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WARNING: This story will deal with Domward asking his sub to seduce five of her students. If you are uncomfortable reading about a Bella who would do this DO NOT READ. This subject matter isn't for everyone, so please heed the warning.

Epilogue. Edward

It seemed as though Friday would never end. My anticipation for the events I knew this night would hold was intense—and it thrilled me.

After pulling the Volvo into the garage, I turned it off and headed into the house to prepare everything for when Bella arrived. Most of tonight would be no different than Monday or Wednesday: I would go inside, turn on a few lights, shower and change, and then head back downstairs where I would pour her a glass of wine before heading to the basement. The minor difference would be that Bella would shower in our shared bathroom before meeting me downstairs as opposed to in her personal quarters—the reason for this being that I would be in her room this weekend.

Honestly, I hadn't ever really thought about submitting to, but when she got down on her knees before me at the breakfast table and tried to initiate a scene… Well, even though she was channelling her submissive nature, there was something commanding and fierce in her eyes that I couldn't ignore. The image of her standing above me with a crop in her playroom sent my mind reeling. I quickly shook the thoughts off though, because I was her Dom and she was my sub. It's what we knew. Who we are.

Honestly, when I left the house that morning I had no idea what I could offer her to help alleviate the boredom she claimed to be experiencing. But when I saw the way that Michael Newton was looking at my fiancée—my submissive—an idea started to form in my head. It wasn't just the way that he looked at her, but how she responded in kind; her posture was confident, her tone firm, and her stare intense and strong as she spoke to him. It was power.

As her Dom—and more importantly, her lover—I couldn't deny that maybe deep down she craved the supremacy of a Dominant. For the second time that day, visions of her controlling me—my pleasure—had my dick beginning to throb. Seeing the look in her eyes, that fire, I decided to let her have what she craved. I would let her have it with her students—and maybe someday...with me.

When I originally proposed the game to Isabella I thought for sure she'd safe word, but when she didn't I proceeded to lay down a few rules. I knew that she wouldn't agree to a suggestion like this without something to look forward to at the end of the line, and given my previous bodily reactions to imagining her in charge of my pleasure, I decided to offer her the opportunity to earn it. But I wouldn't make it easy. No, she'd have to compete with me to win it.

Upon hearing what she would gain for seducing as many of her targets as possible, the same fire from that morning sparked in her eyes, confirming that she wanted the chance to dominate me. How was it she had never told me this before? It wasn't like we were Dominant and submissive seven days a week; she could have brought it up. Unless she didn't think it was something you wanted…

And it wasn't. Until now…

I could see the apprehension in her eyes as I told her I wanted her to do this, but she agreed because it was me asking her to. She always did everything I asked... Not that I would ever suggest anything that I thought she couldn't handle—that we couldn't handle. Her trust in me was unyielding, as mine was in her.

That was how it all began. I had named Mike as her first conquest based on the attraction I knew he felt for her. I hadn't thought far enough ahead to know who her final four were, but I had a bit of time, figuring I could name them that night when we met in the den. The problem now was who I was going to seduce.

By the end of the day, when Mr. Newton was to meet Isabella in her lecture room, I was no closer to figuring out my first target—until I saw Miss Stanley exiting the library. It seemed fitting she be my first as Mr. Newton would be Isabella's.

"Miss Stanley?" I called out.

Startled, she turned to me and laughed lightly at herself. "Sorry, Dean Cullen. You scared me."

"My apologies." Her smile faltered and she clutched her books to her chest as I approached—she was nervous. "Did you just finish studying?"

With a nod toward the library, she responded. "Yeah. Professor Swan's got us working on this Hamlet essay and I can't fail. So…" she shrugged. "…studying."

"And how are you enjoying Professor Swan's class?" I inquired, nodding in the direction she was headed to invite her to walk as we talked.

"Um," she said nervously. "It's … different."

Chuckling, I prodded for more information. "Different, how?"

Her brow furrowed as if she was trying to figure out what to say. "Well, I'm not sure if you're aware—and in no way am I trying to rat her out, I think she's great—but her grading curve is a little more difficult than most of the other professors."

Indeed, I was aware of Bella's attention to detail. It was true—she did tend to be somewhat of a tight-ass when it came to grading her students' papers and such—but in no way was she unjust.

"Yes, I have it on good authority just how strict she can be. But I assure you, it will only better your knowledge," I told her, my voice low and soft as I prepared to seduce her. "You know, I was an English major not too long ago. If you'd like some help, I'd be pleased to offer you my services." I looked at my watch and smiled, knowing that Isabella was probably well on her way to seducing Michael.

"In fact," I continued. "I have a bit of time right now. As long as you do too, of course."

Jessica looked to her right and I noticed her right cheek dip in as she bit the inside of it while she contemplated my offer. "Um, yeah. Sure. I have a bit of time."

Hook, line and sinker. This was going to be easier than I had anticipated.

Testing the waters, I placed my hand on the small of Miss Stanley's back and led her in the direction of my office. Her back stiffened briefly, but she relaxed soon enough. "This way."

We reached my office, where I held open the door and allowed her to go in first. Now, while most men would have probably leered at the ample cleavage she had on display, or at her ass hugged snugly by her jeans, I was not most men. I only had eyes for Bella.

"Please have a seat, Miss Stanley." She did as I asked, perching on the small leather sofa in the corner of my office while I sat next to her. "So, how can I be of assistance?"

She raised her eyes to mine and I made sure to catch her gaze, drawing her into my magnetic stare in hopes of charming her. A blush coloured her cheeks, but she didn't look away. "Um, well I could show you what I have so far? And maybe you could tell me what you think? If I'm on the right track?" she inquired, her soft blue eyes moving back and forth between mine.

My lips twisted up into a crooked grin and I winked, causing her breath to hitch. "Has anyone ever told you that you have the most gorgeous eyes?" I asked, laying my seduction on a little thick.

Exhaling a shaky breath, she tucked her hair behind her ears, finally dropping her eyes to her knees. "Um…" she shook her head, and even at the angle she had her face cast down in, I was able to see she had closed her eyes. "My boyfriend, actually."

"And where is he right now?" I inquired in a low, seductive tone, hoping the gravelly sound would draw her focus back up to me. When it did, I smiled wide in triumph, dazzling her.

"Um, just getting out of his last class, I think. He was going to meet me in the quad in a half hour," she said, our eyes locked and her voice breathy and dazed.

I cocked my head to the right, keeping the comforting smile on my face as I studied her. "Miss Stanley, you seem nervous. There's no need to be," I assured her. And there wasn't; I had no intention of hurting her or doing anything she didn't want to do. In fact, I could see in her eyes that a small part of her was curious…

"Tell me what you're thinking," I prodded gently, reaching out and taking her hand in mine and stroking the back of it with my thumb.

"Uh," she whispered before swallowing thickly.

Holding her gaze, I dropped my face but kept my gaze on her, my eyes narrowed seductively. "Be honest," I commanded softly.

Her breath shuddered as she inhaled. "I was wondering why I'm really here."

"Not only pretty, but clever, too," I praised, turning my body a little more, dropping our connected hands until the back of mine rested on her lap. Slowly, I released my hold on her, twisting my wrist until my palm rested just above her knee, my forefinger delicately stroking her leg.

Jessica's breathing turned shallow as she watched with fascination, her body language telling me that she wasn't uncomfortable or opposed to what I was silently suggesting with the slightly inappropriate caresses. Sensing the moment was right, I leaned in for a kiss without warning, my right hand inching up her thigh while the other moved to cradle her face. When my mouth connected with hers, she moaned, her lips softening against mine as I relished in my success.

My moment was short-lived however. She suddenly pulled back with shock and uncertainty before her eyes widened and blazed with anger. "What the hell are you doing?" she screeched.

I decided not to let her reaction deter me, so I pressed on. "I was kissing you, Miss Stanley. And it seemed as though you were quite enjoying yourself. No?"

"Yes… I mean… No! I think… No!" she stammered unintelligently as she tried to think about what it was she truly wanted. "I have a boyfriend! And … you're supposed to be, like, this authority figure that I can come to with problems about my studies… What the hell did you think was going to happen here?"

Things were headed south fast. I needed to find a way to dig my way back out and diffuse the situation entirely before she filed a sexual harassment complaint about me. No way was I going to lose my job over this. Fuck! What was I thinking?!

I shook my head, deciding to play it cool and innocent; I was going to abort my mission. "My apologies, Miss Stanley. I thought I was picking up on something between us." I furrowed my brow, hoping to convey true remorse. "You're right, I over-stepped my boundaries and I can't even begin to express just how deeply sorry I am. If you still want help with your assignment, I would be glad to assist, but I understand if you don't feel comfortable."

Jessica eyed me warily for a moment before looking at her watch. "I should actually be going. I need to go and find Mike. Can we just … I don't know, forget this ever happened? I just can't be that girl who did or didn't kiss the Dean and got him fired. I don't want to be the topic of conversation. I won't tell if you don't."

Inhaling a deep breath and exhaling it with relief, I nodded. "I would appreciate that. And I assure you that I won't utter a word of this to anyone." I stood up and walked with her to the door, being careful to keep a minimum safe distance between us so as not to give her the wrong idea and have her take out her wrath on my manhood. "I'll see you around Miss Stanley. And the offer to help you with Professor Swan's class holds true. No ulterior motive, I swear."

Jessica nodded and offered me a tentative smile. "Yeah. Maybe." She looked behind her before back at me again. "I should, um, go."

"Of course." She had made it all of three feet from my door when that evil part of my conscience awakened and started whispering in my ear. Smiling deviously, a scheme to sabotage Isabella's conquest and keep us on level playing ground suddenly came to mind. I called out to Jessica.

"Oh, and Miss Stanley?" She turned to me with curiosity. "I think I overheard Professor Swan talking with a colleague at lunch about Mr. Newton meeting with her at the end of the day. You might want to check in her lecture room."

She smiled at me appreciatively. "Thanks, I will!" And with that, she walked toward Isabella's room.

Let's see her explain her way out of that.

I could sense Bella's distress as soon as I entered the playroom that first night. She didn't like to fail, and even though I was relishing in my success, I felt awful for making her feel that way. So I offered her my sympathy, even lowering myself to her level to get her to open up to me and tell me what was wrong. Then I could assure her that she would have four more opportunities...

What I wasn't expecting was to hear that she had succeeded.

"I feel as though I betrayed you," she told me sadly.

I was shocked. It occurred to me that by the time I got around to sending Jessica to her lecture room that Bella might have already followed through with her first mark. "You succeeded in today's task?" I stood swiftly, my body and mind fluidly switching back into Bella's Dom. "I need you to tell me everything, Isabella. Don't leave anything out. You will have full permission to speak throughout tonight's scene."

It pained me to watch her wipe the tears from her eyes, but she nodded through it, and I found the strength to continue. "This week will be different than our usual routine, pet. When the scene is done, we will not retire to our separate quarters. They're for weekends." Hearing that we would go about our everyday lives while indulging in the playroom during the week must have shocked her, because her head shot up and she met my eyes daringly. I offered her a short smile. "We will retire for the evening in our shared room—upstairs. Understood?"

She was quick to agree to my terms, an air of relief behind her next words. "Yes, Master."

"So you were able to seduce Mr. Newton, then?"


Needing all the information so I could properly gauge how the scene was going to play out, I pressed for more as I leaned against the table before her. "And you maintained control?"

"I did."

There was a small inflection in her voice. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, but she was definitely keeping something from me—even though she knew the consequences for doing so. "Isabella? What is it you're not telling me?"

The shock of her next words caused a violent reaction of hurt and anger in me. "I—it wasn't just him that I was successful in seducing."

"I don't recall giving you your second mark. You had better start explaining yourself, Isabella."I felt the urge to wretch, but she quickly complied.

"Yes, Sir. You see, Michael stopped by after his last class as I had asked, and things were going really well. I had put the offer out there, just like you said I should, and he took the bait. But then…"

"But then, what?"

"His girlfriend walked in and saw us."

Holy shit… My eyes widened as I truly realized what it was that she was telling me. My anger quickly dissipated and I regained my composure. "Miss Stanley?" Bella nodded. "Stand up."

I watched her lip tremble as she likely anticipated the most severe punishment she had ever experienced. I was certain I even saw her open her mouth, and I could feel her urge to safe-word in my blood.

"Show me," I demanded, much to her surprise.

When I sent Jessica off to Bella's room to catch her with Michael, I never expected to hear that Bella was able to seduce them both. A war of emotions went off within me. As her Dom, I knew I had to punish her for doing something without my approval, but the thought of Bella in a threesome excited me. Add to that, a threesome that she was supposed to Dominate—I found it difficult to keep my erection at bay.

Isabella's punishment would wait until after she told me what happened though. I would need to know the details before I knew just how severe a chastisement she was in for.

What I hadn't counted on was my reaction to her as she reiterated the evening's events to me—the way she took (almost) complete control of me; her confidence as she moved around me, completely collected and strong; calling me out on how aroused I was as I allowed her that little bit of power.

My physical reaction to her words was becoming uncomfortable, and I moved to adjust my straining cock when Bella slapped my hand away forcefully. As the sting of her slap worked its way up my arm, I suddenly wondered what it would be like to misbehave a little bit more to see just how far she would take things.

It was then that I decided to throw the competition. I needed Bella to dominate me.

Her next two attempts were not fully successful. She was able to seduce Mr. Yorkie, but Miss Weber wasn't as receptive to Bella's efforts. She was three for four and had one more target—not that she needed it as I was still holding firm at a big, fat goose egg.

I walked through the house, being sure that everything was in place for Bella when she returned home from work. I put her black robe in our upstairs bathroom before changing into my black pants—I would wear them for the beginning of the scene as I informed her that she had 'won'. Before leaving our bedroom, I went to her dresser to find her some clothes. I wasn't sure what she would have chosen for herself, but eventually I settled on her long black yoga pants and a fitted black tank top with thin straps. Lastly, I retrieved the small, espresso-coloured wooden box from my night stand—just a little something I picked up Tuesday after work to give to her tonight.

Making my way back down the stairs, I felt my excitement building as a million possible scenarios ran through my mind. Would she tie me up? Blindfold me? What toys would she use? With each unanswered question my cock responded more and more, and I tried to force myself to think of something else that would help keep my arousal under control before tonight's scene.

Once in the kitchen, I decided to pour myself a glass of wine before pouring Bella's so she could relax before meeting me downstairs. Outside, I heard her beast of a truck pull into the driveway before the heavy door slammed shut. I quickly refilled my now-empty wine glass and left it on the counter before heading downstairs to wait in her room… No, my room.

After letting myself in, I took a look around; nothing had changed since the last time I'd been in here. Isabella was always good about keeping the room in pristine order. The bed was always made; the white comforter pulled tight across the mattress so that no wrinkles or creases were visible. Not a speck of dust defaced the few basic pieces of furniture she had.

From above me, I heard her enter the kitchen, stopping just a few feet from where I stood by her dresser. She must have been drinking her wine, because I didn't hear much else for the next few minutes. Turning to look at the clock on her bedside table, I was pleased to see that we had exactly thirty-three minutes until we came face-to-face. Unfortunately, I had a feeling that the minutes would tick by agonizingly slow now that she was home.

I looked around the room again trying to see if there was anything I could do to pass the time—I knew better of course, because if there was anything in here and I'd have found out about it, Isabella would have been chastised. She wasn't one for breaking rules … most of the time.

Knowing this didn't keep me from wondering how the fuck she dealt with the anticipation week after week though.

So with nothing to do, I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched the clock. It didn't speed time up, obviously; it only made me more aware of how slowly it was passing. Mere minutes passed by before I heard water flowing through the pipes between the floors as Bella started the shower.

It's begun. My heart pounded hard and my breaths became shallow as eagerness for our night to begin coursed through my veins.

Running my fingers through my hair, I fell back onto the bed and tried to relax. More visions of Bella dressed in the black outfit I had selected; her pacing before me, looking down on me confidently as she commanded me in whatever ways she desired brought my dick to full attention.

"Fuck," I muttered, suddenly feeling the urge to take matters into my own hands as I knew it would only become more uncomfortable as the seconds ticked by. I refrained; it wasn't easy, but I was pretty damn proud of myself. My arousal didn't go away, but I could deal with it soon enough.

Thankfully, I heard the water stop and I sat up to check the time. Twelve minutes. With little time left, I stood from the bed and grabbed the box and the clothes I had selected for Isabella before heading for the hall so I could prep the playroom for when she arrived. Now in front of the door, I pulled the lone key from my pants pocket and let myself in. Once inside, I flipped the light switch so I could prepare everything accordingly.

As I placed the pillow in its usual spot, my eyes glanced around the room, falling on the various pieces of furniture—chairs, benches, the armoire where I kept the majority of our sexual aides and floggers. A smile of nostalgia (as well as curiosity for how they might be used this weekend) formed on my lips as I moved to the table in the centre of the room, lit the tall candle, and set the key next to it. Before I left, I put the items I had brought with me on the chair Isabella had used on Wednesday and turned the lights off, then headed back to my chambers.

Not long after I closed myself in the room, I heard the door to the basement open and her bare feet pad down the stairs. I remained by the door, all-but pressing my ear to it, and listened as she walked by. When I heard the solid door to the playroom open and shut, my entire body trembled as the sound echoed down the hall and in my ears.

It's time.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and stepped into the dim hall, my heart speeding up with every step I took. Before entering the playroom behind her, I found myself taking a few extra minutes to collect myself.

When the heavy door closed behind me, it was loud and I noticed Isabella jump slightly. However, I wasn't picking up on any tension or fear from her. No, it was excitement that filled the air in the room—hers and mine. I could tell in those first few seconds that she had succeeded tonight.

My entire body felt hot with the desire I felt for her; it pumped like lava through my veins as I padded barefoot against the hardwood floor, which felt cool and soothing against my rising temperature.

"Mmmm," I moaned, watching her body shiver with need before placing the tip of my forefinger beneath her chin to lift her face so she could meet my gaze. As her eyes raised, I didn't fail to notice that she drank in everything on their journey north—taking just a little extra time on my groin when she noticed I was more than ready for whatever it was she wanted. She licked her lips and I had to bite back a groan, fighting the urge to throw her down and fuck her senseless right that second.

Once her eyes finally connected with mine, I noted the contentment in them and I smirked at her, crossing my arms across my body before addressing her. "Did my pet have a good week?"

She nodded once, her eyes never once straying. "Yes, Master."

"Good to hear," I said with authority before backing toward the table. "I trust you succeeded? Bringing your total to four?" One more nod, and I could clearly see the pride in her eyes. "Very good, Isabella." Trying to keep the slight smile on my face from transforming into a wide one, I moved past her, being sure to control my pace as I went to the pile I had left on the chair.

When I made my way back to her, I held them out between us in offering and a look of confusion registered across her face. "These are for you, pet. You will go to the master suite and change before meeting me back here where I will be waiting for you." Her face went completely blank as she blinked several times, letting my words sink in. "You win, Isabella," I clarified softly.

Hesitantly, she reached out and took the clothes before standing and walking naked toward the door. She never offered me any instructions before she left, assumedly because she wasn't sure yet if she was allowed to speak—a mistake on my part, I'd admit—so I decided to just kneel where she always did and wait as patiently as possible.

Moments later, I heard the light click of the door opening and my heart thundered so hard and loud that I was certain she would hear it. Taking a cue from my book, she allowed the door to fall closed on its own, resulting in a loud bang that made a fresh surge of adrenaline pump through my body. This is really happening.

Her bare feet could be heard moving across the floor, and I craned my neck to try and see where she was…

"Eyes down," she commanded sternly; my lower body aching in response to the force behind her words. I bit back a moan so as not to garner a reprimand from her. Dropping my eyes to the floor before me, I wiped the sweaty palms of my hands on the fabric of my pants.

From the corner, the hinges on the armoire creaked and I heard her hum in contemplation. "Might I inquire as to why you're still wearing your pants, pet?"

"Because, Mistress, you failed to instruct me otherwise," I managed to say, my voice low and gravelly at hearing her call me "pet."

"So you're saying this is my fault?" I didn't answer, knowing that she wasn't really asking for one. "Is it not implied that when you enter this room it is to submit yourself to me completely?" She waited for a moment before slamming the doors to the cabinet. "Well?"

"Yes, Mistress. I apologize. It won't happen again," I said quickly. "Please, allow me to correct my error."

With my eyes on the floor before me, I saw her feet enter my line of sight. "Proceed, pet. And be sure to return to your knees once you're finished."

As I stood, I kept my eyes down and removed my black pants, folding them neatly before offering them to her as she moved into my line of sight. She took them from me and turned to place them on the table as I kneeled again. With her back turned to me, I took a chance to glance up. The black clothes I had picked out hugged every one of her curves, the top showing a lot of her upper back—especially since she had pulled her long dark brown hair up into a perfect bun, exposing her graceful neck. She was stunning.

My eyes travelled back down her body on their way back to the floor and my breath hitched quietly when I saw two familiar items lying on the tabletop: the box I had given her before she left the room…and the crop. Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck. Trembling with excitement, I quickly cast my eyes back down before she turned around, awaiting her next instructions somewhat patiently. My erection throbbed and I so desperately craved some kind of release, but knew that doing anything to ease my discomfort would result in my being disciplined.

"Now that we've remedied that minor setback…" she said, letting her words trail off. I felt the cool leather end of the crop rest against the underside of my chin, forcing my eyes up her body. I knew better than to move my eyes any further up than where they would be resting while staring straight ahead—which was directly at her taught abdomen. "I have a little present for you, pet."

With my eyes focused ahead, she turned to the table again and I could see a portion of the box on the table as she stood in front of it and lifted the lid. Reaching inside with both hands, she picked up the item as though it was breakable; almost as though she were treating the act as though it was fragile… Special.

Even though I knew what she held in her hands, my breath caught in my throat and my heart skipped a beat when she turned around with the thick leather collar in her hands. Slowly, she moved toward me until there was less than a foot between us. My fingers twitched on my bare thighs as I felt the undeniable urge to touch her—just once. Still only allowed to stare ahead, I watched as her slender fingers unbuckled the collar before she held it open and moved forward to put it where it belonged.

I bowed my head as the inside met with my throat, my pulse speeding up against it as Bella leaned forward to fasten it behind my neck. The side of her right breast brushed against my left cheek as she leaned forward to see what she was doing, and I groaned softly, digging my fingertips into my legs painfully to think about anything but climaxing all over my naked legs. That would not go over well.

Once the collar was secure, she stepped back and I kept my eyes on the ground. "Do you like your present, pet? You may answer."

"Yes, Mistress. I love it."

"That's good," she said, and I could hear the happiness in her voice at having just collared me. "Now…" she was all business again. "I'd like to go over a few rules for tonight." Nodding once, I focused on her perfectly painted toenails peeking out from the hems of her yoga pants. "First, our usual safe words will apply should you feel the scene is going beyond what you're comfortable with. Do you understand?" I nodded once more, assuring her. "Good. Next, you're going to tell me about your conquests this week. You may begin."

Smirking, I opened my mouth to tell her everything—or lack-thereof. "I have nothing to tell you, Mistress."

My confession seemed to throw her off. "Wh—what?" she stammered before regaining her composure. "How is that possible? Look at me."

Raising my eyes upon her command, I saw that she stood up straight, her arms behind her back and the crop in her hands again as she held it parallel with the floor. Her face held a look of confusion while still remaining stern; I knew not to keep her waiting. "On Monday, I attempted to seduce Miss Stanley. She wasn't interested, and quickly left my company to go off and search for her boyfriend." Feeling particularly brave, I added, "I may have told her he was with you, Mistress."

Her right eyebrow arched and her eyes narrowed. "So, you sent her to me … to test me? What exactly were you expecting to happen, pet?" Without breaking our stare, she set the crop back on the table before crossing her arms across her chest, the action pushing her beautiful tits up and in.

"I wanted you to fail as I had. So that we could continue our competition on equal playing ground," I told her honestly.

She did not look pleased, which both excited and terrified me. "You were trying to set me up to fail?" I nodded. The angry gleam in her eyes quickly disappeared and a smirk twisted her lips upward. "I suppose you weren't expecting me to be so … resourceful."

Turning to the right, she began to pace the floor in front of me. "So, tell me, pet…" Her eyes found mine before her eyebrows furrowed together and she gave me a sharp nod, silently instructing me to drop my eyes again. "…did you even try after your failed attempt with Miss Stanley?"

I shook my head. "No, Mistress."

A tiny gasp escaped her. Clearly she had not been expecting that, either. "No? What do you mean, no?" she demanded.

The room was silent as she continued to pace within my limited line of sight. Being unable to look at her, I couldn't be sure what she was thinking—what she was feeling. The suspense was killing me.

"So while I worked hard all week to complete this task, you did nothing," she mused aloud, watching her feet as she moved back and forth before they disappeared altogether when she stepped behind me. "How are you possibly going to make this up to me?"

I closed my eyes upon feeling the warmth of her body in such close proximity to mine. Every part of me tingled and I didn't need to actually see her to know that she had leaned over in order to speak directly into my ear. Her breath moved over the exposed skin of my neck and shoulder, causing my body to break out in goosebumps as it continued to respond quite positively to the scene.

"Mmmm," she purred in my ear, and I assumed she had maybe caught a glimpse of what she was doing to me. "Something tells me that maybe you wanted this to happen, pet." She inhaled deeply before sighing. Without warning, her hand was working its way up my neck and over the collar until it found my hair, fisting it tightly and forcing my head back. The strength she used to yank caused a delicious ache in my scalp that had me biting my lip hard to keep from making a sound of any kind.

"What you did…" she growled into my ear as I fought back my urge to groan in pleasure, "…was bad. And do you know what I do to people who are bad, pet?" My eyes closed and I swallowed thickly, waiting anxiously for her answer. "I punish them. Is that what you want?"

Yes! I screamed internally, surprising myself with my own fervour, while I shook my head against her hold. "I'm sorry for upsetting you, Mistress. It was never in my intention."

Releasing my hair, she forcefully nudged my head back down and stood up straight before moving away from me. I heard the doors to the armoire open again as she spoke her next command. "Whipping bench. Go. Now."

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! My cock ached at the thought of Bella striking me, and my imagination went wild when I wondered what she would use. Would it be the flogger? The leather paddle? Oh fuck… The slim, wooden paddle? My head was filled with a fog of lust and anticipation as I pushed myself up on trembling legs and walked to the far corner where the whipping bench stood, unused for weeks.

I knelt on the lowered part of the bench, folding my body over the leather-covered top and assuming the position I had seen Isabella in several times before, and bit the inside of my cheek as my chest met the cool leather. The doors to the cabinet slammed shut again and I heard Bella make her way back over to me.

"Your punishment will be five warm up strikes with my hand before you receive ten strikes with the wooden paddle," she informed me, her voice not once wavering; she was enjoying this as much as—if not more than—I was. "You will count aloud after each strike. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Mistress. I understand." My voice trembled, but it was with excitement, not fear.

Her warm hand laid against my bare ass before she pulled back and swiftly brought it back down, the sound echoing and the sting slowly spreading before fading. "One," I called out before she pulled back and struck again. "Two."

As my chastisement proceeded, I found myself somewhat amazed by her. What impressed me most was her technique; it was obvious just how closely she must have paid attention when it was her over the bench. The way she cupped her hand ever-so-slightly to ease the sting on her own hand when she connected with my backside, how she would massage the area she had just struck before administering the next… It was how I punished her.

"Three," I said when she slapped me again, biting back a profanity and tightening my hold on the wooden legs of the bench as I could feel my climax teetering on the edge already. Thankfully, I made it through the final two warm-up blows without losing control completely.

"You did well, pet," Bella praised from behind me, her hand gently massaging my skin in a circular motion. She lingered for a few more seconds, possibly nervous about what came next. "I'm going to proceed with your punishment now. You'll begin your count over." Her voice trembled as she warned me of what was coming. Without being able to see her, I was unsure if it was out of fear, out of nervousness… Perhaps it was anticipation and arousal? A combination of them all? Whatever it was, I nodded to acknowledge that I was ready and waited for her to begin.

Her first strike seemed hesitant, as I expected it would. If I thought back to my first time chastising her in this manner, I had held back too. "One," I said as the sting settled in my flesh in an entirely new way. Seconds passed between us, my eyes straight ahead on the deep brown wall, before she brought the wooden paddle back down against my skin, causing the ache to increase. "Two."

As she prepared to continue, I heard her inhale a deep, shaky breath. I desperately wanted to know what was going on inside her mind, but knew that my turning around would likely result in a prolonged punishment—and I wanted her. But in order for that to happen, I would have to show her that I was worthy; and breaking the rules was not the way to do that.

When the paddle struck again, I found my ass starting to throb. "Three." The time between blows evened out and she was no longer hesitating. That simple fact alone thrilled me because it meant that she was becoming more confident with this part of who she wa—

She brought the paddle down hard on my ass, jarring me from my thoughts. "Four."

More pain radiated through my muscles, settling in my groin as I grew impossibly more erect against the bench. I really hoped that by accepting this punishment without any kind of hesitation I would earn points with her. I wanted to be inside her—needed it as much as the air I breathed.

Another solid slap on my ass made me jump slightly away from the bite of the wood. "Five," I announced, tightening my grip on the legs again. I was halfway there. Only five more and I would have completed my very first—

The paddle whistled through the air again, landing on me with a loud 'smack.' "Six."

The flesh of my ass was starting to tingle and burn, but based on how much she had actually taken out of our time together, I was confident that Bella would take care of me once she was finished…

"Seven!" I cried out, the pain getting a little worse with every blow. Honestly, it wasn't that she was using more force; in fact, I think she was using less as her arms may have been getting tired. "Eight," I said after the next blow, finding myself happy as she neared the end. While I knew things could be much worse—and even Bella would tell you that she'd experienced much worse—I was relieved to know we were almost done.

"Nine," I said, clenching my eyes shut as I tried to focus on the pleasure this was creating in my body, not the pain. Bella inhaled sharply, preparing for her last strike and brought the paddle down fast. "Ten."

That was it. I had made it through, and while my ass stung like a motherfucker, it was beyond worth it. Bella's laboured breaths could be heard, mixing with my own, and it was then that I could tell she wasn't scared or nervous… No, my Bella was excited. Aroused. She enjoyed every minute of what she had just done.

The paddle fell to the wood floors with a loud bang and soon Bella's hands were on either side of my ass; soft and warm, moving over my tender backside for a minute before I felt her breath as she spoke—making it clear that she had kneeled behind me. "You did very good." Her right hand left my skin, and when it returned it slid over my skin smoothly, the scent of menthol filling my nostrils as she rubbed a cool balm over the area.

"Seeing you bent over that bench… God, what a sight." Her strokes were a combination of tender and firm in all the right places, the menthol cooling and soothing the sting. "There are no words to describe just how excited I was. You pleased me, pet." Gripping the flesh of my ass, she added a bit of pressure as she pulled herself to her feet. "Mmm, your ass is just…" Without another word, I felt another faint sting on a small patch of unaffected skin on my backside as she bit me.

I bucked my hips forward as the sensation almost catapulted me over the edge and groaned audibly. "Careful, pet," she warned knowingly. "I'm not through with you yet."

Thank fuck.

"Because you pleased me, pet, I'm going to return the favour." As the words left her mouth it was like a chorus of angels had broken out into song. "What is it you desire most, right now?"

"You, Mistress. I desire you," I responded in a raspy voice I hardly recognized.

Bella laughed once, moving until she stood next to me as I remained on the bench. "I'm afraid you're going to have to be a little more specific."

There were so many other things I probably should have requested, and I definitely kicked my own ass internally for not taking a minute before just blurting out my answer. "I'd love to kiss you, Mistress."

"A kiss?" I nodded. "Stand."

Doing as I was told, I kept my eyes from hers until I was given the go-ahead. My heart fluttered as Bella moved forward, resting her right hand directly over it. In less than a second, her lips were on mine, hard and assertive. I matched her enthusiasm with my own, fighting the very natural urge to wrap my arms around her and hold her against me.

Her mouth opened against mine, her tongue sliding across my bottom lip once before disappearing, and she bit me hard enough to make me moan breathlessly. "Mmmm, you taste good, pet," she told me, breaking our kiss and backing away about a foot. "Now it's your turn to taste me."

In one swift move, Bella removed her top, tossing it to the floor beside her. I swallowed thickly as my eyes fell to her perfect breasts. Saliva pooled in my mouth as I imagined being ordered to lick them, bite them…

"Do you think you can behave enough to remove my pants, pet?" My groin responded strongly to her question, straining as a little bit of clear fluid seeped out onto my thigh. I nodded, waiting for her to invite me to her. "Good. Then proceed, pet."

Exhaling a breath I hadn't even realized I had been holding, I moved forward, looped my thumbs into the waist of her pants and slid them over her hips and down her creamy thighs, stopping at her ankles so she could step out of them. I remained before her, staring at her bare lower body; and wondered if I should await a command to stand or just do it. Licking my lips, I was suddenly overcome with another thought to move my head forward a few inches and fuck her with my tongue. I had almost given into that urge when her fingers hooked under the sides of my collar and she tugged until my face tilted upward.

"See something you like down there, pet?" I nodded once, releasing a sigh as I noticed her hand go out of sight and her eyes fall closed. Dropping my eyes a fraction, I saw that she was slipping her fingers back and forth between her legs. My mouth dropped open to release a groan as I watched her play with herself, when suddenly she held her slick fingers out before me. "Taste me."

Moving my eyes back up to hers, I held her gaze as I wrapped my mouth around her fingers. My tongue swirled around her two digits, lapping up every single ounce of her essence. I let the taste of her bathe my tongue and my abdomen clenched as I fought my orgasm. She yanked her fingers from my mouth before I was ready to let them go—smiling because she knew that—and arched her right eyebrow. "Do you want more, pet?" With a loud gulp, I nodded, pleading with my eyes that she would allow me such a treat.

Smiling triumphantly, Bella bent down to retrieve something from the floor next to the bench where she had dropped the paddle. I almost passed the fuck out when I realized it was the chain-linked leash I kept in the armoire. Once she clasped it to the silver ring of my collar, she tugged me forward. I got down on my hands and crawled behind her, watching her ass move in front of me. I knew exactly where she was taking me. The leash slackened as she turned and fell into the oversized chair we kept near the bench. She looked like a fucking queen sitting there as I kneeled in front of her.

Still holding the leash in her right hand, she raised her left foot to me, and I hesitantly wrapped my hands around her delicate ankle before lowering my face to it. I glanced up at her to make sure I should continue, and she nodded. When my lips touched down on the soft, milky skin, my breath shuddered against her. My tongue and mouth took turns paying her tribute as I kissed and licked my way up her leg, positioning my body until I was directly in front of her. I worshiped her like the goddess she was.

I trembled as I made my way further up her leg, still being sure to silently ask permission every so often the higher I went. How did she stand the slow, burning torture every damn weekend? My nose grazed the tender flesh between her legs and I let my tongue slip out for a little taste.

"That's it, pet," she praised, lifting her leg to place her foot on my shoulder as I dipped my head between her legs. Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough, because I heard the chain rattle, tightening between us, as she yanked me forward—not that I minded as I was now face-to-face with her pussy. "You have permission to use your hands as well."

Best news I've heard yet. I slipped my hands beneath her ass, gripping firmly while watching her expression for any signs that I was over-stepping. I wasn't, so I proceeded. I was right earlier when I said that she was aroused while she punished me, but I was pleasantly surprised to see just how aroused she was.

I moved my tongue over her warm, soft skin, gripping her ass and pulling her slightly to see if she'd let me readjust her; she did and scooted forward a little so I could gain better access. Happy with the angle she was now at, I moved my left hand from under her, sliding it up her right thigh and lifting to place it on the padded, leather arm of the chair.

Fuck. She was glorious.

My tongue moved slowly, Bella's body responding with soft moans as her hips moved against my ministrations. As her breathing turned to pants, I raised my eyes to hers and found them locked on what I was doing to her. God, to watch her, feel her, taste her, smell her, hear her—it was sensory overload, and I suddenly found myself hurtling closer toward the edge of my orgasm.

Bella must have sensed what was going on—she was always so in-tune with me—because she used the foot on my shoulder to gently nudge me back. In an instant, Bella was on her feet, the leash still gripped in her right hand as she stood naked before me. Her body was glowing in the faint light of the candle that lit the room, covered in a light sheen of sweat. "You're going to take me from behind," she instructed forcefully, her voice so low and gravelly I almost didn't recognize it.

Instead of releasing the leash from her grip or my collar, she yanked on it again and I stood swiftly as she turned from me and bent over the arm of the chair. The chain ran diagonally across the front of her body and was now over her left shoulder, digging into her soft flesh as she slowly inched me forward by pulling it.

The minute my front was flush against her backside, I sighed in contentment, reaching forward hesitantly to grip her hips. Finally.

"I want to hear you. Don't you dare hold back," she growled, turning her head to glare at me through the corner of her eye. Without saying another word between us, our bodies were joined, our collective moans of pleasure filling the room.

I moved behind Bella, my hands holding her hips as I thrust into her, rejoicing as her warmth surrounded me. As we found our rhythm, my hands squeezed and released her hips before moving up her body and over her ribs. "Please, Mistress," I pleaded softly before going any further.

"Yes," she said breathlessly, and I didn't waste a second more before my hands found her breasts and my chest pressed firmly against her back. Because the chain was still tight against her body, it bit into her skin slightly as I groped her flesh, and she reacted with a loud cry of satisfaction.

Bella's moans were numerous and loud, and also punctuated by my thrusts as I continued to pinch and roll and squeeze her tits. I was quickly nearing my release and I hoped that she was too so we could climax together; if she allowed it—a fact that hadn't really occurred to me until now. Oh fuck. Please, please, please...

Fire exploded through me and I started to move faster and harder behind Isabella. When my eyes fell upon her neck, I suddenly found myself wanting to tug on her hair until it released from that damn bun. It shouldn't have been up; I liked it down. Giving her tits another squeeze before I remedied the issue, the leash tugged on the collar around my neck, reminding me of my role just as I started to feel the need to dominate her.

Suddenly the chain fell from her hands, but because it was still between my palm and her body, the tension never loosened. Bella moved her now-free right hand until it fisted my hair. "Oh God, Edward," she sighed, breaking character as her passion washed over her.

Needing her to maintain her control over me, I lightly kissed her neck below her ear. "Yes, Mistress?" By phrasing it as a question, I hoped that she would give some sort of command. It didn't matter what it would be; I just needed to force her back into her role. When her hand tightened in my hair, sending a deep tingling sensation through my entire body, I knew she was back.

She moaned loudly, her entire body tensing as her orgasm prepared to overtake her completely. "Come. Now," she commanded fiercely.

Hugging her body tightly to mine, I shuddered as ecstasy ripped through me like a tidal wave and cried out against the sweat-dampened flesh of her shoulder until I was completely spent. Bella's breaths were deep and laboured and I could feel her heart pounding through my own chest. Her arms trembled as she tried to keep herself from collapsing over the arms of the chair, and I took it upon myself to increase my hold on her so she didn't topple over.

She soon found her strength and pushed herself up, forcing me to take a couple steps back as our connection was broken. Turning around, I caught a brief glimpse of euphoria before the fire in her eyes took over again. Squaring her shoulders and straightening her posture, she took my leash again and pulled me toward the door, stopping when we reached the pillow in the centre of the room. "Kneel."

She dropped the chain and carried on toward the door where she grabbed the satin robe she had hung upon entering and put it on. "I am impressed with your self control, pet. Especially since this was your first time submitting yourself to me..." Her body trembled as the words seemed to affect her on a much deeper level. Taking a breath, she smiled. "You will sleep in my chambers tonight." I sucked in a sharp breath of both shock and elation. "On the floor," she added sharply.

With my eyes still down, I saw her perfect feet come into my line of sight as she reached down and unclasped the leash before wrapping it up in her hand. Before we left the room I listened as she rustled around, tidying up everything we had used in tonight's scene.

Once everything was put away, she walked for the door with our neatly folded clothes in her hands. "Come now," she instructed softly, echoing words I had heard not too long ago—even if they held an entirely different meaning.

I stood from my place and moved to her side, waiting for her to open the door and exit first. Knowing what I expected of her, I kept my head down and remained behind her a couple paces as we made our way to her master suite. Upon entering I saw that she had made a small make-shift bed for me on the floor next to the bed (as I had done for her on occasion) when she was in here earlier. Right from the beginning, she had hoped I would join her in here.

"I had a long hard week, pet. I intend to sleep in tomorrow. For pleasing me tonight, I'll allow you the same luxury." She turned down the thick down comforter on the bed and removed her robe from her naked body before climbing in. "Be sure you're up by nine. I'd like coffee and breakfast waiting by ten."

"Yes, Mistress," I agreed softly, waiting for the okay to lie in my spot. "Is there anything in particular you'd like me to prepare?"

As she lay back on the pillow, her hair splayed beautifully across the stark white case, she hummed contemplatively. "Bacon and eggs. Turkey bacon though. And fresh squeezed orange juice."

I smirked. She knew we didn't have any turkey bacon or oranges in the house, which meant I would have to get up a little earlier to run to the market. "It would be my pleasure, Mistress. However, a quick trip to the store might be in order beforehand. With your permission, of course."

"Very well." Bella opened her eyes slightly, the right corner of her lips turning upward. "You may lie down, pet. Sleep."

I lowered myself to the floor and crawled into the soft duvet she had used for my pallet. I was so wired that I found it hard to fall asleep; the memories of our scene continued to replay over and over in my mind. Thankfully my mind finally started drifting off into darkness, my subconscious dreaming up visions of what tomorrow might bring, when I heard rustling from far away.

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you too, Bella," I responded softly before drifting off completely.

The End