Is yours a snorer?

English version of my OS "Schnarcht Ihrer auch?"

Thanks so much to my kind beta StoryLover18! *sending you virtual Earl Grey*

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"I've got to see a man about a dog," Sherlock turned around and made his way to the inn, in front of which Gary was entertaining some guests.

Naturally, Sherlock had this slightly smug smirk of his written all over his face, since he has gotten over John's reproach - "you got it wrong!" – relatively fast. Maybe a bit too fast to John's liking, who was gulping down the last bites of his delicious breakfast (along with coffee – no sugar!). Why did he have the impression yet again that his flatmate got off a little too easy? Of course he could have punched the detective, but to begin with, one can actually cut oneself slapping those cheekbones – for God's sake! Secondly, he could practically hear Sherlock say: "Couldn't you come up with something different this time? Boring!" And thirdly, he somehow sensed that there would be one or another situation in the future which would rather call for such a radical measure.

But wait – hasn't there been something? Somewhere in his own mind…thingy? Yes, there it was! Is yours a snorer?

"Billy?!" John's voice, steeled by years of military training, effortlessly crossed the distance to the inn. The cook appeared in the doorway, shooting a questioning look at John. The other few guests, Gary and Sherlock did the same.

John nodded in the direction of the latter, but looked Billy straight in the eye and said loud and clear: "He snores, talks and drools – yes, none more so than that!"