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~~~Animal Instincts~~~

Donnie knew there was a God now...and they must love to fuck with him. Why? For coming towards he and his brothers was Master Splinter. The three ninja and human got on their knees, bowing towards their master. The newly named Raphael was looking on with mild interest and curiosity, hand still resting on the tiger's back. And said tiger was softly growling at the old rat. Splinter looked at the two of them, slowly saying, "Leonardo, explain. Now."

Leo looked back at Raphael and narrowed his grey eyes at him. How dare he not respect Splinter?! Focusing, the leader replied, "We went to stop an illegal fighting ring tonight Sensei. While we were there, we discovered, um, Raphael. It seems that he had been the fighting ring's prized fighter for, well, we do not know how long."

Mikey piped up, "It's true Sensei! We couldn't leave him!"

Several pairs of eyes landed on Donnie as he spoke, who glanced at Raphael. "Sensei, he is one of us. Somehow or another, he is and no one gets left behind."

That was the creed of them. Sure they adopted it from the military (Hey, they do have cable) but it was one they stood by. It was also one that Splinter encouraged. And by god Don was going to use it to his advantage! The older rodent walked past his sons, moving his old body to where the muzzled mutant was standing. Raphael looked at him with a mixture of curiosity and wariness, as if he knew that in a heartbeat, Splinter would attack. Wise mutant. Splinter began to circle the taller male, not making a sound as he looked over the larger turtle. Raphael continued to watch him, his amber eyes searing into Splinter's mind and soul. The tiger continued to growl softly at Splinter and the older rat looked at him. With a curt nod, the mammal mutant turned back to his sons.

"These two have lead a life you have never known my sons. Raphael has a strong soul but does not know our ways. I leave him in your care Donatello. Now," he gave a smile, which caused shivers to go up the three ninjas' spines. "Leonardo, go wait for me in the dojo. We must discuss what exactly happened on this mission. Michelangelo. Please go set up the guest room for Raphael. Donatello, go get you and Raphael cleaned up. As well as tend to his wounds and our newest feline friend. And Mr. Jones? Please go contact Ms. O'Neil before she storms the Lair."

All of the students of Splinter scrambled to go do their orders. Casey headed straight to the phone in the kitchen to contact his girlfriend before she waged war on the Purple Dragons. Mikey ran off to go make sure the guest room was clean and that there was somewhere for the tiger to sleep. Leo hauled his shell to the dojo, not wanting to anger his father even more. And Donnie? He got up and calmly took Raphael's hand. Confusion swirled within those amber eyes as the olive skinned turtle led Raphael to the bathroom, the white tiger following them like a wraith...

~~~Animal Instincts~~~

Don let our a breath of irritation. He had been trying to get the muzzled turtle aka Raphael into the tub for the past 30 minutes. Without any success. Raphael was currently standing by the door, glaring at Don who was standing in their in-ground bathtub. The smaller turtle huffed and crossed his arms, pointedly not looking at the muzzled mutant. Sighing again, Don grabbed the soap and a washcloth. He began to wash himself, not letting the hot water go to waste. He could feel Raphael's amber eyes on him as he washed, slowly becoming self conscious about it. But the genius turtle decided to ignore Raphael and began to swim in the tub, thinking about different things that did not involve the behemoth turtle that was in the corner...

~~~Animal Instincts~~~

Shellback did not understand what Soft Scent was doing. It seemed like he was covering up his scent with the strange smelling still wet. Shellback slowly approached the strange still wet, sniffing at it. He narrowed his eyes at it, smelling both still wet and Soft Scent's scent within it. Shellback growled at the strange still wet before swiping a paw at it. It splashed all over Soft Scent, who squawked at the sudden spray of not moving wet. Shell back ignored it and brought his paw up to his face. He cocked his head, watching how the still wet was somehow removing the earth that was on his paw. Shell back slowly dipped his paw back in the still wet and began swiping at the still wet.

Soft Scent came up and was barking in pale skin speak. All it did was confuse Shellback until Soft Scent grabbed a strange white rock and began to rub it on Shellback's paw. Shellback growled and tried to pull his arm away from the other shellback, trying not to hurt the smaller male. All it did was annoy the smaller male and tighten his grip in Shellback's paw. He continued to rub the strange soft rock on Shellback's skin, removing the earth and horrible scents from it. After a while, Shellback calmed down enough for him to watch Soft Scent. The smaller shellback was growling under his breath as he somehow made a strange white substance that tickled Shellback's skin.

Soft Scent continued to rub the weird smelling stuff onto Shellback, slowly going up his arm. Shellback began to purr, allowing the soothing warmth of the still wet to take over. The behemoth shellback slid into the still wet, allowing Soft Scent to rub the substance all over him. He even allowed the smaller male to look at his wound. Shellback rested his rock covered chin on the edge of the still wet lair, purring growing in volume. Shellback didn't know what Soft Scent was doing but it was the first time in a long time that Shellback actually relaxed...

~~~Animal Instincts~~~

Donnie was beyond shocked as he bathed Raphael. Instead of having black skin like they all originally thought, the muzzled mutant had emerald skin. It was beautiful and it complemented Raphael's amber gold eyes. He paused as he noticed something on Raphael's arm. Don frowned as he slowly scrubbed away the dirt and grime to reveal tattoos. The mutant had tattoos! Donnie's honey colored eyes ran over the tribal markings that covered the taller male's shoulder. In the middle of the bicep was the kanji for "Demon" and it sickened Donnie a bit. The humans that held the muzzled turtle captive believed him to be nothing more than a demon.

Don blinked away the tears and continued to bathe Raphael. He noticed that the same tattoos were duplicated onto the emerald skinned turtle's other arm, making it symmetrical. While Donnie could appreciate the beauty of the ink, he still felt bad over the kanji. No one should be called a demon. The purple banded ninja continued to clean Raphael, scrubbing at his plastron, noting how it was a healthy gold color instead of a pale yellow grey. His carapace was the same thing. Not a nasty sickly green color but a beautiful leaf green. The only thing marring the shell were scars. There was one scar that scared Donnie. A large one started at his right pectoral and curved under his right arm, grazing his ribs. The scar stopped at where his carapace met skin, leaving a deep hack in the shell. The scientist gulped and gently touched the hacked shell, feeling a deep sadness swell within his chest. Raphael looked at him, tilting his head to the side.

Donnie smiled and backed away from the taller turtle, noting that the top half of the amber eyed male was clean. Honey colored eyes glanced at the water, which was waist deep on Raphael but mid chest deep on Donnie. A slight blush came over the olive skinned male as he realized he would have to wash the lower part of Raphael...

Shaking his head, Don decided to clip Raphael's nails instead. He was trying to keep his mind away from the lower form of the turtle and hopped out of the tub to grab the nail clippers. After grabbing them, Don returned to the tub and gently took one of Raphael's larger hands into his own. Turning into scientist mode, Don began to inspect the nails. They were long and curved around into a scoop like form. They weren't long enough to hurt Raphael but still, they needed to be clipped. So, the purple banded genius begin to attack them. As he worked, he began to hum a tune from his past...

~~~Animal Instincts~~~

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