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-Prologue; Third Person-

It was a dark evening, twilight was abundant and bathed the land in shadows.

But shadows are dangerous, for death lurks in these blotches of darkness.

Hours tick by, spent waiting, hidden, as the shadows grow longer and taller until finally darkness cloaks everything. Time moves slowly, like solidifying slime oozes through a cheese grate. But the breathing shadow takes no notice. No, for him, time moves quickly and maddeningly silent as he awaits his victim.

And suddenly time slows and he is snapped back to reality. The door to his newest lair opens and a figure enters, sighing. The woman shuts the door behind her, dark hair and clothing drenched and dripping all over the thick carpet.

A small smirk crosses her predator's face as he licks his dry lips; hidden in the darkness. He's hidden himself ever so carefully. She won't know until it's too late…

She walks right by him, oblivious; as would a rabbit hopping past a starving fox or wolf. And as she walks past he straightens himself from his crouch and follows behind her, still unnoticed. He's so good at this, the skill level is criminal. He chuckles to himself on the inside at that thought, the pun too good to pass up.

His steps fall at the same time as hers; toes matching up to heels, bodies so close it was almost a shame to not press closer and give in to whatever urges they may have found. But no. He never does it, he swore he wouldn't. He's strictly business. Get in unseen, do the deed, and get the fuck out.

So he does. The knife slits her throat before she's even aware of someone behind her. Her body crumples to the ground like a deflated balloon as the life fades from her eyes.

She's out cold in seconds, the bubbling crimson red of blood oozing from her neck as death claims her.

But the shadows are already gone.

-Chapter One – Life is Beautiful-
Shadow's PoV

I know some things that you don't
I've done things that you won't
There's nothing like a trail of blood
To find your way back home
I was waiting for my hearse
What came next was so much worse

It took a funeral to make me feel alive
Just open your eyes; Just open your eyes
And see that life is beautiful
- Life is Beautiful, Sixx AM

It was a good kill, I reminded myself. Very good.

It had been one of the few assassination contracts I bothered taking. When I killed, I killed because I wanted that person out of the way. But the victim was easy and the pay even better; so of course I took the job. Who wouldn't pass up the chance to earn some easy money in this day's economy?

I'd never been caught, and was rather confident I never would be. I never left anything to suggest I had even known the person. No one saw me slip in or slip out of a victim's house. I'm as good as my name, a true Shadow.

It did help to have someone on the inside, of course. Vio, I think fondly, I'm lucky to have someone so good so close.

The sky roared with thunder and the rain came down even harder, drowning my clothing and plastering them to my already dampened skin. I gritted my teeth and kept walking, impatiently hungering for the warmth and comfort of my condo a few more blocks away.

Vio was the perfect man for the job. We had, after all, known each other for… how long now? 15 years? Something like that. Friends since Junior High and we hadn't looked back. Now, I was 28 and I valued his friendship more than ever. He's a detective, and the best damned one in existence at that. He makes Sherlock look like a child in the "special" kindergartener class. He's not any ratty Private Investigator out for hire, no; he works with the Hyrule Police Department, and had friends in high places to boot. He's young, only 27, but he was the best at what he does: not a single thing escaped him and his cold, calm logic.

It still amazed me that he became a detective, of all things. That smart bastard could've gone on to do anything he wished- Hell, if Vio wanted to rule the world he easily could, and it still wouldn't have been enough for him. Ambitious son of a bitch; I chuckled hoarsely. But he chose to be a detective because it "challenges" his intellect. Like anything could challenge that bastard's intelligence. He liked to figure out how it happened, find out what the motives were. It made him happy, or at least as happy as Vio got, so I supposed that was what counted.

Vio had a lot of authority despite his young age and none too commanding position. He well respected by his peers, and even his seniors. His voice was weighed heavily in both the police department and even the court; as well as the analytical departments and as far as the press.

Basically, he held the power to control the law authority of Castle Town on his fingertips.

"Finally," I groaned, opening the door in front of me. I was near the heart of downtown, which housed several scattered blocks of condos and apartments. It was nice, living in a condo. I didn't need much space since I lived by myself- well, sort of- and it was close to my job. My legal job, at least.

Vio lived a few blocks away, in a decent apartment. But he spent a majority of his time over at my place, since it was so much more luxurious. Plus it has me, and that beats not having me, yeah?

The stairs up to my condo seemed to drag on for eternities, and by the end of the seventh flight I was ready to smack myself for not having taken the elevator. But finally I pulled out my keys and unlocked my door, surprised to come home and find the lights on.


I was answered with a grunt, coming from the sofa. I supposed it was some form of greeting, but it made me sigh. I shut the door and kicked my shoes off, walking into the small living area where I stopped in my tracks: Vio was lying on my sofa, a book in his hands. One of his legs was propped up, revealing a nice amount of his creamy thigh, since he was lounging around in his boxers.

I couldn't have come home to a more… appealing sight…

Smirking to myself, I grabbed the blanket that was strewn over the armchair near the sofa and threw it on him. "Cover up, bookworm. You look like you're posing for a French artist or some shit."

I plopped down in the armchair and ended up with the blanket hitting me in the face as he retaliated. I uncovered myself and looked at the retaliator in time to hear him drawl: "You're rather late."

"I'm sorry dear, did I miss dinner?" I retorted cheekily. "Last I checked, I was allowed out as late as I wanted."

He ignored my first comment and looked at me with a questioning gaze. "I suppose work held you up?"

"I sent you a text."

"Like I would bother?"

I rolled my eyes, shrugging. It took all my strength to not consciously think about how we sounded like a couple when we… well, bickered. We weren't a couple, after all. We had never even breached the subject… Well, except when-

Bad thoughts, Shadow. Bad thoughts. Stay in the clear.


I got up and padded into the kitchen, opening up the fridge in my lazy quest for food. Soda, beer, wine, mystery, mystery- no wait, that's…

I stuck my head out of the frigid container, looking at the back of the sofa where Vio had resumed reading. "Yo V, when's the last time you cleared out the fridge?"

"Dunno. It's your house, why would I do it?" I could hear him sit up.

Oh. "Yeah, but someone still needs to clear out the fridge."

He sounded exasperated as he repeated, "It's your place, Shadow. You're the one who's supposed to do it."

I made an immature gurgling sound and raked my fingers through my dyed purple hair, reluctance rolling off me in waves. I grabbed the mystery containers and lazily threw them in the trash, before starting to go through and throw away everything I deemed inedible. "That reminds me, why are you here anyway?"

"I left my key over here, but I forgot about it until I had already walked over to my apartment. By the time I got back here it was raining."

"You had my key on you but not yours?" A satisfied half smirk came over me. "That's very un Vio-like."

"It's also very un Shadow-like to not notice the blatantly obvious container of food that I got for him that is currently neglected on the counter. And no, I didn't have your key on me either. The lady next door lent me the backup."

Shutting the fridge, I took the container of food and grabbed a fork before sashaying back and falling back into the comfort of the armchair.

"Ah." I looked at the Styrofoam container in my hands and popped it open, before glaring accusingly at the blonde on my sofa. "You went out?"

"Duh." The one word "explanation" drew a long and overly dramatic sigh from me. "You're welcome." He added, shooting me a lazy look of minor annoyance before sitting up properly.

I grumbled out my thanks, shoving my mouth full of the room temperature food. I grabbed the remote control and start flipping through the T.V. channels, finally settling on the news.

"Change it."

"Whub?" I meant to ask what, but the question comes out garbled due to the food in my mouth.

"Shadow, your manners are appalling. And change it over to the history channel if you're going to bother watching T.V."

"What does it matter to you? You're reading, it's not like you're going to watch as well."


"How the hell do you read and watch the history channel at the same time, and still process both?"

There's a pause, broken by my loud laughter. The look Vio shot me made me want to piss myself with how hard I laughed. His face read 'I'm Vio, idiot. Do I need a better explanation?' with so much contempt and disdain that I was surprised I didn't cry. We went through the same words every day, but that look made it worth it.

As though reading my mind, he spoke my thoughts out loud. "You ask me that every night, Shadow."

"Do I, hun?"

"Is your memory fading? I said you do, idiot. Would I lie?" He blows off the affectionate title like a bullet through soft butter.

"Words can hurt, sweetie." I chirp.

"Not as much as a knife." His eyes finally left the page for more than a second as they locked onto mine. "How was work?"

I smiled darkly, both of us on the same page. "Flawless, as always." I purred. It was obvious we weren't talking about my job as a financial manager.

"I should hope so. It would hurt to be fired." Fired, as in killed.

"Not as much as it would hurt to quit." Quit, as in be caught.

He hummed quietly, thinking. "That depends. Even if you quit, you can always be hired elsewhere. But if you're fired… Well, it's a bit more on the permanent side, don't you think?"

Riddles, riddles, riddles. Can we skip to the part where you shut up and kiss me?

Except that part never comes. Never did. I was friend zoned. F-r-i-e-n-d z-o-n-e-d. Painfully having to keep my dark desires to myself because Goddesses know he would never agree to being with me. Because I was a guy? Nah. If that was the issue the scene would've been cut and we could've skipped to the steamy sex years ago. 15 years by his side and I was friend zoned because I was just that: a friend. Better than an enemy; but Din, being a friend to someone like Vio was like being a slave to the King of Hyrule. I. Was. Nothing. But being in a- dare I dream- relationship with him would be like finding that heaven was a free, endless buffet where all the workers were naked chicks and all the food was chocolate.

I love chocolate.

"Shadow, snap out of it."

"Hm?" My eyes refocused and I realized I had zoned out. "Oh, yeah. So as I was saying, I suppose you're right."

"You suppose I'm right? Agreeing with me is a yes or no position, Shadow. You know that." He words were haughty and confident, but his tone was friendly and light. Years by his side turned his impenetrably calm and impersonal stature to the teasing, sarcastic personality that only I got to see.

All mine.

"Fine, fine. You are correct, as always." I waved his words away and took another large bite of my food.

"Flattery gets you nowhere."

"Depends on what I'm flattering~"

He gave me a disapproving look. High King Vio is not amused.


"Yeah. Anyways, as I was going to ask, what held you up at work?"

I smiled twistedly, my eyes glowing pleasantly. My eyes were naturally blue, but I wore red contacts for the demonic look. Added to my dyed purple hair and natural good looks, and I was always appealing; at the minimum. "Overtime. You know they always pay well for me to stay after hours."

Riddles riddles riddles. Because 'the walls may have ears' and 'you never when they may be on our tail'. Vio, my dearest, you're paranoid. But I suppose you would just say 'Paranoia is better than being caught'.

"Anything specific?"

"Some extra work on top of my normal load." An extra murder, but for the ass load I got paid, you would ecstatic about taking the job as well, bookworm. "Remind me again why you didn't go into my field? It pays better than your current job."

Vio was the one who taught me everything there is to know about crime. He's a good guy, but when his morals slip he's the best criminal possible. He's the reason I know where to hide, how I know to sneak. But he never took it further than petty thievery; and that was only when he needed to.

He's so good it's criminal.

Damn, I need to stop using that pun.

"Because it isn't challenging enough."

Because breaking in and killing someone in cold blood isn't enough for you. Then what about working alongside me? Watching my back and helping me do the deed? Next to me as we tackle the world, leaving only destruction and a trail of blood in our wake?

I just want to drop this pretense that I've held up for so many years… But I couldn't afford to lose him. I'd rather lie and say he's just my friend and watch him grow old with someone else than lose everything by taking the risk.

He had turned his eyes back to the book in his hands, leaving my mouth to fall to a frown.

"Why does the book get all the attention? It's like I'm second best." I sounded like a whiny child, but hell, my closest friend was giving a bunch of yellow old pages more focus than me; I thought pouting was a fair reaction.

"Perhaps you are second best to the book." He replied calmly. But I could see on his face the amusement that my reaction brought him.

"Ouch. That was low."

"Would you like me to go lower?"

"Are you offering?"

Vio sighed, finally catching onto the other possible meaning. "Are you ever going to mature?"


"Just my luck," He grumbled, placing a bookmark between the yellowing pages. He stood up facing the opposite direction, giving me a glorious view of his clothed ass.

Damn boxers.

Damn them all.

Ruining my thrice damned view of a once in a lifetime chance to see Vio's ever so amazing-

"I'm going to bed." He walked off, interrupting my mental rant. "You should as well. We have work in the morning, in case you've forgotten."

I watched him disappear down the hall leading away from the joint living room and kitchen, off to where the bedrooms were. The miniscule second bedroom was originally a guest room, but Vio had long since claimed it as his. The walls in there were lined with bookcases and bookshelves, in his honor. They had been long since filled up and now his excess books were in tidy little piles wherever he could put them. In contrast, his apartment was nearly bone dry. Probably since he spent 87 percent of his time over here in my condo.

I sighed, missing his high and mighty know-it-all presence already. But he had a point. I looked over to the clock and made a gagging noise as I realized it was already 1:36 in the morning.

I all but vacuumed my food into my stomach before standing up and getting ready for bed. As I passed Vio's room on the way to my room, I heard the sound of a familiar tune and his voice, singing along, too quiet for me to catch the words; as well as the sound of a page being turned.

It wasn't until the lights were out in my own room and I was lying down that I remembered the words to the tune.

'Life is beautiful'.

How ironic.

-Time Skip; Blue's PoV-

The urge to growl and lash out was overbearing.

"Yea, I realize we got a new guy in my department! Just send him in already!"

Several more consolations and reviews on her part; many more growls and swears on my part. Finally, painfully finally, she left to go bring in the transfer. Being a Crime Lab Director had its perks, like actually having a job, but sometimes…

Why the hell did they give me this job only to hire someone else to babysit me? Someone so damned annoying, too.

I spun around in my rolling chair to stop the growing urge to bash my head into the wooden desk. It wasn't two seconds later that I heard the door to my secluded little office space open and felt an unfamiliar presence.

To be honest, I hadn't expected him to get in so quickly. My secretary liked to brief everyone who saw me, warning them that 'oh he's short tempered' 'oh he's stressed'. So damn infuriating! Maybe if everyone would just shut the fuck up and do what the hell they were supposed to be fucking doing-

"Uhm… I-I'm the new transfer..?"

Goddesses, the voice sounded so damn lost. I was torn between finding it annoying or finding it endearing. I spun around, only for my mind to stop when I looked upon the newbie.

Well, that decides it: the lost tone is endearing.

It was like an angel had walked into my trap.

Welcome to the deepest pits of the analytic department, also known as hell. We hope you enjoy your stay hun, because I know I will.

The growing blush on his sun kissed cheeks gave away the fact that I had been looking at him too long, and I broke my gaze with a rare smile. "Is that a question or a statement?" I teased, suddenly bubbling. Let's face it: Only one other person could make me feel this joyful in such a short amount of time, and she had been cut out of my life long ago. This guy was a real find. All I had to do was stake my claim.

His strawberry blonde hair was cut with a modern and attractive style, with a solitary streak of bright red thrown in. He had large, innocent blue eyes and a quiet, happy voice. He was a few inches shorter than I, adding to his slender and young figure. He radiated cuteness.

So cute it was almost sickening.

"Um… stating?" The guy looked like he was about to explode with nervousness.

"What's your name?" I leaned back, raising an eyebrow questioningly as I propped my ankles on my wooden desk. "You can sit." I added, gesturing to the chair opposite me.

He sat down, grinning with his pearly white teeth as though his nervousness had disappeared into thin air like a magic trick. "I'm Red Link! But everyone calls me Red." He giggled, thrusting his hand out. Mine moved out slower, more controlled to take his and give it a firm shake. Somehow I found myself memorizing the lines of his smooth soft hand, and pulled my hand back before I could find myself doing anything else.

I didn't want to end up fucking jobless because I was found molesting a damned employee.

Lust, such a beautifully corrupt thing.

"I'm Blue." I struggled to keep my face from resuming its natural scowl and settled for an indifferent quirk of my lips. I wasn't about to hide that I was attracted to him; I wasn't one to hide my feelings. But neither was I one to announce them on speaker. He was adorable and in my book, adorable was the equivalent to 'fuck me!' "So, welcome to the hellish analytical department I run. I have to ask you a few questions, policy bullshit. That 'kay?"

He nodded, sitting straight up. "Sure!"

Too. Fucking. Much. HowTheHellAmISupposedToKeepM yHandsOff!?

I removed my feet from the desk and sat back up, digging through a pile of papers to find the questionnaire that I had to fill out for all transfers. Fucking hell, why do I even bother?

"'Ight, first up: Why did you transfer here?"

"Because the previous place I worked was a dead end. And I always wanted to work in the city." He giggles again, a high little laugh. His voice is dreamy at the last part, like this is a dream come true. Ask anybody: working for the Hyrule PD is no picnic.

We go through the list of questions, him answering enthusiastically with grins and giggles. I've spent my fair amount of time with giggling chicks, and they've all got nothing on how bubbly his giggle is. By the end of it, I've got a tired frown and my hand is cramped from jotting down the answers. At the bottom is a part for only me to know of. There's two boxes, one labeled yes, the other: no.

'Does he/she seem like an employee that would work well in your department?'

The check I put over the 'yes' is the most confident checkmark ever in the history of fucking checkmarks.

"All that's left is to introduce yourself to everyone. Starting Monday you'll be working the prints, and after a few weeks if everything is seamless you'll be dusting at crime scenes." I stand up, gesturing to the door of my office.

He follows me out into the hall and into the crime lab a floor above. The conversation is rather one-sided, with him doing the talking. Suits me just fine, since my conversing is limited to swearing, grunts, and yelling.

We walk into the lab and stumble upon one of the rare calm moments. Normally it's chaos. I just had to be 'promoted' into working The Shadow Case; a serial killer who leaves no trace of his or her presence. All that's left is a corpse and a clean slit on their throat. How the hell are we supposed to analyze clues if there are none?!

Either way, everyone's working peacefully: throwing cracks back and forth and hooting with laughter, but working nonetheless. Mostly because they know if I catch them moseying around I'll yell their fucking empty heads off.

"New guy!" Someone yells, and the peace is interrupted as everyone drops whatever they were doing to see Red. Red, it's a nice name, made better by the fact that I can remember it with ease.

"Back the hell up!" I yell over their clamor. "Give us some damn space, by Farore!" There are only a baker's dozen people in my lab, but they can fill up the space like fifty. "We're not in a fucking zoo to see an alien or something, so stop acting like morons trying to catch a view of the new exhibit!"

None of them are put off by my language. Good, because if they did we'd have a real issue on our hands. Red looks at me weirdly but I brush it off; soon enough he'll figure out that this is standard. They do, however, back up and give us more space.

"Thank Nayru," I grumble. "Right! Now, this is Red, a transfer from Ordon. And I swear to Din if I hear you do any newbie pranks you'll all be on blast." They cringe as a whole at the thought, bringing a dominant satisfied smirk to my face.

Red is soon brought into the small swarm, looking flustered but excited. Soon enough, he's settled with everyone. While he's still surrounded and preoccupied one of the guys comes over to me, a knowing grin plastered on his face. "So, you gonna go after 'im?"

"Damn right. So keep your slimy hands off."

"Yessir," He salutes sarcastically before dropping into a more serious tone. "I honestly had no intention of going after him. I just thought I'd check so I could tell the others not to get too cuddly."

I grunt. "Yeah. Do that." I looked to the clock with a sigh, realizing I had to go back and finish the report I had been working on before the chaotic interruption that was my secretary had bothered me. Just fucking peachy. "And tell him that he can go whenever the hell he wants. He doesn't work today, no reason to stick around this dump."

"Yep. I got it."

I grunt again, turning tail and walking out with a yawn.

It's only back in the familiarity of my office that I allow myself to think of who he reminded me of. Her. Her. A familiar urge to strangle somebody came to mind. Instead, I dig through one of the desk drawers and pull out a half emptied pack of cigarettes. With the amount of yelling I did you'd think I'd take up smoking a regular occurrence, but honestly it's rare when I do.

Finally, I shove the box away and resume writing the conclusion on the latest case.