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Almost a year had passed since the Volturi sought our destruction. By now we would have moved on, but things are complicated, mainly because of Nessie and Jake's relationship. Nessie and Jacob's friendship continues to grow stronger every day. The wolves modified the treaty to allow Nessie access to their land. Sam and Emily's wedding is coming up in the next few days. They entire Cullen family had been extended an invitation.

Leah continues to struggle with all the changes and she stays to herself a lot. Since she is Jake's beta, she never questions his orders. Jake refuses to order her to do anything because he allows all his pack free choice. Leah had gained a respect for him after all that he had experiences in the the name of family, friendship and love. She understood Jake's reasoning even if she has not always agreed with him. It makes her feel great that he has received his "happily ever after" with Nessie. Leah loves Nessie, even she is a hybrid, or maybe in spite of it.

My daughter has a way of capturing your heart without you even realizing it. Bella has taken to her vampire life very easy. We thought that finally our life would settle down. As a family, we have established a routine. Nessie hunts with us to help control her thirst, and she eats human food with Jake to help her blend in better with people. Jake is a big help to us. He encourages Ness, and she is eager to please him. Jake fits into our family with ease; he belongs with us. He is the brother Bella has always wanted him to be, and Esme treats him like a son, as she does all of us boys. Rose accepts Jake, the man and the wolf. They still tell each other those awful jokes and rib one another, but there is a comradeship between them. Seth is here almost as much as Jake. Sue had him go back to school though, and my family pressured Jake to return to school too. He agreed to get his GED to make us be quiet about the matter.

We celebrated Jacob's graduation by purchasing him a car, over his objections. I am partial to the Volvo, since it held so many memories for me. Bella's truck mysteriously died, but she can not part with it, so we built a small garage where it is housed- out by our cottage.

None of us realize someone from our past will try to destroy our future so quickly. Just when we thought life had settled down, things began to crash all around us.