought about you that much ever since.

If it really wasn't just the alcohol talking and you actually do love me, I think we should meet. It might not work out, but I'm single and I'm guessing you are too, so it wouldn't hurt to try.

Haha, I feel kind of nervous writing this.


Aomine can't believe his eyes. Kise, his Kise, the one he's been hopelessly in love with for ten bloody years, actually might become his? Heck, if Aomine'd known that Kise might be interested, he would've done this earlier.

With shaky hands Aomine writes a response.

Tell me when and where and I'll be there.

A/N pt.2: I don't know how to write drunken talking (at least not in English) for the life of me so I left it out entirely. Sorry! I might write a sequel of some kind for this fic, about these two starting a relationship and how that goes, but we shall see. I'll mark it as complete for now. Meanwhile, please let me know what you think of this! n(u_u)n