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WARNING: This story will deal with Domward asking his sub to seduce five of her students. If you are uncomfortable reading about a Bella who would do this DO NOT READ. This subject matter isn't for everyone, so please heed the warning.

Chapter 1. Bella

To say my life was boring would be the biggest misconception ever. I had a great life, a beautiful home and the world's best fiancé...not that we could openly discuss our relationship with our peers. Fraternization between university employees isn't just frowned upon; we could lose our jobs if anyone found out. Especially since he was the Dean, and I was beneath him—in more ways than one, I suppose.

You can't help who you fall in love with, right?

Edward sat across from me at the table, his breakfast in front of him as he read the paper and took the odd bite here and there. The blue shirt he wore beneath his black suit jacket brought out the few golden flecks that were scattered in his bright green eyes and his copper hair was as unruly as ever.

He was gorgeous.

And mine.

I knew that sounded pretty possessive, but it was true. And four days out of the week, he'd tell you the same thing—that he was mine. The other three, however? Well, those nights, I had no claim over him. My rights to claim him as my own were stripped the moment the clock struck six pm every Friday. What does that even mean? Edward didn't see other women on the sly; he was one hundred and ten percent faithful—possibly more—but we had an arrangement, Edward and I.

While Monday through most of Friday Edward saw me as his partner in every way, when six o'clock hit, I became his. I was to meet him downstairs and submit my heart, body and soul to him—which wasn't a difficult feat as he owned all of the above on a daily basis, anyway. I knew he loved me, and this was my way of showing him just how much I loved and trusted him in return.

Our journey into our Dominant and submissive lifestyle started out innocently enough. He'd pull my hair a little during sex, maybe slap and grab my ass as he fucked me from behind. My response was enough for him to try pushing our limits. Now, that isn't to say we didn't practice safely. We're firm believers in safe words; the standard "red," "yellow" and "green" work for us. Though, if I was being honest, I had never uttered the word "red" while being dominated by him.

The sex was good—great, even. Edward controlling every part of my body was one of the most sexually gratifying feelings in the world. It ruled us before we knew how to fully harness its full power—consumed us like wildfire; we lived and breathed it for days...weeks...months...

The passion was intense. So intense we almost lost sight of who we were before entering the D/s world. Edward was the first to see it in the way I started acting around him during the day. Bowing my head so as not to meet his gaze unless told I could, doing anything and everything he asked—even if it wasn't a request, but merely a suggestion or him asking my opinion on the matter.

Immediately, he put the schedule into place. He didn't want me to submit to him all the time. While Edward being my Dom was who he was, and I his sub, he didn't want to lose the rest of me to that part of our life. He said we needed a healthy balance.

And now, here we are, I thought to myself. It was Monday morning, and I was frustrated out of my mind. Edward must have sensed my distress because he set the paper down and raised an eyebrow at me.

"What is it?" he inquired. I could sense a hint of annoyance in his tone, and I knew why; he missed the playroom as much as I did.

I brought my foot up onto my chair and rested my chin on my knee as I sighed. "I'm frustrated. And, if I'm being honest, a little bored."

"Don't worry," he told me, lifting the paper again. "We'll be leaving for work shortly."

"That's not what I meant," I replied under my breath as I pushed my eggs around my plate.

"Oh, I know what you meant." I could hear the smirk in his voice; I didn't need to see it on his face.

I was just about to call him a smart-ass, but his parents and fourteen-year-old sister, Bree, came into the room.

"Good morning, you two," Edward's mother, Esme, greeted, her tone warm and chipper as she followed her daughter with Carlisle at her side. "I trust you both slept well.

Edward's eyes lifted from his paper and he smirked crookedly at me. He knew just how poor my sleep had been the last few nights, and he was taking some kind of sick pleasure in it. Torturing me. Bastard.

"Just fine," I replied, glaring at Edward teasingly, fighting the urge to stick my tongue out at him. "And you?"

Carlisle sat at the table next to Edward and poured himself a glass of orange juice before dishing up some eggs and sausage. "Very well, thank you, Bella."

"Mom? Dad?" Bree asked as she sat next to me. Esme and Carlisle both acknowledged her with a look. "Do we have to go back home today? I'm having so much fun."

My eyes snapped wide open and met Edward's. He looked as terrified by the prospect of his family extending their visit any further as well. It wasn't until Esme joined us at the table that we could both breathe a sigh of relief.

"Bree, darling," she started softly. "We've been here a little over two weeks. I'm sure your brother and Bella would like to get back to their normal lives. Plus, your father's got to get back to work."

You heard that right. They'd been here for over two weeks. Fourteen days. Three hundred thirty-six hours. Should I go on?

That's a long time to go with no sex. No playroom.

Edward was far too sweet to put them up in a hotel, so we had to refrain from visiting "the den" while they were here. Edward assured me they slept like the dead, and that we could still be intimate, but that was just weird. What if they heard us? What if Bree heard us?

So, as I said, it had been a long two weeks.

I fell into silence as we sat around the table eating. Though, I didn't eat too much; I had far too much pent up sexual frustration to even think about food. I needed some kind of release. Of course, just thinking about the sex I wasn't having had me squirming in my seat. Fuck.

I had to focus on something else, so I started clearing away the table as everyone finished up their breakfast. Edward eyed me suspiciously, and I knew he knew what was going through my head—it had to be running through his, as well. In the early stages of our relationship, he always told me I was the hardest to read, that he could read everyone but me. He found it refreshing that I was unpredictable to him, and over the years, he started to be able to pick up on certain things here and there. It was as if we were one some days.

"Well," Carlisle spoke up, breaking the silence as he pushed his chair back across the floor. "We should probably hit the road before you two have to get off to work. Thanks again for taking us in."

Edward stood from the table and cleared a few more dishes away, bringing them to me and setting them onto the counter. I continued to scrub the dish beneath the water with fervor. "It was no problem."

Edward snorted quietly as he walked behind me, allowing his hand to fall between us and graze my ass. I gripped the plate hard as the current from his touch shot through me, and before I knew it, the ceramic dish snapped in my hand. I felt a shard slice into my finger, and when I pulled it out, a thin line of blood appeared.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked frantically, taking my hand in his so he could inspect the wound.

I shook my head and turned away from the blood as I felt my stomach roll. "Oh, yeah. It's nothing."

I felt Edward dab at the cut with a towel before his father was at our side. Carlisle took my hand in his to survey the damage I had done. "It doesn't look too deep. Edward, where's your first aid kit?"

Edward was gone in a flash, and returned moments later with the little white box. After digging around, Carlisle retrieved a bottle of liquid bandage and fixed me right up. With whispered apologies, Edward brushed his lips over my finger tips in hopes I would forgive him, and I cupped his face in my hand, smiling to assure him that he had done nothing wrong.

With my cut all fixed up, we walked Edward's family to the door. Hugs and kisses were given, and Bree whined, repeating her ire at having to go "so soon." It wasn't until Edward gave her a hug and told her that we would come out to Chicago soon to visit that she conceded.

Once they were gone, Edward and I went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning up. Because of my cut, Edward finished up the dishes while I wiped down the counters and the table. By the time everything was done, we sat back at the table and Edward picked up his paper again.

The way his brow furrowed as he became completely absorbed in the story he was reading had me swooning, and every once in a while, he would lick his lips—which in turn had me licking mine. I was growing frustrated again.

Maybe I didn't have to be…

With a smile, I stood and moved around the table slowly before kneeling before him. Confusion flashed in his eyes as he shifted in his chair to face me, and I pushed my way between his legs.

"Bella," he began, his voice low and hoarse. "What are you doing?"

I shrugged, flashing him a devilish smirk. "I thought maybe I could be of service."

"It's Monday," he reminded me, the resolve in his eyes wavered. "We'll wait until Friday."

It had been two weeks. I could see he wanted this as much as I did… I just had to break him down.

"Don't you miss it? Even a little?" I asked softly, placing my hands on his thighs, adding pressure as I moved them up toward his cock. When his eyes closed and his head dropped back, I knew I must have been getting to him a little, so I carried on. "The way the flesh of my ass feels as you slap it? How it turns pink?" I moved forward and pulled the button to his pants open. "How about the way I come only when you tell me to?"

Edward eyes snapped open and met mine. When I saw the embers sparking to life in his eyes, I celebrated my triumph. "You can't possibly be using your obedience to orgasm upon my allowing it as your way back into the den, can you, Isabella."


The fire had erupted in his smoldering green stare and I was no longer looking into the eyes of my equal, but into those of my Dom. I dropped my ass to my heels, placing my hands flat on my lap, and cast my eyes downward upon hearing the name he only ever used on me when he was my Dom. I tried to control the excited tremble that was rapidly working through every cell of my body as he stood to tower over me.

He was angry because the last time we were in our playroom I had displeased him.

I couldn't see anything through the black silk scarf that was tied tight across my eyes. I couldn't touch him, my arms compromised by the leather & steel shackles that bound my hands above my head in the centre of the room. The chains were reinforced into one of the beams, and through very vigorous testing, we knew it could hold all of my weight and more should the scene call for it.

Even with my sight taken away and my hands detained, I could feel and hear and taste him—the last one only when I was given the okay to do so.

The room was cool, causing my nipples to remain hard without the attention of him. I moved my head to the side to see if I could hear where he was. After shackling me, he had gone to grab a few things for tonight's scene. There was rustling coming from the antique cabinet that he kept all of his toys and aides, but I couldn't tell from the sounds just what he had decided upon before closing the heavy doors.

I felt the heat radiating off his naked flesh behind me before he even touched me. My body tingled as he leaned forward and bit the apex between my neck and shoulder, right below the platinum collar he'd had made just for me. I held back the cry of pleasure that rushed to the surface, and clenched my thighs together to quell the throbbing that had begun as soon as I entered the room tonight to see what he had waiting for me.

"You taste exquisite," he growled into my ear, and I had to pull my bottom lip between my teeth to bite back another whimper when I felt the leather tip of the crop run up my leg until it rested flat against the bare flesh of my pussy.

"Are we green, pet?" he waited, testing me to see if I'd break the first rule of the evening, and I could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke. "You may speak."

"Yes," I said breathlessly, releasing my sore lip. "So green."

The words had barely left my mouth before Edward slid the crop between my thighs and gave me a light tap. The sound of the leather snapping against my bare flesh echoed through the room, and I stifled the moan that I so very much wanted to release. Edward didn't use the crop for long, thankfully, because every slap against my body—any part of it—had me teetering on the brink of orgasm, and I knew he was nowhere near done with me to allow for that.

"Mmmm," Edward moaned, his finger ghosting a line down my cheek, over my jaw, down my neck, over my pert breast where he stopped to pinch my nipple—hard—before grazing down my belly and slipping between my lower lips to feel the silken flesh that awaited him. "Seeing you up there...no words could accurately convey just how fucking hard it makes me."

I didn't need words, because he moved around me and pressed his rock-hard cock against my ass. Once again, I found myself holding back. I wanted to moan, cry out, curse—it didn't matter, I just wanted to vocalize how amazing this was.

Just as soon as I had felt him, he was gone again, but he wasn't away long. I sensed his presence before I felt his breath on my neck. Once again, he bit down on my shoulder, lightly at first, before moving down my body. His teasing bites became more aggressive the lower he went until he stopped where I craved him most.

I felt his nose trace my lower lips before he thrust his arms between my legs and lifted me so that my thighs sat upon his shoulders. The chains that were attached to the shackles that bound me rattled, and I quietly yelped with excitement, hoping he hadn't heard. When his tongue started to lap up the wetness that had started to run down my leg, I felt relief wash over me...along with some other, far more potent feelings as he found my clit pulsing for him.

His hands kneaded the flesh of my ass roughly as he pushed his tongue into me. With his tongue fucking me, his nose continued to grind against my clit and I could feel my belly muscles starting to tighten...

No... Not yet...

Immediately, I tried to remove myself from the scene. I imagined being at my parents house. We were sitting on the porch, having lemonade. As my parents spoke, Edward's hand rested on my thigh beneath the table, his thumb rubbing circles on my knee just below my skirt. Then, it moved to my thigh before finding my...

Fuuuuck, yes! Right there...

I tried something else. Oh! Coach Clapp, the University's football coach. He hit on me almost daily, only to be rejected time and time again. Yeah...I pictured him in a pink ballet onsie and tutu. His overweight form straining the pink fabric, his balding head... That seemed to be helping...

What's that?

There was a buzzing noise that suddenly filled the quiet room. At first, I thought Edward had started that immensely sensational humming thing he did when his lips were wrapped around my clit, but it wasn't until he pulled his face from me that I realized what it really was.

Fuck me; he's pulled out the vibrator. Shit fuck motherfucker!

I could just imagine the smug expression on his face as he watched me leverage myself on his shoulders so I could wrap the chains around my wrists—preparing myself for what was so obviously about to happen.

When the vibrator touched my inner thigh, I jumped as the slight vibrations worked their way under my skin and trailed up to my pussy. If not for my legs still being on Edward's shoulders, I'd have pressed my legs together for the friction since my hands were indisposed.

So very slowly, Edward moved the toy around my thigh until it rested between my ass cheeks. Edward was testing me. He knew that all of my pent up sexual frustration from a long work week, filled with grading papers and no love-making, was bound to weaken my threshold. I knew he wasn't looking to punish me, but he would if I failed to obey him—I only hoped that I could.

Slick with the lube he had applied at some point, the vibrator slipped lower and my head lulled back as Edward continued to move it back and forth—so very fucking slowly. I hissed and clenched my lower legs against his back, which only pulled him forward against his will.

"Isabella..." he warned, his tone telling me it was the absolute only warning I would receive.

Relaxing my legs, I gripped the chains tighter instead—something I hadn't realized was possible—and waited for him to resume.

Happy with my quick recovery, Edward lowered the vibrator to my opening and slid it inside. A ripple of pleasure worked its way down my spine, but I held back. Edward's mouth nipped and kissed at the slick skin of my inner thigh, working higher until he teased my clit with his tongue. My steady breaths turned to pants as the toy was pushed deeper, and I started to see white as my climax neared once more. I tried to get my previous distraction back, but I was too far gone.

And, just like that, my entire body tensed, and I pulled against my restraints as I came. "Oh, fuck!" I cried out breathlessly as the waves of euphoria washed over me.

I didn't have time to enjoy the post-orgasmic bliss though, because Edward pulled back abruptly, removing the vibrator and turning it off. He let my legs fall heavily to the floor as he stood and tore the blindfold from my eyes. I only met his angry stare for a moment before dropping my eyes to the floor.

"What the fuck was that, Isabella?" Edward reached up and undid my restraints. Knowing I was in for chastisement, I dropped to my knees immediately before him as he prepared to reprimand me for my disobedience.

He circled me several times, not uttering a word. The silence in the room was deafening, and the tension was so thick, a knife wouldn't even penetrate it.

"I'm confused," he began calmly. "Did I give you permission to speak? Let alone, cry out?" I shook my head, knowing not to speak again. "More importantly, had I given my consent to come?"

Feeling the shame of my disappointing him consume me, tears prickled my eyes. I knew my tears wouldn't save me from my punishment, so I did my best to keep them to myself.

"Your orgasms belong to me, Isabella, and until you remember that, you'll be stripped of that privilege. As for speaking without consent, for the rest of the weekend, not only will you sleep in your quarters, but you will refrain from speaking unless I allow for it. My head snapped up and my mouth opened to object, but I quickly remembered my place and redirected my eyes downward. "Or, if you feel the need to use any of the safe words. Are we clear?"

As far as punishments went, I was actually getting off pretty easy. I had been struck across my ass with the leather flogger for less.

"Now, since you've already gotten off, it only seems fitting that you reciprocate. Wouldn't you agree? You may answer."

"Yes, Sir," I answered softly, careful to keep my eyes downcast as I blinked away the tears that still had yet to fall.

"Good. You're going to give me the best blow job you can, then, after I've come, you're going to wash up and go to your room." The way his voice remained steady concerned me; I wanted so badly to apologize to him.

"I may call on you in the middle of the night to pleasure me...I may not. I want you up at six am, showered, dressed and preparing my breakfast for seven." I nodded once to ensure to him that I heard his demands of me for tonight and tomorrow.

"You may begin."

Looking up at him through my lashes, I licked my lips before rising up off my heels until I was at face level with his cock. I wrapped my hand around his stiff length and pumped down to his base as I wrapped my lips around him.

His fingers wound into my hair and he pumped his hips faster, working toward his own release. Letting Edward fuck my mouth this way wasn't really punishment; the truth was, I enjoyed pleasuring him in any way he'd allow. The punishment was that my lady bits had reawakened in light of his increasing pleasure, and I again found myself pressing my legs together to try and make it stop. He knew this.

"Look at me," he growled. "I want you to watch me as I come in your mouth."

I looked up at him through my lashes, never slowing my pace, and I tried to convey my deepest apologies through my eyes. His fingers tugged and pulled, and I was sure he understood me, but he never said anything as it would interfere with the scene.

"Fuck, that's it, Isabella." His eyes darkened with the intensity of his orgasm as it started to overtake him. He thrust deep into my mouth three more times before his fingers tightened in my hair and he came in my mouth. I swallowed quickly before sucking back up his thick cock and swirling my tongue around the head to lap up every last drop.

"You did good, pet. You may take your leave. Six am, don't forget," he reminded me as he walked past me and exited the playroom.

"I said I was sorry," I blurted out, repeating the words he'd heard so often over these last couple weeks. One look from him had me immediately biting my lip to silence myself.

"You know," he continued, moving around until he stood directly behind me. "I'm beginning to think you enjoy being punished." He paused again and I remained silent, not wanting this scene to end. "Do you, Isabella? Do you like it when I punish you?"

While I didn't like being punished, per say, I did like being Dominated, and sometimes chastisement was just par for the course. "No, Sir."

"I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you," Edward said in a commanding tone that made my knees weak—good thing I was on them already.

"No, Sir. I don't like to be punished."

"That's better," he praised, running his hand through my hair. "Now tell me, pet, why were you being punished."

"Because I came without your permission," I responded, my voice thick with the arousal that coursed through my veins.

"And who do your orgasms belong to when we're in my playroom?"

"You, Sir. My orgasms belong to you, and only you," I said, my fingers trembling against my thighs. It felt like it had been so long since he'd spoken to me in this way, and I found myself praying the moment didn't pass as quickly as it had come on.

"Stand." Keeping my eyes on the floor, I immediately stood on his command. He moved around me until he was in front of me again, and my downcast eyes instantly fell upon the obvious bulge in his pants. I licked my lips, fighting the urge to just take what I wanted.

A maddening silence filled the room, and I felt my self-restraint wavering. "I will come to you at some point today with a temporary cure to your...boredom," he informed me.

Edward placed his finger beneath my chin and lifted, gently forcing my eyes to his. With a soft kiss to my forehead, he was my equal once more. I stared into his emerald eyes, mine burning with questions I wanted to ask—and my loins burning for some major attention after the way Edward just spoke to me.

With a light chuckle, the outer corners of his eyes creasing as his smile reached them, Edward asked, "What is it, love?"

"It's Monday," I said, reminding him of our arrangement—yes, I was quite aware that I instigated this, but I didn't think it would result in him Dominating me while at work. While the aspect of danger added to my excitement, it also terrified me because we could get caught.

"You said you were bored," he said, winking at me before turning to look at the clock.

"W...what are we going to do?" I asked, stuttering slightly as it had been some time since we had broken routine.

"I'll think of something."