(Song of the Lioness) Takes place after book 2, before book 3. (Merlin) Takes place after Season 2 Episode 10 (Sweet Dreams) a little while before Episode 11 (The Witch's Quickening).

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Even a Goddess must bow to a higher power, and that's exactly what the Old Religion was. As the source of their power, the Old Religion commands even the gods. She felt something shifting, the threads of destiny changing, the loom of Fate creating a new colorful strand. Alanna's strand was being connected to new ones, she had a great adventure ahead of her. It was not quite clear what Alanna's role would be, but she knew that the young knight was strong, and could handle the challenges thrown at her.

"Yes, much good will come of this," The Goddess mused, "It will be very difficult, but hopefully it will work out in the end." With these thoughts, she prepared herself to visit the young knight.

Alanna was dreaming, she knew that much. It was a colorful, peaceful dream. She was sitting in a sunlit forest, with her cat, Faithful, sleeping on her lap. She watched two men preparing to go hunting. One was blond, tall, and athletic; he held himself in a way that made it very obvious he considered himself the superior. The other was also very tall, but in a lankier way, with black hair and a neckerchief.

The dream changed, the two men disappearing. She felt a familiar presence, causing her to sneeze. She looked up to see the Goddess smiling at her. She looked just as she did the last time - too beautiful to be human - with shiny black hair, emerald green eyes, and a kindly face. The ember around Alanna's neck hummed contentedly in her presence.

"My daughter," said the Goddess, "You have done much already, defeating Duke Roger of Conte, you earned your place as a knight and becoming a strong sorcerer, yet you still have much to do."

"Great Mother Goddess, what do you mean?" Alanna asked.

"Something has changed, and your destiny has shifted. You are needed elsewhere; in a distant realm, many leagues from here."

"But what would you have me do?"

"There are many prophecies concerning people of that place, but something changed, and now you are needed. The future is not completely clear, even to me, but you must assist the man they call Emrys and the Once and Future King. You will be needed to unite the land of Albion, and restore magic."

"But... I... I..." Alanna didn't know what to say.

"Weren't you longing for adventure?" The Goddess asked.

"Well yes, but a completely different land! A new destiny?" This was asking a lot, how could she possibly help in any way? It took years to ever reveal she was a girl, and she didn't think she could help that much. "Wait, what do you mean by restore magic?"

"In that land, magic is banned, any use of it is punishable by death."

Alanna gaped at her, how was she supposed to do this?

The Goddess's eyes softened with compassion. "I understand that this will be difficult, but you are among my Chosen, and it appears you have been chosen again, but this time by a greater power than I."

"Who could have more power than a Goddess?" Alanna was surprised at this.

"There are many powers in the world, higher than mine. And these powers believe you are capable to do this task, they never pick someone who cannot handle it." What was it with deities being so vague? Alanna thought. She said aloud,

"I... I don't know. I mean, I wanted adventure, but this?"

"I believe you can do it Alanna. I will give you time to think it over, and I will ask you for your answer tomorrow. Sleep well." The Goddess disappeared, and sent Alanna into a deep sleep.

Alanna dreamed of knights, her friends, Jon, Raoul, Gary, but also new faces she had not seen before. The dark haired man and the blond from before, a knight with thick hair and a drunken smile, an angry king, a beautiful young woman with dark skin and curly brown hair. Her destinies were changing, her land meeting a new one. She dreamed of adventure, battles, friendship, but also fear, blood, and pain...

The next morning, she awoke to see Faithful staring at her. "Something wrong?" She asked.

Well apparently you're going to have a great adventure and you're going need me, said Faithful.

"How did you know about this?"

I'm a magical cat, how do you think? Now when will we be leaving, and where are we going?

"I'm not sure I'm going at all. I can't do something like that!"

Your destiny has been changed, by a power higher than the Goddess. Apparently they think you can. You wanted adventure, here's one delivered to you on a silver platter, and you're going to walk away? No, you aren't afraid, so why are you so reluctant?

"I guess I just don't want to leave this land.

Alanna, destiny is calling, you may be able to deny it for now, but it will catch up with you, don't wait. Faithful trotted away, probably to catch a bird or something.

Alanna sat there, thinking it over. She left the castle to go on adventures, to get away from the drama, and pressure of her being a woman who was a knight. But, she'd always planned on returning one day. How long would she be gone? This felt like it would be very hard. That she would be gone for months or years even, in a strange land with new people and different customs. Then again, would she ever get the chance for an adventure like this again? She decided to wait for Coram to wake, and ask him for his advice.

Soon, he began to stir, stretching and looking around bleary eyed. He smiled at her when she offered him food. "Breakfast in bed? Wow! Are you feeling okay?"

She grinned at him, "Just eat your food Coram."

When he was done eating, she tensed slightly, and said bluntly, "I had a dream from the Goddess last night." His eyes widened, but he waited for her to continue. "She told me my destiny has been changed, and that I am needed in a very distant land. That I can help these two men, to face their foes and bring back magic to that land. But I don't know what to do! What if something goes wrong? Will I ever come back? What about Jon, Raoul, Gary, George? Will I ever see them again?"

Coram's eyes were still rather wide, but he stopped to think about it. "Destiny... I've never been one for destiny, or all this magic stuff. And I feel like destiny is a superstition, but you say the Goddess appeared to you; asking for you specifically. Alanna, I said I would go with you wherever you decided, and you decided you wanted adventure. If the Goddess gives you a quest, I will assist you in any way I can. But you must decide, do you want to do this?"

Alanna thought for a long time, this would be a new place, a new adventure, and she would get to see the world, yes, she would miss her friends, but hopefully one day, she could come back. She decided, yes, she wanted to do this. She would explore the world and meet new people, learn new things. She would go this distant land and help however she could. She sent word to Myles, George, and Thom, saying goodbye, and telling them what she was going to do; they would spread the news. Now all she had to do was wait for the Goddess. About an hour after she had finished her last errands, the Goddess appeared.

"My daughter, what is your answer?"

"I will go, but first where am I going? What am I supposed to do? And is there anything important that I need to know?"

"You will be going to the kingdom of Camelot, it is very far, many leagues from here, so I can assist with the journey. You must keep your magic hidden from those who despise it, and I think you will need to pretend to be a man again, at least for a while. Trust the two men you saw in your dream, for they will help you as you help them. You must find and assist the Once and Future King, and Emrys, for they face many foes, but don't go too far, for they reside in Camelot. I suggest again training to be a knight, it will not be long before you are a knight of Camelot."

"That's an awful lot to do, but I will do my best. When are we going?"

"Right now if you like. If all of you are going, come stand here." The Goddess muttered a few quick words, and in a flash of purple light, Alanna, Coram, the horses and Faithful were gone.

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