Humph, I have to arise and start my day. Tommy props himself up on his pillows and grinds the sleep out of his eyes. He groans again. Do I really have to go to work? Tommy was not looking forward to facing his students after the incident with Elsa or seeing who the replacement would be. He had heard that many applicants had applied for the job but Elsa had gotten the position due to evil magic and that the others were dragons and not in a good way. I might as well get my day started. Tommy rises out of bed and heads for the shower.

In another home in Reefside, a man thought to call his best friend but decided against it and snuggled closer to his wife.

Tommy pulls into a parking spot in the teachers' parking lot and sighs before he exits the jeep. As he exits the jeep, he runs into his friend and fellow teacher Mark Washington. "Hey Mark, heard anything about the new principal yet?" Tommy shifts his briefcase to his other hand.

Mark shakes his head, "Nope I just pulled up right before you did." Mark looks at Tommy for a second. "I had no idea you could fight like that."

Tommy looks his friend in the eyes. "I told you I have been training since the age of four."

Mark nods his head in agreement. "Let's go; I am anxious to see who the new principal will be." "Hopefully will we have a hot young woman be principal; mean or not at least she would be something nice to look at." Mark whistles.

"I have no comment to that," Tommy laughs while shaking his head.

"What why not have something good to look forward to besides the kids are not here remember they have the day off due to the superhero moves of our very own Tommy Oliver." Mark makes superhero movements and accidently drops his briefcase.

He does not have any idea how close to the truth he actually is. "Mark what am I going to do with you; if it is not picking up hot women than it is talking about how how some woman was that you say rather in person or on the television or in a magazine." Tommy walks next to Mark.

"What can I say I am a man and I have needs," Mark opens the door and allows Tommy to enter first. "Dude you need to get laid more."

Tommy thinks about the last comment. "I am not that type of man to have sex with just anyone for the fun of it." Well not since high school and college. He had been heartbroken over Kim breaking up with him and decided to not care for anyone else; so he had meaningless sex with anyone including Kat which he eventually felt bad about but had not apologize for yet. Tommy walks into the building and heads into one of the conferences rooms with Mark following close behind him. I am glad I got my act together or else I might be like Mark.

"I see that we are the first ones here; yea time to pick the best seats," Mark hops from seat to seat. "Ah I found the right one."

Tommy laughs. "What is the best seat; we are in a conference room and not at the movies."

"I want to be able to see the new principal and view the good looking teachers." Mark sets his briefcase on the table.

"You need to be on medication dude," Tommy sits down by him and does the same with his briefcase. "I hope that we do not discuss my little fight with Principal Randall."

Mark smiles, "I want to; man you can really get down."

Manson Simpleton enters the room. "I doubt we need to discuss that right now but later I bet the new principal will want to hear the details straight from the horse's mouth."

As Manson comes through the door, the men can see a woman walking in behind him.

Tommy would know the woman anywhere. He could feel his hands begin to sweat and he wiped them on his pants. "Kim is you the new principal?"

Kim turns to the direction of the voice. "Yes, Mr. Oliver I am the new principal." Kim knew from looking at the files that Tommy was a teacher and she braced herself for his reaction.

Tommy looked a little hurt that she had addressed him so formally although they were at the workplace. "I am sorry Ms. Hart or is it something else?" Tommy frowns.

"No it is Ms. Hart; nice to see you as well," Kim takes a seat next to Tommy. She wondered if he thought that she was sitting there because of him but she was already seating there and decided to still sit there anyway. Manson and she had taken a tour of the school while waiting for the others to arrive for the meeting. Damn him for smelling so good and looking delicious.

"Nice to see you as well," Tommy smiled again liking the fact that Kim sat next to him. "I do not think we will have a fight like Principal Randall and I had."

Kim stares at him for a second. "No I do not think so." She puts her hands on the table.

"How do you two know each other," Manson asks.

Kim began to answer before Tommy could. "We knew each other in high school."

Tommy clenches his fist under the table. She makes it sounds as if we hardly knew each other. She does not have to give them our history but she still could have said it as if we were friends. "Ms. Hart, they already know about our time in high school." Tommy sneers a little as he told her that. Ha serves her right for acting uppity to me.

Manson shakes his head. "What a small world we live in." When Tommy had discussed who had broken his heart he had no idea it was she; the men had been at a bar when the conversation of first loves came into play.

"Oh did he," Kim looks embarrassed for a second.

Tommy touches her hand. He felt bad that she thought he went into extreme detail. I know I should not feel bad for her but I do. "Want to talk later."

Kim smiles at Tommy for reassuring her that he had not spilled all the beans. "I…" Kim is interrupted when her cell phone rings. "Excuse me for a second." Kim walks out the room.

Tommy wanted to follow Kim.

"So Tommy since you already know the principal I bet you will have first dibs at being with her or maybe not since you two broke up." Mark looks at Tommy.

Manson shakes his head. "Oh shut up Mark; Tommy poured his heart out and you are seeing if you have a chance with her." Manson looks from Mark to Tommy. "If I had any idea that she was your Kim then I would have considered someone else for the position."

"No she is the right choice if you chose her over the others." Tommy stands up. "What I want to know is how she became a principal; I had no idea she wanted to become one." He walks into the hallway and sees Kim talking in a corner on her cell phone. Tommy nears her but stops abruptly. I thought she was speaking to someone of the gang.

"No I cannot skip the meeting." Kim twirls her hair with her finger. "I understand if you cannot make it home for dinner tonight; love you too." She hangs up the phone and sees Tommy standing close by. Kim jumps. "Tommy I did not see you standing there."

"Oh so now I am Tommy huh?" Tommy turns to walk away.

Kim grabs his arm. "Look I am sorry you had to find out this way but I am still with the man I left you for." I did not want him to find out this way.

Tommy shrugs off her grasp. "Why would I care?"

"Well you did ask if we could talk later and…"

Tommy cuts Kim off. "I meant catch up with an old friend." "I talk to everyone but you and I thought that we could be friends again." Tommy tried not to let his emotions show that he still had feelings for Kim and heartbroken that she was still with "that guy".

"Well my boyfriend is working late, so we can still hangout as friends of course." Kim smiles a small smile. "I am curious as how you became a teacher and a science teacher no less."

Tommy nods his head. "I am curious about your career choice as well." Tommy stands in a cool fashion. "I had dinner plans but with all that had happened I canceled them."

Kim cringes visibly and Tommy notices. Of course, he would be seeing other women. "Oh is she your girlfriend?" Kim could not help but ask.

Tommy thought to play with her. "No she is a friend that I am dating." Ha, why is he not her husband; must not be a paradise relationship. Tommy moves closer to Kim. "If we were still together we would be married by now with an infant or two," Tommy whispers to Kim.

Kim can only stare at him as he walks off. Is having dinner with him a good idea? Will he see that Heath and me have been having problems for years and have had an off and on relationship? She takes a moment to collect herself and walks back into the conference room.