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Epilogue. Professor Swan

The porch light was on as I ascended the few steps to my front door, lighting my way so I didn't trip—as I was often prone to do. I slid my key into the lock and let myself in. The lamp at the end of the hall was on, again lighting my way to avoid a major catastrophe.

Setting my briefcase down by the front door, I slipped my jacket down my arms before hanging it up, and as I slid my pumps off and placed them on the wrought iron shoe rack in the closet, I remembered what had happened only an hour before.

A shiver passed through my body as I tried to shake the memories from my mind. I would have to relive it soon enough. Sure, technically I hadn't done anything wrong, but I couldn't help but see it that way. It felt like the ultimate betrayal to everything I thought I knew…everything I had built for myself. The only thing that kept me going toward the finish line was the prize that awaited me on the other side. One I hoped to be claiming tonight.

I headed to the kitchen and found a lone glass of wine on the counter, waiting for me. With a smile, I forgot about my awkward encounter this evening, leaning against the counter and sipping it slowly as I watched the clock. I had exactly thirty-three minutes before I had to be ready; that left me plenty of time for a quick shower to cleanse myself of this afternoon's encounter.

I allowed myself another six minutes to finish my wine before rinsing the glass and heading upstairs. As I walked down the hall toward the bedroom, I began to unbutton my blouse, wondering if I should get rid of it—along with all the other clothes I wore this week when I'd had my "fun." I tossed the blouse in the pile I had discarded the others in until I made my decision, my skirt and under garments quickly joining them, before grabbing my towel from the back of the closet door and heading to the over-sized ensuite bathroom.

Glancing at the clock once more to see how much time I had, I stepped into the shower and let the water wash over me. As the hot water streamed over my body, I felt a little better—cleaner, I suppose. While the memory of everything I had done this week would stay with me for…well, probably a while, I felt better knowing that my body was no longer covered with their invisible hand prints as they pawed at me. That the sweat from their bodies, the saliva from their tongues and any traces of their lips would no longer be on my flesh.

It would be as though this week never existed.

With my hair washed and my body scrubbed clean, I turned off the shower and opened the glass door, stepping out into the frigid, yet foggy bathroom. I dried myself off quickly before wrapping my towel around my hair and grabbing my lotion to moisturize my entire body. My skin smelled of cherry blossoms by the time I finished, and as I pulled the towel off my head I saw that I had twelve minutes left.

I turned on my blow dryer and did a quick-dry as I scrunched my hair into loose waves that would fall down my back. When I set the dryer down, I noticed I had two minutes left. Giving myself the once over to make sure I looked all right, I grabbed the black silk robe off the bathroom door and wrapped it around my naked body before exiting the bathroom and also the bedroom.

There was a bounce in my step as I made my way back to the main floor and into the kitchen, my body completely buzzing with excitement for tonight. I couldn't wait for what awaited me beyond that door.

My hand rested on the black door knob for a brief second as I tried to control my thundering heart and steady my breathing. Once that moment of peace came over me, I turned the knob and made my way down the stairs. Candles lit my way to the end of the main hall, the butterflies flapping wildly within my belly and my desire growing exponentially between my legs, with every step I took.

My palms began to sweat as I passed by two other doors as I made my way to the one directly ahead of me—one on the left, the other on the right—but they were of no importance as the time on the clock above the main door ticked on.

Thirty seconds.

I took a breath as I opened the already-unlocked door and stepped into the near-darkness I knew awaited me. I knew this room like I knew his soul, so I didn't need light to guide me to my destination. However, on a table in the centre of the room, there was a lone pillared candle, casting a faint glow on the walls of the huge room. There was no time for me to look around and bask in the elation I felt at being in here again. Instead, I removed my robe, hung it next to the door and walked to my place where I kneeled upon the black pillow that had been placed there for me—that was always placed there for me.

I don't know how much time had elapsed as I kneeled in the darkness, and it didn't matter. Just being in here was incredible. The smell of leather—old and new—filled my head. The memory of the last time I was here, the complete rapture I felt being under his total control consumed me.

I had to bite my bottom lip to keep myself from making a noise as I remembered his stormy eyes, his soft, yet firm lips upon every inch of my body. The way his strong hands controlled my entire body… The dull ache between my thighs intensified as I thought about all the things he had done to me; becoming wet as I remembered the way his tongue…

The door closed behind me with a bang, but I didn't jump in fright; my body jolted with excitement.

I held my position, my hands vibrating on my knees, as I kept my eyes on the dark wooden floor before me. Even though I could've probably told you from memory how many rings and lines were in the wood pattern, I focused on the cherry hardwood as the dim light from the candle danced across it. I had to count the wood grain to keep my excitement in check, because if I thought about what possibilities this room had to offer, I knew I would come before it was time.

Even over the smell of the leather in the room and my own body lotion, I could smell him as he stood behind me—unmoving. I yearned to turn around and look at him, but I knew that my disobedience would earn me chastisement, and I wasn't about to fuck it all up.

I heard him shift behind me as his bare feet padded across the hardwood floor toward me, and I shifted ever-so-slightly to quell the deep throbbing between my legs. The air around me became charged once he was within a few inches—it always did—and I fought back a whimper as his finger barely traced my shoulder, running it around as he moved in front of me.

"Mmmm," he moaned, his soft velvety voice causing a rush of fluid to trickle down my inner thighs.

Placing one of his incredibly talented fingers beneath my chin, he coaxed my gaze to his. I took in everything about him as my eyes moved up his body. His strong, muscular thighs masked by the black pants he wore caused me to grip the flesh of my own thighs tightly to keep from reaching out and touching him uninvited. The way his cock strained against the offending fabric, had me licking my lips in anticipation. Peeking out of the waist of his pants was a faint trail of hair that travelled up his chiselled abdomen toward his solid chest, and I found myself breathing heavily. When my eyes finally found his, I sighed with contentment as I got lost in a sea of stormy green.

Crossing his arms across his chest he looked down at me, a piece of his bronze hair falling forward onto his forehead and a crooked grin spreading across his lips. "Did my pet have a good week?"

I searched his eyes, pulling my bottom lip back between my teeth until he nodded once, giving me permission to speak. Swallowing thickly, I held his intense stare and replied, "Yes, Master."