A First Time for Everything


Akihiko could hardly take his eyes off his Misaki. The talented boy had once again whipped up a culinary delight – this time literally, for on the dining table in front of them was a towering, three-tiered masterpiece of sponge, jam and lightly whipped cream. In fact, there was so much cream, that the weight of it all was slowly forcing the white goo to slide over the edge of the cake to pool onto the plate. On top of this mound was a flickering birthday candle.

Even though Akihiko didn't really like sweet things, he had agreed to a small sliver of cake as Misaki had made it specially for Takahiro's birthday and Akihiko couldn't bring himself to make a fuss just about eating a bit of cake in front of his lover and best friend.

But now Misaki was cutting them each a piece and he looked so delicious, that Akihiko felt a different kind of hunger starting to swirl in the base of his stomach. To mark the special occasion, Misaki had exchanged his usual teen outfit of baggy t-shirt and shorts for a crisp white shirt, top buttons open and revealing a glimpse of soft, smooth skin, and a pair of smart, dark brown trousers that complemented his hair and hugged his legs and pert behind. His Misaki was growing up fast, Akihiko noted, and growing more handsome each day.

He watched as Misaki concentrated hard on cutting a perfect slice without letting it fall into a crumbly, sticky mess. The beautiful smile that crossed his face when the slice successfully landed neatly on the plate caused Akihiko's heart to thud.

But oh… Misaki had accidentally got some of the cream on his finger. He held it up in front of his face and Akihiko himself almost blushed at the resemblance of the cream to the result of their previous night's activities… Misaki's small, pink tongue darted out and swept up the length of his finger, lapping up the cream before it melted and started dripping. Akihiko stifled a groan of longing.

Takahiro was here! He mustn't forget! He struggled to compose his face, but the desire for his sexy, young lover was straining him to the core.

With difficulty, Akihiko forced his hungry eyes to look anywhere but at Misaki. He spent the rest of the afternoon practically ignoring the boy, keeping his eyes on Takahiro and his family, his legs firmly crossed and a tight smile on his lips.

At long last, the afternoon passed and the guests departed in order to get home in time for little Mahiro's bedtime. Misaki was clearing away the dishes and putting the wrapped up leftover food into the fridge when long arms snaked around his waist and he felt himself be pulled up against a long, firm torso.

He gave his obligatory yelp and protestations, but Misaki honestly wasn't surprised. He had actually been impressed with how Usagi had just about managed to keep his hands to himself during the entire visit. If he was completely truthful, he admitted to himself as Usagi's hands began to roam, he had in fact been looking forward to this moment, generally unaccustomed to being around Usagi for long periods of time without them being able to touch each other.

So in the end, Misaki didn't struggle or protest too much or for too long. Akihiko felt deliriously happy at Misaki's response, privately thinking that it might even be a record, that Misaki had never succumbed so quickly.

They soon made it over to the sofa, Akihiko unceremoniously pushing Suzuki-san out of the way in his haste to get atop Misaki. Clothes were strewn aside and hands touched and stroked and caressed, Misaki even daring to touch Usagi in return.

And then he paused. Startled green eyes looked up and met hazy lavender ones.

"Er, Usagi-san…" Misaki started hesistantly.

"Mmm, Misaki…" Akihiko purred in response.

Misaki blushed. "A-am I doing something wrong?"

"Of course not, not at all!" Akihiko blinked in surprise. "Why?"

Misaki's eyes dropped down for a second at what he held in his hand.

"Well… It's just that… I thought you were in the mood, but maybe I've hurt you, or are you just tired, or..or… Um. Don't you want to do this, Usagi-san?"

"Misaki, you know I always want to do this with you," Akihiko replied. Then he followed Misaki's flickering eyes and glanced down.

His eyes widened in shock. This wasn't possible. He had desired Misaki all afternoon! He'd been practically desperate for his lover, he'd had to fight away the telltale evidence for hours!

Maybe he'd fought too hard.

For now, in Misaki's hand, he was softer than Suzuki-san's stuffing.

"Fuck!" he verbally ejaculated. "What the…?! Misaki, this has never happened before, I swear it!"

"It's ok, Usagi-san, don't worry!" Misaki reassured, his hand now moving desperately to ignite his lover.

It didn't work.

His mouth didn't work either.

"Um, Usagi-san?" Misaki said in a small voice after thirty minutes of fruitlessly trying everything to get Usagi back into the state he had been in for half the afternoon. "I'm sorry… I don't think I can do it."

"It's not your fault, Misaki," Akihiko rumbled, looking away, embarrassed. "I'm probably just tired, after all we've had a busy day." He took a deep breath and faced Misaki, a new wicked glint in his eye. "But I can still give my Misaki a good time!"

And he pinned the boy down and proceeded to kiss and touch him until Misaki could barely move.

As night fell and the shadows grew darker and shrouded the room in grey, Usagi gently carried his exhausted lover to their bed. As he pulled the covers up to Misaki's chin and gazed lovingly down at him, the boy gave a small, satisfied sigh, his eyelids drifting shut. A smile tugged at Akihiko's mouth.

Suddenly his mouth dropped open in shocked realisation. Thrusting his head under the covers, he stared in wonder. Then, turning to Misaki, he shook the boy's shoulder gently and practically crowed,

"Misaki! It's BACK!"

Exhausted green eyes flew open in terror and a howl reverberated around the room.

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