My what a day at school

A/N: This really happened to me at school I wrote this to get my mind off it. Please use your imagination and go along with it please. Please make me feel better because I'm ready to go to I.S.S (AKA) in school suspension and let me tell you I been there once and it is not fun.

March 5, 1600 Pixie Hollow Middle school for Ministers in training

Autumn's heart started to beat at a faster rate. His hands became sweaty and the ''No Homework'' slip went soggy. Autumn's eyes were a burning red. He had a large frown on his face. "What do you mean No homework?! I wasn't here when Ms. Awful took it up!" Math wasn't Autumn's specialty but he still did his homework. Well… maybe he just threw down random answers but he still did it. Autumn Breathed heavily in and out looking at Ms. Daylight his reading teacher. Ms. Daylight shook her head. "You should talk to her about it." She said. Autumn snarled and stormed off. After Lunch Autumn finally had a chance to talk to Ms. Awful. "I wasn't there when you was taking up the homework." He said. Ms Awful looked at him in her usual mean way she snorted and replied. "I heard you say you didn't have your homework." Autumn shook his head and said. "I said I did have my homework." Ms. Awful snorted again and snapped at him. "Well I didn't hear you and I really don't care." "I SAID I DID!" Autumn yelled. Autumn broke down crying. "Velocity? Velocity are you ok?" asked spring. (Velocity is my nickname at school since I wanted Autumn to tell my story I made Velocity his nickname as well as mine.) Mr. Jaybird pulled Autumn into the administration office. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I tried to talk to Ms. Awful about my homework and she won't listen to me… NOBODY EVER LISTENS TO ME!" Autumn was sat in the Asst. Principal's office to cool off. When he calmed down he went back to class. Later that day Autumn's mother gave him some warm cookies and some cold milk. As he ate his mom signed the No Homework slip. "I understand everyone has bad days sometimes… it was just a misunderstanding." Autumn wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Some Misunderstanding…" he said. The two fairies sat on the couch and Autumn laid his head on his mother lap. His Mother started to sing a lullaby and since Autumn was so full of Cookies and milk he drifted off to sleep.